Ian Bourne’s New Year’s Resolution – No More Abuse From KFC and Chefette in Barbados

From The Desk of Ian Bourne

Ms Kim Tudor; Nat’l Initiative for Service Excellence/
Ms Michelle Hustler-Small; Bds. Coalition of Service industries/
Editor; Daily Nation/
Editor; B’dos Advocate & Heat Magazine


Attn: New Year’s Resolution, viz. – Service

Dear All:

Most people at this time of year make a New Year’s resolution; more often than not it usually involves losing weight. My resolution also concerns food, but as it relates to service…

On Saturday 27th December I decided to have a Gourmet Burger at Chefette’s Barbecue Barn for a late lunch or early dinner – much to my regret; I ordered a small salad, burger-platter and a Pepsi.

Before the cashier rang up the sale, I made sure to add I wanted cheese and bacon with the burger and I paid the Chefette employee.

After having the salad my main course appeared and I collected it, while sitting at the table I looked at my meal, it seemed there was no cheese – I even looked at the bottom of the patty and it was dry bread underneath; naturally, I returned to the counter. I asked for an attendant and one who was not the cashier stepped up, so I explained what I thought was my shortcoming. Paraphrasing the rather appropriate Clement C. Moore for this time of year – what to my wondering ears … ?

She wrings up her face and says “LOOK, IT UP UNDER DEY!” hurled in either a snarling shout or shouting snarl (Translation – ‘Look, it’s up under there’ as in; the little bit of cheese was under the slice of bacon)

Still shocked, I went to sit back down at the table, I realised a senior-type Afro-American couple parallel to me were staring at me so I asked if they witnessed what happened; they not only confirmed what they saw but added they’re accustomed to it every time they visit the island and they try to ignore it – as I started to put on BBQ sauce on the burger I don’t know what happened, but I just had enough. I muttered to myself that enough is enough and this can’t happen anymore, then I marched back to the counter and demanded for the Manager On Duty; when she arrived I then proceeded to loudly demand for a refund on my meal as the service was not even what I expected at Nelson Street or Baxter’s Road.

I can safely state I did not use profanity, but I was not quiet, the entire fast-food establishment heard me, I was even asked what I wanted and I said I did not care it was Xmas or New Year’s that that woman did not deserve to be in a Chefette uniform and she should be sent home! To the Manager’s credit, she was quiet and apologised as well as giving me a full refund even though I ate the salad.

Chefette is not the only place to have poor service; there was October this year when Kentucky also failed in their bid to entice my patronage…

ian-bourne-kfc-barbadosI see in the Saturday Sun that Kentucky Fried Chicken is returning their Famous Bowl offer, this is where you get mashed potato with gravy and corn with popcorn chicken and draped with 3 different grated cheeses and a Pepsi to drink for $14.99 Bds – what is cool is the bowl has a resealable lid and is microwavable and dishwasher-safe, so you can reuse the item for a long time after!

So I head over to KFC’s Hastings branch, but having had previous horrors with KFC, I made sure to ask WHEN will the Famous Bowls be ready? I was made to wait for a bit then learn they’re “on hold” until the corn arrives… Quite naturally I ask how long will this take and I am told when the corn arrives in a perfect rendition of Catch-22! I blurt “Typical!” then exit the queue and stalk out to my car.

ian-bourne-colonel-sanders-kfc1This is the same KFC asking for people to join as staff and be so service oriented they want to dub them as customer maniacs? KFC needs an extra Menu sign – one where they can slide items as to which is IN or OUT like how you know when to ask for certain Insurance Agents or Media Houses by those kinda signs…

(So you mean to say Kentucky couldn’t alert all branches that between x-date and y-date a product promotion will be in effect and please send all requisitions in early to ascertain all necessary spices/ meats/ vegetables, etc. will be ready ahead of 1st day’s issue and please make sure at least 25 of said product are pre-cooked awaiting eager Public response?)

I have also received dismal treatment from both establishments even as long as 2005, here’s what happened from an e-mail I sent my friends when it occurred…

There needs to be something really done about Customer Service or the
 lack thereof at both KFC and Chefette, and until that time, no one
should buy from them unless they develop manners and common-sense!

On the night of Thursday the 24th Feb. ’05 I finished my late shift
and my wife came to pick me up from work, both of us had a hard day
and neither of us felt like cooking – so we decided to fast-food it… 
What a Big Mistake that turned out to be!

Went to Cheftte Wildey, stopped at their Drive Thru and WAITED ages (3
to 5 minutes) before a response which was to hold on MORE (2 mins.
further) then ask for a Dinner Mate, told that you gotta wait 15 mins.
for chicken and decide to ask for all-beef rotis instead and learn
that that’s outta stock also, only chicken rotis (they, along with
Chefette’s chkn. sandwiches give me the runs, avoid ’em like the
plague) and so we decide to try KFC Collymore Rock…

How dumb was that? They shut already at 11:30, “We shut!” was the
terse reply snapped at us from the drive thru glass that remained shut
during the whole encounter!

As if we didn’t suffer enough, we sojourned to Chefette Rockley, and
learned our Dinner Mate was 3 legs and a wing with no napkins nor
ketchup after the fact… We only realised the legs bit at first and
asked about it, and were told that that’s all that’s left! Good Lord!
You couldn’t’ve told us beforehand? Wait ’til we done spend the money?
Bare Foolishness! If we see the li’l man in the chef’s hat the rest of this year, it’ll be too damn soon, y’hear??

As if that wasn’t enough, we traipsed over to KFC Hastings and bumbled thru their drive-thru which although open was lacking in stock and manners… “We en’t got no corn at all!” ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ must be Russian insults for them, too!

Here it is, nearly 4 years later – but I am firm in my resolution from even before the New Year… If anyone catches me at Chefette or KFC between now and up to the end of 2009, then they have free reign to kick me in the shins or slap me on the back of the head!

Respectfully yours,

Ian Bourne


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69 responses to “Ian Bourne’s New Year’s Resolution – No More Abuse From KFC and Chefette in Barbados

  1. Sad To Say

    I support IB here. I refuse to support these businesses who are parasites on Bajans. They take a lot and give little back to society. Occasionally they appear in the press to give a pittance here and there but this is only tasteless PR. It is an insult to Bajans intelligence. They claim to employ 100s of Barbadians but pay them minimum wage while offering them less than 30hrs/ week. They young Haloutes treat the workers badly. History will prove that these establishments practiced “virtual slavery”. DOWN WITH KENTUCKY AND CHEFETTE they appeal to our laziness, however, ALL of us will be much better off preparing and eating a home made meal.

  2. 199

    I don’t know why Ian Bourne’s surprised at his treatment. From the impression which I’ve received from here, Barbadians know it all!! ‘Sauce for the goose, I’d say’.. i.e. what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

  3. As a well known doctor was quoted in the national papers months ago, fried fast foods are a major threat to the national health, in the form of diabetes, hypertension and circulatory problems.

    Not only is this an individual problem, but the drain on the healthcare costs will increase, when the children eating this rubbish become older and suffer.

    What is the Ministry of Health doing to work with these companies to remove fried foods from their menus, implement alternate foods, as an alternative to having to legislate other action?

  4. Ivan Taylor

    I so agree with IB as I have had similar incidences with Both Chefette especially KFC Hastings I am sure after eating there since it first opened that their new staff Requirements are
    HIRING KFC Hastings
    Any lazy human being fitting that description, cold unmannerly, basic knowledge of English, rude and lazy please apply.
    They never have what you want and if they do you have to wait for it, you get a snack box – wing and drum stick, hot wings never have hot sauce, diet cola is so Diet its colored water and whats the greatest the supervisors there don’t care so its kewl all works in the end

  5. Sundowner

    Congrats Ian, more people need to stand up to poor service like this. At least the manager was polite, I hope the staff member was dealt with in an appropriate way. There also seems to be one rule for locals and one for ‘foreigners’ very bad.
    I’ve dealt with it by just not buying from KFC or Chefette any more.

  6. What? No Cliverton cartoon? I’m crushed, LOL


    BFP says,

    OK, Ok… I’m here and I’ll do up a special one just for you!

    (que evil laugh…)


  7. BFP

    BFP says,

    Hi Ian,

    OK, Ok… I’m here and I’ll do up a special one just for you!

    (que evil laugh…)


  8. Lady Anon

    It is not only Chefette and Kentucky. Cafe Rev in Trimart is AWFUL! I agree with IB…poor service will continue because 1) we accept it when we receive it and 2) we do not report it when we receive it.

    Contrary to popular belief, there is more bad service in the private sector than in the public sector.

  9. Livinginbarbados

    Ian, of course I applaud you, but how you reach so late to the party, man? Where you been hiding to think that “service” did not mean “it ova dere” [supermarket service], or “we shut” [gas station service during opening hours], or ‘go grab it yourself” [bag of ice service], or “it done” [food outlet service] or “it’s still on de water” [new car service] or “de service down but we can’t say when it will be back up” [phone line service, common reply]. I know there’s a lot of ostrich behaviour here, but I thought you were up to speed, man.


    Poor and unmannerly service is ALMOST universal in Barbados… it’s not limited to fast food joints. You find it in the banks, supermarkets, government offices, – – all around.

    Maybe this won’t create much of a splash but I can give you this personal experience. I have a ‘helper’ who comes in once a week – her job is to nice up my apartment. She ‘works’ for 4 hours, has access to my refrigerator, can take/eat/drink whatever she wants…. she is paid $60.00 for this.

    When it’s time for her to leave I pay her. In the 3 years she’s worked for me she has NEVER – not even once – said “thank you” when I hand her the money. She takes it, pushes it in her bag, turns and walks out. She has NEVER said “goodbye.” “see you next week” or any such pleasantry….

  11. Juris

    Why is Ian eating so much junk food?

  12. Service is not at the level we all wantin Barbados, but it has imporved these last ten or so years. Do we want the ‘American tiping tax’ (false smiles, false words) to get the service we would all like or do we just want things done properly?
    personally I use Chefette once a month and have found the service okay. If you smile at the staff they tend to smile back…

  13. RRRicky

    Ian (or should I say “Colonel”?)

    I love your new look!

  14. cindy

    ppls the staff is not trained to be dietetics their job is to encourage the public at large to come and eat asmuch of the food if possible. So when anyone walks into that establishment, he or she must be greeted with a smile. onus is not on the customer to smile but the sales rep to give that smile. Bajans in cutomer services always look so weary and tired as though the world is at war with them.

  15. My bad, I shall keep quiet in future

  16. quethetears

    My gosh!!!! Ian does look like Colonel Sanders! LOL

  17. Sad To Say

    IB: Are you what you eat?

  18. Underdog

    Further to Centipede’s comment, I wonder if anyone has noticed that the parking spaces closest to the KFC building in Hastings are all reserved – presumably for staff? Also, anytime near lunch hour, the staff can all be seen eating their (presumably free?) lunch at the same tables as the customers – usually at the best tables – i.e. the ones closest to the TV. They are obviously not being taught to think “good service”.

  19. reality check

    consider this bad service a blessing in disguise.

    Before the age of fast food when we didn’t have a surplus of fat, salt and sugar in our diets, Barbadian exposure to such diseases as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease were minimal.

    Maybe its a signal to get back to rice, fresh fish and lots of exercise.

    Maybe Ian could lead us in the direction of this nw healthy life style?

  20. Micah

    I was in Chefette at Charles Rowe Bridge, St. George on Christmas Eve and had a rather long wait for food as the lines at the counter and the Drive-Thru were very long. However when I got my food, the attendant apologised for the long wait even though it was understandable given the number of customers.

    I was pleasantly surprised by this, but it is sad that I am so accustomed to either impolite or indifferent service in Barbados generally that a kind word given in a customer service exchange situation should be memorable!

  21. Kelly

    Further to Centipede’s comment… yet you still employ her. Of course bad service will remain because we tolerate it. Bajans don’t stick up for themselves. We take what is dished out. Hats off to you Ian for sticking up for yourself. More of us should do it and then maybe Haloute wouldn’t have 14 locations

  22. not a cent

    Kelly mussie my sister, we think alike…

    Just leave out uncle hally and de colonel…spend $15 and still hungry? Yuk…

  23. Hants

    The employees at chefette and KFC are working very hard to improve your health.

    They are doing their best to stop you all from eating junk and getting fat.

    Say thanks to them and stop complaining.

  24. sungirl

    Micah – I can tell you from experience, there is one girl at the CRB Chefette who is at all times nice, attentive, helpful and even apologetic for the rest of them. I have cut down my consumption of Chefette in the last year or so but if I have to, I go there and hope and pray she is on duty. She normally works the drive-thru but they really should make her the manager..
    (and I saw that long line on Christmas Eve..)

  25. TheTrashHeap

    Chefette’s standards has been on a steady decline since they run way John Naime. You go into any Chefette branch and you would be surprised by the conversations some of the staff carry on in front of customers. I have since stop patronizing Chefette after I was waiting on one of the slice pizza specials and apparently didn’t hear my number call. When I realized my number was up I said it is my order and the girl pissed off basically threw the pizza at me. hehehe I can laugh now but I if were my business I’d be showing some concern. Yes they are some pleasant people working at Chefette but the new batch makes KFC’s stable look good. KFC splits their good staff between two branches. Black Rock and Hastings. For some reasons the other branches get the animals.

  26. PiedPiper

    TheTrashHeap: I had to be starved before I would consider ever going back into a Chefette or KFC. On very rare occasions, when I would be returning home from work late, I would stop at one of these places rather than even think about cooking. I nearly always regretted it. From the moment I stepped through the door, the surly attitude permeates the place. Some of the women staff would look at you like, if they had a big rock behind the counter, they would mash up yuh head with it just because yuh walk through the door. These women would talk about you like you deaf and can’t hear them. Rude, ignorant, uneducated bottom of the barrel people.

  27. J

    Another recipe

    When you are home late from work.

    Scrub will a few potatoes (do not peel) cut up. Cook in a little water.

    Take your shower while the potatoes are cooking.

    Put the potatoes right on your plate. Add some grated cheese. Mash with a fork.

    If you have any veg or fruit in the fridge eat one or two pieces.

    Dinner done and you did not have to put up with anyone’s rudeness. And you will not get the belly either.

    Cost about $2.00

    Next morning put the other $13 in your credit union.

  28. Veggieman

    What is wrong with you guys. Those two businesses are making a postivie contribution to the agricultural sector of this country. They are growing. or spouting up to be more accurate, all over the place. Look how easy it was to get two of them to grow close by the sea in Oistins. Do you think anything else could have grown at that saltwater satuated location. Don’t even begin to complain how KFC’s drive-in causes traffic congestion. The most successful crop in Barbados over the years was fast food outlets. Thanks the Owen ‘cant see further than his bank account’ Arthur.

  29. Optimist Prime

    @ Veggieman

    Listen clown!

    It was the government of Local and Regional Statesman, the Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur, M.P., which designated 2007: National Year for the Promotion of Good Health and Wellness.

    It was He who was criticised for encourgaing Barbadians to grow vegetables.

    It was His government that established a CNCD’s Commission and would have given Barbadians a Wellness Allowance – had it been re-elected.

    It was the BLP that encouraged Barbadians to make healthy choices.

    It was Mr. Arthur who gave prominance to the national security threat of HIV/AIDS – by placing it under the Prime Minister’s Office.

    It was the BLP that started a wellness programme in schools, at workplaces and communities across Barbados.

    Barbadians have the free will to choose.

    It therefore cannot be disputed that the former government did a lot – in an attempt to reduce the over $30 million spent annually on the treatment of Chronic non-communicable diseases, by inviting Barbadians to make wise and healthy choices.

    Sinckler; Inniss and the DLP still do not get it!

    Wellness promotion and retirment planning. In years to come – you will have more active and less vulnerable seniors.

    Every day, I can only laugh at you DLP clowns!!!


    BFP says,

    Optimist Prime is the current embodiment of Bajan Tribal Politics from the BLP side. Everything DLP is bad, and everything BLP is good.

    Optimist Prime is sounding more and more like a broken record every day. We’ll let the BLP continue here, but OP… don’t monopolise the venue or you will lose it.

  30. Juris

    OP, do you notice that you put the pronouns referring to O$A in capital letters? I thought that was only done for Jesus Christ and God. But then….

  31. Tony

    From the time Cheffette sold Holetown for $40M,
    I have boycotted them for they do not really care anything about their customers. KFC…I feel as though I am interupting them. Last time I ate their meal I was sick

  32. TheTrashHeap

    Another classic, we cyan change the people but still yah gotta talk bout dem. I was at the infamous KFC drive thru at Collymoore Rock. Can I get a 3 piece snack? “10 min wait fuh chicken.” Am ok do you have barbecue wings? “That is a 9 min wait.” Ok then am anything there to eat? “If yah want anything yah gotta wait and if yah cyan wait then guhlong!”

    This one did sound like a foreigner but I guess they go through no training before they face customers.

    Don’t get tie up doa because we hay talking bout Chefette and KFC but I guess none of wanna never went in Shell Top Rock? They like they scrap the bottom of the barrel when hiring.

  33. J

    Dear Juris:

    Jesus Christ IS GOD.

  34. J

    Another recipe. GOOD FRESH FAST food from your own kitchen.

    Put 3 cups of water in a medium sized pot. Add 1 cup of rice. Put to boil, when it hits the boil, turn down the heat. Cut up 3 or 4 or more Chinese cabbage leaves, shred one large carrot. Add to pot, stir. Good quality vegetable rice ready in about 1/2 hour.

    So you want some protein with this?

    Buy some flying fish or some dolphin steaks on your way home.

    Wash with lime and salt.

    Season with some bottled seasoning.

    Put in a small pot, chop up and add one tomato, half a sweet pepper, one small onion.

    Add a teaspoon of mustard, and a tablespoon of butter and one of ketchup, and a shake of black pepper.

    Turn the stove to low.

    Take your shower.

    A hot fresh meal, enough to serve 2 to 4 people is ready. And nobody hogged you up. Preparation and cooking time less than one hour. Cost about $8.

    Put the other $20 to $30 in your credit union.

    Or use it to buy Chefette or KFC shares.

    They won’t sell you shares?

    Ask them why not.

  35. Jack Bowman

    Dear BFP Folks and posters all,

    First, I hope everybody has a happy and healthy 2009. Good luck to all of us.

    Second, this article and the responses to it are striking on SO MANY levels …

    For example, why is an educated individual like Mr. Bourne, on a Christmas eve, traipsing hither and thither in the late hours with his loved one (Wildey, Collymore, Rockley, Hastings) in an increasingly desperate effort to consume something that will make him appreciably less healthy?

    I am no food snob. Quite the contrary. I’ve eaten at both Chefette and KFC. But this night-time Yuletide venture of Mr. Bourne’s doesn’t sound good to me. It sounds (and I say this will all respect; it’s just a simile, nothing more) a bit like a junkie looking for a fix.

    I live close to Oistins, and fairly regularly I go to the new Oistins Bay Gardens for dinner. I have a favourite place there (I won’t specify the place, so that it doesn’t look like I’m advertising for someone). I get a full marlin dinner with a beer. And it’s amazing, from that place, to watch folks lining up at the KFC across the street. They’re lining up in their cars. They’re lining up inside the KFC. They’re LINING UP to eat trash.

    Now, my full marlin dinner with a beer costs a few dollars more than the stuff they’re selling at the KFC across the street. But it’s really only a FEW dollars more. And I’m not spending those dollars on the gasoline I burn while waiting at the KFC drive-through. I’m spending it on food that my brain and my heart actually THANK me for (okay, I admit that my brain doesn’t thank me for the beer).

    So I’m eating my tasty, relatively cheap, nourishing, good-for-me marlin dinner, and I’m watching the KFC people LINING UP across the street to eat garbage, and I’m thinking: “What the F? Why are they doing that? Why? Why?”

    I understand the complaints about poor service. I get it, okay? I really do. But you’re talking about Chefette and KFC. Can anyone seriously expect the server at KFC to be as attentive as the waiter at The Cliff? If anyone’s confused by the question, let me help. The answer to the question is “no”. If you want to see great cinematic art, you don’t watch the Lifetime Channel. And if you want to read great literature, you don’t buy “The DaVinci Code”. And if you want great service in a culinary environment, you don’t go to KFC.

    That’s a given. You are entitled to politeness, and if you are not treated with respect you are entitled to complain. But I fear, to paraphrase the Bard of Avon, that one can protest too much.

    All that said, I applaud Mr. Bourne’s resolution to avoid eating garbage. His heart and his brain will thank him. Certainly his pancreas will thank him for it. And the prospects are bright that he’ll live longer. Eating the stuff is bad enough. But driving around for ages LOOKING for the stuff, and being frustrated at every turn, might give you an embolism even faster than this rubbish will clog up your arteries.

    I wish everyone a great 2009.


    BFP says,

    Hey there Jack. You’ll notice our photo is a little rice, fish and a Banks at Oistins. You could probably even say exactly where by the colour of the table!

  36. Juris

    What’s wrong with the Da Vinci code, JB?

  37. Veggieman

    Optimus Prime,
    First I may be a clown, but I am certainly no party clown. You have that job, as clearly demonstated by your reply.
    Since you are so articulate in your reply. Articulate the facts that he was crying about not being able to make a living as a small man in his own country. When he became PM, the mention of the term “small man” was enought to get a person lynched by henchmen like you. You also forgot to give your hero credit for closing down the used car businesses of the small man. After this was done, car king at warrens was able to buy his oil comapany. He also gave a big tax break to Chefette. I hope you remember that he made sure that Chefette was the only company on the Island that qualified for that concession. Since you talk about HIV/AIDS, he was also busy screwing and breeding a worker in this ministry. Now you can understand why he was willing to do so much to fight aids. That was an act of self preservation.
    I am so sorry that you didn’t get your arse kicked along with his at Roebuck Street.
    You are a stupid yardfowl !

  38. Veggieman

    Tell us the true story of how the little Chef came to be located in Speightstown. What part did your hero play.
    Maybe, you can also disclose if any corruption was involved.

  39. Jack Bowman

    Juris asks, quite rightly: “What’s wrong with the Da Vinci code, JB?”

    This is a good question. It’s a question that merits an answer.

    I read the “Da Vinci Code”, all several hundred pages of it.

    And I read Emily Dickinson when she had this opinion:

    “My life closed twice before its close;
    It yet remains to see
    If Immortality unveil
    A third event to me,
    So huge, so hopeless to conceive,
    As these that twice befell.
    Parting is all we know of heaven,
    And all we need of hell.”

    See, if we were really discussing this in all seriousness, I would point out that that Ms. Dickinson did this magical thing in eight lines.

    In eight lines she spoke a universal and irrefutable truth that breaks your heart with its honesty.

    The chances that this can be done by Mr. Brown (the author of “The Da Vinci Code”), even if we give him a million pages, are precisely zero.

  40. San Diego

    Oh, praise the Lord for Veggieman! You really slammed that Optimus idiot! Do it more often, Veggieman.

  41. Very True, Veggie man

    Apart from your few X rated words, I agree with you wholeheartedly Veggie Man.

    We put our trust in him and he sold out to big business.

    I hope Thompson never gives him his hoped for knighthood.

  42. Optimist Prime

    @ Very True

    Permit me to draw your attention to the Letters Patent, which establishes the Order of Barbados and institutes our system of honours and decorations – lest you mislead the public, especially given that Minister Sinckler feels that they do not know how our system of government works.

    Take note that Letters Patent are a type of legal instrument in the form of an open letter issued by a Monarch or Government, granting an office, right, monopoly, title, or status to a person or to some entity such as a corporation.

    In the Constitution of the Order of Barbados, Section 14. provides: “Not more than three persons may be appointed as Knights or Dames of St Andrew on the coming into force of this Constitution, other than as honorary Knights or Dames, and thereafter, not more than three persons may be appointed within a period of every two years to the rank of Knight or Dame of St Andrew, other than as honorary Knights or Dames.”

    Even though a knighthood is not Mr. Thompson’s to give – take note that there is a National Honour’s Committee, which consists of persons recommended to his Excellency by the PM including the one recommended by the PM on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition.

    Secondly, base on my calculation and knowledge of how our system works – the next time a person can become Knight of Dame of St. Andrew, is 2011. Of course Her Majesty does have her “prerogative” .

    Local and Regional Statesman – the Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur, M.P., – did not ask Mr. Thompson to recommend him for recognition and award at the level of CARICOM.

    Incidentally, that part of Mr. Thompson’s speech received extremely loud applause. Ask yourself why?

    Note also that there are those on both side of the political fence, including the brightest among us – who agree that Local and Regional Statesman – the Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur, M.P., is a National Hero and could easily qualify for such status being conferred.

    ***Perhaps there will come a time when Prime Minister Thompson will step away for his: “DLP Members-First; Fatted Calf Doctrine” and elevates himself above the “cut and thrust of partisan politics.”

  43. Juris

    @ OP, Owen Arthur, a national hero? Those whom the gods would destroy, OP, they first make mad. I rest my case.

    @ JB, I see you like stuff that rhymes…ah, well. I can see why modern literature would not appeal to you.

  44. Veggieman

    The people spoke in a very load voice. Where were you that you didn’t get the message. Owen ruled the way he wanted to, so will David. When we are tired of David we will also get rid of him. Since you don’t seem to appreciate the democratic process, I suggest you go live in Cuba

  45. A national hero"

    Mr. Owen Arthur “is a national hero?”
    Who made him one? You? Are you Henderson Bovell? Don’t answer.

  46. A national hero"

    Another thing. Notwithstanding the gibberish you painted above, I hope the PM doen’t even think about bestowing a knighthood on that chap.

  47. J

    Dear Optimist Prime”

    You wrote “Local and Regional Statesman, the Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur, M.P.”

    You realize that you look real foolish everytime you spend so much time writing Owen Arthur’s name.

    Some ‘o we went to school wid he. If you write Owen we know very well who you mean.

  48. J

    Cheeze on bread Veggieman, instead of writing “screwing and breeding” can’t you say copulating and impregnating?

  49. J

    Dear Juris:

    You wrote “@ OP, Owen Arthur, a national hero? Those whom the gods would destroy, OP, they first make mad. I rest my case.”

    and ya got me here de’ding with laugh. My first hold ma belly laugh for 2009.

    Thanks, thank, thanks.

  50. Optimistic Prime seems to be on something that we need to bottle, giving feeling of high optimism, even past the point of euphoria, to hallucination.

    Is this substance legal, if so it may make a great export, especially in this time of crisis the foreign exchange earning from this product would be welcome?

  51. Jinx


    Ever tried MacDonalds in Miami? or shopping in general where staff bend over backwards to serve. Whether it is the training of staff or not, the pleasant and courteous attiude of such young people is always a bit of a “shock”, as living here in good ole Bim, sour faces and sour attitudes seem quite normal to me now.

  52. Juris

    Happy New Year, J and to all the bloggers, including you, my nemeses, OP and the Scout. And of course to you too, BFP.

  53. Optimist Prime

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Thank you kindly for good exchanges in 2008. Take note that despite whatever, we are all Barbadians first.

    I have an idea:

    Why not immediately increase security at hotels, at tourists attractions, and on the beaches?

    Further, as part of a recommended government’s “green economic stimulus package” -why not increase the number of cameras at various points across the island?

    As the storm approaches, let personal and public safety and security, be our priority.

    Eat more of those fruits that would otherwise have been rotting in Dominica; reduce your speed; exercise more and choose wisely!

    If your neighbour is struggling, remember that it is not always ever so welcome to wait for a call.

    I may not always agree, but I hate no one – not even George/BFP; Hants; Juris; Sargeant or J.

    To all of “my DLP friends,” thank you and may God bless you (of course not politically) but may God bless Barbados!


  54. Hants

    Happy New Year BFP and all our fellow bloggers.

    @ Jinx ,
    “sour faces and sour attitudes seem quite normal to me now.”

    Low wages, high cost of living and constant reminders that you are a havenot.

    A better standard of living would make Bajan workers smile as much as the Politicians,Lawyers and Doctors in Barbados.

    Have pity on the Cheffette workers and give them a smile.

  55. Rev "Doc" Lucille Baird MBE

    Congratulations are in order to the Rev “Doc”Lucille Baird on her recent achievement of receiving the title of Member of the British Empire (MBE).

    It was reported in our local newspaper that it was bestowed in recognition of her work in the church (probably, her church)

    Sir Gordon Darsborow

  56. David G. Brooks

    I have to say, that for years now I’ve wanted to tell the owners of these fast food outlets to permanently employ the ‘stop-watch timers’, that you occassionaly see at Chefette – you ever been to the drive-thru when these timers are there, man you get your food in seconds.

    The other thing I don’t like is that they stopped taking credit cards at the drive-thru. Yes, I know that credit card swipes can take long but that is because the Banks are still using old (telephone) dialup technology, which should be outlawed in my opinion in this day and age, but also because the said same telephone line that’s supposed to be dedicated to the credit card machine, is usually in use by one of the staff – as you usually hear cahsiers saying “tell so-and-so to get of the credit card line’.

    Quality Control and Service is the main problem, and its management’s responsibity.

    We need more competition !!!

  57. 199

    We don’t just need more competition but more of many things in Bim, especially, enlightenment!!. However, with our peculiarly, tunnel-vision way of seeing, I can’t forsee our getting them, for a very long time!!

  58. Jinx


    I think there are also “have nots” working at MacDonalds, ect .. No, there is something else sorely missing around here.

    India is one place i have yet to visit but one stark observance from friends who have visited multiple times say, those who appear to live in the most dire circumtances still wear a smile.

  59. Hants

    @ Jinx,

    “those who appear to live in the most dire circumtances still wear a smile.”

    Prehaps you should reduce yourself to their level and you would be skinning yuh teet too.

    “Sir Roy says a proper minimum wage is a basic and fundamental human right and the current 200 dollars a week is below a subsistence level.”

    No wonder Bajans don’t smile. The last time I made $200 per week was in 1977 in Barbados.

    Let us make this personal.I would not smile if I had to work for $200 a week so Bajan shop assistants are free to wring up duh face at me Hants.

  60. Do you know none of the papers are yet to print the letter? I wonder why?


    BFP says,

    Ahhhhhhh….. I dunno, Ian. How about as a guess… BECAUSE KFC AND CHEF ADVERTISE WITH THEM?

  61. GT

    Don’t you think it is about time, KFC and Chefette implement maximum wait times for drive thru orders and if that time is exceeded you get a free meal. I am sure drivers lose $10 in fuel waiting for a meal. The drive-thru service is annoyingly slow at both establishments.

  62. Actually, when I had waited at drive-thru, I turned the engine off until time to move again – anyhow… Got an answer from BCSI, they tried 2 ban but ended up retracting as only game in town! OMG, um, cook ur own food? Anyway, real fireworks yet 2 come – sent letter 2 Haloute and KFC (When I sent a different letter 4 years ago to the yellow & purple people eaters, Chefette threatened 2 pull ads from CBC, they actually reduced advertising for about 3 months – since Haloute has private haulers for his refuse, I am free to openly state my dissatisfaction)

  63. Avatar Gurl

    @ Jinx & Hants,

    Wow, you work for more than $200.00? Could you tell me where this is, so I can find a job for a friend of mine, too?

    He been working @ minimum wage for a decade now…

  64. Avatar Gurl

    I’m not too far off either, yeh! Maybe I should be asking for me as well!

  65. BFP

    Nation & Advocate run anti-C&W/Lime Letters even though same entity advertises, you saying they have thicker skin?

  66. Chicago

    Ian it is interesting observation because they do run anti CW/Lime letters but not anti KFC-Chefette. Why?

  67. The Queen Bee

    There is no excuse for ill manners – However as someone who works in Customer Service, I ask you to put yourselves in the shoes of those who serve. Many are poorly paid, overworked, and STILL have to show a happy face to each and every customer. Trust me, it is NOT easy.

    In my job I am forced to deal with people from all walks of life, and not every customer interaction leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy. (Some people are difficult on purpose and you wish you could just launch a staple machine at their faces.)

    I actually had a customer last week who had the barefaced audacity to tell me that he was trying to see if he could get me to lose my cool – and that he was impressed with how calm I remained with him.

    Next time you go into Cheffette or KFC or your Supermarket try greeting your cashier with a smile, and say something nice to them.

    I can almost guarantee that the service you receive after this will surprise you.

  68. Beni Sankar

    can someone from kfc head office check out how unhygenic the kfc at stabroek georgetown is being operating under. the same can bring some very negative effect to the image of kfc.

  69. laserlight

    First of all does anyone in Ian Bourne’s house cook, you know on a stove, fire, saucepan? This man seems to eat nothing but fast food for real. However, that is neither here or there,lol.

    The service form both of these fast food outlets sucks. I am a person that does not play so whenever those classless witches start to act up, retribution must be had. I pay my hard earned money I expect what I pay for period!

    The worst two outlets for me are KFC Dacosta’s mall, and Hastings. Dacosta’s Mall KFC felt it was okay to substitute the drinks for the many tourist in that location from Pepsi to cherry cola because there was no Pepsi without informing them in advance.

    I said loudly it would have been common courtesy and good customer service not to substitute anyone’s order without their consent, this is pure foolishness. But the tourist did not want to cause waves. Just the usually smile that says what do you expect in a third world country.

    But the worst customer service award goes to, drum roll KFC Hastings those girls are crude and classless enough to make you choke on your burger. This crap must stop I refuse to give money for unsatisfactory services, so I have complained whenever this happens. Many a free meal have I received and an apologies because of these barbarians these establishments continue to hire.

    Enough is enough.