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Free Admission For Artist Days At Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

“Ten Days in December”
Artist Days At Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

Free entrance is being offered to artists, photographers, poets and writers to the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary December 3-12, 2008.    In exchange, artists are asked to share their interpretations of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and the RAMSAR Wetland with the Sanctuary and the nonprofit organization working to save it.

The Sanctuary’s owner, Peter Allard, has announced that the Sanctuary will close on December 15, 2008.

“Peter Allard asked us to open the Sanctuary so that Barbadian artists can produce expressions and archives for the historical record,” said Harry Roberts, General Manager of the Sanctuary.

Allard supports the arts in North America and Europe.

Announcement:    Free Entry announced to Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary for artists, photographers, poets and writers
Period:            December 3-12, 2008
Requirements:        Entry is for the artist alone, and a release is required allowing the Sanctuary or the Friends of Graeme Hall to use derivative works from the visit to help foster environmental awareness and preservation of the Graeme Hall lands on a non-profit basis. Artists are asked to send photographs on DVD/CD’s to Graeme  Hall Nature Sanctuary.

The Artist Release can be found HERE, or one can be signed at the Sanctuary.

To obtain a free pass, registration is required.  Call the Sanctuary at 435-9727.

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Why Is Barbados HIV Infection Rate 50% Higher Than The Caribbean Average?

“In the Caribbean the infection rate is 1.2% and here in Barbados it’s around 1.8%,”

…Dr Carol Jacobs, Barbados National Aids Commission talking to BBC (link here)

Barbados HIV Infection Rate Is 50% Higher Than Regional Average!

Once in a while we see an interesting convergence of news on the internet and this week it is happening with HIV-Aids news.

First we had the head of the Barbados Family Planning Association saying that medical professionals should not notify spouses if their husband or wife has been diagnosed HIV positive. The vast majority of our readers were appalled at George Griffith’s idiocy and many said so commenting on our article Barbados Family Planning Association Head: If The Husband Has HIV/Aids, Don’t Tell The Wife !

In Barbados, George Griffith thinks that the priority is protecting the man with HIV at the expense of his women partners. In Canada, they just locked up a man with HIV for having unprotected sex. He got 18 years in prison!

Then we had Barbados Government Minister Sinckler having to defend Barbados’s human rights record before the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review process in Geneva, Switzerland. Sinckler stated that Barbados would not be decriminalising homosexual acts or distributing condoms in prison “until such time as a full and proper national discourse on the issues can be engaged,

Such time for a national discourse on these subjects being NEVER according to successive Barbados governments – and the DLP Thompson government is no different.

Barbados Free Press long ago addressed the issue of condoms in prison in our article Barbados Government Hypocrisy: Condoms, AIDS, HIV and Dodds Prison. As we said again in May of this year…

The hypocrisy, lies and horse manure being spread by Dr. Byer-Suckoo and the Barbados Government would be humorous – except that real people are going to die because of it.

The truth is that the Government of Barbados does not wish to distribute condoms to the men in Dodds prison because homosexual sex is against the law in Barbados. The government cannot bring itself to distribute condoms in the prison knowing that the rubbers will be used by men for homosexual sex.

Nor can the government bring itself to legalise homosexual sex so that condoms could be made available to men in prison without any legal or political arguments about facilitating criminal behaviour.

That is the truth about why the government will not be distributing condoms to the prisoners.

With such policies, you can expect that our HIV infection rate will continue to be 50% higher than the rest of the Caribbean. The government knows it could do something about it in Dodds Prison but will not. Meanwhile we lock up healthy young men for years with only other men and tell them to control their urges because it would be immoral and illegal for us to give them access to condoms. I mean, our last Prime Minister dropped babies all over the place because he couldn’t control his urges, so how do we expect young men in jail to be celibate?


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