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Barbados Chief Justice Promotes “intrigue, sex and murder” Book For Longtime Political Associate

Chief Justice Simmons - Career Politician Is No Independent Judge!

Chief Justice Simmons - Career Politician Is No Independent Judge!

Barbados Chief Justice SIR David Simmons is all hot to promote a racy novel by his old political ally Michael F. Rudder, the first Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Labour Party.

Before he was Chief Justice, SIR David Simmons was the Attorney General of Barbados and a senior Cabinet Minister with the BLP Government of SIR Owen Arthur. (Don’t worry, Owen – you may have to wait until the next BLP government but you’ll get the title. Everybody does.)

Chief Justice Simmons Is A “Name Brand” Whose Public Commercial Endorsement At A Book Launch Guaranteed Favourable Press Coverage Of The Product And Author

Besides being a long time Member of Parliament, Attorney General and senior Cabinet Minister, SIR David Simmons also filled the roll of Acting Prime Minister on many occasions. He is a lifetime master politician and thus was asked by author Rudder to provide a commercial endorsement of his book at the official launch. The Chief Justice is a “name brand” whose endorsement generated press coverage, enhanced publicity and undoubtedly increased sales.

Although many people would have a problem with the ETHICS of a sitting Chief Justice using his name and public office to generate publicity to flog a commercial book, we want to point out that David Simmons has never had any ethical concerns with a Cabinet Minister becoming the Chief Justice – so why should he start acting ethically now?

After all, as has been shown on many occasions with Barbados politicians – “There’s no whore like an old whore.”

I hope the book sells lots, Sir David. I’d hate to think that you sullied your official title and office for only a small return.

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