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Journalist Rebellion Growing Against Out-Of-Control Barbados Police

UPDATED: December 12, 2010

The Royal Barbados Police Force are under scrutiny this week by the Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. We haven’t said much about that, so we’ll put up this article from 2008 that highlights one area of concern…

Original article first published December 22, 2008…

Just for the record folks, Amanda Lynch-Foster did NOT personally send this to Barbados Free Press. It has been circulating in professional journalism groups here on Barbados and *somehow* BFP received it.

A Message From Barbados Journalist Amanda Lynch-Foster

I’m sure most of us are feeling the same way today – pissed off and frustrated with the disrespect that journalists are getting. This is the third time this has happened in the last year and a half or so and I am not really happy with the responses. The Commissioner keeps saying he will investigate – we have heard that before. Last year, the former AG said we had no right on the hospital premises. Some members of the public even say we deserve it. It feels like there is a creeping disrespect for journalism and it’s coming from all sides.

So what are we going to do about it? Continue reading


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