Barbados Government Against Witness Intimidation – Unless Done By Powerful Government Insiders

Chief Justice, Former Barbados High Commissioner And Others Threatened Witnesses – But Government and Police Did Nothing

University of the West Indies professor John Knox was told by former Barbados High Commissioner Peter Simmons that if he persisted in being a witness in a lawsuit he would lose his job teaching. Knox continued as a witness and was indeed fired from his position at the University of the West Indies.

If that isn’t threatening a witness and a perversion of justice, I don’t know what is.

Prior to that threat, during a meeting between Chief Justice David Simmons, his brother Peter Simmons and environmental consultant Stuart Heaslet, Chief Justice Simmons threatened that if a land fraud case against him in a Canadian court was not dropped, he would ruin the chances for a Graeme Hall National Park.

Oh, bye the way: Stuart Heaslet is a witness in that Canadian trial.

Then of course we have the ongoing death threats against another few witnesses in the Kingland land fraud trial which the Royal Barbados Police Force have refused to investigate – primarily because the death threats were made from a computer used by Member of Parliament Dr. Duguid.

Barbados Attorney General Stuart Gives A Speech To The Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock

Attorney General Stuart Gives A Speech To The Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock

Why Is All This Talk Of Threatening Witnesses Relevant Today?

Glad you asked. The Attorney General of Barbados, Freundel Stuart, made a big speech the other day about how Barbados is very concerned about witnesses being threatened by “thugs”. Mr. Stuart said he hadn’t heard of any cases in Barbados, but the authorities are watching for it.

Really, Mr. Stuart? You haven’t heard of any such cases? Really?

Perhaps you should contact your Commissioner of Police and ask him why he and his officers did nothing when death threats were made against witnesses in the Kingsland case. Or perhaps AG Stuart should read the court documents that show that John Knox was fired for being a witness and that the Chief Justice threatened to use his political connections to kill the Graeme Hall National Park unless charges against him are dropped.

Then again, when Attorney General Stuart made his speech, one of the people at the head table was Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock – the same Charles Leacock who had corrupt police officers collect some back rent for him from a tenant named Ronja Juman.

Although it seems difficult to imagine that this happened in Barbados, officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force used a forged search warrant to raid Ronja Juman’s home in the middle of the night, dragged her off to the police station and performed a vaginal search on Ms. Juman. All over back rent.

They didn’t charge her right away. The idea was to terrorise Juman and her family to get that back rent payment. For the same reason, the corrupt police officers visited her son’s school just to sent Ms. Juman a little message.

Those were Barbados Police thugs working “on the side” to collect back rent for the landlord: Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock.


Attorney General Stuart would be well advised to remove the log from his own eye before he worries too much about the rest of the island.

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17 responses to “Barbados Government Against Witness Intimidation – Unless Done By Powerful Government Insiders

  1. Hants

    United States President-elect Barack Obama has officially nominated the first Caribbean-American to take up the position as Attorney General in his Cabinet.

    Prehaps we need to recruit in the USA.

  2. The Scout

    Protection should not only be given to witnesses but also to jurors. I’ve heard of a number of jurors that were either confronted to take a bribe to set an accuse free or were intimidated by friends of the accused. This is part of the changing culture of Barbados and if not nipped in the bud it will escalate to something much more serious. I hope I never get called again to be a juror, I was called three times before and I have done my civic duty.

  3. J

    Dear BFP:

    ” collect some back rent for him from a tenant named Ronja Juman.”

    Why did not Ms. Juman pay her rent in full and on time?

  4. PiedPiper

    “J”: Just when I think that you and I may have some common ground, you disappoint me. Do you really want me to list the various ways that a person may not be able to pay their rent other than “them int got nuh money”??
    The fact that Ms. Juman did not pay her rent did not give the Director of Public Prosecutions the right to go above the law that he is sworn to uphold and use his position to bring the police in the middle of the night with a shabby at best search warrant and carry her off (in front of her children) to a police station and search for the rent in her vagina. Can you spell c-o-r-r-u-p-t-i-o-n. All of us, including you, are entitled to “due process” of law and when someone who is appointed to a position of trust to uphold that “due process”, abuses that trust, people must speak out. Do you want to live in a society where those in power, discard and disabuse the law of the land in order to further their own self interests? If so, stop thinking of Barbados as a first world nation and join the ranks of undemocratic societies where you have no protection against those who would impose their will on you by stripping you of your human rights.

  5. Straight talk


    Would you have recommended a pardon for Marc Rich?

    Tenuous links to a long forgotten Bajan ancestry do not guarantee honest judgments.

  6. West Side Davie

    Thank you Pied Piper.

  7. reality check


    maybe Ronja Juman should have been tortured for the rent money in front of her son.

    That would serve her right.

    In some so called countries they might even do that.

    Are you okay J?

  8. J

    Dear Reality Check:

    I am ok. Thanks for asking.


  9. J

    Foolish me.

    Somehow I though the corrupt one was the tenant who refused to either pay the rent or move out of the man place.

  10. Good article, BFP!

    I wrote a post about the lawsuit concerning the refurbishment of the Hilton, and it led me indirectly to the Turks and Caicos, where it was reported that arson is used to intimidate.

    I also discovered some interesting information on why money-laundering charges were dropped against a bank.

  11. The Scout

    This posting seem to have been redirected towards a particular matter. The big question is, will justice be served in Barbados any longer if proscecution witnesses and jurors feel threatened? Then the entire judicial system will break down and anarchy can result in Barbados, like in some of the other countries in the region. The problem is beginning to raise its ubly head in Barbados and it needs to be nipped in the bud but then the flower might be fully blooming right now.

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  13. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    There is no corruption in Barbados. Barbados practices high levels of integrity, transparency, accountabiliy and morality. This is plain to see in the degree of persons convicted for bribes, thiefing tax payers money, money laundering, dummy companies etc. We are a nation of christian people and God has blessed us with the ability to be smart and secretive.

  14. Hants

    Superintendent of Prisons, Lieutenant Colonel John Nurse says
    “The prison will address the problem by determining how they are entering the prison grounds and putting systems in place to help capture and prosecute anyone caught stealing produce.”

    How much did this prison cost? $200million?

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