Mumbai Terror Murderers: Born In Britain Muslims Captured Taking Part in Attacks

Two British-born Pakistanis were among eight gunmen seized by Indian commandos who stormed buildings to free hostages, Vilasrao Deshmukh, the chief minister of Mumbai, reportedly said.

The Foreign Office earlier said it was investigating reports on NDTV, a local television news channel, that the terrorists – who swarmed luxury hotels and other tourist sites in the city – included “British citizens of Pakistani origin”.

The development came as Gordon Brown called for international co-ordination to combat terrorism in the wake of the attacks. He said: “We have got to look at how international action against terrorism can be improved.”

… from Telegraph UK (link here)

How Does One Tell Fundamentalist Muslim Murderers From Ordinary Everyday Citizens?

As with the Muslim terror bombings of the London and Spanish transit systems, and the “shoe-bomber” Richard Reid who wanted to murder an entire airplane full of families, some of the Mumbai murderers were born in the west.

If they are truly religiously motivated, then perhaps all killed muslim terrorists should be buried in pig guts. According to some, the hardcore Muslim terrorists believe they can’t get those virgins while buried in pig guts.

What do you think folks? IF it were shown that burying killed terrorists in pig guts would remove significant numbers of recruits from the ranks of those willing to go on suicide missions, should society take this measure?


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13 responses to “Mumbai Terror Murderers: Born In Britain Muslims Captured Taking Part in Attacks


    ‘Religion’ and ‘God’ are the cause of 95% of the trouble in the world. All through history. Us people are simply stupid, dumb and ignorant. But dont expect us to wise up any time soon. Sex, money and power is what it’s all about.

  2. akabozik

    I agree Centipede, I’m sure that all these so-called “Muslim Terrorists” in Mumbai will soon be unmasked as bloodthirsty Christians or Buddhists. Like those rogue Catholic Nuns that beheaded those school girls in Malaysia last year or the Baptist prayer group that has been throwing acid in the faces of those girls in Afghanistan.

    If you get my point…

  3. 199

    Bajans, Britain’s already, lost!! Simply, make certain the same thing does n’t happen to you!!


    And the really hurtful thing is, this ‘God’ they talk about has no actual existence. “He” is just an idea in men’s minds……

  5. sabta

    If burying the dead muslims terrorists in pig guts will stop some future murders then do it.

  6. freedom

    It always amazes me how individuals experience freedom in another country and then turn around and want to take those freedoms away from the country that takes them in.

    Surely their acts and threats of hate should entitle them to have their passports removed and a one way ticket to the muslim fundamentalist country of their choice?

    Tolerance can really only extend to those who believe in tolerance of others.

    As to hate crimes, why is it that threats of arson, physical harm and even murder to Barbadian citizens on the internet continues to this day without immediate police and judicial review?

    Answer: because it is politically sanctioned and a means of victimizing those who don’t fall into line.

    Why has Cable and Wireless for several months now refused to fully cooperate with a release of all IP addresses shown to be tied in with those making threats and who in the judicial system is blocking their immediate release?

  7. akabozik

    Freedom you are WRONG!!!!

    It has NOT been “several months” that Cable and Wireless has refused to cooperate or that the police have refused to investigate politically motivated death threats in Barbados.

    It has been OVER A YEAR since the threats to murder Adrian Loveridge, burn down his hotel and rape his wife appeared on the internet. The police were given the IP numbers and Cable and Wireless gave the information who did it to the police.

    The police did NOTHING.

    Some of the threats were proven to come from the computer of Doctor Duguid in Parliament!!!!

    Duguid told everyone this in a article on BFP.

    The police are part of the government conspiracy with death threats against Loveridge. There were threats too against a DLP candidate. Sh*t smeared on her door and a gunshot against her house.

    Bad bad people the BLP who did this. Bad bad people the Commissioner of Police who protect them.


    The respected journalist Muriel Gray, writing in the Glasgow Herald on July 24, 2005 made a point with reference to the recent London bombings.

    Here it is ~

    “Everyone is being blamed, from the obvious villainous duo of George Bush and Tony Blair, to the inaction of Muslim “communities”. But it has never been clearer, that there is only one place to lay the blame as it has ever been thus. The cause of all this misery, mayhem, violence, terror and ignorance is of course, religion itself, and if it seems ludicrous to have to state such an obvious reality, the fact is that the government and the media are doing a good job pretending that it isn’t so.

    Our Western politicians avoid mentioning the “R” word ( religion) and instead characterize their battle as a war against “terror”, as though terror itself were a king of spirit or force with a will and a mind of it’s own.

    Terrorists are not psychotic, they are religious idealists who have been brought up from the cradle, to have total and unquestioning faith. A failed Palestinian suicide bomber said that what drove him to killed Israelis was “the love of martyrdom…I don’t want revenge for anything, I just wanted to be a martyr”.

  9. REK

    i think at the time of firing outside taj hotel politicians might be having scotish whishy and when they came to know some thing happening outside they might have went to bathroom and hide themselves when everything is finished they will come out to see the shooting place and Continue their work after 6 months electios will come same thing happens and some brain less person will be elected same old stroy

  10. Rohan

    BFP please release my comments.

  11. The Scout

    In this world of “freedom of choice”, if you want to ignore the presence of THE TRUE GOD, it’s up to you. For me, if it is just a mind thing. then it is one I’m happy with and intend to keep for the rest of my life. I prefer to be happy believing in my God and find after I died that there is none, than to believe that there is none now ans then die and find out there is the GOD that I ignore while alive. I’m happy now and have nothing to fear when I die.

  12. Rohan

    The Scout,
    You have nothing to fear when you die but a whole lot to fear while you’re alive:

    The wrath and jealousy of God
    Punishment for your sins
    The fear of going to hell on some technicality
    Maybe God will strike you down for blasphemy

    Me, I just live my life fear free. Period.

    Anyhow, Maybe this will put a smile on somebody’s face somewhere:

    Muslim killers to be denied Muslim burial

  13. Avatar Girl

    Yeah, religion….


    DO you see how rich the Pope is living these days?!?!

    An Olympic-size pool…that he doesn’t use, ’cause he’s too old!

    A Bullet proof Mercedes SUV…that he doesn’t drive, ’cause he’s too old!

    An entire mansion with TONS of rooms…that he doesn’t use because he’s only one guy…AND he’s too old to make use of them! 😉

    As a Catholic, that’s one of the reasons I stopped going to church, because I gotta eat, too! I’m not paying for someone’s “personal collection” of Nazi art that is holed up in those safes he has!

    I trust in an entity greater than myself…however I do NOT trust in any man’s interpretation of it!