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Barbados Government Minister Denis Lowe Seduced By The Dark Side

“If he [Prime Minister Thompson] was truly interested in meeting the challenges head-on, [he] ought to have had the courage to dismiss Lowe – and tell the country what compelled him to do it,”

… BLP Opposition Leader Mia Mottley in The Nation: LET LOWE GO! Mia: Minister should have been fired, not shifted

“Does ANYONE know why Denis Lowe was moved from his ministry? I know. I saw the document. Dr. Lowe via FAX asked a contractor how much he was prepared to pay him. What an IDIOT!!! BFP where are your investigative reporters. These jokers in government are behaving as though they do not see themself being in government beyond 2012/ 2013…”

“I am told that Dr. Lowe was scheduled to get his walking papers but Dr. Duguid messed up by going to the NATION ahead of time – remember when there was the front page article stating that Thompson was not happy with Lowe’s performance. This apparently made Thompson do a double take.”

… BFP reader Sad To Say commenting on BFP story link here

BLP Opposition Can’t Push Too Hard Because Of Own Skeletons In The Corruption Closet

This is a fine mess we find ourselves in – with a BLP Opposition that can’t talk too much about DLP Government corruption because of a decade and a half of corruption when the BLP formed the government…

AND… with the David Thompson DLP Government that was elected on promises to act honestly, implement ITAL (Integrity, Transparency & Accountability Legislation) now acting with as much arrogance and dishonesty as their predecessors.

Denis Lowe & David Thompson Promising Integrity Legislation

Lies Before The Election: Denis Lowe & David Thompson Promising Integrity Legislation

Denis Lowe – What Got Into You?

Dr. Denis Lowe didn’t win a seat in the 2004 election but during the campaign and for several years after he called for Integrity Legislation and his Charter for Change to be adopted in Barbados. Then we heard rumours that with the smell of possible victory in the air, some of Lowe’s DLP companions told him to shut up about integrity legislation.

And that is exactly what Dr. Lowe did. We never heard another word from Dr. Lowe about integrity legislation until the last minute cut and paste announcement during the final days of the January 2008 campaign.

Then only a few weeks after winning we saw that like most of the other DLP elected members, Dr. Lowe was now sporting a fine new vehicle and some fine new threads.

And he never spoke another word about Integrity Legislation or his Charter for Change.

Why Was Minister Lowe Moved From Urban Development?

BLP Opposition Leader Mia Mottley knows the reason that Denis Lowe was tossed from Urban Development, but in typical Bajan political fashion she can’t say too much because Thompson and the gang are poised to drop a couple of big ones on Mia and a few others if she starts to name names and get too detailed in the daily bash and shove of politics.

BFP reader Sad To Say has proven his insider credentials a couple of times in the past. He says that Denis Lowe was sacked for foolishly sending a fax to a contractor asking how much he was prepared to pay for a government contract.

Is Dr. Lowe stupid enough to have sent such a fax? Says one of our sources: “Lowe is like an idiot savant. A nice man who is extremely talented in some areas, but has no idea how the real world works. Could he have sent a fax like that? Short answer: yes.”

IF that is what happened, David Thompson is very foolish not to have sacked Lowe completely. If it was something else, then David Thompson is very foolish not to have met the Opposition leader’s comment head on with facts instead of his little dance of words designed to cover-up what did happen.

Either way, something happened and the citizens of Barbados are disgusted that the current DLP government has as little transparency and accountability as the last BLP government.

As for Dr. Lowe, whether or not such a fax was sent by him – we are so disappointed that he traded his calls for integrity legislation for silence and a few material goods.


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Cable and Wireless – LIME Abused Customers Facebook Club

“C&W = Costly & Worthless…  LIME= Lazy Ignorant Money Eaters”

I recently stumbled upon a new facebook group called: C&W = Costly & Worthless…..LIME= Lazy Ignorant Money Eaters

Has anyone visited this page before if I’m not this late.

I’m quite surprised that this title and a new facebook group gave me a smile so far. I wonder, we have Caribbean united to share their views on this Telecommunications Giant that sat on these Caribbean Territories for many, many years. And yes we do experience the mediocre services, high-costs, plagues on our Caribbean shores.

The Group has a motto:

“If you ever received a ridiculous bill at the end of the month for service u never had, if your internet keep cutting off, if your service ever got cut waayyyy before time. If you want better service from the so called “leaders in communication” JOIN US!!!”

Their membership is almost reaching to 300 people.

Well it’s up to you whether you wish to join or not but unless we work together we cannot accomplish anything. A single customer’s voice is nothing. A thousand is something else.

… submitted by a BFP reader



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