Barbados Government Gives $19 Million To Rich Racing Horse Owners As It Pleads For International Funds

Government’s Wealthy Friends Benefit From Your Tax Dollars

A few weeks ago, the Barbados Government of Prime Minister Thompson was bragging that the National Housing Corporation had collected over $600,000 in back rents from poor tenants who are behind. Always one to throw a positive spin on any government in power, the Nation Newspaper titled its article $600,000 In The Bag

“In the bag for whom?” the paper should have been asking.

Easy enough… in the bag for rich racehorse owners called the Barbados Turf Club who were just given NINETEEN MILLION of YOUR tax dollars by Prime Minister Thompson so the big boys can continue to have fun with their hobby horses. (see Government Writes Off BTC’s $19 Million Dollar Debt)

Meanwhile in Miami, Prime Minister Thompson spoke at the Conference on the Caribbean and Central America with cup in hand – telling those developed nations that they had better help the poor people of Barbados. Not to mention that his government just cleared the way to borrow another 1.5 BILLION dollars that YOU and your children and their children will pay for.

And by a strange coincidence (cough, cough) some of the benefactors of this $19 million dollar wad of cash are none other than people who gave money to the Democratic Labour Party’s recent election campaign!

How Was The $19 Million Spent By The Barbados Turf Club?

You only thought you were electing a new government. After almost a year in power the DLP Barbados Government is acting exactly like its corrupt predecessors of the Barbados Labour Party.

So let’s have some transparency from Prime Minister David Thompson – who is such a fan of integrity, freedom of information and transparency. Here are some questions, and I’m sure our readers can help with a few more as the citizens of Barbados attempt to discover exactly how our tax dollars were spent by the wealthy race horse owners of the Barbados Turf Club.

Dear Prime Minister Thompson,

In light of the millions upon millions of tax dollars that have been spent by the Barbados Turf Club, please answer the following questions…

1/ Who owns the Barbados Turf Club?

2/ What assets does the BTC have, and what are its liabilities and to whom are the liabilities owed?

3/ Here is a list of the Board of Directors. How much in cash or other benefits has each person received in the last five years?

The following persons are on the Board of Directors of the Barbados Turf Club:

Sir David Seale – President
Mr. Stephen Walcott – Vice President
Mr. Bruce Bayley
Mr. Duane Burke
Mr. Anthony Da Silva
Mrs. Pamela Marshall
Mr. Luther G. Miller III J.P.
Lord Michael Taylor
Sir Denys Williams KCMG GCM

4/ Are any of the Board of Directors or their families or associated corporations amongst the creditors of the Barbados Turf Club who will be or were recipients of any payments from the BTC in the last five years?

5/ Are any politicians of any party, or their family members or associated corporations amongst the creditors of the Barbados Turf Club who will be or were recipients of any payments from the BTC in the last five years?

6/ How much money in “campaign donations” was received by the DLP in the last five years from any of the Barbados Turf Club board members, or their family members or associated corporations?

That will do for a start. Barbados Free Press readers… give ’em HELL…



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116 responses to “Barbados Government Gives $19 Million To Rich Racing Horse Owners As It Pleads For International Funds

  1. twobits

    Owen Arthur. David Thompson. Owen Arthur. David Thompson.

    Who can tell one from the other?

    Wait! One is taller, one is shorter.

    There. I knew there was a way to tell them apart.

  2. Anon

    Is that not the most rediculous thing that you ever heard?

    Over the years for what ever reason they refused to pay their taxes which is a CRIME. Instead of being charged and dragged before the courts the BTC is rewarded with a huge tax write-off.

    The DLP is encourging criminal activity.

    What if for what ever reason, me, Joe Public can not pay my taxes will David Thompson forgive my taxes or will I be prosecuted?

    Think of all the things in this country that could have been done with $19 million dollars? Yet the DAVID THOMPSON DLP chooses to reward CROOKS. This is begining to sound just like the crooked BLP.

    What other shocks are we in for soon from now?


    I wonder if the present P M is going to write of the poor ppl taxes also.

  4. Many of the people in Barbados Turf Club are associated with the Kingsland Estates deal.

  5. Equity

    Who isn’t, Keltruth?

  6. West Side Davie

    I want a bailout too! I deserve it! I NEED it! I voted DLP! Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie!

    Damn, I knew I shoulda bought a race horse when I had the chance!

  7. Equilibrium

    If my memory serves me right, doesnt the BTC have a substantial kitty via the lotteries to have made some favorable move towards repaying such a debt? this is unacceptable if so.

    Let me floor an equally worrying question… “How much money does the Bajan Helipcoters owe to the Ministry of Housing and Lands?” and “Is it governments intention to wipe off that debt as well?”

    That should be a good one to investigate BFP.


    TO wesr side davie,you think d p m know you unless you are a personal friend, governments dont remember d lil man only d top class ppl

  9. Anon

    Is this the first time that Govt. has written taxes for the BTC?

    Who owns the lands at the Garrison Savanah?

  10. Fool me once

    Did govt also forgive $300 million owing by Kensington Oval owners same bunch?

    DLP policy: all rich supporters don’t have to pay back- rest of stupids in Barbados miss a payment go to jail or get a midnight raid and cavity search from police

  11. Half of that amount would have allowed for the creation of the Graeme Hall National Park and would save the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary for future generations.

    The government needs to be more transparent in its decision to write off the debt? What is the economic impact of horse racing in Barbados? What has the BTC done to ensure it will operate profitably and will pay its taxes and debts from now on? These questions need answers, Prime Minister.

    I have also heard that horse racing is a cruel sport with countless horses put down each year when they are too infirm to compete. Do anyone know if this is true?

  12. reality check

    Horse racing has been an institution in Barbados for many many years if not hundreds

    The BTC is not a money maker as the venue and demographics are too small.

    Priorities are the issue here and someone raises a good question with respect to lottery money?

    This is all part of the new accountability and ITAL we are receiving under the new administration. I am sure BTC and the lottery people will post the financials on line very shortly for all to see.

  13. passin thru

    Reality Check makes a good point that horse racing (like cricket and so many other things) is part of what makes Barbados what it is. Not everything has to make money and I don’t mind subsidizing horse racing with some of my taxes providing there is some transparency and some responsibility.

    And rules. Rules about who gets the tax money and what it can be used for. If the Board of Directors are making money because the BTC does business with their family business I don’t want to give them my tax dollars.

  14. akabozik

    OK, I give up. Who owns the Barbados Turf Club?

  15. The Scout

    There are many poor bajans who can’t pay their property taxes, water bill, BL&P bill, yet their properties are either sold or threatened to be sold, water turned off and little or no help from government to assist with the light bill but we can allow BTC TO OWE GOVERNMENT FOT YEARS AND INSTEAD OF MAKING SOME ARRANGEMENT WITH THEM TO REPAY WE RIGHT OFF> That is sick. I’m so disappointed with this move by government.

  16. Lili

    To John DaSilva, yes a lot of horses are put down, even before they are infirm. Once they are retired from racing, it just costs too much to feed them.

    Some are given to the grooms (who then tie them up and these poor horses who got the best care and food, now don’t have enough food, grass or water) some are given to a few responsible people to ride and compete in dressage, show jumping or just trail rides.

    So as bad as it sounds, it may actually be more humane for them to be put down, rather than to starve by the side of the road.

    Note – if u see a boney person, with the ribs, hip bones and scrawny arms and legs, the first thing you think – that person sick, got aids or starving. Well if u see any animal – horse, dog, cow, etc looking like that, it is either sick or not getting enough food.

  17. Eye95


    The real problem is – I hear – the Turf Club has not been able to pay staff (grooms, trainers, stable boys) for some time now – thanks to Prime Minister Thompon’s 25% Withholding Tax.

    Did the Prime Minister speak to them as part of his so-called: “widest possible national consultation – prior to his inflationary July 7th budget?

    Who is to blame if jobs in the horse racing sector are exported to Trinidad, when horse owners move their animals there?

    Hants, you see now why: “Leadership Matters Most?”

    But, its too late to apologise…the Damage is already Done!

  18. ace

    This is supposed to be saving jobs
    but they could have taken the money and give the workers who would have injected it into the same economy to circulate

  19. Tell me Why

    @ All

    Oh if Motor Sports can get just one million from Government, our tourism product would surely benefit. But again, no one cares about the biggest spectator following in the island.

  20. Talk sense

    Tell me Why the owners of the expensive racing cars and the expensive race horses are the same people. They got rich off us the poor black taxpayers.

  21. Tell me Why

    You’ve got it wrong, you are not talking sense. The poor black taxpayers in motor racing are the top mechanics raking in thousands fixing the said expensive cars. The poor black taxpayers are the many shops spread throughout the island selling drinks and ham cutters to the thousands of spectators. I can go on and on with the spread of money during motor sports.

  22. Anon

    What a great christmas gift to give to DAVID SEALE and the other rich CROOKS.

    Thanks alot DAVID THOMPSON!!!!!!

    Merry christmas to you too!!!

    The BTC will not forget to slip the envelope under your door.

  23. Talk sense

    Nobody gets rich selling jucees and ham cutters. Thats barely enough to pay greedy Bdos Light and Power and treat yourself to a bottle of see thru from you know who..David Seale.

    Tell me Why are you Sir David Seale? How does it feel being gifted $19 million and can I get one of those easy jobs you give your family members?

  24. Pat


    Race horses are not good for dressage or show jumping. Horses have to be trained from young for these activities and they required precision and timing, which is opposite to race horses.

    When I was younger friends had racing horses and I visited the stables where they were kept and saw one of those boney horses with the ribs showing. My friend asked if it was sick and was told that it was old. We felt sorry for that horse. I think it was suffering.

    Now, I know that we do not keep our horses until they reach that stage. When racing or whatever is finished, they are sold to the packing plants. Some go for meat (lots of ox tails sold here are actually horse) but most go to make pet food – for cats and dogs. In South America it is speculated that lots of the cowboy horses, etc., go into corned beef. Knowing how Bajans love their corn beef and biscuits I would say everyone down there has eaten horse meat.

  25. Tell me Why

    Tell me Why are you Sir David Seale? How does it feel being gifted $19 million and can I get one of those easy jobs you give your family members?
    Talk sense, please get some sense. Would David Seale speak on behalf of motor sports? If you read my post you will see that I was speaking of the off-shoot of motor sports where shopkeepers make a landfall in business due to spectators gracing their businesses. I was looking at the financial gains by a cross section of individuals, businesses et al making money during these activities. Use your sense my friend.

  26. Sad To Say

    I heard Bruce Bailey at a cocktail party late December 2007 (after the election was called) brag that he is a PIP (Party in Power) man. He went on to reveal that CGI gave 100K to both the BLP government and the DLP opposition (at the time). Get with it guys IT IS PAY BACK TIME and the chikens are coming home to roost.

  27. akabozik

    I thought it would be different with the DLP this time. I really did. This is so disappointing, but in hindsight not surprising. Thompson hasn’t followed through on the whole ITAL thing. We got a show for freedom of information that will last two years, then on to the next show.

    At the same time the DLP did not make it illegal for a MP or government worker to issue contracts to themselves.

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  29. Bajantease

    I note that the BLP top two at least showed their hand, not one from DLp has at least set an example. Why not? What is it that persons in opposition can afford to let “the people know” that persons in Goverment cannot.

    Contracts are being signed for projects to “stimulate the economy”, does this not opportunities for graft. Perhaps this is the reason for the lack of ITAL. We’ve identified the need for oversight of our leaders both to protect themselves and the people.

  30. Government should look at addressing the PR on this issue. The motivation has to be the thousands of small/ordinary Bajans who are employed in the sector. While the people who run horse racing are rich they are under no obligation to pour their personal fortunes into the sport.

    In these times bailouts will naturally attract the attention of the populace. The Prime Minister as we said needs to tell the people what motivated his government to inject the funds.

  31. J. Payne

    Tisk tisk tisk… The GOB needs to get their own financial house in order it doesn’t really surprise me though. I recall the BLP did a similar thing when they declared the Barbados’ Cricket Legends home would be tax exempt “forever.”

    Tax-free for Legends’ home
    April 29, 2007

    ” The Prime Minister told his audience the new Legends home should generate income for the cricketers who, in the past, “brought the dignity of man onto the cricket field in a manner that could not have been ignored”.

    [ . . . ]

    “Tonight, I’ve come to say to the Cricket Legends that as Minister of Finance of Barbados, my last act this afternoon before coming here (to the Sherbourne Conference Centre), was to agree to remove from the obligation to pay, any form of tax whether it is corporation tax, levies, the valueadded tax (VAT), the environmental levy, the import duties or any other tax.”

    If you read the offerings on you’d also see the types of taxation offshore companies are able to get away from too.

    The worst part is the USA probably hasn’t even seen the worst of this thing yet… In 2010 the so called “Baby boomer” generation is going to reach the age of retirement and that huge bulge of the population are likely going to start removing their money from the stock markets around then. That is when the U.S. economy is REALLY- going to get interesting and it is my hope that the Barbados Government wont have all their debts tied up during that on coming downturn.

  32. J. Payne

    or rather- all of their money tied-up in debts.

  33. littleboy

    PR or no PR, this is a glaring error. Will the ordinary person be forgiven his debts (land tax, NIS, PAYE).
    We have had amnesties but forgiveness is out of the question for us.
    The rich must be kept in the style to which they are accustomed living.
    This move is “bare boo”.

  34. The Scout

    Tell my why
    The same money written off to BTC could have been used to purchase Bushy Park. Government had already taken over part, why didn’t they purchase all. Now that houses are to bebuilt there, I will bet that the race track would not materialise because there would be endless complaints by the new houseowners. If this or any Barbados government really want to earn much money plus foreign exchange all at once event, it is motor racing. Develop a state-of- the-art, private/public sector track and sit back and watch the money roll in

  35. David:

    What evidence is there that thousands of people work in the horse racing industry. I would be surprised if it was more than a few hundred full time equivalent workers. Has anyone ever seen an independent study which quantifies the economic impact of horse racing on Barbados.

    Also the crowds on most race days, including those watching for free, is less than a thousand, so it is not fair to say that this is an important part of the culture of most Bajans.

    Let the government be transparent about exactly what debt has been written off and what other subsidies are being provided. Like the US automakers, the BTC should have been required to present a plan to make the industry sustainable before the debt was written off.

  36. Fishpot

    Looking at the names of the Directors of the BTC, i can tell you there are four scamps and one scampess for sure. i know that the scampess packs a lot weight, and i just dont mean phisically. The Scampess arrived on our shores some time ago with her late husband and they proved the old saying that Bull SH.. will baffle Brains.

  37. Elvis

    I know that facing reality is something hard for some of us however, allow me to say these few things (The truth is not a sin but a great offence).
    1 Barbados is one of the most corrupt nations in the caribbean, but is cleverly hidden.
    2 We were founded on slavery deal with it, so who would always have control the wealth and food? and can do no wrong ? who ? you do the maths.
    3 when someone in Barbados is out spoken he’s 1 either kill off mysteriously, 2 regarded as crazy or 3 bribe to keep listen.
    4 we talk about politicians but wake up from your sleep six is still half dozen.
    5 Just take a good look around and you would find a nation full of hypocrites, so if he (PRIME MINISTER) give them 19 million or 1 million why are we acting to surprise!? SIX IS HALF DOZEN.
    6 They all are a pack of hypocrites and parasites.

  38. Meme

    It is not about “PR”. The anger is about $19 million given to friends of the government who don’t have to account for it in any manner.

    Answer the man’s questions Mister Prime Minister or STFU about “transparency” and “accountability” and “integrity”.

  39. Anon

    West Side Davie

    “I want a bailout too! I deserve it! I NEED it! I voted DLP! Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie”

    “I voted DLP” if you think that voting or supporting DLP will work in your favour you are sadly mistaken. The DLP has a long legacy of not helping its supporters when in office, this goes back to Errol Barrow time.

    DAVID SEALE is one of the DLP’s biggest enemies but look what has happened. He has been given a $19 million christmas gift from the DLP’s DAVID THOMPSON.

    DAVID SEALE is the man who vowed to destroy TILTMAN BEER which was owned by the now Minister JOHN BOYCE. With the help of the BLP Govt. and certain members of the Barbados Customs he was successful in destroying TILTMAN BEER.

    Now he is rewarded by the DLP.

    When we put in the DLP wha we do atall? Any body see any difference between the DLP and the BLP?

    I can bet my life that if the DLP is in office for the next 100 years not one single DLP supporter will ever get even 19 cents in tax write off.

  40. PFBFAB

    J Da Silva

    “Like the US automakers, the BTC should have been required to present a plan to make the industry sustainable before the debt was written off.”

    There you go, and take it one stage further. This administration used the climate created with this international finance confidence fiasco thing to carryout a bailout of its own.

    Damn, the tax payers should have gotten something in return, like a sizeable stake in the Lottery where Government would have a significant say in where the revenue is spent.

  41. Nostradamus

    I recall hearing/reading somewhere that the previous administration had agreed to write off the $19 million debt and the DLP has now had to carry out the agreement.

    Anyone know if this is correct? The public relations on this issue is terrible. The public deserve an explanation for the rationale to write off the debt.

  42. The following excerpt was taken from the Barbados Turf Club  website. It refers to a PCW study which highlighted the following:

    Based on a previous PWC study, now updated, total employment both direct and indirect from horseracing and related equine pursuits surpasses 2000. Top Trainers and Jockeys earn in excess of $75,000.00 p.a. and top Grooms over $50,000.00 p.a.

    Would you at this time not want to feed an industry which is making this kind of contribution. Remember that for each person employed we can estimate a family of 2 or 3 dependents. We have to be careful not to politicize on this issue. We concede that the government must come clean with the public about the process and information used to inform their final position to inject 19 million dollars into the horse racing industry. It is better to bail out an industry that to give handouts to people unemployed as a result of collapse of that industry.

  43. Hants

    The Government will explain this bailout.
    They have a valid reason and it relates to INCREASING employment.


    The PM said “I send out a warning again: we already have people starting to squat in Zone 1 areas in Barbados, many of whom have come to Barbados in the wave of immigration,” he told the WEEKEND NATION in an interview in Miami this week.”

    This squatting nonsense has to stop.
    If illegal immigrants are squatting in Zone 1 areas, send in the Police and immigration officers,arrest and deport them.

    The rest of the squatters who have a legal right to live in Barbados should be moved.

    ZONE 1 and the water supply of Barbados Must be protected. This is critical to the health of all.

    The day there is an outbreak of water borne disease, the Tourism industry will be devastated.

    Don’t let something like this happen!

  44. Anon


    I am not buying that at all.

    If I don’t pay my house rent the landlord will “skin” out me and my family no matter what the reason He would never say, “ok you have a lot of hungry children so you can keep it”.

    I vex as hell about this big Christmas gift DAVID THOMPSON give to DAVID SEALE. A sworn enemy of the DLP.

  45. Hants

    $475.17 canadian return.

    Air Canada to Barbados.

    Nuff tourisses coming.

  46. reality check

    “When we put in the DLP wha we do atall? Any body see any difference between the DLP and the BLP?”

    To a large extent the politicians rely on the same people who really run the country—the civil service. These people were never voted out of office, hence, no change.

    It takes a very strong PM to say no to a PS or to see that their persuasive words are often not only incorrect but are more of the same.

    I agree that the public relations ( transparency ) on these issues is really bad and the PM needs to hire a very intelligent and diligent press secretary in order to release information with these announcements. He has not been well served.

  47. PFBFAB

    Bail out if you must, but get something in return like shares in the Lottery and a plan going forward to be self sustaining. If you are supporting an operation simply because it employs people and cannot self sustaining, then there are scores of other socially oriented programs that you could use government’s focus that would also involve employing 2000 people, as opposed to an avenue for elite entertainment. What nonsense David…!

  48. @PFBFAM

    First because the public is not privy to any conditions with this deal we can’t speak in absolutes. Next you need to ask how long has the BTC accumulated the debt of 19 million and weight it against the lost of jobs at the start of the worst recession the Barbados and the world will probably see in our lifetime. The economist may want to chip in here and talk about the concept of opportunity cost.

    BU respects your view.


  49. Benjamin John

    We Bajans truly are an emotional lot. Quick to make accusations before we know all the facts. Everybody asking questions and still firing the accusations left right and centre.

    Perhaps Rumple can explain how the economists look at issues like this.

    I will give it a shot. BTC owes Government $19 million in unpaid taxes. Does the Government have any realistic hope of recovering the money?
    Would levying on the property owned by the BTC cover the debt? What would be the social outfall if the racing industry closed? How many jobs would be lost? Does racing provide variety to our tourism product? What part does the BTC play in helping to maintain the physical surroundings of the Garrison?

    In short do the benefits of closing down the racing industry outweigh the value it brings to employment, our tourism product and the upkeep of one of two large open green spaces on the south coast which thousands of Barbadians enjoy every year for free?

    Apparently the government has come down on the side of keeping the industry alive. It is now up to the current crop of BTC Directors to keep it well. Media reports have mentioned the introduction of night racing which we can only hope is part of a larger business plan to make the industry more sustainable. I agree wholeheartedly with those who believe that the BTC should have been required to submit such a plan and not merely given a blank cheque, as it were. This would be responsible government.

    The truth is that we simply don’t know the details of the accommodation. Where is the Political Advisor when we really need him?

    Whatever happened behind the scenes, David is right, horse racing in Barbados in its present form is economically unsustainable. Bajans by nature are not big gamblers. Not in the same way that our Trinidadian and Jamaican brothers are. This is the reason why the BTC has had to rely for so many years on some form of sweepstake or lottery to subsidize racing.

    It is true that racing is a sport for either the rich or fools. In fact, I remember my grandfather cautioning me as I set off for the Garrison pasture in my youth “Boy, slow horses and fast women are the downfall of many a good man.”

    Despite this racing does have an economic impact in terms of employment for hundreds of young men and a few women in the surrounding Brittons Hill, Harts Gap, Dalkeith and Bayland communities.

    I sympathize with you John in your efforts to save the Graeme Hall Sanctuary, but be warned that most of those who have commented above will be just as angry if the government bails out Peter Allard and buys the Sanctuary for us environmentally insensitive Bajans. Mind you I think the Government would be negligent if it did not acquire the Sanctuary and go on to establish the National Park. But so far not a word from the PM or his Minister of Environment on this subject.

    Perhaps the inflamed passions which I have read on this subject are symptomatic of a populace that is now so totally engrossed in the “gimme, gimme syndrome” so artfully expressed by West Side Davie, that it is failing to use its powers of deductive reasoning or … nah I better not go there.

  50. Whistling Duck

    I agree with Tel me Why. The Goverment should give some support for motoracing which is the most inter racial sport in Barbados. Also, it is one of the most friendly sports with everyone helping each other out. Micey, the Surfer, the Sherrif, kickastra and others have a great following and there is no bias shown.

    I have no problem with horse racing if people enjoy it but it should pay its own way and not depend on government handouts.

  51. PFBFAB

    Benjamin John
    You should join David in facing the corner for the next three days. You have just provided the horse racing fat cat club the best reason why they should never be concerned about paying taxes again… EVER!!

    You are missing the point, might I add, purposely.

    The government has absolutely to right to gift so much away WITHOUT DEMANDING SOMETHING IN RETURN…! Hello… is someone in there?

    David of course I respect you too. But you planning to shut Hopi down.

  52. Eye95

    Prime Minister Thompson is working hard for big business!!!

    The Prime Minister has not seen it fit to adjust land tax on ordinary Barbadians, but could give the Barbados Turf Club a $19 million golden parachute.

    They must be very special; influential and important to him to get the Prime Minister Thompson to give them such a golden parachute.

    It gets worst!

    At a time when the Turf Club is celebrating its good fortune, the Government too is gloating that it has been to twist $160,000 out of the hands of poor people who live in NHC units.

    PM Thompson is not hearing the cries of those who cannot buy food, or pay their bill, but in a mere eleven months – there is no mistake about what his priorities are and whose interest he urgently wants to attend to.

    At least he is being consistent in his quest to work assiduously on behalf of big business.

    Who could forget that within days of the DLP being elected – a privileged son of the soil expressed his utter delight that he was able to get Prime Minister Thompson to do for him, what he could not get the former government to, in fourteen years.

    That is – change the use of 80 acres of prime agriculture land to building.

  53. @PFBFAB
    Do you know if conditions were attached to the bailout?
    Do you have proof that we are shutting Hopi down.
    BFP has done a good job of explaining how the WordPress Spammer/Awaiting Moderation feature works. But we all could handle a red herring from time to time :-

  54. horse racing fanatic

    Speak of what is fact. This government merely rubber stamped an ongoing process that had its embryo laid during the last government by Luther Miller. Awhole lot of tat money is penalties and Interest. Now that teh government is going to Accrual accounting, it is considered uncollectible, a bad debt. Horseracing paid it’ s way when it was the only Lottery on the island. Check the facts and you will see . Also the BTC is registered as a Charity organization.

  55. Anon

    The Directors of the BTC, and there are many millionaires among them, should have been held personally responsible for that $19million debt and delt with acordingly.

    This bull shit about it started by the last Govt. so they had to continue with it just does not fly.

    The last Govt. had put the wheels in motion for the $300million flyovers and David Thompson cancelled it. He could revoked this $19 million tax write off deal if he wanted to.

  56. reality check

    writing off uncollectable debt and maintaining sufficient reserves is a good transparent accounting practice and is done in all countries that don’t want to fool the people about the true state of affairs.

    Can you imagine the effect on Barbados on the Thompson government ( not their fault ) if they started to write off uncollectable debts in GEMS, NIC etc etc.

    This boggles the mind

    At least the BTC will start with a clean slate.

    This is a good time to ask who owns the other lottery and where does the money go? If it is still 50% owned by a handful of owners, this is just plain wrong.

    Come on DLP lets start on the issue of transparency with the lotteries; who owns and where does the money go? They need to produce audited statements and these need to be posted on line.

    If I can make numerous kinds of bets at the racetrack in an instant these detailed statements would be a cinch to post.

  57. reality check

    make that who owns the lotteries. I don’t even know how many there are now.

  58. Ah, a subject guaranteed to cause much talk, as Benjamin above noted, inflamed passion, without adequate understanding of the scenario, to support opinions.

    Benjamin’s third paragraph is the root of the issue and the most important paragraph here.

    My understanding gleaned from persons who understand the industry is that thousands are employed both directly and indirectly by the horseracing.

    This will take in grooms, jockeys, trainers, vets, persons who work at feed manufacturing, farms both in keeping those horses that are off of the track, breeding and so on.

    How many persons does the hotel industry employ?

    Can you imagine, in this economy, sending home, as Benjamin notes above, over two thousand people?

    The thoughtful finance Minister therefore, takes the lesser of two evils and writes off the debt.

    Not a bad choice and in raw,unemotional terms, the only choice.

    My understanding is also that many jockeys and grooms have, by learning at the local racetrack, found their way to Canada and are doing very well, including a multiple-times champion jockey.

    How much money is being sent back to Barbados by these persons, a lot I expect.

    Compare this success to that of cricket. How many cricketers are currently working in the previous mainstay of the professional Caribbean cricketer? Maybe enough to count on one hand?

    Additionally, I understand that many horses produced locally are sold to Trinidad for racing.

    That is foreign exchange earned.

    Now, apparently, although some see the members of the horseracing to be rich and benefiting from it financially, a poster above also referred to being either rich or crazy to own a horse.

    I understand that this is quite accurate, that the expenditure on a racehorse is astronomical.

    Therefore, why do these owners keep horses?

    I suspect for pure enjoyment, hobby whatever.

    The point is, these owners are gaining little financially, but pouring money into the local economy, mainly in the form of jobs, the racing industry being very labour intensive.

    Additionally, I further understand that a number of the recent owners have been very wealthy Englishmen, who have and are basically pouring money into Barbados via this industry.

    It seems that they own many horses and spend substantial sums, foreign exchange into Barbados.

    I understand that one local horseowner name mentioned above, has over the years, until the influx of English owners, been one of the few who supported the industry, probably at much financial cost to himself.

    This means support for jobs, foreign exchange and one of the things I left out above, another attraction for visitors to the island during the winter months, another foreign exchange earner.

    Another aspect is as follows. How much concessions were given to the major golf resport on the West Coast? How many jobs does this provide for Barbadians on a continuous basis?

    How many of these Barbadians are given skills by this to then go overseas and work, sending money home?

    I would suspect that the concessions of duties to the golf course amounted to substantially more than 19 million and further suspect that the jobs come nowhere near the hundreds, let alone thousands.

    The reference to the 19 million being able to purchase the land for the national park and comparing this to the support for the horseracing industry is ridiculous in the extreme.

    I happen to be in favour of a national park, but to compare something which would make jobs in the scores, if that, as opposed an industry that employs workers into the thousands is nonsense.

    Thus, taking all of the above into consideration, from an economic viewpoint, only a complete idiot would not wish to give the industry all the help it can, to ensure survival, particularly at a time when the world economic crisis is escalating.

    It appears that job losses in November in the USA were over 550 thousand, the worst since 1974.

    It is essential that Government give every local industry all the help it can in the next few years.

    Finally, please separate logical analysis from raw emotional diatribes against persons perceived wealthy, whether for political, personal or just plain malicious intent.

    If anyone doubts the information that I have received, I would suggest taking a trip to the horseracing and investigating this for yourself.

    Peace & Live Strong

  59. Eye95

    David Thompson does not know what he is doing.

    In his October 24, 2000 Financial Policy Statement, Prime Minister Arthur reduced the level of tax on lotteries (Lotto and Mega 6) and race day wagering from 11.5% to 5% and to 3% on the daily game, on the understanding that the difference between the existing rates and the new rates will be used by the sporting organizations to develop sports.

    Mr. Arthur said then that the measures will place almost $10 million more each year at the immediate disposal of the sporting organizations of Barbados.

    In contrast, in his July 7, 2008 budget, Prime Minister Thompson increase the tax on lotteries and sweepstakes and also imposed a 25% Withholding Tax on gambling, the latter which will raise $8.7 million in a full year and hurt sports in Barbados.

    Helping young people through sports, as Arthur did is one thing, but helping big business and your friends to the fatted calf, as Prime Minister Thompson is now doing is another.

    This is the “changed” Barbados under Thompson!!!

  60. Tell me Why

    Based on a previous PWC study, now updated, total employment both direct and indirect from horseracing and related equine pursuits surpasses 2000. Top Trainers and Jockeys earn in excess of $75,000.00 p.a. and top Grooms over $50,000.00 p.a.
    David of BU, why embrace a study in this equation? Who pays the Jockeys? Who pays the Grooms? Are these not paid by the owners? I am asking why will Government bail-out an entity that refused to pay taxes and now fooling people that a bail-out will put them back on a financial footing. Utter Nonsense!

    Another thing. Do you know sponsors pay The Turf Club for sponsored races? What about private homeowners who run in difficulty with land tax? Will homeowners get a bail-out in these hard times?

    I support The Scout about purchasing Bushy Park and making it a sports stadium encompassing Motorsports, cricket, football, horseracing and any other out door sports. Oh how that $19 million would have done justice to sports.

  61. Mo' reduckshan

    Crude oil closed at under USD41/bbl.
    Soon time for another cut in gasoline and diesel prices
    – not to mention the appalling current price of bottled gas!!!

  62. PFBFAB

    Tell me Why

    Exactly! There really is no argument to oppose what you are saying. There is now only one major lottery interest in Barbados since Owing insisted two years ago to have things pan out that way. The owners..? deah, BTC and the BOA.

    Do the political parties receive monies from the lotteries? Whoops David may refer to that comment as a red herring. (Sustained no sorry, over ruled)

    The lottery pays the bills. In Barbados Horse Racing is not an industry, never was. The Lottery and it makes a lot of money for CBC and OCM so everyone is happy.

    David as to your impression of BFP done a good job of explaining … please man, pick sense of the following line of their argument:-

    “..we’ll give you a second chance if you promise to be a good boy or girl”.

    I tell yah.

  63. Lili

    To Pat

    I do agree with you, but in Barbados for many, many, many years, the riding schools have been made up of ex-racehorses who have successfully competed in dressage and show jumping. However, in the last 10 years or so, a lot of imported warmblood horses have been taking over from the TBs and outshining them (obviously since they were bred and trained from the beginning), but still today, if you check the riding schools, they are mainly consisted of ex-racehorses, after all they are free. I have 3 ex-racehorses and they are used for pleasure and trail rides and if we had the time we would be competing them in dressage and show-jumping, which is what we did before.

    So a very small percentage can and do lead useful lives in a riding school, but a lot of them live an awful life after racing, starving by the side of the road.

    I have no idea how many horses are bred in a year, how many actually race, how many actually break down, but I suspect that the numbers are huge!!!!

    I think the BTC should have a fund to do something to help ex-racehorses.

  64. PFBFAB

    Mo’ reduckshan

    Sen Branford Taitt
    BrassTacks Sunday, 2007

  65. The Scout

    Come on, it is time this government stop lammenting on the evil the other government did while they themselves are doing the same thing. Even if the other government had promise the writeoff, this present government had the right to stop it; there was NOTHING signed. Didn’t this same government stop the fiasco on the highway? Talking about which after almost a year they are still frigging around and can’t give a finishing date. More waste money. All that happen is that polititians laughing at we. The baton has been passed to the DLP, ” take some sweets fellow, we belly full.” All like now members from both sides either cooling out somewhere or preparing to go by Braddie’s later tonight.

  66. Pine hog boy

    BTC board of directors reads like a rougues gallery with exceptions of Lord Taylor (who is he?) and Judge Williams. Luther Miller the Third should be co leader with David Seale. I own ponies and let me tell you Miller the Third ( should be spelt TURD) is your worst nightmare.

  67. Lord Taylor is apparently the latest of the English benefactors who have taken a liking to Barbados and is spending much locally, oh yes, foreign exchange into Barbados.

    Many on here are readily trying to ‘defend’ some benefactors in other areas, but here we have benefactors supporting an industry that would collapse otherwise, because they like Barbados and enjoy the industry and we are instead being critical, even to the point of obnoxious by some bloggers postings.

    Get past the politics.

  68. Robin Hood

    @ Rumplestilskin
    Well I be de complete idiot den. I’s one to be paying taxes and sit and listen to you Rumplestilskin argue in a way that suggest that you got absolutely no problem with this gamblin’ operation EVER contributing to Government coffers while idiots like me have to.

    Get past the politics? You need to get past yaself

  69. Fishpot

    @ Rumplestilskin. Allow me to educate you. Lord Michael Taylor is not a lord as we know the term. He is a man that changed his name to Lord. Another crafty move to Bull SH.. the people of Barbados. Trust me i know them good, i white.

  70. J. Payne


    Don’t get caught off-guard by this dip in fuel. There are some arguments this is just temporary. The oil producing countries right now are worried about the growing number of countries that are fed up and are actually ready to switch to alternative fuels.

    I mean even Americans have *finally* woken up.

    Two stats that CNN threw out is, Americans use about 15 times more energy per person than does someone in a typical “developing country” and the U.S. accounts for only 5 percent of the world’s population, yet they consume 26 percent of the world’s total energy.

    OPEC was charging soo much for oil they literally- started to make it more economically feasible for countries to switch to alternative fuels. If the big countries stopped buying as much of OPEC’s oil- what do you think would happen to the majority of them? Many of them are literally countries out in the middle of the desert. As Foxnews put it they would be nothing more than really big sandboxes.

    They would literally be really long beaches without the sea… Not a viable tourism selling intative. By them dropping the price of fuel, they hope that the world will no longer see a financial incentive to outlay costs to deploy alternative energy.

  71. Fishpot, although I am always open to new ideas, I do not need your brand of education.

    What does it matter how the gentleman received his ‘title’.

    The ancestors of all ‘kings’ and ‘lords’ gained their titles originally by politics and plunder anyway.

    What DOES matter is the gentleman’s huge input to the Barbados economy, which many of you seem to be so blinded by hatred that you willingly ignore on it being explained.

    I hold no flag for nor beef against the wealthy, what is, is.

    What I hold a flag for is proper governmental management and what I have a beef with is improper governmental management, as assessed by the facts.

    Peace & Live Strong

  72. equality of poverty

    Lord Michael Taylor has contributed much time, effort and money to Barbados.

    If we continue to denigrate those that come to Barbados who bring their capital and investment that creates jobs, not to mention, time energy and passion, we will chase them all away.

    Once they are gone and the capital is pulled away we can all enjoy the equality of poverty that is enjoyed in Guyana and similar caribbean countries.

    Rumplestiltskin is right on the money.

  73. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    I wonder if the government will write off those who are unable to pay back loans from the Government, such as: student loans, National housing loans etc. I know one such person who is having it hard paying back a student loan and a loan from the credit union for studies over seas on his current government salary. Since his return the Ministry has not even recognized his high-fo-luted qualification but want his expertise. (sons of …….) Guess you got to have race horse or be a member of the knights of the poltical round table to have your dept written off. Absolute shame.

    My Prime Minister if this story is true, I am very upset at you. Please provide reasons why you did this. I voted for you to look out for us poor people. Please help my friend with his depts, now that you are doing the same for the big-up others. Or do I have to horse around at the Garrison for you to do so.

  74. robin Hood

    equality of poverty

    Do you people actually think or are genetically prone to suck up?

  75. reality check

    I actually think you can achieve more by using honey and working with peope than spitting on them.

    Its a much easier way to go through life.

  76. Robin Hood

    Gentlemen, Gentlemen please…

    The issue is that you do not give away something for nothing. What has the Barbados Government got for the 19 Million?

  77. Anon

    equality of poverty

    “Once they are gone and the capital is pulled away we can all enjoy the equality of poverty”

    They are all here but somehow we are not enjoying the equality of Wealth. So what difference will it make?

  78. Robin Hood

    GTECH Global Services Corporation operates and manages the Barbados Lottery since 2005.

    Do they now own the operation? How much is paid to the BTC annually? If the operation was sold, should the revenues not have been used to clear the indebtedness to the crown? For 19 mil, should tax payers not be privy to this kind of info?

    We are back to the start of the discussion.

    Touché Anon

  79. Pat


    If those race horses make the transition from racing to dressage and show jumping, then Barbados has some good horse trainers.

    I am glad that you have “saved” some of these horses. But you are right, there has to be a solution to the main problem of letting them starve to death. They need not only food, but exercise.

    I am not a horse rider, but I have been to horse shows and do enjoy the sport. While people praise the rider, I have always praised the horse and trainer. Horses are beautiful animals.

    I also enjoy dogs. Although I do not own one at present, living in a city with little space and no dog park. I also attend dog shows. You see and can decide the more intelligent dogs at these shows. One of my favorites is the Cubana.

  80. Benjamin John

    Robin Hood said:

    “The issue is that you do not give away something for nothing. What has the Barbados Government got for the 19 Million?”
    Answer: 2000 jobs, another tourist attraction, foreign exchange and assistance in maintaining the Garrison.

    Did you not read Rumple’s very cogent analysis?

  81. Benjamin John

    Now that we are on to gambling can anyone confirm whether our Political Advisor gets a percentage of gross from the recently introduced video gaming machines?

    If anybody can answer this question I have another about his relationship with Cost U Less.

  82. Robin Hood

    Benjamin John

    So you who is so damned clear about this is prepared to gift another 19 mill in tax write offs to the same institution, 10 years from now because of Rumple’s very cogent analysis? What is going on here? Is there some virus going around… ? Help… it may be contagious

  83. Fishpot

    Rumple remember what i said “i know them good” beware. Lowdown has been warning about this for a long time. It is coming full circle.England will own us again. The Government is cutting a break to people with money so that they can have some fun on Saturday afternoon.

  84. Robin Hood

    2000 jobs huh.

    Imagine for a moment that there was no more BTC. All the funds from the lottery are channelled for arguments sake to the world’s most popular sport, football. So instead of paying the salaries of grooms and jockeys you would be financing 20 semi-professional teams.

    Instead of paying trainers and vets, you would be paying coaches and doctors. Instead of importing expensive horses, you would be importing gear and in fact much of the gear would be made locally. Instead of having a statue built of a horse, you would have one of Gas Clarke and in time, unlike local horse racing, the sport would become a self sustaining industry that would be exporting players to Europe, Japan and the US, and PAYING TAXES. And so on.

    The only thing missing is this comparison is the presence of rich Englishmen with money to throw around. Hmm.

    Cogent enough for you John?

  85. Hants

    “This broadcast has been brought to you by Barbados.
    Experience the authentic caribbean.”

    The above is a 10 second ad at 11.20pm on the CTV news network in Canada.
    Thats the good news.

    The better news is that

    it is -2 degrees and snowing.
    Air Canada flights to Barbados $475 round trip.

    Canadians coming in bulk.

  86. Anon


    “My understanding gleaned from persons who understand the industry is that thousands are employed both directly and indirectly by the horseracing”

    The rich crooked man’s ploy, surround yourself with thousands of poor hand to mouth people, e.g. grooms. Anytime that you are being call to account for any crimes such as not paying your taxes, you simply threaten to send home everyone and the authorities will back off and leave you alone.

    Matter fixed.

    And the Govt. which ever, BLP or DLP falls for it everytime.

  87. Avatar Girl

    And then people wonder why poor Barbados has a beef with the rich!

  88. J

    Reality check wrote on December 4th at 4:49 p.m. “Horse racing has been an institution in Barbados for many many…The BTC is not a money maker as the venue and demographics are too small. ”

    If the venue and demographics are too small then why does the BTC continue? and even more inportant why does MY government give them MY MONEY?

    I myself have NEVER gone to a horse race and I will NEVER go, so why am I paying for it?

  89. J

    The Barbados Water Authority cut my water (an essential service) off once because I owed them $99, yes you read it right, ninety-nine dollars.

  90. J

    Dear Lili:

    If some of the grooms are paid so little that they have difficulty properly feeding and caring for their own small children, why on earth would anybody give them a big guts horse to feed? Don’t tell me that the BRC board is so irresponsible?

  91. J

    David you wrote “While the people who run horse racing are rich they are under no obligation to pour their personal fortunes into the sport.”

    So these rich people expect the tax payers to pour thier widow’s mites into the rich men’s favourite sport?

    My mother may she rest in peace used to tell me that horse racing is for rich men and fools.

    Poor soul she was wrong. Horse racing is for rich men and foolish taxpayers.

  92. J

    Nostramadamus wrote “I recall hearing/reading somewhere that the previous administration had agreed to write off the $19 million debt and the DLP has now had to carry out the agreement.”

    This newly elected DLP HAD TO give the BTC $19 million? What do you mean by had to? Somebody was holding them by the balls?

    I have been deceived, I always though Nostradamus was some kinda wise man, but now I know better.


  93. J

    Dear David you quoted thes numbers “Top Trainers and Jockeys earn in excess of $75,000.00 p.a. and top Grooms over $50,000.00 p.a.”

    And how many hours per week and how many weeks per year do these people work?

    I have to work 40 hours per week, 48 weeks per year.

  94. J

    Actually Banjamin John I would like to see the Garrison return to tropical rainforest. This would be a great contribution to the greening of Bridgetown

  95. J

    Benjamin John wrote “The truth is that we simply don’t know the details of the accommodation. Where is the Political Advisor when we really need him?”

    The political adviser is not there to advise you (nor me). He is there to advise the Prime Minister. He is there if necessary to ensure that you and I are NEVER told the facts.

  96. J

    Horse racing fanatic tells me that the Barbados Turf Club is a registered charity.

    Could fanatic or the BTC tell me who benefits from this charity?

    Children? sick people? poor people? sick horses?

    Who benefits?

    Tell me.

  97. J

    Rumplestilskin wrote “many of you seem to be so blinded by hatred ”

    Believe me we don’t hate anybody.

    We just love our tax money.

  98. West Side Davie

    J, I wouldn’t be surprised if BFP sends you a broadside for your bad manners in doing multiple comments on one article.

    By doing that you monopolize the “recent comments” list on the side and limit the ability of other readers to see what is being discussed and what topics are hot.

    Please dont do it again.

  99. Pat

    @West Side Davie

    You are funny. I never knew there was a comments bar on the side nor what it was used for. I had to go check it out. You cant monopolize something you are not knowledgeable about. However, it seems that the latest comments are indicated, so I am sure your contribution will show up on the “recent comments”.

    You could have waited for BFP to make their objections. It is their forum. You dun be one fast Bajan doh.

  100. Anonymous

    You don’t want to know what happens to sick horses in Barbados.

  101. Hants

    The 2008 Champion jockey at the Woodbine racetrack in Toronto is Patrick Husbands.

    Bajans should be proud. He started his career at the Garrison race track.

  102. Hants,

    Another Barbadian Champion? Along with only Suki King?

    Congrats to the fellow.

    What happened to all of the cricketers, any Bajans left in county cricket?

    Why do we spend money in cricket?

    Many do not go to cricket, therefore by some of your thinking, why should we spend on it?

    Not only that, it brings tourists only when English tours come, whereas racing has constant visitor attendance.

    Further, as Hants shows above, Barbadians are earning money, foreign exchange, from their learning.

    But cricket no longer earns much for Barbadians overseas.

  103. J queried, ‘And how many hours per week and how many weeks per year do these people work?

    I have to work 40 hours per week, 48 weeks per year.’

    I understand that trainers and grooms alike work 24/7.

    Remember, horses are live and, as I did note above, the industry is labour intensive, very important point for a Government.

    For example, making T-shirts, or candy or whatever, one can mechanise the process.

    Dealing with animals such as horses, especially horses that are racing, requires constant attention.

    Thus, the importance of labour for which mechanisation can never take place.

    It does seem that many of you cannot get past the ‘incidence’ of the tax break.

    The ‘incidence’ means that it has more effect on the workers, economy and flow of money, than it has on the owners.

    Yet, you harp on about the Government giving rich people money.

    Rubbish, with the situation clearly explained above, either your capability to understand is rather limited or you are being contrary out of sheer animosity towards the stakeholders.

    If, as you claim you are worried about your tax dollars, you would understand that as noted above, the debt is virtually irrecoverable, due to, again as noted above, the nature of the industry being job and foreign exchange earning only, the rich owners that you are so against, making nothing from the industry, aside from enjoyment.

    You would also understand that the repercussions on an economy of losing over two thousand jobs, would be significant, particularly our service economy.

    Another major point is that a significant proportion (some would argue overly so) of our labour force is in the public sector, thus losses of jobs in the private sector must also be assessed in terms of the proportion to the private sector employment percentage itself, not only to the overall employment figures, which would be bad enough.

    Peace & Live Strong

  104. Robin Hood


    Shut down. Shut accross. Shut…

  105. twobits

    How much money was given? Who got it? Exactly how was it spent? Who has profited from the millions?

    You want my tax dollars, you had better be prepared to answer those questions. Woe to the government that gives away my money without transparency.

    Did someone say Thompson?

  106. J

    Dear Rumplestilskin you wrote “I understand that trainers and grooms alike work 24/7.”

    Wuh ya telling me? I am a parent and from day one once my children are fed and clean and dry I put them in the crib and I go to SLEEP. 27/4 work wuh?

    NOBODY works 24/7.

    No work (not even raising children, and certainly not raising animals) is so important as to deserve any individuals time 24/7.

    Can I really claim to be WORKING when I am ASLEEP while my baby sleeps?

    Stop trying to fool already foolish people.

  107. Lili

    To J

    I know, and I really can’t understand it how these owners think. But look around you and you will see. These horses that are tied off by the side of the road are Thoroughbred horses ie most of them are ex-racehorses who either never made the grade or broke down.

    Also quite a few of these ex-racehorses have also got to the Police Force. Yes, those long legged narrow horses are the TBs, only the chunky big bodied ones were brought in from overseas.

    As they say – common sense, ain’t so common.

  108. J

    If my pet is too old and or sick to continue, I’ll take it to a vet or call a vet to as they say put it to sleep, and then I’ll bury the thing in my own backyard. And I am not rich nor particularly well educated. If a race horse cannot continue it is the owner’s RESPONSIBILITY to have it humanely put to death and then to have it decently buried.

    Some or all of these race horse owners have money, excellent educations, and large properties and yet their pets end up being starved to death?

    Shame on them.

  109. Robin Hood?

    No need to be rude. Asking someone to shut indicates that you are against others voicing opinions, then brings into question your motives for posting here on ‘BFP’, as such is and was ostensibly the original purpose of the site.

    Also, unwillingness to listen and either agree or disagree without resorting to insult comes across as immature and closed to ideas.

    I would suggest wording your discussion in a manner that portrays your thoughts without such resort. This will being some semblance of validity to your point of view, whether correct or incorrect.

    Nevertheless, it is now irrelevant, thankfully whomever made the decision referred to in the article, has at least some semblance of economic knowledge.

    Peace & live Strong

  110. fully loaded GB

    The email below was circulated by some unknown fan and forwarded to all the directors and management of the BTC soon after government waived the 19 m in taxes , there is no accountability to anyone at that members club. The red herring about saving jobs is not substantiated with fact , find out how many grooms are here from Jamaica and Guyana who came here in work permits as agriculture workers and work with some of the major stables . what percentage of vat is paid on the daily entrance fees? what is the strategy of the BTC (Boys Together Club) to ensure that they do not run in to further cash flow problems where owners are paid three months after winning ? Do we expect the BTC to run a profitable boys club from now on and not be running cap in hand to government in two years time for another waiver if taxes ( VAT this time?)
    we shall see i agree the questions below should be answered

    In light of the millions upon millions of tax dollars that have been spent by the Barbados Turf Club, please answer the following questions…

    1/ Who owns the Barbados Turf Club?

    2/ What assets does the BTC have, and what are its liabilities and to whom are the liabilities owed?

    3/ Here is a list of the Board of Directors. How much in cash or other benefits has each person received in the last five years?
    4/ what is your strategy to ensure the the BTC would be a profitable boys club in the future.

    what is the value added service and what has change in terms of the physical conditions an accommodation in the Grand Stand that would merit patrons to pay an almost a 200 %to 300% increase in admission to the BTC to on any race day.

    Oh i forgot maybe an increase in pigeons defecating on patrons , falling particles of roofing sealing, dirty hardwood seats , rotten flooring , oh and of course a nonexistent Customer Service Rept to report complaints like when you shirt is torn by a nail protruding from a seat .

    The Quick fix to this is a few girls washing the seats with buckets of water the day before races and a few guys patching a roof ceiling panel before a race day from falling ,but this does nor help the girls at the betting machines from running from their stations on race days when the birds fly out the falling roof sealing , not a good work environment at all .

    Should i say the more things change the more they remain the same especially at the Barbados Turf Club , we are going back to the days of The nigger stand and the grand stand ,now we have added the challenor stand to the equation .

    Did anyone consider the guys in the grand stand known as the GRAND STAND POSSEE who supports this sport troughout the year or are we just considering the few tourist who are here from December to March who gets complimentary tickets anyhow ,i do not believe this is another way to get the GRAND STAND POSSEE (group of about 30 real horse racing fans )to leave this area which was once reserved for a few with certain credentials.

    It is not too late for anyone concerned to look at this proposed price structure , look at the concerns raised above as it relates to accommodation and act now if you are interested in the future of horse racing in Barbados.

  111. How can savings jobs, which mount into the thousands, be a red herring?

    Ridiculous in the extreme.

    Do you quite understand the scenario that the world now faces?

    This is why I am also against the plan by C&W to fire hundreds of staff when they are making profits.

    In our service economy, loss of jobs now will be devastating, considering that the backs of developed countries are against the wall.

    As for our tourist industry next year, be aware that Britain is even worse than previously anticipated, which is where most of our tourists derive from.

    The situation in the UK was, as everywhere else, anticipated to decline, but it is really falling apart.

    Hence, we had all better be preparing for a coming of at least two to three serious economic years.

    Jobs, are critical. Do not underestimate this.

    Peace & Live Strong

  112. How Was The $19 Million Spent By The Barbados Turf Club?
    Dear Rumplestilskin you wrote “I understand that trainers and grooms alike work 24/7.” Oh, yes, thats possible… and the owners?

    *smile* Owners makes party whis with tarts.I have indicated the scandals of the BTC and have published.Nobody believes me, however, it is the truth!Now the state pays for such party’s.
    See also:
    But probably I am also censored from barbados FREE PRESS… This word *Free* is already to laugh……

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    WHY IS AREUTALKINTOME NOT RECEIVING THE $100,000.oo Bonus for winning the Triple Crown as the other winners did.

    The first leg of the crown was already started and won by AREUTALKINTOME and lawyers state it is illegal for the BARBADOS TURF CLUB TO DO THIS.

    Is is true that Luther Miller, III made this decision?

    What trainer won Luther his Derby trophy?
    Why would he deny payment to this history making duo?

    Lawyers say this is illegal.


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