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Barbados Free Press Reader Rumplestilskin Takes A Break – “Rump Will Be Missed” say BFP Editors & Readers

From Rumplestilskin

Saturday December 13, 2008:

Friends, colleagues, detractors and general readers,

just a little note to let you know, that for personal reasons I will take a sabbatical from posting here on BFP.

The past, over two years, has been rewarding from a personal perspective, gaining much understanding and enjoyment not only from writers prolific in quality, such as Yardbroom, Colin and others, but from BFP members themselves.

I believe that the blog has contributed much nationally, particularly to the events of the last year.

We must all take learning, understanding and indeed pride from this.

I thank the owners of BFP for the opportunity to post here.

Truthfully, I must also thank them and others mentioned above, for bringing back to me the joy of writing. I thank you all profusely.

To that end, I also thank Colin for the useful references in the ‘Random’ section, while I have been busy, I do plan to take guidance on those writings.

In life we find that necessity comes first, but in the end, maybe with or only with fortunate promptings, one always returns to one’s fundamentals.

To the leaders, I say that you must live your leadership values, must always be respectful, must always listen, be understanding and the Almighty will guide you to success.

To other writers, I say stay strong in the pen and know that victory can only come with patience, understanding and learning. As they say, the pen is mightier than the sword and only education can result in true change.

To the youngsters, I say, stay away from trouble, it takes discernment as to what constitues trouble, but follow learnings from your elders, follow your heart and always be careful in your steps, be wary of wolves, if something ’seems’ wrong, it probably is; but trust in the Almighty and you too shall succeed.

To all, I say that chasing material things is a lifetime exercise in futility.

Ultimately, all we have is soul. I have understood that the earlier that one learns this in life, the richer you are, in the richness that actually counts.

To the finance people, I say, that the ’solution’ to the economic crisis is the age old remedy, of production, jobs and most importantly simple living.

This may not be the remedy that some seek, but maybe therein lies the problem.

Maybe we may return to community sports, to cricket, road tennis etc, to spiritual learning, in whatever fashion and to more positive lyrics and melody in music than negativity, disrespect and noise.

From my understanding, one day maybe two thousand years from now, the Earth will be either a vastly developed civilisation of people, or ruins blown by the dust of change, a symbol to the memory of our short civilisation, for what it was.

To me, there can be no greater example of what we have or do not have, that all we have is Soul.

This sabbatical may be temporary, or permanent, who knows.

If I do post, it will most likely be just quotes under ‘Random’, as I believe that much insight may be derived form these short phrases.

Here, I sign off and again, thank you all, profusely.

Peace & Live Strong



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How Much Did Abdul Pandor Invoice Barbados For Re-Designing The ABC Highway?


Barbados Free Press received the following submission from an anonymous reader. As with all anonymous writings, including this blog, people should take a little salt, think for themselves and attempt to confirm or deny facts before coming to any conclusions. We have removed some information and sections from this piece.

Let’s see if anyone can come up with additional information that will assist the citizens of Barbados as they seek the transparency in the spending of their tax dollars – transparency that was once promised by the DLP but never happened.

Here is what we received…

In late October 2008 Mr. Pandor was appointed by Prime Minister David Thompson as head of the drainage unit our island’s newest new statutory corporation. This followed the floods of mid to late October.

Pandor was the Chairman of the National Housing Corporation (NHC) prior to his appointment to head the drainage unit; however, he did step down from this post following his move to the drainage unit.

At his press conference in October Thompson noted, “There are design problems that have come up recently in the ABC Expansion Project, particularly with this issue of drainage. I need him to work on the [design problems of the] ABC highway as well as the establishment of the drainage unit, a new structure for looking at these issues.”

Even before 3S was formally dismissed by Thompson Pandor was identified by the government as that person who would be asked to investigate the cost overruns relative to the ABC highway; additionally he was asked by MTW to redesign the ABC highway to reflect the removal of the flyovers.

Pandor submitted an invoice for the work required by MTW for (Amount Removed By BFP Editor). When the invoice was opened by the MTW civil servants; a few thought that their eye sight was playing tricks on them.


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