Film Maker Annalee Davis Publishes Letter To Barbardos Advocate Editor – And She Does It Here At BFP


Letter to the Editor,

I am responding to an anonymous letter appearing on page three of the December 4th Advocate newspaper and captioned on the cover page “Know your place here, Rickey Singh!”

annalee-davis-barbados-filmI am curious why the Advocate would give such visibility to an anonymous article seeking to silence a prominent journalist.

The question that comes to mind is this – what racial, residential or political qualifications are required for any person to have a legitimate place?

The title of the article suggests that Mr. Singh is out of place here in Barbados.

I would like to remind this author without a name, that Mr. Singh is a CARICOM national, honored with a doctorate for his outstanding contributions as a journalist, a past President of the Caribbean Association of Media Workers, a former editor of Caribbean Contact as well as the author of a weekly column at the Nation newspaper for twenty-four years.

Mr. Singh does not need my defense nor do I have a personal relationship with him.  I know him because of his published words.

The unknown writer suggests that Mr. Singh should  “be respectful of the rules of this island …..and avoid becoming involved in anti-social behaviour.”  Is Mr. Singh’s commitment to his twenty-four year column an example of anti-social behaviour?

The writer without a name should be well aware that the Caribbean has been pursuing a regional integration project since 1973, and there is every reason why CARICOM nationals can legitimately voice their opinions and raise issues in any Caribbean country.

In addition, the writer goes on, “out of a sense of gratitude the media worker would repay this island’s generosity by finding something good to say about it.”  But where was the Barbados governments’ generosity in 1983 when his work permit was withdrawn because he dared to speak out against the Grenada invasion?

The writer without a name goes on to ask if Mr. Singh thinks he has a right to “use the Nation newspaper to criticize” the current administration and warns that you “do not bite the hand that feeds you”.

Click the image to read the Barbados Advocate story "Know Your Place Here!" at Ian Bourne's Bajan Reporter blog.

Click the image to read the Barbados Advocate story "Know Your Place Here!" at Ian Bourne's Bajan Reporter blog.

These are bold statements from a cowardly author.  How does the writer without a name determine who has a legitimate place in this country or this region?  Do you need to be a member of a political party, or particular race, or particular religion to have a legitimate place?

The writer ends by saying that attacks on the Government “must not cause officials to back away from enforcing the existing regulations.”  If so, the reverse is equally true.  Attacks like this anonymous one, should not cause journalists to put down their pens, singers to silence their voices or artists to stop reflecting on our lived realities.

I know Mr. Singh’s place.  He is not “hiding behind Press freedom to sow the seeds of social unrest” as the author without a name has hidden behind a safe veil of anonymity.  To the contrary, Mr. Singh owns his points of views and has refused to be silenced by the fear or the harsh reality of being put ‘out of place’ by anyone.

Annalee Davis


(BFP note: Annalee Davis is the creator of the film “On The Map”. Her blog is here)


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29 responses to “Film Maker Annalee Davis Publishes Letter To Barbardos Advocate Editor – And She Does It Here At BFP

  1. BU has similar attitude against RS, but for page that Annalee speaks of – go to my blog and you can click on the image for larger picture

  2. The Scout

    Ms Davis
    You, like Mr Singh, believes that you are interlectuals and can dictate the pace to us ordinary Bajan. Let me tell both of you that inspite of what any politician has signed on to or committed this country to, when we bajans see that people like you are attempting to tell us what we in Barbados can do and cannot do, we would KICK YOUR BUTT out of this country, with or without the blessings of this administration or anyother. We put a government in place and if they don’t do what we want, we would displace them too; all in a defient fight to protect this country. Mr Singh is quite aware of his state as a former “personna non grata” and that can and would happen again if he keeps it up. Ms Davis, we are becoming very militant so you and the others should ponder on these things.

  3. You see? If you defend any Guyanese, then you are evil… Look at one of our former PMs – he openly stated how he used Guyanese of a shall-we-say unknown status to do some work at his residence and Bajans never let him 4get it!

    By no means are Guyanese perfect, Faria needs to get his head out of the sand and face facts, many of his countrywmn find work here at either Bush Hill or Nelson St! He and I had this same debate at CBC when Dale Forde had a similar report.

    I told him during stag parties I attended, you’d end up at Copa Cobana and you’d find there were mostly Guyanese or Dominican Rep, then Trinis and very few Bajans (80s to 90s; have not been 2 stags in a while).

    But you cannot blame Guyanese for being here like sand grains or fleas. It is OUR own fault, if there is a job a Bajan feel he is too BIG-UP for, then the Guyanese will rush and do it – and cheaper too! Who is to blame huh?

  4. The Scout

    Just heard on the news that St.Lucia is clamping down on the illegal immigrants, especially guyanese and jamaicans. Since Barbados is the country of choice, the P.M MUST now follow St. Lucia’s mandate and stop the illegal immigration or we would see a further increase of these people coming here.

  5. de gap

    “This aint Cuba!”

    Ms. Davis is right on! The Advocate shouldn’t have printed the idiotic rantings of this coward. Mr. Singh as a legal resident, citizen or not, has every right to question or criticize the policy decisions of the DLP government. If the DLP yard fowls don’t like it, they are free to move to Cuba.

  6. Beefcake

    The Scout is totally out of line.

    Ms. Davis is 100% Bajan.

    However, it shows the mettle of some individuals and reinforces the letter that Ms. Davis wrote.

  7. Mike

    Scout is a pious individual. He loves God and good virtue. All pious people are the same. Hypocrites!

  8. S

    We’re all entitled to our opinion, but they shouldn’t be annonymous in national newspapers. It’s given me a good chance to go and see Ms Davis’ work called Just Beyond My Imagination at the Brooklyn Museum – online. She speaks so well of Barbados and the problems of losing the coastline to concrete.

  9. Yes, Annalee was part of an exhibit a while back and BFP ran an item when Ewan Atkinson wrote in and commented on the article, also see above link

  10. The Scout

    Am I bias for saying that St.Lucia and may I add Dominica ans Antigua are revamping their immigration laws to keep out and also deport illegal immigrants in their countries? Christians are not stupid people; must I allow some-one to come and live at me simply because I’m a Christian and must show mercy? There is a big difference between mercy and stupidity.

  11. Hants

    @ The Scout

    All ILLEGAL immigrants should be deported.

    Barbados has laws in this regard.

    All LEGAL immigrants to Barbados should be accepted as long as they comply with the law of the land.

  12. Beefcake

    Scout, your bias was for incorrectly assuming that Ms. Davis is a foreigner.

    However, foreigners make a valuable contribution to Barbados as they do to any country.

    Many prominent employers are either foreign born or have a parent that was born overseas.

    I wish there were more foreigners in Barbados. It would be nice to have their culinary influence. While I enjoy macaroni pie and dolphin, Barbados could do with Vietnamese restaurants, more (and less expensive) Japanese restaurants, and greater variety in general.

    When you look at institutions within this country, all of the banks and all of the big firms except for Goddards are foreign-controlled.

    Xenophobia and hatred are dangerously intertwined, and many times they are based on stupidity that masks itself as educated.

  13. Hants

    Beefcake says,

    “foreigners make a valuable contribution to Barbados as they do to any country.”
    How many of these foreigners are in Barbados illegally?
    My bet is None.

    The core issue is ILLEGAL immigration and the development of a class of “indentured labourers”.
    Not “foreigners” who are in Barbados legally and are most welcome.

    I have heard of the formula for the ROI on a 3 bedroom house in Barbados.
    3 + 2 x 150 = $ 750 per week.
    “ef duh doan pay call immigration pun dum.”

    Guess what happens in Toronto too.
    “Lushan Lu’s home renovation project doesn’t involve installing new hardwood floors, or fancy new faucets for a bathroom.

    A few years ago he subdivided his large Scarborough home into an illegal rooming house, creating 18 bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

    That comes after he pleaded guilty in court this summer to city zoning bylaw infractions. He and co-owner Zhuan “May” Wang were each fined $5,000.

  14. The Scout

    Beefcake been following Ms Davis posting for a while and it is obvious, she is not a patriotic bajan. Would a patriotic bajan advocate selling this country out to indo-guyanese? If in your opinion I’m bias well, too bad but that doesn’t change my mind about her.

  15. I wonder why Scout assumed that Ms.Davis is not bajan???

  16. Anyone notice that the blog is warming up of late?

  17. wondering

    well Tony Best added his voice today in the Nation.Pretty interesting article considering that no one is pointing out what jobs exactly are going out to non nationals and who is doing the hiring. Nor about jobs created by immigrants investing.
    To add to the intrigue he points out that other CSME partners would be up in arms if Bajans were to “invade” their job market . Wasn’t Maxine,1 month ago, advocating that Bajans should look beyond the island for jobs.
    Does anybody else here find it strange that the PM speaks about immigration , a very contentious issue , in Miami. There was opportunity at the cabinet change to state his policy and reasons for.
    The more I look at this, I feel the government is throwing out a red herring with the immigration issue. And that is why dissent is not tolerated and anyone questioning their motives are being attacked.

  18. reality check

    “Let me tell both of you that inspite of what any politician has signed on to or committed this country to, when we bajans see that people like you are attempting to tell us what we in Barbados can do and cannot do, we would KICK YOUR BUTT out of this country, with or without the blessings of this administration or anyother.”


    I had to go back and read the letter word by word.

    I am assuming Ricky Singh and Analee Davis are her here legally and have the right to express their opinion?

    So whats all this holier than thou, vitriolic xeneophobic hate mongering all about?

    I could swear the article was about freedom of expression not immigration?

    Barbados for economic reasons, as has the US over the past twenty years, failed to enforce its immigration laws. This needs to be fixed.

    We have all met Guyanese who are here legally and work incredibly hard. In large part, they were brought in and sponsored by Barbadians.

    In the meantime, any Caricom citizen, or anyone from whereever they are in the world, should feel free to offer advice or make comment on things happening in Barbados.

    We don’t have to accept it.

  19. Hants

    These are interesting times.

    How come B.C.Pires has escaped the wrath of the BFP bloggers. He has been even more provocative than Rickey Singh, an he just get hey.

    At least Lowdown has been defending our Bajan honour.

  20. The Scout

    Reality check
    If you are a non-bajan and living here, let me tell you and Ricky Singh something. We in Barbados welcome anyone who comes to this country and contributes but the day you think that you have the RIGHT to dictate to us how we must run our country , your welcome is no longer valid, Caricom Passport or not. Therefore, I advise any of you who think that you can slip into this little country and then try to disturb our waters, we would drown you in those same waters. My suggestion to any of you is to work within your limitations and learn to live among Bajans, don’t try to tell us how to live, we have been living quite well without you and if you pre[lex us we would continue to live well without you. You need us, we don’t need you. Antigua has proven this with some Caricom passport citizens, we would just follow the trend already set. Ricky knows that Barbados likes making him a “personna non grata.” Tell him keep it up and it will surely happen again but next time he would only be able to see Barbados on the map for the rest of his life. I’m a Bajan, he is a Barbadian. I’m a Barbadian, he is NOT a Bajan. Get the drift?

  21. Beefcake

    The Scout’s drift is very clear about intolerance.

    I wonder what must have happened to fill them with such hatred?

    In this season of goodwill to mankind on earth, this is one individual who needs a reality check.

  22. wondering

    Hants, you who live in Canada should be able to understand the concept of free speech without intimidation and the laws specific to racial comments. Open the TO star and look at articles , letters and comments that would diss people from PM ,down. BC Pires, just like Lowdown, is entitled to their point of view. It is called political maturity when we as a nation can allow. So tell me :who is more dangerous human being ?: BC who is critical of the way we are or scout of wants to drown people who don’t subscribe to his view. For your sake, you better agree with the likes of scout all the times .

  23. Scout,

    While you have a point that worldwide one cannot go into another’s country and criticise, accuse etc, either in practial terms or out of respect, my worrty is your assumptions and the reaosns behind them.

    Why assume that Ms.Davis was not Bajan?

    Secondly, while we can respond to disproportionate criticism accordingly, threats that come across as violent are most concerning and inappropriate if we are to consider ourselves to be developing in real terms.

    Otherwise, we may as well raise our hands in salute and goosestep all the way down Broad Street.

  24. Hants

    Magistrate Nicholls questioned McHales’s and DaSilva’s nationalities and told McHale who is a resident that Barbados could find other businesses so he should not push his luck.

  25. The Scout

    Every year at this time of the year, there is an escalation of armed robberies in Guyana. I recognise the same trend happening here. Only a few hours ago, the RBTT bank at Six Roads was robbed at gun point. Let’s see the Nationalities of the culprits if they are caught or maybe they are on their way back to their native land. It is alleged that the same thing is occurring with some of our unsolved murders. This is just the tip of the icegerg in this trpical island paradise.

  26. queenam

    I long for the day when this CSME crap would go to the garbage dump. As I see it, every tom, dick, harry and jane wants to settle in Barbados. We are only so big – why can’t they get lost in the US, UK, EU, please. America is huge, if a bajan wants to settle there fine, the US can afford it, canada too. go to one of those countries and let us get on with our life. they come and go all out to find some disparity with the island – yet they stay – yet they come. as the west indies federation faded because of trinidad and jamaica who at that time were prosperous islands so too should CSME fail. Barbados DOES NOT need it

  27. The Scout

    I remember when the Jamaican dollar was stronger than the American dollars. In Barbados it was Bds $ 240.00 to J $ 1.oo. The Trinidadian dollar and the Guyanese dollar was on par with the Barbadian dollar.We know where these counties dollars are now against the Barbados dollar. That’s why coming here is like going to a mini America but we can’t hold anymore plus we can’t handle the level of illegals that these big countries can. Most of all we can’t handle these people coming into this country and trying to change our culture to suit them.When you’re in Rome you do as the Romans do. The same thing goes for Barbados.

  28. Due to the recession, building will come to a sharp decline next year, therefore many of the Caricom immigrants will return homw, no work, no money.

    But, we must come up with a suitable immigration policy, whether a person comes from UK, USA, Guyana, T&T.

    We must also come up with the means to quickly and effectively deport those who breach our laws.


  29. The Scout

    I agree with you, things are going to get tight next year and jobs are going to get scarce too. It is now that the P.M’s words MUST be important. Barbados jobs for Barbadians first. To achieve this we MUST purge this country of ALL illegal imigrants be it Guyanese, Chinese or from anyother country. Failing this can cause fiction between locals and illegals which escalate into something serious. We already have to compete against the legal ones but just not willing to do the same for the illegals. GET OUT NOW.