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Barbados Government Gives $19 Million To Rich Racing Horse Owners As It Pleads For International Funds

Government’s Wealthy Friends Benefit From Your Tax Dollars

A few weeks ago, the Barbados Government of Prime Minister Thompson was bragging that the National Housing Corporation had collected over $600,000 in back rents from poor tenants who are behind. Always one to throw a positive spin on any government in power, the Nation Newspaper titled its article $600,000 In The Bag

“In the bag for whom?” the paper should have been asking.

Easy enough… in the bag for rich racehorse owners called the Barbados Turf Club who were just given NINETEEN MILLION of YOUR tax dollars by Prime Minister Thompson so the big boys can continue to have fun with their hobby horses. (see Government Writes Off BTC’s $19 Million Dollar Debt)

Meanwhile in Miami, Prime Minister Thompson spoke at the Conference on the Caribbean and Central America with cup in hand – telling those developed nations that they had better help the poor people of Barbados. Not to mention that his government just cleared the way to borrow another 1.5 BILLION dollars that YOU and your children and their children will pay for.

And by a strange coincidence (cough, cough) some of the benefactors of this $19 million dollar wad of cash are none other than people who gave money to the Democratic Labour Party’s recent election campaign!

How Was The $19 Million Spent By The Barbados Turf Club?

You only thought you were electing a new government. After almost a year in power the DLP Barbados Government is acting exactly like its corrupt predecessors of the Barbados Labour Party.

So let’s have some transparency from Prime Minister David Thompson – who is such a fan of integrity, freedom of information and transparency. Here are some questions, and I’m sure our readers can help with a few more as the citizens of Barbados attempt to discover exactly how our tax dollars were spent by the wealthy race horse owners of the Barbados Turf Club.

Dear Prime Minister Thompson,

In light of the millions upon millions of tax dollars that have been spent by the Barbados Turf Club, please answer the following questions…

1/ Who owns the Barbados Turf Club?

2/ What assets does the BTC have, and what are its liabilities and to whom are the liabilities owed?

3/ Here is a list of the Board of Directors. How much in cash or other benefits has each person received in the last five years?

The following persons are on the Board of Directors of the Barbados Turf Club:

Sir David Seale – President
Mr. Stephen Walcott – Vice President
Mr. Bruce Bayley
Mr. Duane Burke
Mr. Anthony Da Silva
Mrs. Pamela Marshall
Mr. Luther G. Miller III J.P.
Lord Michael Taylor
Sir Denys Williams KCMG GCM

4/ Are any of the Board of Directors or their families or associated corporations amongst the creditors of the Barbados Turf Club who will be or were recipients of any payments from the BTC in the last five years?

5/ Are any politicians of any party, or their family members or associated corporations amongst the creditors of the Barbados Turf Club who will be or were recipients of any payments from the BTC in the last five years?

6/ How much money in “campaign donations” was received by the DLP in the last five years from any of the Barbados Turf Club board members, or their family members or associated corporations?

That will do for a start. Barbados Free Press readers… give ’em HELL…


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Barbados Family Planning Association Head: If The Husband Has HIV/Aids, Don’t Tell The Wife !

“It is going to take a longer time, I think, and you must allow the counselling process to work, but not entertain any thought of third party notification until your client is ready to divulge that information either with or without your assistance,”…

… George Griffith, Barbados Family Planning Association head and typical “women are playthings” Bajan male, explains why he would knowingly let an HIV-positive husband continue to keep the disease secret from his wife in the Nation newspaper article Let Patient Reveal HIV Status.

Shona of Barbados Free Press Comments…

I cannot tell you how angry I am at George Griffith at this moment. I think he casually plays with the lives of women. I don’t care how he justifies it: if he or any medical professional knew that my husband had HIV and didn’t tell me, no one could contain my fury.

George Griffith is a menace to the health of every woman on this island.

Shona with Cliverton


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