Rihanna To Perform In Washington On Obama’s Inauguration Night – Washington Post

Something About Rihanna's Dress Says "Hands Off" !

Something About Rihanna's Dress Says "Hands Off" !

Barbados Umbrella Girl May Headline RIAA Inaugural Charity Ball

Well, ok, I wasn’t invited but seeing as how tickets start in the $2,500 dollar range, maybe I’ll pass.

The Washington Post has the details: Rihanna to Perform on Obama’s Inauguration Night?


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10 responses to “Rihanna To Perform In Washington On Obama’s Inauguration Night – Washington Post

  1. 199

    He’s obviously, got taste in women and in music!!

  2. The Scout

    The man know class when he sees it. Go girl, Big up Barbados ONE MORE TIME

  3. Equity

    Psst, Scout, she is Guyanese.

  4. Equity as far as I was aware she was born in Barbados, in fact she was born and raised in Barbados!

    But doesn’t she fill that dress out perfectly well, very hot!

  5. The Scout

    Poor fool. Rihanna was born in Barbados, schooled at Charles F. Broome and Combermere, she has a Barbadian passport. Maybe in another five years when Jagdeo and his bandits take over, she might be classified as Guyanese. At this point in time the only place she ever mentioned is Barbados. In fact sometimes when I’m overseas and I mention that I’m from Barbados, the comment is made “oh you’re from Rihanna country?”

  6. BA/7

    Equity is talking about Rihanna being “Guyanese” as her race because he sees race everywhere. He sees it in the variations of noses, lips and skin colours.

    Some people who should know better remind me of a certain European fellow who was once a corporal and had very similar methods of classifying other people.

  7. Equity

    BA/7. Guyanese is a race? And you accuse me of seeing race everywhere?

  8. Avatar Gurl


    Um, just because your PARENTS were from a country DOES NOT mean that YOU are from that country!

    If YOU were born in another country, YOU are from THAT COUNTRY!

    Rhianna is BAJAN with GUYANESE parents!

    I am BAJAN with GRENADIAN parents!

    NOW do you understand?

    Now stop being so ignorant and get a clue!

  9. 199

    Happy New Year, my darling. Other Barbadians may have forgotten to wish you so but, not I along with many of your international, fans!! Barbadians!!

    Other than politicians, I’d be intrigued to know from any of u, who’s a more important Barbadian than Rihanna at the moment, or is ever likely to be in the future!!