Yet Another Example Why Mia Mottley And The Barbados BLP Cannot Be An Effective Opposition

“You can’t have buildings without taking care of them.”

“If we have a comprehensive maintenance programme . . . it will allow us to adhere to the best precepts that we have been taught as individuals, that a stitch in time saves nine.”

… BLP Opposition Leader Mia Mottley finally discovers a concept called “building maintenance” in the Nation article Mia Calls For Schools Upkeep Plan

Mia Mottley Dares To Lecture The Government On Building Maintenance!

After being Deputy Prime Minister in a government that had all power for 14 years, Mia Mottley has discovered that buildings need to be looked after or they fall apart.

Oh my!

Where to start? Police stations? The main library? A dozen schools off the top of my head?

No… let’s start with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Here is a photo of a patient washroom at the Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital after 14 years of Barbados Labour Party government…

Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital Washroom After 14 Years Of BLP Mottley/Arthur Government

Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital Washroom After 14 Years Of BLP Mottley/Arthur Government

Mottley says Barbados needs “a comprehensive maintenance programme” for schools and other government buildings.

You mean after 14 years of BLP Mottley/Arthur government, we don’t have an existing building maintenance programme already in place?

What the HELL was our BLP government doing for 14 years then?

mia_mottley-mugshot-barbados.jpgMia… Just sit down and shut up!


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48 responses to “Yet Another Example Why Mia Mottley And The Barbados BLP Cannot Be An Effective Opposition

  1. clr8

    Every time Mia opens her mouth to criticize the DLP it is like shooting fish in a barrel. I don’t know if I can take another three years of this excitement!

  2. West Side Davie

    Excellent article, short and on point. Pick any issue, any topic, and Mottley and the BLP already screwed it up or had a chance to do something and failed. You hit the nail on the head with this article by pointing out the reason that Missing In Action MIA and the BLP cannot be effective.

  3. Sargeant

    Didn’t Mia say in response to some other issue that she can’t be held responsible for the (mis)deeds of the former BLP Gov’t? Her claims of innocence reminds me of the proverbial piano player in a brothel who said he didn’t know what was going on upstairs.

  4. 59

    Did the Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur, M.P., not say that he accepts full responsibility for any acts; omissions or commissions the BLP did or is alleged to have done between 1994-2008?

    You jokers think the BLP is waiting on you’all for guidance on integrity or good governance. The government change, all eyes are on the DLP, which is too partisan.

    At least Mia is reaching across the isle and is clearly not partisan/political.

    Why not reserve you advice for the people at RDC who are changing $35.00 locks for $2,500.00 and building $57,000 houses for $89,000?

    Why not save your lectures for Thompson – who lied by telling Barbadians that his Minister signed a Code of Conduct?

    You purport to be critical of Mia, when Denis Lowe is openly engaging in corruption. Yet – is still a Minister? His government promised integrity, yeh!

    Why not save you lecture for Patricia Inniss who said that the BLP built less than 100 houses in 14 years, but Sinckler said at a press conference that he is looking for 800 the UDC built?

    Why not save it for Thompson who said that the DLP built 700 houses so far but his advisor Henry said that the DLP will build 700 by next year.

    Mia’s principle point seems to be consistent with her position on a green economy and encouraging a green revolution in Barbados.

    The DLP and its operatives must stop looking back, and complaining – and show Barbadians the change, integrity, accountability and good governance it promised.

    Is that asking too much?

    Twelve months in office, and Minister say that they will start working next year. Imagine that!

    That – after Barbadians were told that those same Minister hit the ground running. Running from what or running away with what? The taxpayers money?


  5. BA/7

    BFP is very critical of the Thompson government and also of Denis Lowe.

    Your problem is that you think getting kicked out of office automatically gives Mia and the BLP a clean slate new start. Boy are you wrong!

  6. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Hahhahaha ..Boy I never laugh so bad in my life. We got dem asking for a Declaration of sexual preference and now we got my girl Mia discovering the deplorable state of our building structures after 14 years of absolutism and BLP supramacy (wanted to say tyranny but that word too strong after all we ain’t nothing like Mugabe). But any how, politics too sweet. I hope a declaration of assets doan get miscontrued for a declaratioon of ass-sets (you know that word can be easily replaced with the other word that sound like it). Because in all of this declaration one can easily get confused.

  7. Hants

    59 says

    “The DLP and its operatives must stop looking back, and complaining”.

    Why is MIA complaining about maintenance of Schools? Maybe she is a DLP operative.

    It is understandable that she will distance herself from the “Arthur rule”.

    Police stations, the main library, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital did not suddenly appear on January 15th.

    The neglect of these buildings happened under the BLP 14 years of rule when they claim that Barbados had a vibrant first world economy.

    Judge the DLP for what they do in their terms of office but don’t forget the 14 years of BLP rule;good ,bad or ugly.

  8. 59

    @ Hants,

    Would you believe all Mia did was to invite the government to plants hedges instead of erecting steel/metal fenses.

    Perhaps the confusion and embarrassment for the dems comes because purchasing equipment for the QEH and erecting fenses at schools – is Thompson’s ideas of a stimulus package for the economy.

    Planting hedges is not only environmentally friendly, but is a cost saving – and is consistent with a Green Economic Stimulus Package.

    You would think that the DLP – which has hijacked words used by Arthur in 1995, such as: “openness,” “accountabily” “transparency,” “financial prudence” and “change,” would heed sound advice. But no!

    Perhaps erecting fenses will allow the DLP to make good on its party-first, fatted calf doctrine.

    More Pork for the boys!!!!!!!

  9. Hants

    MIA said
    “I have never seen anybody run through a bougainvillaea hedge yet. I’ve never seen anybody run through a sweet lime hedge yet.”

    I guess she en ha nuh boy days.

  10. hmmm

    interesting that bfp refuses to publish my comments even tho they do not have any ‘cuss’ words, slander, libel or abuse.. just rational opinions that go against their grain. interesting! free press my ass.

  11. Hants

    BFP why is you new look identical to the Nation blog.

    Is it because it is “Christmas”?

  12. crossroads

    crooks, all crooks. every single one of them. Its like watching a f–king soap on NBC.

  13. Cliverton Not Signed In

    I hadn’t been to the Nation Blog. This is a standard WordPress Christmas format that we use every year since 2006.

    We’re very happy to hear that the Nation liked it so much that they copied it.

    Too bad that just like when they steal one of our story ideas or even directly plagiarize they don’t give us credit.

    But in the spirit of the season we wish a hearty MERRY CHRISTMAS to the Thiefs & Liars at The Nation!

  14. ru4real

    This is sort of cute and Christmassy.
    May the Spirit of Christmas flyover you all!

  15. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Now Now folks, I agree that we should hurl criticism at the Government but please leave out the profanity. The government does make us angry when it is clear what their agenda is. My concern, as I have asked BFP perviously, is if DEM is not showing the credibility we expected then who do we go with, since we know that the Bee’s have lost all of theres. There is such a show of mockery in this country where our political leaders are concern. History has shown that politics have always been associated with some level of corruption and in this regard, Barbados is not exempted. But the degree of corruption that is so blatant, so obvious, and so sickening without any conviction or penalty, is heart wrenching and really makes you angry.

    IF indeed, Dr. Dennis Lowe provided enough evidence to show his own corrupt side he should have been instantly fired. Mr. Prime Minister I believe you will suffer the consequences as a result of your decision not to stamp out unethical and corrupt conduct of your government ministers. I am still hoping that you will do the right thing because in the time that you have been in office, the amount of negatives is outweighing the positives. YOu have it in you to be the best Prime Minister ever. Show your worth and silence those who believe that your administration is no different than the last.

  16. Hants

    BFP what do you think about this.


    BFP says,

    Hi Hants…

    Clive is writing up a story. Short version: Barbados Police Out Of Control. No Civilian Oversight. Police Are A Law Unto Themselves.

  17. My neighbours mother got rushed into hospital last week, there was however no rush for treatment when she arrived there. She had a suspected stroke, there were seemingly only 2 doctors on duty, that’s what her daughter was told by the nurse. Believe it or not she had to wait an unbelievable 6 hours until a doctor came to see her.

    The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is only a notch above what you would get in a third world country, I personally think that the people of Barbados deserve a hell of a lot better.

  18. permres

    I am distressed by your story, W Scot. I do my best to suggest that Barbados is the most developed of the developing countries, but I am constantly thrown back to how I grew up with my father in the fifties and sixties in the UK, and how even then there was a modicom of respect for each other, and the countryside. My father was an exemplar.

    I guess it may be getting bad now in England too, my father is dead, God bless his soul, he may well be very uncomfortable with modern (or should we call it post-modern?) so-called progress. Barbados seems to be going downhill all of the time.

  19. PiedPiper

    When you consider that stroke victims need to be given clot busting medications within 3 hours of the onset of symptoms, this is very sad indeed. If Activase and similar drugs are administered within that timeframe, the effects of the stroke can be stopped and in many instances, reversed. It sounds to me like proper triage is not being used in the emergency department of the Q.E.H. Suspected stroke victims should be among the first to be treated along with suspected heart attacks.

  20. 199

    When somebody I know had a stroke, the ambulance arrived virtually, before the caller could put the phone down and treatment began immediately, in the person’s home, the ambulance and then at hospital, the moment they arrived!! That’s what I describe as appropriate treatment for a stroke in a REAL, developed country (the UK) and not a pretend-one!!

    It’s sad, but I’ve got to laugh!!

    Guess where I WON’T be spending my retirement!! That’s right, in BIM!!

    Ga long wid wunna slack standards!!

  21. Avatar Gurl

    Oy, this is RICH!!!!

    We got crooks in Politics, crooks in Judiciary, crooks in Business, crooks in Entertainment, crooks in Religion, crooks in the Environment…

    Boy, this is what earth is turning into… A pre-Hell HELL!

    I can see the ad now…

    ‘All souls, would you like the preparation and the training to survive in the Fires of Hell?

    Well! I have the 16-80 year crash course for YOU!

    I present…EARTH!

    No charge asked or even required…you just show up and you will have the time of your life…whether it’s good, however is VERY optional!

    So, when you die, you will have gone through everything humanly possible that is painful and hard to be properly conditioned…for EVEN MORE PAIN!

    At least you’ll be ready!’

    Fine print – It’s inevitable. You can’t stop it.

    ROFL!!!!!! 😀

  22. Fool me once

    Denis Lowe we need the letter you wrote be published so we can judge for usselves whether you mistreated or being a bad boy. Time to tell us all.

  23. Optimist Prime


    As regards your opening remarks: “Mia Mottley Dares To Lecture The Government On Building Maintenance!”


    I think that in addition to being Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Miss Mottley is also Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, whose duties are outlined at Section 7 of the Public Accounts Committee Act, 2003.

    Perhaps you are unhappy, but a government, which is sincere about “change;” “financial prudence,” and “accountability”- as regards the prudent spending of taxpayers money, especially given the global environment – should have no objection to the sound advice given by the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.

  24. Tony Hall

    “Why not reserve you advice for the people at RDC who are changing $35.00 locks for $2,500.00 and building $57,000 houses for $89,000?”

    You know the above statement is inaccurate. It is said that Bajans have short memories. I am one who don’t!!

  25. Optimist Prime

    Well, Tony Hall,

    I suppose we will have to wait on the Auditor Genral’s Report. Won’t we? Then we will see if 59 post is accurate.

    While you are at it, remember that in response to what the Auditor General said about the same Ministry of Agriculture/RDC last year – Minister Benn said nothing so could ever happen under his watch.

    We shall see! I hope Mr. Benn starts typing his resignation!!!

  26. Juris

    Optimist Prime & 59, pssst, the election is over. The BLP lost.

  27. Optimist Prime

    @ Juris,

    Do you not find it strange that the DLP has to constantly remind Barbadians that “it” is the Government?

    Perhaps this explains why PM Thompson stop putting the DLP’ column in the Nation – because he cannot get a front page every day? Has anyone notice that Mr. Thompson is no longer on the front-cover of the Barbados Advocate every day?

    Within the first 100 days in office – 71% of the population were thurned-off and said that the DLP was doing a poor job.

    If the DLP had implemented ITAL; declared its assets; did not lie about signing on to a code of conduct and had made good on those 100 day promises – it would not now ave to constantly remind people that it is the government.

  28. Optimist Prime

    @ Nostradamus & Juris,

    Where is the Rent Control Act that the Attorney General and the Housing Minister promised Barbadians. Should the people of this county now add that to the DLP’s: never-ending-list of broken promises?

    Where is the Agriculture Protection Act?

    Where is the declaration of assets?

    Where are the 2000 houses Michael Lashley and the DLP promised by December?

    Where is the “homely” A&E Department that was promised by September, which would have coffee machines, plants; curtains and pictures on the wall?

    Promises; promises, promises. Talk; talk, talk + no delivery = a failed DLP government, which is desperatly holding on to power.

  29. Optimist Prime

    @ Nostradamus; Hants; Juris; Adrian Hinds:

    Where is the Rent Control Act?

    Date September 21, 2008
    Brief RENT FIX


    GOVERNMENT will go to Cabinet shortly to make sure landlords will not be able to gouge their tenants with exorbitant rent.

    Additionally, acting Prime Minister Freundel Stuart gave his assurance that this Cabinet paper would seek to enforce getting permission from a Magistrate when landlords increase their rent.

    Stuart revealed this yesterday at the launch of the Housing Every Last Person (HELP) Programme, at Marchfield, St Philip.

    “There are some unscrupulous private landlords in Barbados who, in order to cash in on the scarcity of low-income housing solutions, have been raising rents, which they are charging to tenants at unrealistically and indecently high levels, making it impossible in many respects for tenants from Barbados to continue to pay them, so that they can rent out rooms to persons who are prepared to pay them whatever rents are charged.

    “I do not believe that kind of behaviour is patriotic, decent or fair, and the Government is looking very seriously at that problem,” he warned.

    He explained that under the Tenantry Legislation, a landlord could not increase rent above a certain level unless he or she got the permission of a Magistrate.

    “He has to go to court and justify the increase of rent which he is asking for. Now, that justification usually comes in his having to demonstrate that he has done something to improve the quality of the house spot; or that the land taxes have been increased to such a level that the rent which he is charging for the house spot can no longer pay or contribute meaningfully to the payment of the land tax; or that he has put in such services that weren’t there before . . .,” he said.

    Stuart described how one of his senior constituents was given notice from her landlord that her rent would be increased by 600 per cent effective October 1.

    “Now unless a Government is deaf to the litanies of the poor and insensitive to the hardships being experienced by the poor, it cannot sit back and allow this kind of rascality to take root in Barbados.

    “Therefore in order that rascals do not rule, I am going to Cabinet shortly, and I have already discussed with the Minister of Housing and Lands to make it mandatory for persons who are renting out houses or business places, if they want to increase rents above a certain level, they have to get the permission of the courts to do so.

    “And all those who want a fight on this can prepare for one, because it is just not going to be allowed to happen that you can increase rent by 600 or 800 per cent and you have done nothing to improve the physical accommodations which you are providing for your tenants. It is just not going to happen,” he said

    (The above is a Nation newspaper story from September 21.)

    OP says:

    This matter became urgent when the DLP caused the Land Tax Rates to go uo, in some cases by as much as 300%. Three months after, yet the evidence that government wanted to adress this matter urgently, cannot be found.

    I suppose this too can be added to the promises basket. Perhaps I should list the DLP’s 100-day-promises, that have not been implemented – 360 days after.

  30. Optimist Prime

    Which DLP MInister told the most lies or did the most crazy thing this year?

    David Thompson said:

    1. Former BLP operatives stashed millions in foreign bank accounts

    2. His government built 700 house so far (two weeks ago in Parliament) two days later, his advisor henry said that by next year this same time, the DLP would have built 700 houses.

    3. Said all DLP candidates signed on to a code of conduct.


    There is no turning back, government will honour all of the 100 days


    According to her, in order to save energy, Barbadians should pull-out the fridge plug, when not in use.


    Took school children from a number of schools in his constituency on a tour of the rum refinery in St. Philip.


    Said DLP M.Ps., declared their assets – a big lie


    1. In September, he promised a rent control act, soon.

    2. In September he said that the old Prison at Glendairy will soon be transformed into a rehabilitation centre.


    Promised a state-of-the-art A & E by September.

    Michael Lashley:

    Promised 2000 houses by December 31st 2008.

    Now here is a quizz:

    Which Minister said that BLP members are encouraging public servants to take file down by the Pork and burn them?

    Second question:

    Who should be awarded: Liar of the Year and Worst statement of the year?

  31. Sargeant

    @ Optimist Prime

    I have the answer to your question: The Minister that said “ When I said the prison will cost $140 million dollars, I meant US funds.

    Now where is my prize?

  32. Sargeant

    @ Optimist Prime

    Here is the runner up: The Minister that declared on VOB a la Richard Nixon “ I am not a crook”.

  33. Sargeant

    @ Optimist Prime:

    How about this one: The leader who said that the $50,000 campaign donation was for election expenses which I duly shared with my colleagues.

    Thanks for the Xmas gift

  34. Optimist Prime

    Fellow bloggers,

    I believe that no matter what may be our station in life or our political affiliation, we must never loose the magic of Christmas by what ever name.

    We should continue to look forward to this day with a special kind of anticipation, especially since there is no other celebration that I am aware of – that brings out the very best of the human nature, more.

    Christmas is a time when we should connect or reconnect with spiritual values. We should therefore use this time for reflection and for the expression of heartfelt thanks to God for His many blessings.

    We must not succumb to bad advice, which seeks to rob Christmas of its true meaning and take the aspect of religious faith out of it. Encouraging Barbadian to spend loosely at this time – instead of reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas, is most unfortunate.

    We should all use this time to reorder our priorities and to give serious thought to what we can each do to make the life of others better. It has never been: “the Barbadian way” – to tell those in need – “ever so welcome wait for a call.”. Instead, this is the time for the expression of peace and goodwill to all mankind in an otherwise turbulent and uncertain world.

    This is also a time for caring, especially now that – more than ever – the world is in turmoil because of unprecedented material greed; deception and corruption, which seem to be dominating conduct across the globe.

    Now – more than ever – is a time for unity of spirit, commitment to family; national duty and service to God. My wish is that all of these manifestations of all that is good should permeate our lives not only at Christmas, but throughout the entire year.

    Our relations and interaction should be regulated by the virtues that capture the essence of Christmas.

    Today, across the Christian world, people will celebrate the birth of Christ in a variety of ways, according to their custom. There will be the traditional exchange of greetings and gifts, and visits to family members and others who were either forgotten during the year or who we were too busy to see.

    Still, the importance of sound leadership and the hope and confidence it imbues – must never be lost on future generations or us. For there is no greater symbol of leadership than the Christ Child whose birth we celebrate today.

    His journey is to lead mankind to salvation and is the ultimate example of progressive social transformation through strong leadership. This Christmas, let us give: “a gift of love” to even those who do not wish us well or want us to succeed.

    Let us show compassion for those who do not have; care for the sick, relief for the poor, and make time for those who are least likely to be heard.

    Let us also use this occasion to reflect and to re-order personal as well as national priorities. As we prepare for what is approaching, I invite you to remember your neighbour and those who are less fortunate. I empathise with all those who are ill at this time.

    You too can help! Be compassionate to those who have lost their jobs and are not able to afford those things that many of you take for granted.

    Remember that child who will not get a gift because their parents do not have. Replace that material gift with love and a kind word. Above all else, remember what Christmas is all about.

    The year 2009 will be a challenging one. Still, I am confident that consistent with the Barbadian spirit and with God’s blessing, we as a Nation can overcome obstacles with which we are confronted. Careful planning; sound judgment and timing – will make the difference.

    I wish all at BFP, DLP bloggers; all visitors to this site and all Barbadians and people from every corner around the world – a blessed Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or Id – good health and wellness and prosperity in the coming year.

    Thank you and may God bless!

  35. Anon

    Optimist Prime,
    Shame on you! You asked for biggest liar and worst statement contributions. Sargeant posted a few and lick up now you gone down a different road with xmas talk. Happy xmas you BLP yardfowl! hohoho!

  36. Anon

    read “…Sargeant posted a few and lickyou up…”

  37. Optimist Prime

    @ Anon,

    Not quite, still answer this riddle:

    Sinckler said that the Treasury was empty, yet the same week, the DLP went to Parliament and trasferred millions from the Consolidated Fund. Isn’t that something?

    Here is another one:

    Suckoo said that the DLP was “scrapping” Project OASIS, but all the “LIARD” DLP did – was change the name of the Programme. Even the application form remain unchanged!

    One more for good measure:

    The DLP promised “change.” It purport to have established a Ministry of Social Care to replace “social transformation” yet the mission, vision and core-business of the new entity remains the same. What say ye Dems yardfowls like ANOn, Hants, Sargeant, Juris etal.

    Let me mark-out my run, I am now warming up!

  38. Juris

    OP, have you awarded the prizes to Sargeant yet?

  39. Sargeant

    OP….. It’s a pity that after that long run up you still bowling full tosses and long hops

  40. Optimist Prime

    @ Juris

    Perhaps, but when the DLP implement its 90 & 100 day promises; stop telling lies, fire Todd and Lowe, find the millions that we were told are stashed overseas, purchase Greame Hall; review the reverse Tax Credit, introduce a stimulus package that makes sense; adjust the welfare grants, stop prize gouging on land tax and petroleum products, reduce the cost of living and demonstrate change that makes sence.

    I take it kind Sir/madame/ him/she you will have to wait a very long time.

    Having declared war on Christmas and young people, neither Sargeant not the DLP deserve a prize!!!

  41. Optimist Prime

    @ All DLP Yardfowls, especially Juris, Anon and Sargeant

    Young people are under attack by the DLP

    Young people who were eligible to vote for the first time in the January 15th, 2008 general election – were about four-years-old and may have no recollection of the unprovoked economic warfare, which the then Democratic Labour Party administration declared on their parents, thereby robbing them (young people) of milk formula, food and threatening their education.

    That unprovoked attack resulted in an eight per cent salary cut; thousands loosing their jobs and countless others losing their homes; not being able to buy food; pay their bills or send their children to schools. It is pure political insanity that the DLP is now doing precisely what it did between 1991 and 1994 but is hoping for a different outcome and result.

    It was because of the “dangerous mismanagement” of the economy by the DLP when it was last in office that Barbadians were fed to the wolves and were placed on the frontline as well as on the breadline by an uncaring DLP Government.

    The same thing is happening again and the reason is simple. The DLP did not know what it was doing then and it does not know what it is doing now. Management of the economy has never been the strength of the DLP.

    For the fourteen years the electorate voted for the Barbados Labour Party they enjoyed economic prosperity. In January the electorate decided to: “give the DLP a chance,” and the DLP repaid them with increased taxation (or the confiscation of their wealth) and a manufactured meltdown of the Barbados economy.

    Young people knew that something was brewing when Senator Arni Walters told them that his Government does not owe them a living.

    That painful statement was followed by David Thompson imposing a cell phone tax on young people and a bicycle tax on five-year-old little girls – in his July 7th 2008, budget. That was the first time in the history of this country that a Minister of Finance attached the piggy bank of children and young people.

    David Thompson’s twenty-five per cent withholding tax is also hurting young people, as regards a significant reduction in the amount of funds being available to entities such as the Barbados Olympic Association; the Amateur Athletics Association and other sporting bodies, which sponsor events in which young people participate.

    The point is – young people in this country did not know hard times until the DLP was given a chance in the recent general elections. They are now under attack by the same DLP, which promised them good jobs and a land of plenty.

    Young people feel let-down that the DLP’s idea of a good job for them is a hoe, fork, a collins and a dung basket to cut-down bush and clear gutters. Young Barbadians are seeing their parent struggle to make ends meet for the first time in fourteen years. It is worst for those whose parents were fired because the ruling party does not like them.

    Children whose parents were working last Christmas and every Christmas for the past fourteen years – now realize that the DLP has declared war on Christmas, resulting in their parent having to decide whether to buy food or pay their rent or mortgage. If they buy food, they will face eviction and if the pay their rent they face starvation. This is certainly not what young people expect.

    The unemployment rate is climbing and Barbadians again have serious doubts about their future employment and are already seeing their wealth confiscated through increased taxation and price gouging by the DLP, which punished success.

    The majority of Barbadians believe that things will get much worst and that a lot more will loose their jobs with this uncaring DLP ruling this country. As a result, the ruling party continues to get a very low approval rating from Barbadians who had grown accustomed to competent and responsible Government.

    Barbadians are concerned and feel let-down that despite promising to be accountable for its action, the ruling party seeks to blame the global financial crisis and the former BLP administration for its countless blunders.

    Parents who want a better life for their children are frustrated that they are unable to protect them and their piggy banks from this uncaring DLP administration, which has declared war of this Christmas.


  42. Optimist Prime

    Paragrahph 7, lines 4: I meant: “attacked the piggy bank”

  43. Hants

    @ Optimist Prime

    I need some statistical information.

    How many DLP members and supporters had dinner with Mia Mottley?

    How many BLP members and supporters dined with the Prime Minister?

    I a DLP supporter wish you a BLP supporter a belated Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous 2009.
    May we reach back to the days when we all acknowledged we were all Bajans first and foremost.

  44. Optimist Prime

    @ Hants

    I agree with your post 100%! There is absolutely no divide here. Like you, I too want: Only the Best for Barbados.” In case you have any doub – read “My Christmas Message,” above.

    And to think that I am not even the Prime Minister or the Leader of the Opposition!

    Merry Christmas Hants, I enjoy your exchanges. You seem like a patriotic person. May you live long and may your days (as an individual) be prosperous – old Dem.

  45. Optimist Prime


  46. Optimist Prime

    @ Juris; Hants and Sergeant

    Sinckler Confirms that the DLP might have played on the Electorate’s Ignorance:

    Speaking on a Resolution in the House of Assembly last week – to transfer millions from the same “Treasury,” he said was “empty” – to put at the disposal of the Minister of Education – Minister Chris Sinckler said that: “large numbers of our graduates do not know anything about how Parliament works and are largely ignorant of the political system.”

    Therefore, according to Mr. Sinckler, Barbadians who: “know nothing about how Parliament works and are largely ignorant of the political system,” changed the Government on January 15, 2008.

    This is a very serious statement, because – if according to Sinckler – the brightest and most educated people in Barbados are “largely ignorant of our political system,” then think about the dilemma in which those who are not bright – found themselves in, on election day! Given Mr. Sinckler’s statement, our democracy is in “crisis” and in “urgent need of reinforcement.”

    Still, it will not be in the interest of the DLP to effect “change.” It gets scarier when one looks at the economy.

    Freundel Stuart said that the DLP does not have to know anything about the economy, because public servants are well trained and can handle that. According to him, the DLP will concentrate on social issues.

    But there remains a major issue, as regards the challenge of managing the Barbados economy, which was a major issue in the election.

    David Estwick and PM Thompson had a lot to say about the national debt, supplimentaries and borrowing.

    No one would have expected that the same DLP would have used its power in Parliament to increase the Local Loan Limit and the Special Loan Limited – so that it could borrow one billion – five hundred million more.

    (I will show in my next post – the amount that the DLP has gone to Parliament for in Supplimentaries since January, from the same Treasury Sinckler said is “empty.”)

    Perhaps, recognizing, as Sinckler said – “that Barbadians do not know anything about how Parliament works and are largely ignorant of the political system -” the ruling DLP administration used talk about the debt; cost overruns and corruption – to confuse the electorate, thereby creating a credibility crisis for itself.

    To this day, we cannot see the UDC Report or the Report on Hardwood.

    Sinckler may be right! For if – according to him – Barbadians understood our political system and how the Barbados economy works – then they would have been better able to see the DLP’ lies and deception, especially its 90 & 100 day promises; its promise of duty free cars and increase pay.

    Secondly, the Barbados economy would not now be “dangerously mismanaged” and definitely we would not now be having governance by delay, hence those thousands would still be working.

    The silly comment award could therefore easily go to Mr. Sinckler!!!!

    By the way:

    In Mr. Thompson’s political/partisan Christmas Message, he used the words: “A New Beginning.”

    Look at the scroll across the BLP’s webpage and you will see the exact words.

  47. Optimist Prime

    Barbadians were told by David Thompson that if he became Prime Minister before the ink was dry on the BS&T deal, he would reverse it.

    We were also told by him that within six-months of him becoming Prime Minister, he was going to: “appoint all persons working in the public service of Barbados for two or more years service.”

    That too has not happened!! This is sad.

    Have you notice how quiet Mr. Baloney and his union are these days?

    By the way, what became of the buyers’ club? This is almost 2009 and not a word? What a let down!