OUTRAGE! Stroke Victim Waits 6 Hours To See Doctor At Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital

My neighbour’s mother got rushed into hospital last week, there was however no rush for treatment when she arrived there. She had a suspected stroke, there were seemingly only 2 doctors on duty, that’s what her daughter was told by the nurse. Believe it or not she had to wait an unbelievable 6 hours until a doctor came to see her.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is only a notch above what you would get in a third world country, I personally think that the people of Barbados deserve a hell of a lot better.

… posted at Barbados Free Press by Garry Wynters, author of The Barbados Blog


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16 responses to “OUTRAGE! Stroke Victim Waits 6 Hours To See Doctor At Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital

  1. Sundowner


    I am so disgusted at reading this, if you check the above link and scroll down to ‘Treatment’ you will see that this is a medical EMERGENCY and that treatment should be given ‘within 3 hours of the stroke’.
    I hope to God if I ever need treatment for a ‘medical emergency’ I’m in a first world country & not 3rd world Barbados .

  2. .22

    6 Hours to see the doctors after seeking serious medical emergency is a disgrace.

    QEH is in serious need of reform so badly.

  3. The Scout

    Tell the media to do some investigative journalism and report a fair story on the matter. Give us both sides of the incedent and leave us the public to form the third side; the truth. No, that would be too difficult for them, it would have to come off the net. i was once rushed to the hospital and I recieved professional service, maybe because of my status in this country(laugh). I would got to hear theotherside of the story before I form an opinion.

  4. MP

    A stroke is not viewed as a serious illness in Barbados as long as you are coherent. This was explained to me when I took my mother to the QEH and she was given some aspirin and sent home after being there overnight. She got worse and was taken back 2 days later where extensive testing was then done on her and she was admitted for a Cat Scan, which was done 2 days later. She died the day after the Cat Scan was done and I was told by the doctor who looked at the scan and saw a clot in her brain that a committe would have meet and the scan reported on and s decision asto what action to be take would be done and since it was a Friday and also a holiday that wont be before the following week. My mother died the same evening.

    She had the stroke the Sunday and was dead by the Friday all because as long as you can speak you are given aspirin and sent back home no tests are carried out

  5. PiedPiper

    MP: I don’t like using the expression “third world” when it comes to Barbados because the simple fact of the matter is that Barbados has some very fine doctors who were educated at some of the finest medical schools in the world. I don’t know how many Cat Scanners there are in Barbados but certainly there appears to be one at the QEH. Why that Cat Scan was not used when your mother was first brought to the Emergency Department, is beyond me. Anyone presenting with symptoms of stroke, should automatically be sent for a Cat Scan, regardless of whether their power of speech is still intact. The idiot that prescribed 2 aspirins for your mother should be hung out to dry as Aspirin is a preventative medication and not a treatment when symptoms of stroke are already present. If your mother had been given a clot busting agent such as Activase, she quite possibly, would still be with you today. I extend my condolences to you MP and wish there was something you could do other than retain a lawyer and go after the halfwits who treated your mother.

  6. Donald Duck, Esq

    Thought that such a situation would not happen under the DLP !!!! By the way did the new minister of health not say that he proposes to spend $60 million on the hospital upgrade and also build a new hospital?? Does this mean he will be reshuffled sometime soon as a result of going against the policy of his chief of not building a new hospital?

  7. Hants

    Peop;e are afraid to criticise the Doctors and the QEH for fear of “repercussions”.

    That hospital needs strong leadership.

    Immediate aggressive treatment of stroke victims can have outstanding success. Same for Heart attack victims and Athsma although aggressive consistent preventative medication is required for athsmatics.

  8. Optimist Prime

    Is this an incident, which happened recently – under a DLP Government? Weren’t we promised: “a new dispensation in the delivery of quality health care in Barbados?”


    You change the government, changed the three Ministers, spend millions more – yet the problem remains. Clearly this is not policy failing. Problems do not just happen, they are caused by people?

    In 2009, let us put more emphasis on: “The promotion of good health and wellness, heathy; active and productive ageing.”

    Let us focus more on retirement; training; planning and councelling and above all – set new high standards for governance and service delivery in this country.

    Hants, would we have the same problems at the QEH if it was staffed entirely by Guyanese? What we have there now is Barbadians treating Barbadians badly.

    You se now that Guyanese is not the problem, just an excuse? Let us play the ball and not the person!!!

  9. MP

    Thanks Piedpiper, but you know the saying doctors mistakes are buried and notes disappear from the hospitals.

  10. Georgie Porgie

    How do you really expect anything to improve in health in Barbados when no one in charge listens to common sense?

    Do you really think that the DLP really cares about health in Barbados?
    They had no points on health in thier manifesto, and the only thing planned in the earlier days fo health was the opening of the abandoned polyclinic in St John. This will most certainly solve the health problems in Barbados, wont it?

    How do you expect to really get emergency care at QEH when its ER is still cluttered with non emergencies.

    Strokes were treated in the 70’s without CAT scans, and sucessfully so. But then such patients were admitted then- not merely sent home on aspirin.

    It would be interesting to ascertain if the cause of this lady’s stroke was sought or found before sending her home on aspirin. I personally would not have been brave to send her home on aspirin in the dark ages of the late 70’s. Seems our health care is really getting worse!

    All very interesting.

  11. MP

    She awoke with her face twisted and talking strange, was taken to FMH and was given a letter to take to QEH. The doctor there gave the aspirin and sent her home, since she was coherent.

  12. Sir Bentwood Dick

    The Nation reporting the December 13th stuck elevator at the QEH hospital ””One person fainted as soon as she got out. One older person was rushed to FMH [Emergency Medical Clinic]. My wife started to have chest pains and was taken down to Accident and Emergency to get an inhaler but they told her to wait while they processed her, so in the end, she went home,” he said”

    One person went to the FMH??? from the QEH?

    That clearly shows their lack of confidence in the hospital and this is ludicrous that a citizen should need to leave what should be the premier healthcare unit in the island to go to a private clinic for treatment.

    The lady needing the inhaler needed to be processed first? But is asthma, I assume if she needs an inhaler, not a medical emergency?


    I personally know of a person with a previous serious heart condition who went to QEH in the early evening for treatment after feeling unwell. This person was not seen until the wee hours of the next morning, they were then admitted for observation. Could have died right there waiting.

    This is madness gone wild!

    Do Barbadians need to picket Bridgetown to have conditions improved?

  13. Optimist Prime

    @ Sir Bentwood Dick

    Do we want a new hospital or a $60 million refurbished one, where new equipment still will not work?

    It is not funny reading that persons who fall ill at the QEH – are then rushed to the FMH.

    Could you imagine if this had happened under a BLP government?

  14. Optimist Prime

    @ Sir Bentwood Dick

    Do we want a new hospital or a $60 million refurbished one, where new equipment still will not work?

    It is not funny reading that persons who fall ill at the QEH – are then rushed to the FMH.

    Could you imagine if this had happened under a BLP government?

    Still, it is now clear for all to see – that the problems at the QEH was not the BLP, as much as it is not the DLP.

    Unfortunately, the DLP protected those who are really responsible, by blaming the BLP.

    Do you see now that politicians are their wost enemies?

    In politics, what goes around comes around. Still, I do not believe that the BLP would be equally as childish – to now blame the woes at the QEH on the DLP.

    This is refreshing and effective opposition. Play the ball and not the person. Let us face the problem and fix it.

    We change the Government. We Changed three Ministers. We changed two Boards. We gave the QEH millions more. We changed the equipment, yet the problem remains.

    Definately we have not changed attitudes and one other thing. Can you thing of it: Juris, Sargeant, Hants?

  15. Optimist Prime

    Can you “think” of it: Juris, sargeant, Hants?

  16. iWatchya

    I wonder what happened to that engineering report that concluded that the current hospital building was “unsound” and that a new one should be built?