Barbados Business and Government Hesitate To Use The Term “IP” (Internet Protocol) – Why?

Short answer: Money.  Hundreds of millions of dollars per year, in fact…

Longer answer: IP leads to what is known as Next Generation Networks (NGNs).

State Of The Art Technology At Our Famous Bajan Telephone Tree!

State Of The Art 1950's Technology At Our Famous Bajan Telephone Tree!

While the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) AKA the Public Switched Telephone Service (PSTN) dealt with a single 64 kb/s dedicated circuit (which always takes a single route) between two users to provide two-way, real-time audio (read: voice) service, the Internet deals with datagrams between multiple users using the best route available at that particular instance.

The fundamental issue is that the traditional telephony providers are used to charging a *great deal* of money for providing these dedicated circuits.  This is where the *money* is…

Along comes the Internet, which views voice as just another “data service”, along with video, the web, data exchange (read: BitTorrent), and real-time “presence”.

In the “Developed” world, the Providers have had to face the competition of the Internet head on.  This is why long-distance (read: International) rates there are something like USD $0.04 a minute or less.

Here in the Caribbean, the Providers have somehow (and I’ll be careful here to not tell you exactly how) convinced “Those in Power” that Consumers should not be able to use the technology available to their own advantage.  “It could affect Tax Revenue!”  (Read: The Providers are making stupid money, and the Governments (and others…) are taking a (*very*) small cut of this.)

At the end of the day, our region is being prevented from having affordable access to telecommunications services for the benefit of a very few — most of whom are not actually within the Caribbean.  We are being prevented from being able to compete on a level playing field, for the simple reason that we can’t communicate as we should and must be able to.

We, as a People, are being hindered in our progress for the benefit of those “away”.

Kindest regards to all.

Chris Halsall


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10 responses to “Barbados Business and Government Hesitate To Use The Term “IP” (Internet Protocol) – Why?

  1. 199

    Dear Chris, thanks for the illumination but, is this being raised in the Bajan parliament and, if not, why not??

    Is there any kind of pan-regional parliament in the Caribbean vis. the European Parliament in the EU where such pan-regional issues can be discussed and resolved??

  2. 197

    Why is it not raised in Parliament? Are you joking 199? There is only one party that governs Barbados. The DLP/BLP thing is meant as a distraction.

  3. 199

    Forgive me asking, 197, as I live abroad, but which Party would that be, then??

  4. This is a very eye opening and insightful article, hopefully things will change for the better in Barbados. Thank you.

  5. reality check

    Like the lotteries its not about consumer accountability its about “juice”

    When we we get a “cut and paste” version of ITAL a month or two before an election we rush to the new party as they are the only ones that represent possible hope for change.

    The problem is that no one of integrity really wants to wade into the whole stinking mess and take the system on.

    We get what we deserve. More of the same.

    We have the means to truly change the system with education and the internet but will we?

  6. Hants

    BFP is caribbeanrealtor paying for the ad or they getting it free?

  7. HUH???

    Caribbeanrealtor made more of a contribution than some regulars here… which is sad. Good website though.

  8. Cliverton Not Signed In

    That Caribbean Realtor ad is the kind of spam we fend off 500 times a day and that one slipped through. I’ll have a look and maybe remove it when I get home. (On a public computer at the moment)

  9. J. Payne

    The Barbados Government keeps referring to Intellectual Property as (“IP”).

    I’ve always had misgivings about the Computer Misuse Act. It is way too crude and doesn’t allow people to learn computers effectively. It is well known that some of the best hackers today are the ones that misuse computers but there is an alternative. Some of the best hackers are the people that go on to become some of the best computer security experts. By the government

    P.S. if you’re trying to filter ads you should look at the Browser FireFox. They have add-on plugins for ad filtering. I think they now might come standard in all installs of FireFox.

  10. .22

    This article is a good reason I agree with Chris.