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When Judges Cozy Up To Politicians, The Appearance Of An Independent Judiciary Vanishes

When Two Davids Share A Common Purpose

Two Davids Share A Common Purpose

It has long been a convention in civilised countries that judges should not mix socially with politicians for the simple yet profound reason that to do so takes away from the appearance that the judiciary is independent from the political branch of government. For a similar reason in many jurisdictions judges will not mix socially with lawyers so there can never be a question as to a judge favouring one lawyer over another.

In Barbados though our Chief Justice doesn’t care about such appearances. SIR David Simmons was a former Attorney General who accepted the position of Chief Justice mere months after resigning. When his old cabinet friend Owen Arthur gave him the job, David Simmons happily took it – knowing that it made a mockery of the Office of the Chief Justice.

Now with the change in leadership, David Simmons is courting the Prime Minister (or maybe the other way around) but neither of them care about appearances.

David Thompson, David Simmons - Two Barbados Politicians

David Thompson, David Simmons - Two Barbados Politicians

How ironic that the two of them enjoyed each other’s company so well at the very celebration of the founding of the nation that they mock.

And the worst part about it is that many citizens have been conditioned to see nothing wrong with the above photo.

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