Barbados Government Minister Byer-Suckoo Cautions “Not To Get Our Hopes Up” Waiting For Child Abuse Reporting Legislation

Byer-Suckoo As Useless As… Oh, Never Mind!

In a year as a Cabinet Minister, Esther Byer-Suckoo has not created or introduced even one piece of legislation in any of her areas of responsibility. She did not introduce any new regulations or do anything that involved an actual result. Lots of talk but zero action.

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah - Byer-Suckoo is All Talk, Zero Action

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah - Byer-Suckoo is All Talk, Zero Action

And just to put it in perspective, Byer-Suckoo isn’t all that different from most of the other Ministers in the DLP Barbados Government. Lots of talk, but very little real action. Very little “doing” that produces an actual result or change in the status quo.

Now Byer-Suckoo is talking again – this time about the Child Care Board being “in the process of developing a national reporting protocol for child abuse.”

Key words here are “in the process of developing…”

Meaning “Nothing done in a whole year. No real action. No results. Wunna hear a lot of talk and nothing else.”

And knowing that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL HAPPEN, Byer-Suckoo tries to cover her own butt by cautioning that nothing will happen…

“I have been cautioned that legal work takes long and I mustn’t get my hopes up but I believe that the work with families and especially children is paramount. . .so I will dare to get up my hopes, regardless of how high those fruit are hanging,” says Byer-Suckoo.

Isn’t that sweet? Byer-Suckoo has mastered the art of sucking and blowing at the same time. Hey… she is all for the children, but nothing is going to happen and it is the fault of those damned lawyers!

Please… will Thompson please fire this do-nothing and put someone in there who will actually make something happen? Ahh… on second thought, Thompson doesn’t have anyone better to replace her so never mind.

And to further the deception the Nation News titles their article New Protocol For Reporting Child Abuse AS IF SOMETHING ACTUALLY WAS ACHIEVED! What liars they are at the Nation newspaper. There was no result. No new child protocol was created or implemented. What liars.

Want a laugh? Think about this: If the Barbados news media refused to report government speeches about “going to do this” and “going to do that” – how many news articles could they print where a government minister showed that something had actually been done?


Barbados Has No Law Requiring The Reporting Of Suspected Child Abuse – And The DLP Government Will Not Create Such A Law!

Byer-Suckoo is talking about creating a “protocol” which is another way of saying that she and the DLP government do not intend to create a law requiring professionals to report suspected child abuse. A “protocol” is without the force of law. Medical and teaching professionals who fail to report child abuse will not face legal sanctions for keeping quiet.

There are certain laws that are now a given in civilised countries. Laws dealing with drinking and driving, wife abuse and child abuse are foundational to protecting innocent people – but successive Barbados governments have failed miserably to enact and enforce these laws.

The Thompson government is no different.

How Do You Change Culture, Performance and Yes, Even Morality? You Change The Law and Enforce It Uniformly – Public Attitudes & Compliance Will Follow

Members of Parliament and legislators in other countries are sometimes referred to as “lawmakers” – a recognition of the importance of political leadership in setting, directing and achieving big-picture strategic goals through making laws. Members of Parliament are not supposed to be “administrators” of government. We have a civil service for that.

Can someone please tell me of one law that the DLP passed in their first year that changed our society in any way? Any law?

OK folks… especially all you DLP supporters. Please… tell us about one law that the DLP passed during their first year that actually changed something in our society in any way.

Over to you, DLP supporters…


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16 responses to “Barbados Government Minister Byer-Suckoo Cautions “Not To Get Our Hopes Up” Waiting For Child Abuse Reporting Legislation

  1. twobits

    Free press you are so full of it. The Thompson government has passed many laws that made real change in our country. Many important laws.

    Like, ah, er, um…

    Well, they passed the law about, ahhhh. and then there was the law that changed the way, ahhhhh, er… and protected the ummmm…

    Ah, I’ll get back to you BFP. I wish you would stop publishing these false stories.


  2. The Scout

    It seems the change of name from “women affairs” to “gender affairs,” is just that, a name. Whenever these “affairs” women speak, they are still bashing men: now is about child abuse. Let me draw it to their attention, women are the biggest abusers of children. From young, the slightest thing they do wrong, it is a slap or worse a serious abuse or cuss words. You see them in public dragging these children like if they are a bag of garbbage. When these children,especially girls, get old enough, some mothers send them out to prostitute themselves for money; the bopys are sent to steal, again to bring in money. The excuse in both cases is that these children’s father/s abandoned them; men blamed again. Truth is, most of the time these woman don’t know which man is the real father, then some have five or six children from the same amount of men. What we need is equal blame and equal responsibility from both sexes. This is what the “gender affairs ” people should be striving for and stop bashing men. This continued bashing will get no-one anywhere.

  3. Naughty Name Changed By Auntie Moses!

    You guys are really tough, for crying out loud, you call people’s names , curse some people, ask for some people to be fired etc

    You guys are so bold, I am afraid for you. I am afraid that you could be silenced . I do not know if Barbadian society is ready for this type of on-slaught. At the same time I am amused -(LOL)

    If you are genuine, I would be very happy for you because I believe you can make a difference.

    Oh my !
    you guys are tough–

    I love it ! ha! ha !


    BFP says,

    Thank you Mr. Naughty. They have been trying for almost 3 years to find us. So far, no joy!

  4. Jazz

    Perhaps the Minister should speak to Senator Marville about getting legislation perpared in the shortest possible time. Look at the speed with which the draft new freedom of information bill was produced and distributed for consultation.

    Perhaps the goodly Minister is just bereft of ideas, as are many of this lot. Not only have we not seen any major new, and the emphasis is on new, legislation coming from her Ministry, or anyother Ministry for that matter, the Minister has not treated us to a policy statement on the main subject matter under her portfolio.

    And many people talked about the previous administration!!! At least they worked and Barbados worked better.

  5. So much talk and no action.

  6. sabta

    I’m trying to think of a law that the DLP has passed this year but I can’t. What were they doing? I don’t know!

  7. Eye95


    Here is something else to note.

    Darcy Boyce will soon become Governor of the central Bank of Barbados; Winston Cox will become a Senator and the Minister of Fianace and Delise Worrell will become a highly paid advisor to Thompson.

    Whether the appointment of these fiscal conservative will be enought to halt the DLP’s anxiety to push Barbados down the “pathway to impoverishment’ – is left to be seem, but I already know the answer.

    Thompson’s is really the finest example of “governance by delay. ”

    Hants could tell you that in Canada, the PM is reluctant to call a meeeting of Parlaiment for fear that the combined Opposition would table a no-confidence motion and topple his recently elected minority government.

    Canadians fear that their government is not doing enough to protect them from the impact of the global crisis.

    That is laughable because in Barbados – Thompson and the DLP are doing even less.

  8. The Scout

    I find Dr Suckoo seems to be totally out of her depth in running a ministry. It is Soooooo easy to say what you will do if you were there but it is equally Soooooo hard to do it when you get there. All this lady is doing is making fancy speeches and promises but nothing coincrete is happening, no legislations passed.Pure hot air, just be csreful she don’t start floating

  9. Eye95


    When will discussion on public sector wages -commence on your blog.

    Do you realise that the person who has benefitted most from the recent pay talks is Mr. Baloney.

    Three Departments at the NCH were merged; persons were sent home – all so that Mr. Baloney would be appropriately mented the new: Manager of Customer Services.

    And, not a word from the NUPW!

    How far would the proposed ITAL go? When does corruption starts and finish? What should be the punishment for: “a big sell-out” of the workers?

    My! Are we quiet!

    Do you think the BLP would ever had got away with this type of unethical behaviour? L

    ook at what Mr. Baloney said in 1995 and the position he now takes and see the inconsistency.

    And Hants and Jerome Hinds have the temerity to talk about corruption! Shame!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. West Side Davie

    I am trying to think of one law passed by Thompson. I can’t. Good point BFP.

  11. Renaldo

    Why be so harsh to her. The government has only be in office for a year and four years are remaining. Every thing takes time and a process must be followed. Minister Suckoo keep striving and pay the critics no mind and keep looking as beautiful as ever.

  12. DLP member

    i find that many people who are not in Parliament, nor have ever run a ministry or a government, for that matter, always have a lot to say about how they should be run. if you guys are so good at running a country, go and advocate yourself to the Bajan public. Put forward your ideas, so that even if you are not chosen, those ‘valuable’ pieces of knowledge can be used by the persons in power to implement change in a country that you think needs it so badly. and lastly, i detest people who write negative criticism for no good reason than to just be malicious. if you’ve got a problem with something, hiding out and posting it online does not solve that problem (nor does discussing it at your favourite watering hole)….get out there and actually do something about it…..maybe then you’ll realise how difficult it really is to implement everything you think should be ever so easy!

  13. Jason

    DLP member, Please name one piece of legislation passed by the DLP government since they were elected in January 2008. (Not a spending bill but a real law that really made things better)

    Thank you for your time.

  14. Message to DLP Member

    DLP Member, answer the question!!!

    “Can anyone tell us what the last $10 million European Union sugar grant to Barbados was used for? Can anyone point to a benefit or a national asset that resulted from the $10 million?”

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