Was Corrupt Barbados Police Sargeant Paul Vaughan Extorting Bribes From Codrington Family’s DVD Store?

Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

Unholy Alliance: Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

Way back in August of 2007, Barbados lost an entire family as their apartment collapsed into a giant cave. Once a response got moving (which took some five hours) rescuers tried their best, but five bodies were eventually pulled from the hole. Dead were Cassandra Codrington 27 years old, Donavera 30 years old (husband), Shaquonda 7 years old, Shaquila 3 years old and Yashero 1 years old. One family member survived: Donica 3 months old was staying with relatives at the time of the collapse.

There was much discussion on the blogs about issues that the lapdog Barbados news media would never address. For instance, one of our articles revealed that months after the deaths, the government was not investigating the extent of the caves at Arch Cot where the Codrington family died! (See BFP’s Retired Barbados Chief Geologist Accidentally Reveals: No Cave Studies Being Done At Arch Cot Collapse!)

After reading that article, a reader called OMG commented and asked some very pointed questions – one of which was about a corrupt Barbados police sergeant who had been receiving “side cash” from the Codrington family’s DVD store. Here is the comment…

November 13, 2007 at 12:01 am
Cant believe I miss this.

Thanks BFP. This will be passed on to the appropriate solicitor.

Can anyone out there provide answers to the following questions?

1. Which government minister was building a Day Care centre at the back of the collapsed apartment?

2. Who allowed construction to begin again after it was stopped for one week prior to the Cave In.

3.Who knows the name of the owner of the apartment block.

4. Will the powers that be write off the date (August 28th) on the death certificates as an error?

5. When will the inquest be held?

6. Who will a famous Sgt. get his side cash from now that the Codringtons have closed the DVD store.

7. What is the media really doing with the telethon money? Trust me, they aint give a boy a cent.

Flash Forward To September 2008: Police Sergeant Paul Vaughan Charged With Corruption Over DVD Store Bribes!

Last September, Royal Barbados Police Force Sergeant Paul Vaughan was charged with taking $56,500 in bribes over a two and a half year period from a DVD store owner who was selling counterfeit movies. At the time that Sergeant Vaughan was taking the DVD store bribes, he was a member of the Barbados Police Copyright Infringement Unit.

Nice touch, don’t you think?

We reported the charges in our story Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Must Now Prosecute His Corrupt Police Friend For Accepting Bribes!!!

THEN YESTERDAY… I stumbled upon the original comment by OMG made in November of 2007 where it is said that a corrupt Police Sergeant took “side cash” from the Codrington family’s DVD store!

So we wonder: was Paul Vaughan the corrupt police officer spoken about by OMG, or is there more than one police officer taking bribes to protect DVD shop owners who sell counterfeit DVDs?

Tell the world what you know folks… it is all anonymous here at BFP, and if you want to add another layer of protection for your self you can always post a comment here through www.anonymouse.org.

Let’s out any other corrupt police officers here and now!


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14 responses to “Was Corrupt Barbados Police Sargeant Paul Vaughan Extorting Bribes From Codrington Family’s DVD Store?

  1. reality check

    I could never understand why international copywright law was so blatantly flaunted for so many years in Barbados.

    Oh silly me!!!

    The Foxes were in charge of the hen house just like everything else with respect to the law in Barbados.

  2. passin thru

    Question was asked “2. Who allowed construction to begin again after it was stopped for one week prior to the Cave In.”

    I want to know who stopped the construction in the first place and why?

    When is the inquest to be held?

  3. RRRicky

    Great questions by OMG. 18 months after the cave in do we have any answers? When is the inquest?

  4. Anon


    Is right!

    I have been writing of the “Royal” Barbados Police Force corruption for a while on this blog. So this should not surprise you.
    Corruption is endemic in the “Royal” Barbados Police Force.
    It is not simply a” few bad apples” as too many foolishly state.
    “Royal” Barbados Police corruption goes back decades and decades.
    Why do you think that the “Royal” Barbados Police Force is so resistant to a Police complaints committee?
    As I have said many times most of these crooked Policemen go on to the highest ranks of the Police Force. With all the danger this entails.
    Don’t expect the case with Police Sergeant Paul Vaughan to go very far he knows too much and he will threaten those who were in the scheme with him, he was not alone, and the whole matter will be dropped.
    So don’t get your hopes up too high on this one.
    Why do you think he was choosen by the DPP to do his dirty work. His criminal activity was known by many inside and outside the “Royal” Barbados Police Force.

  5. Chicago

    Barbados Police Copyright Infringement Unit was taking bribes to allow DVD dealers to sell the very thing the unit was supposed to stop.

    I wonder what the anti-drug unit does for “lunch money” ?


    I wonder why the authorities dont come and tell the truth about this so called cave-on.

  7. bigup

    Microsoft is trolling in Barbados and worldwide to catch people who are using unlicensed software. In the US the fine for using software without permission is huge for the little guy.

  8. Anon

    Certain members of the Task Force using official Police vehicles escorts drug shipments once they land in Barbados to their safe houses.

    Also we should take a look at the Coast Guard, I am hearing not very complimentary things about it with regards to the drug trade as well.

    More on this later.

  9. Ras Bash

    like evabodi else i still waitin pun d answers……too many damn unanswered ???s…………………….

  10. Obi Wan

    Can anyone tell me where in Barbados one can rent a legitimate(original) DVD under legitimate license from the distributor?

  11. Avatar Gurl

    @ Obi Wan


    @ Everybody else

    Everybody knows that most of the police officers here are ex-limers from the block whose drug-dealerships went south. And ex-prisoners who can’t get a decent job because of their record. And guys who got deported and just want a clean record so they can get back out there.

    Hello! Don’t tell me that y’all don’t know the deal!

    Some of these same policemen got CD & DVD operations themselves! I’ve seen THAT with my own eyes!

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