Barbados Lottery: Millions Of Dollars Flowing with No Transparency, No Rules

Like many other smaller jurisdictions Barbados contracted with an outside firm to run official lotteries. How much “commission” is paid to “outside consultants” by the Barbados government or by the outside lottery company is not only totally unregulated – it is highly secret because if the Barbados public knew who was getting a cut of their lottery money…

…Well, we can’t allow that, can we?

Nor are we allowed to know how much the outside lottery firm has contributed as “political campaign donations” to the BLP or the DLP. One wonders if any of the outside lottery firm’s “campaign donations” were ever “accidentally” deposited to Prime Minister Arthur’s personal bank account as other “campaign donations” were!

We all hoped that a new Prime Minister would shed some light on the secret cash transactions of the Barbados Lottery, but alas, that didn’t happen. Nor will it.

David Thompson and the DLP promised ITAL (integrity, transparency and accountability legislation). David Thompson promised accountability for all the monies unethically taken from Barbados over the years by the corrupt BLP government.

None of what Thompson and DLP promised has happened – and only a fool would think it will.

You see, Thompson and his friends now have the keys to the vault and they are not about to spoil the corrupt system that they now benefit from! Transparency and rules would limit the DLP’s portion of the lottery profits.

From their first day in office last January, Thompson and the DLP could have declared that the DLP and its members would not accept “campaign contributions” from entities that do business with the government. Thompson and the DLP could have, on their first day in government, prohibited government officials from awarding contracts to companies in which they or their immediate family members had an interest.

But Thompson and the DLP did not do that. Instead, we are in the middle of a two year “consulting” period on Freedom of Information legislation. Perhaps in another year or two, the DLP will start a “consulting” period on whether or not government officials should be able to award contracts to themselves, and whether the DLP should accept “campaign contributions” from companies that are awarded government contracts.

Disgusting. Disgraceful. Dishonest.

Welcome to your new DLP Government, folks!

Can You Name The People Who Run The Barbados Lotteries?

A few searches online show that Black Entertainment Television creator and recently appointed honourary Barbados Consul Robert Johnson used to own GTech, the company that runs the Barbados Lottery. GTech purchased the original lottery company Leeward Islands Lottery Holding Company in 2004.

The government of Owen Arthur signed an EIGHTEEN YEAR AGREEMENT with GTech.

What kind of a government signs an 18 year lottery agreement? A CORRUPT Barbados Government! (GTech press release here)

The government of David Thompson won’t be looking into that because the DLP gets the juice now.

And to further complicate matters, GTech was acquired by an Italian privately-owned company!

Nope… Millions of our dollars, Zero transparency and No Rules.

Welcome to Barbados, folks!



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8 responses to “Barbados Lottery: Millions Of Dollars Flowing with No Transparency, No Rules

  1. US Law

    The interesting questions are;

    1) does US law allow it to follow subsidiaries owned by US companies in the Leeward Islands?

    2) does US law allow for it to follow ALL the money flow

    3) what if it is the foreign citizen(s) who ask for the juice rather than having it offered?

    4) What constitutes legitimate fees and consulations for politicos and their bagmen?

    5) Does someone in the US government have the guts to demand all the bank records and money flow?

    6) Does the new administration care in the US about corruption in thrid world countries and the siphoning of monies out of the hands of third world citizens?

  2. Straight talk

    Maybe another example of “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”.

    I wonder why we keep getting involved with these dubious companies?

  3. Lotteries are a tax…

    …on those who are bad at math….

  4. Lotteries are a tax…

    …on those who are bad at math….

  5. West Side Davie

    The Barbados government signed an 18 year contract with a lottery company?

    Any fool can see there is no reasonable explanation for that except for corruption.

  6. WSD… That /is/ a little odd, isn’t it?

    Since, because of the seriously bad odds, only those who are *really* bad at the maths would enter such a bet as a lottery…

    It was many, many years ago that I read somewhere (I think it was in an Economist) that where legal gambling existed, lotteries didn’t.

    Why? Because with the legal gabling houses the odds were something like 1.001 to 1.0 that the “house” would win. And this was *much* better odds than the lotteries provided.

    Traditionally, lotteries have been run by Governments to finance worthwhile endeavours. It is argued that the “punters” *know* they’re making donations to same. (Instead, frankly, it is a tax on those who are bad at the maths…)

    Are our poorly educated “punters” instead lining offshore pockets?

    An interesting question….

  7. You know BFP, this is one of the reasons I don’t respond to my systems’ notices… I enter a few posts, and I find myself moderated…

    You keep talking about freedom of expression — freedom of information…

    Let loose a little!!! And please release my post!


    BFP says,

    Chris… the filter is an automatic function and in this case it is the word “lottery” that set it off. You see, a blog like this one receives hundreds of spam marketing comments a day and the big subjects are sex, viagra, gambling and financial schemes. Without the spam filter you and the other readers would have to wade through hundreds of these comments per day.

    Please read the tab at the top about comment moderation and you will see.

    I invite you to go to Barbados Underground and to attempt to post the same comment. I would be very surprised if it made it directly through without a stop along the way.

    Thanks for participating in the discussion.


  8. Has BU become an instrument of Hate?

    I notice that BFP has been very careful to monitor those that cross the line and delete that which is offensive and threatening.

    According to the latest posting ( ) , BU is not only permitting hate, stalking and threats by one of its bloggers using different handles but may be knowingly, actively promoting it?

    Now more people from overseas have been placed at risk.