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Barbados Sanitation Service Authority Says “Be Nice To Your Neighbours For The Holidays – Freeze That Stinky Garbage!”

Big Thanks To Our Hard-Working SSA Friends!

Big Thanks To Our Hard-Working SSA Friends!

PRESS RELEASE: Collections for Christmas & Old Year’s 2008

The Sanitation Service Authority reminds Barbados there will be no collection of refuse for Thursday 25th December 2008 and Thursday 1st January 2009 – both Mangrove Pond Landfill and the Bagatelle Metal Facility will be closed on those days.

Please note, however, normal collections resume for Friday 26th December 2008, Boxing Day – only Mangrove will be open for service that day from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm.

The Authority is urging the public to ensure all of their meat trimmings are frozen until 6:00 pm before their next due collection.

The SSA thanks everyone in advance for their cooperation and wish all Barbados clean & happy holidays.


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World Attention On Barbados Journalist Arrests


Harvard Law School’s Global Voices, Reuters, Taking Interest In The Threat To Journalistic Freedom In Barbados

The Global Voices website at Harvard Law School receives millions of visitors each day and provides information and stories to major media around the world in conjunction with Reuters News.

Today they published a feature article on the arrests of Barbados journalists Cherie Pitt and Jimmy Gittens – where they quoted from many Barbados news sources and blogs including The Nation, Barbados Underground, Barbados Free Press, Boyce Voice and the Bajan Dream Project.

Global Voices also quoted from the call-to-arms letter put out by Barbados journalist Amanda Lynch-Foster – who had for some reason earlier attempted to have Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground “unpublish” her open letter sent out to Caribbean media “professionals”. Apparently she was upset that her words appeared on (spit on the ground) blogs!

Ms. Lynch-Foster’s desire to retain the old definition of “media” and to restrict her communication to “media professionals” is an interesting contrast to Reuters’ formal relationship with Global Voices. Reuters realises that carefully embracing bloggers and the new media as a worthwhile source of information and stories is the future – or even the present of cutting-edge quality news reporting.

At BFP we found it interesting that Ms. Lynch-Foster believed she could successfully issue a recall for something posted on the internet, and also that she rejected the assistance and support of the blogging community who, after all, are nothing more than ordinary citizens!

Ms. Lynch-Foster should stop sticking her nose so high in the air and re-examine her position.

Freedom of the press in Barbados will not be won by a cloistered group of media elites who are usually afraid to publish the truth anyway. Frankly, the eunuchs of the so-called “professional” Barbados media let Commissioner Dottin and the police bullies get away with what they did for the past 18 months.

Lynch-Foster’s position that this is a fight for “media professionals” only is just about the stupidist, elitist position I’ve seen anyone adopt in a long time.

Freedom of the Press in Barbados will only be won by the “professional” news media and the public standing shoulder to shoulder to oppose the abuse of journalists by the police and government.

And yes, Ms. Lynch-Foster, that includes your fellow citizens who blog too.


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