Barbados Cricket World Cup Disaster Still Receiving Worldwide Media Coverage

Malcolm Speed, the former ICC chief executive, has admitted the World Cup in the West Indies last year was one of the more disappointing episodes of his seven-year tenure in charge. (clip) Speed told the Sydney Morning Herald that what should have been a “celebration of cricket” will “always be looked upon less than favourably” for many reasons.

The 2007 World Cup in the West Indies failed to attract full houses at newly-built stadia for the event, with overpriced tickets largely keeping out locals. The tournament also ended in a farce; Australia secured the trophy for the third time in a row, but the match in Barbados ended in near-pitch darkness after the umpires misinterpreted the rules regarding bad light.

“Cricket has a chance to make amends in the West Indies with the ICC World Twenty20 in 2010,” Speed said…

… from Yahoo! News Speed Regrets World Cup Failure


Does Anyone Know How Much The Cricket World Cup Disaster Cost Taxpayers?

The national disaster of Cricket World Cup was the showpiece of the Barbados Labour Party Government. It will forever live on as a case study in how to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to achieve fewer tourist visits during a year. Tourism Minister Noel “Instant Millionaire” Lynch continually lied about the number of visitors and even when the government was forced to give away free tickets and fill the place with school children, he maintained that Cricket World Cup was a “success”.

Oh… can anyone tell us who owns Kensington Oval? More than a hundred million of our tax dollars were poured into refurbishing the Oval without first settling who owns the place. Yup, if I owned the Oval, I’d say “thanks, now p’off ” to the government too!

We mention this because, frankly, unless we publish it the Barbados public would never hear about Cricket World Cup ever again.


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17 responses to “Barbados Cricket World Cup Disaster Still Receiving Worldwide Media Coverage

  1. Incredulous

    You do know that the BLP LOST the election don’t you?

  2. sabta

    The BLP lost the election but I’d still like to know how much money was wasted or stolen. Also who owns the oval! Do we the people of Barbados own it because of all the money we put into it or does someone else own it?

  3. Beefcake

    To put it simply,

    Barbados taxpayers paid for it

    and it is the property of someone else.

    What a gift!

    And they can’t take care of it. Messed up the pitch during Cohobblopot that cricket can’t be played on it. They took 4 months to ignore the state of the grounds.

  4. Incredulous

    Our illustrious PM said he would acquire it in the first 100 days didn’t he?

    Like so much else…. blowing hot air….

  5. It is irrelevant who owns the oval, it is a white elephant, but then it looks like a spacecraft, for 250million, maybe it is really a spacecraft with engines below, to carry selected persons ‘abroad’ in the event of a meltdown?

  6. sabta

    Is rumplestilskin having a stroke? It is entirely relevant who owns the Oval because so much of our tax money was “given” to it.

  7. Hants

    The Oval can be a profitable multi purpose venue. It needs a progressive management team to make it work.

    The “Team” should be hired now to start planning for after the recession.

  8. Yes, it was definitely a disaster in the minds of many. Even myself as one of the most avid cricket fans was rather disappointed (and I’m an Aus supporter). Besides all the problems there was also the length of the tournament which caused many to lose interest.
    The Kensington Oval saga also seems quite fishy.

  9. Hants

    “UK Serious Fraud Office is connected. homes searched . It’s connected to Maybey and Johnson bridge company which is under investigation in the UK.”

    Flyovers anyone?

  10. Sabta,

    The money spent on Kensington is gone.

    Except for scheduled cricket matches which have little revenue return, or an occasional concert as Hants points out, it is largely a white elephant in terms of revenue earning capacity.

    Hence, does it now matter who owns it, if it will not earn revenue?

  11. Sundowner

    It would be good if cricket could be played there! I understand scheduled matches have been cancelled because of the damage done to the ground at Cohobblepot!

  12. sabta

    Rumple, the money might be gone but it does not mean that we shouldn’t know how and why. I am so disgusted with the “oh what can you do” attitude that empowers generation after generation of professional politicians and their hangers on.

  13. Waiting

    Instant Millionaire Noel Blarney Lynch is forever linked to the fiasco that was 2007 World Cup. Speed has again confirmed what we knew all along. My favourite Lynch quotes on WC were “he and the government(BLP) would have last laugh” and “WC was our finest hour.”

    Despite his arrogance no one could find Lynch or Owen at the darkest closing ceremony in history to receive their plaudits. Sonny Mann, Speed, and other officials were there to accept the crescendo of boos like men. Cowards ran for cover therefore Lynch ,Owen and Chris Dehring the Jamaican who sold us Brooklyn Bridge were no shows.

    $250 million in taxpayer monies blown on a white elephant farce. Someone ought to be indicted. We can start with Lynch.

  14. twwifos

    Maybe it’s time to start thinking differently. Use it as a concert venue. Get Rihanna to do a benefit concert and that place will be so packed you will be turning people away!

  15. PiedPiper

    What an embarrassment for Barbados which has always had such a high profile in the cricket world. Just another one of Arthur’s legacy and I don’t imagine he feels any shame whatsoever that he is responsible for insulting Barbados cricket this way. At the same time, the DLP better get up off their self-satisfied humps and make the Kensington Oval a viable business venture.

  16. jodiperry

    CWC was doomed from the start but not because of the politicians. God knows their involvement only served as insurance that it would be a disaster.

    However CWC was a case of best practices being ignored in the name of greed,protocol and tradition (if I may)

    1. Who pays the piper calls the tune. We allowed the ICC, WICB, Dehring et al (with the powers vested in themselves) to dictate the whos,whys,whens,where and even how much without them having any equity in the project. The ICC even decided what we could and could not take into the grounds!!!!! At least Barbados was lucky to host the last matches and was able to make adjustments after seeing the disaster in the other islands.

    2. Imposing Visa restrictions on the entire cricket loving world to travel to the Caribbean 4 months before the tournament didnt help either. I understand this can be credited to the Barbadian politicians (namely Mottley/Arthur). The anglo saxon culture does not take well to ‘less developed’ countries requiring pre examinations of their travel documents. In addition they make their travel plans a year in advance not in 2 months like we do in the Caribbean. They stayed away in droves

    3. CWC attendance projections were not based on factual data (the intelligence was non existent_) but on hype and heresay. I remember the tourism minister in Anu being asked how many visitors were expected and he didnt have a clue. This is AFTER asking people to build additional rooms to their homes and even renting cruise ships to accomodate the excess visitors. Verifying the travel agencies bookings to the Caribbean/Antigua never even crossed their minds.

    To top it off no post mortem was done after the grand finale. All the politicians congratulated themselves on a wonderful worldcup and went on their merry way. After all they get paid one way or the other.

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