Barbados Government Minister Denis Lowe Seduced By The Dark Side

“If he [Prime Minister Thompson] was truly interested in meeting the challenges head-on, [he] ought to have had the courage to dismiss Lowe – and tell the country what compelled him to do it,”

… BLP Opposition Leader Mia Mottley in The Nation: LET LOWE GO! Mia: Minister should have been fired, not shifted

“Does ANYONE know why Denis Lowe was moved from his ministry? I know. I saw the document. Dr. Lowe via FAX asked a contractor how much he was prepared to pay him. What an IDIOT!!! BFP where are your investigative reporters. These jokers in government are behaving as though they do not see themself being in government beyond 2012/ 2013…”

“I am told that Dr. Lowe was scheduled to get his walking papers but Dr. Duguid messed up by going to the NATION ahead of time – remember when there was the front page article stating that Thompson was not happy with Lowe’s performance. This apparently made Thompson do a double take.”

… BFP reader Sad To Say commenting on BFP story link here

BLP Opposition Can’t Push Too Hard Because Of Own Skeletons In The Corruption Closet

This is a fine mess we find ourselves in – with a BLP Opposition that can’t talk too much about DLP Government corruption because of a decade and a half of corruption when the BLP formed the government…

AND… with the David Thompson DLP Government that was elected on promises to act honestly, implement ITAL (Integrity, Transparency & Accountability Legislation) now acting with as much arrogance and dishonesty as their predecessors.

Denis Lowe & David Thompson Promising Integrity Legislation

Lies Before The Election: Denis Lowe & David Thompson Promising Integrity Legislation

Denis Lowe – What Got Into You?

Dr. Denis Lowe didn’t win a seat in the 2004 election but during the campaign and for several years after he called for Integrity Legislation and his Charter for Change to be adopted in Barbados. Then we heard rumours that with the smell of possible victory in the air, some of Lowe’s DLP companions told him to shut up about integrity legislation.

And that is exactly what Dr. Lowe did. We never heard another word from Dr. Lowe about integrity legislation until the last minute cut and paste announcement during the final days of the January 2008 campaign.

Then only a few weeks after winning we saw that like most of the other DLP elected members, Dr. Lowe was now sporting a fine new vehicle and some fine new threads.

And he never spoke another word about Integrity Legislation or his Charter for Change.

Why Was Minister Lowe Moved From Urban Development?

BLP Opposition Leader Mia Mottley knows the reason that Denis Lowe was tossed from Urban Development, but in typical Bajan political fashion she can’t say too much because Thompson and the gang are poised to drop a couple of big ones on Mia and a few others if she starts to name names and get too detailed in the daily bash and shove of politics.

BFP reader Sad To Say has proven his insider credentials a couple of times in the past. He says that Denis Lowe was sacked for foolishly sending a fax to a contractor asking how much he was prepared to pay for a government contract.

Is Dr. Lowe stupid enough to have sent such a fax? Says one of our sources: “Lowe is like an idiot savant. A nice man who is extremely talented in some areas, but has no idea how the real world works. Could he have sent a fax like that? Short answer: yes.”

IF that is what happened, David Thompson is very foolish not to have sacked Lowe completely. If it was something else, then David Thompson is very foolish not to have met the Opposition leader’s comment head on with facts instead of his little dance of words designed to cover-up what did happen.

Either way, something happened and the citizens of Barbados are disgusted that the current DLP government has as little transparency and accountability as the last BLP government.

As for Dr. Lowe, whether or not such a fax was sent by him – we are so disappointed that he traded his calls for integrity legislation for silence and a few material goods.


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37 responses to “Barbados Government Minister Denis Lowe Seduced By The Dark Side

  1. Eye95

    Here is something which decent, law-abiding Barbadian should be worried stiff about:

    In its column published in the Barbados Advocate today, the DLP said that: “new Minister of Social Care and Constituency Empowerment, Urban and Rural Development, Christopher Sinckler has continued where his predecessor left off.”

    That is not a good thing for those who hold ‘integrity,’ and ‘good governance’ dear.

    The DLP must realise that this is Barbados! Not Antigua of Dominica.

    It will not be able to run this country on lies and deception. Sooner or later, its deed will be made clear. BFP has already unveiled Todd, Lowe and others are bound to follow.

    Here are some more DLP lies:

    The DLP said Sinckler has hit the ground running. Yet, in his press conference a few days ago, Sinckler said that he will not be able to get down to work and hit the ground running until next year (see page 5 of the Barbados Advocate of Thursday, December 18, 2008)

    Which is it clowns?

    It would be much easier if the DLP simply tells the truth! The clock is ticking and the DLP time is running out!

    In this regard, protection of and security at the Barbados Treasury needs to be significanly strengthened – urgently.

  2. 59

    Nation newspaper, March 12, 2008

    Dr. Denis Lowe: “The Barbados Labour Party needs to remember they are not the Government. They cannot dictate the pace at which Government rolls out its policies. They cannot dictate the terms of accountability or transparency,” he said.

    All the BLP wanted is for his to stop “teething.” What was so unreasonable about that request.

  3. hopelessness

    Shortly after the election was won, Thompson took all the ministers to Miami and bought them “city slicker” new suits with the peoples money.

    He sure knew how to tap into the government expense account extremely quickly as he had already been in power before. The same civil servants, the same faces, the same corporate friends and absolutely no change and no transparency.

    While this may seem small, the people were looking for a new suit of transparency and accountability and instead got the same old polyester, wool and silk suits of flash and bling!

    Some of these elected representatives were completely dishonest in their election promises and have no morality and no direction.

    There are some that are fighting from within but it must be near impossible to effect change with such a rotten system.

    The BLP left the pantry bare. Expect nothing except continued bleeding and hardship.

  4. J

    hopelessness wrote “bought them “city slicker” new suits :

    Can someone explain to me why Barbadian men insist on wearing suits?

    Can someone explain if they do not feel hot and bothered in the same?

    Can someone explain to me how much the suits, the dry cleaning, and the end conditioning end up costing them?

    Is this why some of our MP’s end up in the almshouse? Or leave their widows destitute?

  5. J

    air conditioning

  6. The Scout

    When a man buy a suit,it last him for a long time maybe years. You women buy a dress to wear to a particular function and sometimes NEVER put that dress on again. Two of your dresses is equal to one men’s suit. You buy al least six new dress per year, a man buys maybe one suit per year. Tell me who wasting the money? Furthermore, to each his own if a man like to wear a suit, what the hell that has to do with you? stop sticking your nose in men’s affairs. Merry Christmas and I hope you mind your own business for 2009

  7. The Scout

    It is so unfortunate that it seems the Barbadian public continue to be taken for a ride. As a patriotic bajan, I wish the best for this country and I intend to do anything in my power to see this country progress in these serious times. I however would feel angry if those who should be setting the example are themselves the biggest culprits. We really need that ITAL legislation ASAP. I remember The Right Excel Errol W.Barrow in the 80’s election saying that when the DLP regains the government, he would bring the drug lords to justice even if some are politician from either party. When the DLP gained the government, not another word was mentioned about it. Could it be that it would have involved some from his very party? Just thinking. Statements like these tend to backfire in the leader’s face. Have no fear Mr P.M you’re not the first or last who this would happen to but it is how you handle it that makes the difference.Jesus handpicked his desciples but one still betrayed him, so who are you that that can’t happen to?

  8. 59

    The public of Barbados is undergoing tremendous political shock, as a result of the Democratic Labour Party’s arrogance; betrayal and broken promises.

    The level of mistrust again developing between the public and the ruling party is the legacy of the DLP.

    The DLP continue to spread the rumour that it “hit the ground running.” It perhaps mean – running away from work and the promises it made.

    Three months after being elected, Barbadians were turned off by the DLP. Little wonder that 67% of the population say that they agree with the recent historic Cabinet reshuffle.

    Here is the real political shock!

    After ten months in office, Ministers are saying that they will start work next year. Isn’t this a cost overrun?

    “Integrity” requires that DLP Ministers pay back the Treasury, all monies received as salary since January.

  9. Sad To Say

    How could Dennis Lowe, a man who was four months behind on his rent up to the 1st February 2008 expected to be honest?

    Would someone ask Dr. Lowe:
    1. Why is it that so many on the members of his branch members stopped coming to meetings or just left and gone over to Boyce and Jones
    2. Why are all the young girls in his constituency complaing that all he is interested in is one thing when it comes to them
    3. Does he know how many people have copies of his Fax other than the contractor and Mottley

    Dennis Lowe does not have the organizational skills to run his own life therefore how is he expected run a ministry.

  10. marvinbareback

    Face it, governments are crooked everywhere. Whether it is a black government who’s newly elected members adorn themselves in new suits or other “bling” or a white government getting massive kickbacks for “selling” a senate seat. What is really a shame is how many normal people fawn over these fraudulent tricksters at election time and help them get elected. Wise up people, we always hire crooks, the only difference is whether you its the crook you know or the one you don’t.

  11. @Marvinbareback
    What governments what?!?
    Many of us are crooked. Therefore what is the surprise that some politicians are also crooked This is not the issue.
    Bush Tea is not surprised….

    What got me real offset, is what the PM seems to be doing about a clear case of ‘crookery’.
    A demotion???? a slap on the wrist??? a back room deal???

    This was an excellent opportunity to DEMONSTRATE that the PM will stand for no nonsense. Instead we get the same mamby pamby back room coverup….. what a shame…

    …this can’t be true. Bush tea needs to hear the other side of the story first….. THEN I plan to cuss and get on bad!!

  12. reality check

    I have no idea how MIA got bumped to the front of the line ( maybe a reverse Todd ) but at least, unlike most politicians, she has learned to turn on a computer and engage in a dialogue even if it is simply anti DLP. This is what a real opposition is suppose to do although the providing of solutions would be more welcome than personal attacks.

    Where are the rest of the so called politicians who have been hiding from an occassional open dialogue with the voters??

    Are they busy signing their expense vouchers for restaurant bills?

    If they are actually doing the Nations business, maybe they need to report occassionally so we can try and cover the accountability and transparency issues ever so slightly.

    Aside from the fact that blogs cost the taxpayer nothing, using blogs represents an acknowledgment that times have changed and the way to do business and communicate needs to change.

  13. J

    Merry Christmas to you too Scout and to your madam too. And a Blessed New Year.

  14. Anonymous

    Why is it that for the past twelve months, all Patrick Todd has spoken about in Parliament is: gutters; toilets, and “pulling.” Sorry, I meant “b”

    Still, all speaks to “low-down.” Is there something we are missing, especially since Todd has never been seen in public with a female?

  15. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    I think the DLP would do good to get back in touch with the people. It would be a collosal move if there do this via their blog and website. At the moment there are too much rumours of arrogance and collusions.

    Mr. Prime Minister I still believe that you will make good on your promises but you need first to re-establish yourself as the peoples politician and not that of the who’s and who’s. The rich can give you all the money in the world and make your life a living comfort but it is the people who will give you the power or take it away. At the end of your days you have to live with yourself and your conscience concerning your deeds. You choose?

  16. 59

    @ Mr. PriJukecheckedeyskirt:

    “Mr. Prime Minister I still believe that you will make good on your promises.”
    Which ones?

    Integrity legislation; the 100 day promises; declaration of assets; good governance; clean up politics; change?


    fatted calf, more pork for the boys, easy access to the trough, turning a blind eye to Lowe’s corruption, the stealing at RDC, or the new low in family first, where DLP family members are getting big picks?



    BFP editor george say: pick a name and stick with it. If you post another comment as anonymous I will block your IP cause you causing me too much work filling in you name. pick a name and stick with it no changing that is the rules here.

  17. Anonymous

    I pick: “Optimist Prime?”

    If you approve, I will post as: “Optimist Prime”

  18. Optimist Prime


    I will post as: Optimist Prime. Is that OK?

  19. Optimist Prime

    Thank you!

  20. Juris

    Anton, why don’t you go and play with your toys in traffic? There’s a good boy now.

  21. Avatar Gurl

    @ Scout

    Well, Scout, maybe you’d like a girl like me then!

    Because I buy dresses every two years, and I live the bejinks out of them. I choose dresses that make me look good, and I buy ’em with my own money! Don’t need y’alls!

    And at home, i like to walk around naked, since A SUIT, or even A DRESS, or ANY CLOTHING will make a girl hot over time…and not in a good way!

    I know MY fashion, but I’m not a slave to others! I buy enough that I have variety, but also that I can mix & match to create new looks WITHOUT spending any more.

    😉 So take THAT, scout! Oh and may I mention that SOME men do the same damn thing? Just like SOME women?

    Don’t go generalizing, sweetie, please!

  22. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    59 Says:
    @ Mr. PriJukecheckedeyskirt:

    “Mr. Prime Minister I still believe that you will make good on your promises.”
    Which ones?

    Integrity legislation; the 100 day promises; declaration of assets; good governance; clean up politics; change?


    fatted calf, more pork for the boys, easy access to the trough, turning a blind eye to Lowe’s corruption, the stealing at RDC, or the new low in family first, where DLP family members are getting big picks?



    I have to believe 59 because if I don’t, the pend up anger that is festering in my soul towards the devious behaviour of those who rule and govern Barbados, will completely consume me. I am tired of the way my fellow Bajans are taken for a ride in their country. I am sick and tired of the systems that prevail in the procrastinated mentality of 95% of the civil service and the way there seek to victimize innocence over the guilty. I am sick and tired of mediocrity and corruption in my homeland. I have to believe that the this Prime Minister is different and will seek to bring justice, fairness and opportunity in Barbados. I am sick and tired of the word Investment at the expense and marginalization of Barbadians. I am sick and tired that the laws of this country only serves for one group of people whilst another group behave like their are above it. I could go on and on and on. So I have to believe 59, trust me I have to believe. If the Thompson administration proves me wrong, then I will stop believing all together and direct my energies in more meaningful pursuits but right now I want to invest in my country and that investment must first start with lest corruption and lies and more change and better opportunities for all.

  23. Optimist Prime

    When Denis Lowe became Minister of Social Care, he said that the Disabilities Unit would be moved. Eleven months after, new Minister Sinckler is saying the same thing.

    The ending of this year (2008) for the DLP – is identical to the beginning. Whether it is housing; health care or public works – the same thing DLP Ministers said in January, they are now saying in December: we will – but no delivery.

    Promises; promises, promises.

    Perhaps in order to seem relevant, we could expect another Cabinet reshuffle by mid 2009. I fear that PM Thompson has no options. He already had to move-in five persons who did not face the polls, because of the incompetence of those who did?

    What next?

  24. Sargeant

    @ Optimist Prime

    When Denis Lowe became Minister of Social Care, he said that the Disabilities Unit would be moved. Eleven months after, new Minister Sinckler is saying the same thing
    At least the DLP Ministers recognised that there was something wrong with an office which supposedly caters to the needs of the disabled in a location with so many steps as to make it inaccessible, which is more than I can say for the perception of the BLP Ministers. How many years was it in existence under the BLP?

    Was moving this office a pledge in the BLP Manifesto too?

  25. Juris

    No, Sargeant, it was in the Strategic Plan! LOL

  26. Optimist Prime

    @ Sargeant & Juris

    Page 49, BLP’s 2008 Manifesto:

    “The BLP Government will commit to measures that will ensure equal opportunities for persons with disabilities to have greater and easier acces to education, housing, transport, beach facilities, employment, social services and benefits, and rehabilitation services.”

    The above is also on page 194 of the National Strategic Plan: 2006-2025 – the Master BLP Manifesto up to 2025.

    Note also that it was the BLP that was responsible for the Green Paper on PWD, as well as the White Paper. The BLP also sign the UN Convention on PWD, and facilitated a paid Special Envoy who I believe was also given some form of diplomatic status and similar other courtesies.

    In addition, the subvention for disability organizations was increased and as I understand it, at no time during the past 14 years, was the vote for the National Disabilities Unit (NDU) ever cut – and was hardly ever debated when they were prresented before the then PM Arthur.

    Invitation to treat:

    Let us see the DLP continue with the appropriate legislation; cheaper prices and job opportunities, and the project on land owned by the BWU at Mangrove.

    Please note:

    For you information, the NDU was once housed at Hastings Towers. The Ministry of Housing is government’s landlord and is therefore responsible for all of government’ accommodation.

    That the NUPW building was chosen to house the NDU – with a BLP Government in office – shows the extent to which DLP operatives were at work.

    Choosing a building owned by the NUPW – seems to have been a way to pass money to a DLP entity. Moving from there now may not be that easy, especially since a 3-tear contract (sweetheart deal) may have been re-nogiated by DLP operative, in December last year.

    The NUPW may end up getting free money for breach of contract or lost of income.

    Isn’t the above what the “fatted calf doctrine” is all about.

  27. Juris

    You are laughable, OP. Can the wheelchair disabled ride on public buses yet? Signed what UN Convention what?

  28. Optimist Prime

    @ Juris,

    I seem to remember that the BLP purchased buses for PWD. If such persons are now being crowed-out, as a result of the DLP’s costly free bus ride gimmick, perhaps the appropriate provisions could be made in the estimates to purchase more buses.

    Although, the DLP’ policy seems to be to put buses back on the road – which were previously viewed as:ot road-worthy. Then there is the issue of the DLP wanting to reduce spending, in order to balance the budget and run a “deficit”at the same time.

    The world must be laughing!!

  29. Optimist Prime

    On March 28, 2008, during the wrap-up to the debate in the Senate on the Appropriation Bill 2008-2009, Leader of Government Business Senator Maxine McClean repeated a statement that had earlier been made by the Member of Parliament for St. Lucy, Mr. Denis Kellman.

    She repeated the notion that during an election campaign – one makes promises, but when one gets into office, and looks at the reality, one may not be able to execute those promises as stated or within the time frame.

    Add that to Minister Sinckler’s statement that the “Barbados Treasury is empty. Now consider this! How can you transfer so much money from a Treasury, which is supposed to be empty?

    DLP Supplementaries since January 15, 2008

    Financial year: 2007-2008

    26 February, 2008 – $182, 239
    4 March, 2008 -$19,625,143
    4 March, 2008 – $56,088,577
    11 March, 2008 – $62,001,813
    11 March, 2008 – $56,418,183
    20 March, 2008 -$25,528,804
    25 March, 2008 -$460,554,449


    Let me put it this way: The DLP was elected on January 15, 2008. In three months: January 15th – March 31st, 2008, it went to Parliament for:

    ***Six hundred and eighty million, three hundred and ninety-nine thousands, two hundred and eight dollars.***

    That has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Governor of the Central Bank said that for the first half of 2008 – the foreign reserves declined by $129 million.

    Hants, isn’t there conflict between “decline” and “empty?”

    Talk about DLP lies, deception playing on the innocence of Barbadians!! The economy was in a mess and that the Treasury was empty, yet over $680,399,208.00 could be transferred from a so-called empty Treasury!!

    I will give the the amount from April 1, 2008 – December 31st 2008, later.

    DLP – “Dammed Liard People.”

  30. Optimist Prime

    Supplementaries bfw for January 2008 – March 31st 2008: $680,399,208.00

    Now! As promised, here is the amount of money the DLP took from the Treasury, Minister Sinckler told Barbadians was “empty” – during the period: April – December 2008.

    Financial year: 2008-2009

    10, July, 2008 – $15, 000,000
    29 July, 2008 -$4,809,359
    29 July, 2008 -$500,000
    8 August, 2008 -$33,569,474
    8 August, 2008 $5,698,586
    7 October, 2008 -$80,004,807
    14 October, 2008 -$10,000,000
    4 November, 2008 – $3,287,503
    16 December, 2008 – $88,624.00
    16 December, 2008 -$129,760.00
    16 December, 2008 -$1, 059,110
    19 December, 2008 -$55,868,735
    19 December, 2008 -$64,068,575


    Two hundred and seventy-four million, eighty-four thousand, five hundred and thirty-three.

    Now add that to the $680, 399, 208, it took between January and March 2008.

    Tell me Hants, Juris, Sargeant, J; Veggieman and Adrian Hinds, how can you take $608,399, 208 + $274, 084,533 =$882, 483, 741 or

    Eight hundred and eighty-two million, four hundred and eighty-three thousand, seven hundred and forty-0ne dollars from an “empty Treasury,” and in an economy that the DLP said was in shambles?

  31. Juris

    So I take it, OP, that Barbadians stopped paying taxes and the Government stopped collecting money since January 15 2008?

  32. J

    Dear Optimist Prime you wrote “Tell me…J how can you take $608,399, 208 + $274, 084,533 =$882, 483, 741 or Eight hundred and eighty-two million, four hundred and eighty-three thousand, seven hundred and forty-0ne dollars from an “empty Treasury,” and in an economy that the DLP said was in shambles?”

    1. Did I say anything or ask you anything about the government’s budget?

    2. Just because I disagree with yu when you write nonsense it does not mean that I am your enemy. Sometime I may agree with you. After all a clock which has stopped is still tells the right time twice a day. Now and then you may be right.

    3. When I have budget questions for you I’ll ask them. I don’t need you to put questions in my head

  33. Sargeant


    I must admit you are a good at writing fiction, ever think of taking it up full time? I still recovering from your statement that the BLP introduced a bill on Integrity legislation only to have it defeated by Independent and DLP Senators.

    Remember Lord Nelson song “King Liar”?

    Yuh hear lie, Dat is lie
    Lie , yuh hear lie
    Teacher Percy say if yuh tell ah lie
    You going to hell as soon as yuh die

    Man that is lie!!!!

  34. Alligotfuhsuh

    Doan tek nuffin fuh granted. You see Lowe an all dah talk bout integrity was a bare joke. Lowe use all dah talk but integrity and charter to big up he self. Lowe whun even pay chile support. You see dah fellow de mock doctor who duh had de ethu day, well he and Lowe got de same ting in common- mock qualifications. So nuh surprise that Lowe get he had tainted suh early. de man get ketch an Lowe win a seat.

  35. Fancy One

    Sorry to say though, denis lowe is working and working hard as hell. His constituency office is always opened and he keeps clinic twice per week, he even has an evening set aside for his branch members.

    you people really need to leave all the politicians and let them do their jobs cause the ooposition ain’t do nothing different when they were the government.

    These are men and women who has just came out of being in opposiion for a long time. Denis lowe is not a hungry hand to mouth man, here is aman that took all he worked for while working in the caribbean and placed it at the disposal of the public to help him win his seat. Now you people are say all the negative things about him.

    My God, you people are so ungreatful.

    Try id you want, but you all cannot touch him,” When God is for a Man , who can be against him” .

    Stop tring to tear down the name of God’s Servant.



  37. this web site is set up to print what you want the people to read not the truth