Barbadian Stranded In Nigeria For Past 45 Years !

gwendolyn-joseph-barbadosHer accent and physical appearance easily gives her away as a foreigner, but few people know the pathetic story behind the sojourn of 87-year-old Gwendolyn Joseph in Nigeria for the past 45 years…

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22 responses to “Barbadian Stranded In Nigeria For Past 45 Years !

  1. 199

    Poor thing, had to learn the hard way!! Let’s hope you’re of wiser counsels!!

  2. Joe

    Can any one recommend a reliable, honest, professional accountant or Attorney in Barbados?
    I am at my wits end.

  3. reality check

    a little old lady being fleeced of her life savings in Nigeria by a christian rogue?

    Maybe Nigeria has a lot more in common with Basrbados than she really knows.

    She would probably be stripped of her assets here and penniless as well with no one to turn to especially a rseponsive legal system.

  4. 199

    Somebody please pay dis lady fare and let er c the land of her birth one last time, before she call it a day, do!! 🙂

  5. The Scout

    As a humanitarian gesture, the Barbados government can bring her back home and take care of her until death

  6. Lady Anon

    Why? She seems quite content where she is…she has not asked to return to Barbados.

  7. Sad To Say

    Joe: An honest lawyer is just as much an oxymoron as an honest doctor. Barbados has lost its way morally. On this little tock of ours honesty has taken a back seat to greed, selfishness and con-artistry. Say to say I see no turning back and it is going to get worse from here. I hope you and the the next generation are in for the ride.

  8. 199

    Lady Anon
    November 29, 2008 at 10:27 pm
    Why? She seems quite content where she is…she has not asked to return to Barbados.


    Lady Anon, how about somebody making her the offer – if only for a visit!! Don’t u think she’d appreciate seeing her island-home, again!!

  9. Lady Anon

    There is a vast difference between bringing her back home for a visit (if she wishes) and bringing her back home and taking care of her until death!

  10. The Scout

    Lady Anon
    You’re right. Maybe my government can offer to bring her home for a visit, then she can decide what she wants to do. She is showing signs of going senile, if anything is going to be done for her, it has to be done NOW.

  11. littleboy

    The lady has openly admitted that she is comfortable where she is. Quite frankly, I believe that her wishes should be respected.
    Also she admits to having come from a well off family. I hope one of them sees the article and makes contact.

  12. Pat

    Well, why cant they bring us ALL home for visits?

    This was supposedly a rich woman. Rather than expending her efforts in the poor countryside of Barbados, she decided to take it to the other side of the world to benefit strangers. If she was taken in and swindled, so be it.

    She had relatives in Kenya, also, according to her, monied. If she wanted to come back to Bim, being the “Christians” they are supposed to be, I am sure they would have helped.

    I say the government should not take taxpayers money and bring her home.

    On the other hand, you humanitarians on this board can do that. Pool your pennies and buy her a ticket. Let 199 start the process and ante up #100.

  13. 199

    Pity the poor soul who has to rely on relatives!! As for being christian, many of them don’t even know what it means save dressing-up nice pun a Sunday!!

  14. Pat


    So it is better to have to rely on the taxpayers of Barbados, who are strangers to her? What pity what? Blood is thicker than water. She turned her back on her own.

  15. 199

    Pat, u sound the terribly, mean-minded person which I suspect u are!! A spell in church might prove cathartic!!

  16. J

    Dear Scout:

    Just having a little fun here but you wrote ” she can decide what she wants to do. She is showing signs of going senile”

    Is it wise to let a senile person decide for themselves, and at tax payers expense too?

    Just asking.

  17. The Scout

    I said she’s showing signs not that she is sinile. So many of us are showing signs of sinility but are still in control of our metal faculties. All I’m saying that she should be given the chance to see Barbados again before she goes sinile.It would make no sense bringing her back then

  18. BrattyBat

    Stranded for 45 years? Oh give me a break! Never!! I don’t believe this.

  19. Pat


    The woman is not stranded. She is there by choice. Her choice.

  20. 199

    At her age and in her condition, she’s certainly, got a lot of choice, has n’t she!! I tell yuh, the amount of jobbee which I hear from that one called Pat is absolutely, amazing, not to mention shameful, for a Barbadian!!

  21. Lady Anon

    199…as much as you don’t like it, Pat is right. I read the complete article and the lady quite rightly said…she went there on her own.

    She may have been misled, but she made a life there. She even indicated that she travelled to England on more than one occasion and chose to return to Nigeria. If she wanted, on one of those occasions, she could have travelled over to Barbados, but she did not.

    She led a full life in Nigeria where she CHOSE to live a full life. Let her be.

  22. Pat


    We all know that the ‘jobbee’ is between your ears.