How Many Barbados Government Ministers Received New Vehicles As Election Rewards?

Friends, we received the following anonymous complaint. Like all things anonymous INCLUDING THIS BLOG it should be taken with a grain of salt and carefully considered before you go rushing off proclaiming it as the gospel.

We must also consider that the anonymous writer of the letter might be one of those government workers who think of the democratic process and the people’s elected representatives as “inconvenient”. Perhaps this anonymous government worker is a BLP fat cat who is trying to sabotage the DLP government. Or maybe they are a dedicated employee trying to do their best. Keep an open mind, friends!

That said, much good comes from our newly found ability to discuss important matters in public without having our families and our jobs targeted by political elites who consider themselves entitled and above the law. That is not to say that all or even most government officials fit into that category – but you know many who do!

So here is the letter. Let’s discuss it and also consider the question posed by the title of this article. Am I correct that every newly-elected DLP Government Minister received a shiny new vehicle as a reward?

What say the ordinary people about all this?

Here is the anonymous letter…

Transport Minister John Boyce

Transport Minister John Boyce

Good Morning, I am a government employee at the ministry of transport & works, since the induction of john boyce as commander in charge, he also takes the hats of head of departments and foot soldier.  I have worked in the ministry for 11 years under 5 ministers.  And during that time I have never seen any acted or done the things he does.

Firstly, the painting of the building, can u imagine they tested a colour (baby blue) on the entire back part of the administrative block, wastage of paint and time.

Up to now the building isn’t finish and this was been painted from january and this is now november.

He got rid of a parking spot located directly in front his spot so he can drive his gas guzzler (usa ford sports trac) straight into his spot so that he would have to drive around the cars parked in front of the delegated parking spaces for senior staff.

He has not allocated two reserved parking spaces for himself, one for his private vehicle and the other for the ministry issued vehicle.

Every month he orders two cases of bottle water the first minister to do such.

The previous ministers before him didn’t get a gov’t suv to drive around to play pretty with they drove their vehicles when going about the gov’t business.

How could the treasury be so broke and is happening.

He is acting like this is his home.

What a shame!!!


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49 responses to “How Many Barbados Government Ministers Received New Vehicles As Election Rewards?

  1. J

    Bad minded, semi-literate government worker.

  2. reality check

    thats it?

    only a baby prima donna in training so far

    besides the unpainted wall, bottles of water and two reserved spaces, has he done anything positive for the Ministry?

  3. Hants

    BFP what are you thinking.You can do better that printing the rantings of a disgruntlrd government employee.

    At least we getting some excitment in Canada.

    The three opposition parties planning to join together to bring down the Harper Government. Could be another election in Canada.

  4. > Am I correct that every newly-elected DLP Government Minister received a shiny new vehicle as a reward?

    No. If a minister is seen in a new vehicle we shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it is an election reward or a ‘kick-back’. Ministers have salaries, on the basis of which they can obtain car loans like the next citizen.

  5. Equilibrium

    Two bottles of water, hmmm seems this minister is a rather ‘thirsty’ man. But who could blame the poor guy for wanting a soothing touch on his eyes every morning and goin all baby blue on the public workers…meanwhile some of the residents of Bournes Land, Carters Gap, Oistins, Rollins Road and Flat-Bush i have recently interviewed have indicated that they are still waiting on the “many bottles of water” worth of jobs promised sinced january.

    if only the deepness of the bellow from his tone of voice was implicit of a deepness of intuity and committment to the work of the public, would his many antics, in office and of course out of office, would be accepted, noting well that the varying activities in a specific constituency office, particularly on the 7th of November (full moon and raining falling) have not gone unnoticed by surrounding residents. it surely wasnt the usual constituency meeting…LOL

    some argue it is fair to say that the ministry of public works needs to look beyond the parameters of a chemical engineer to set policy for our worsening traffic situation.

  6. Knight of the Long Knives

    Well 2 cases of water and easing his parking because of the turning radius of the gawdawful Ford trucks is not really something to fire the man over. It sounds a lot like nitpicking. And if we are going to judge him on his personal behavior lets judge them all. I agree with the person on the other thread who spoke about the difference between England and Barbados. These people need to be exposed and forced to resign.

  7. Equilibrium

    well put Knight

  8. PoliticallyIncorrect

    Well as the owners of the blog correctly said, we can’t take anything from anonymous sources without checking them.

    Surely, that should not be a problem. Barbados is so small someone has got to know someone else in the Ministry of Transportation and Works.

    If found to be true however, I rest my case made months ago…………….same horse, different colour.

    Nuff said.

  9. Eye95

    This is the folly of Prime Minister Thompson’s Cabinet reshuffle:

    The two most powerful Cabinet posts within the Westminster System of Government are that of Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

    The Prime Minister states what the policy of his Government is locally, while the Foreign Minister does so internationally.

    The Constitution of Barbados talks about the office of Prime Minister and that of Attorney General, the latter who is merely the Government’s principle legal advisor and must be an Attorney at law.

    His reward is that having been appointed Attorney General, he shortly thereafter is invited to wear silk or becomes a Queens Counsel (Q.C.).

    You have Maxine McClean, a person who has not faced the polls, but now occupying the number two position in the David Thompson Cabinet.

    Appointing Mr. Stuart Deputy Prime Minister is therefore a political illusion. His only real power comes when the Prime Minister is not in the island and if he is appointed – acting Prime Minister.

    With the appointment of Maxine McClean, Minister of Foreign Affairs, with the exception of Thompson – every one else in his Cabinet has been demoted.

    Denis Lowe is trained as a social scientist but has been made Minister of Sewage, Gutters, Gullies and Cesspool Water. Christ Sinckler is Minister of Pork Barrel, Slush Funds and Fatted Calf.

    Here is the classic. Dr. David Estwick, a trained medical doctor and a man who faced the polls – has been demoted to Minister of Economic Development and now has to “report” to Senator Darcy Boyce – the real Minister of Finance who was not elected by the people.

    Little wonder that it is now being said that Estwick “blue vex” and has not gone to work since.

    This points to the crisis within the DLP. David Estwick was in the middle of a speech when he was pulled aside and reminded that he was no longer the Minister.

    Lowering Christopher Sinckler status to his disadvantage from Minister of Foreign Affairs, to Minister of Pork Barrel, Slush Funds and fatted Calf – even though his pay remains unchanged, is to vulgarise Section 112 of the Constitution of Barbados.

    David Thompson would have like to bring-in more people into his Cabinet but he already has five members who were not elected by the people.

    There is therefore a crisis and a lack of confidence by the Prime Minister in the tools he has to work with.

    Prime Minister Thompson is right! Barbadians should pray! The ride is going to get a lot bumpier!

  10. Time Will Tell

    Are you freaking kidding me! BFP

    Having read your disclosure , I seriously expected substance, provoking maleficence. No such thing!

    (1) Test painting a damm wall
    (2) Preferred parking spot
    (3) Two cases of bottle water every month

    It appears you are desperate for someone else to defame. How about a real story.

    ” Barbados Government in secret talks to establish casino gambling in Barbados”

    Stop the cockamamie and absurd nit picking. Barbados certainly has bigger issues in need of public debate.

    Lastly, your “so called” informer can use an english /writing 101 class or two. Topic: “Government workers who can’t read or write”

    Time Will Tell

  11. Hants

    Knight of the Long Knives
    says “It sounds a lot like nitpicking.”


    We should all drink eight 80z. bottles of water or per day. that works out to 30×8 = 240 bottles per month.

    Minister Boyce better increase his intake or his internal organs will be in trouble.

    Minister drives a Ford gas guzzling sheyet box? I have to shut up cause I does drive 3litre gas guzzlin sedan.

    Did I see Glyne Clark Mercyben on this blog awneat a uhman house. At least BLP Ministers had better taste in cars.

    Lighten up people!

  12. Hants

    BFP if I was you I would call an emergency meeting of our fellow bloggers to discuss the Economy starting with the 250 workers LIME sending home to lime. How ironic a name.

    Fortress funds loss $23million.

    The recession is here. Help thy jobless neighbour.

  13. Buhbayduss

    As a DLP supporter I yearn for the new government to perform. So far they earned a pass grade.

    John Boyce however is a minister I expect to abuse power. Our anonymous whistle blower accusations flimsy but Boyce is a candidate for heavy handedness.

  14. Sundowner

    Hants home to Lime? Limey was a nickname given to British sailors cause they were given limes to prevent scurvy, its not the name of the country. Sorry nit picking there.
    Relatives in the UK say its frightening how many people being laid off, 1000’s and 1000’s , supermarkets cutting prices of some goods, mainly electrical by 50% trying to catch the Christmas market!! the effect will soon be felt here I’m sure, though I saw a lot of tourists out and about today before the rain started, not sure if they’re buying mind!!

  15. Sundowner

    Hants , sorry, see what you mean the Bajan term lime……..

  16. Hants

    @ Sundowner

    I spent Saturday mornings in the 60s on Broad street liming with my friends.

    Life was simple back then.

    On a serious note, I am sorry for those 250 LIME employees who getting send home.
    I hope they get a good severance to help them through these difficult times.

  17. ding dong Bell

    John Boyce performed with the same inefficiency and arrogance when he worked in a senior position at Banks years ago. When he was fired he had no sympathty from the workers.

  18. Imagine… Just try to imagine…

    What might happen if more were willing to stand behind what you say?

    We might actually get something done!

    Imagine that! (Or is that too much to ask?)

  19. Hants

    “Now that I am in charge of the Urban and Rural Development Commissions it is my intention to ensure that that program gets underway immediately and I have told them it is time to get cracking. The excuses are finished and whatever investigations, whatever analysis has to be done, what ever restructuring might be proposed from the audits that have been done, those will be taken into fair consideration. But an audit investigation cannot be, and will not be, used as an excuse by this government for not doing work. Work has to be done.”

  20. Paul Barnes

    Ask Allan Fields ’bout John Boyce…

  21. PoliticallyIncorrect

    I thought the honourable Mr. Thompson was running on a change mantra.

    What change……………change the government!

  22. .23

    @Hants: “BFP if I was you I would call an emergency meeting of our fellow bloggers to discuss the Economy starting with the 250 workers LIME sending home to lime. How ironic a name.

    Fortress funds loss $23million.

    The recession is here.”

    On Barbados Underground, I’ve asked how would this LIME restructuring will work by putting out 250 out of work. And a poster said @ BU said this:

    Limer: “In the meeting yesterday Mr. Dodd e referred to the C&W Caribbean as being run like a “Back Yard Garage” and has seen it fit to bring in a number of British Consultants being paid $50,000.00 a month to advise him how the new company should work. He stated at the meeting yesterday that many of the workers there are just taking up space and he could have just come in and hand out cards telling people that they are going home without an explanation. He made it clear that they do not need to go through the union as the union can do nothing to stop it.

    Many workers sat in awe as he stated that he intends to reduce the work for of nearly 900 workers to a mere 593 by 2009 and everyone will be handed letters letting them know their fate by 31st december 2008.

    This is all tied to the fact that they need to meet this traget so that the cheif in London can receive a bonus of 22 million pounds and rumour has it that if Mr. Austin delivers this he too will get a bonus in the millions. “

  23. Hants

    It is really angers me when companies like Cable & Wireless can make huge profits year after year and now looking to send home some of the people who made them profitable.
    They just made $91 million last year.It is cruel to send home people just after Christmas.How do you think these workers feel?

  24. reality check

    Cable and Wireless played the competition game like a violin.

    First of all they maintained the right to keep the lucrative international market as a monoply for a number of years by greasing the right wheels and then used the change in local competition to get rid of a lot of workers.

    Cable and Wireless has never made more money!

    Whoever negotiated this deal for the citizens of Barbados had to know exactly what they were doing.

  25. Hants

    “I want to pull back between January and August what was to be done, but was unable to be done in the first ten months of this administration. The resources are there, the public is demanding and we need to have it done because people are hurting . . . ,” Sinckler said.

  26. ace

    somebody at cable and wutless care something bout who get send home ? its all about the money
    nobody aint care nuttin bout no slaves: slaves ?you buy and sell them as you see fit

  27. PoliticallyIncorrect

    Truth be told the “slaves” as you term them at Cable and Wireless never gave a damn for the rest of the “slaves” who were paying extortionist monies for the “services” offered.

    Those first set of “slaves” sure enjoyed the pay and perks at C&W while it lasted and had NO COMPASSION for the other “slaves”.

    Seems to me that we are all “slaves” of one type or another………….

  28. The Scout

    I see some BIG Jaguars on the road in some BIg boys hands. I wonder who paid for those.

  29. Hants

    The study found that Guyanese comprise just over 46 percent of the sex workers, followed by Barbadians 20 percent, Trinidadians 13 percent and Jamaicans, 5 percent.

    uh wunda ef da got workup permits.

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  31. J

    Scout’s question: “I see some BIG Jaguars on the road in some BIg boys hands.I wonder who paid for those.”

    The right answer: “We the people”.

  32. Hants

    Well done BTA.

    Ads blitzing the TV in the USA and Canada in Prime Time should work.

    A couple of heavy snowstorms and North American Tourist will be coming for some Sunshine.

  33. yatinkiteasy

    Talking about cars…a brand new Toyota SUV with MP plates passed me flying on the ABC…nothing special, until I pulled alongside at a roundabout and noticed it had a sign on it…”The Barbados Library Service”….and this, for a Library that has been closed for years….Just what does the driver do to justify these sweet wheels?

  34. Hants

    yatinkiteasy says,
    “for a Library that has been closed for years”

    It is my understanding that the Public Libraries in Holetown,Speightstown and other parts of Barbados are open and the new home of the Bridgetown Library will open shortly.
    Am I correct BFP?

  35. Bishop Bowring

    Can anyone tell me the name of the minister of the present government that demanded the first two months’ rent money from the owner of a building being rented by a government agency?

    Plus ça change (plus c’est la même chose)!

  36. Adrian Loveridge


    Don’t just sit there.

    Go and arrange the snowstorms NOW, but please make sure the planes can still take-off.

    At least from our small hotel perspective, WESTJET seems to be driving business.

  37. To .23,

    Your points regarding C&W’s actions indicate horrendous behaviour.

    This is typical of these large organisations that make millions, but because they did not meet some ‘specified’ target, use that as an excuse to fire workers.

    Immoral and disgusting. What is also contributes to is a complete lack of loyalty among the workforce.

    I do know that Errol Barrow would never have allowed this behaviour in Barbados.

    As for continuance of this behaviour, do you know that a few months ago CEO of a multinational in India was beaten to death by disgruntled employees who had been treated just like this.

    I am not saying that is right, nor advocating violence, far from it, but merely showing that when a society is pushed to the limits anything can happen.

    I suspect that this treatment of employees and rampant greed for profits at the expense of the society is one of the issues that will be addressed during the next ten years in the socio-economic adjustment that has begun.

    As I said, many do not yet understand that the rules have changed, they are still playing in the first innings, when the second has begun.

  38. Hants

    @ Adrian Loveridge

    OPP urge caution in slushy conditions

    Dec 01, 2008 04:30 AM

    It’s official. Old Man Winter has arrived.

    While residents in Toronto’s downtown core were spared the worst of southern Ontario’s first major snowstorm beginning late yesterday afternoon, heavy snow warnings were issued for the Golden Horseshoe, with up to 15 centimetres of wet snow forecast for Durham, Vaughan, York, Peel and Halton regions.

  39. @reality check: “Cable and Wireless played the competition game like a violin.

    You are *SOOOO* right!!!

    @rc: “Whoever negotiated this deal for the citizens of Barbados had to know exactly what they were doing.

    I’m not sure you’re correct here. However, I doubt they cared…

  40. S

    Sir Bentwood Dick
    I am not saying that is right, nor advocating violence, far from it, but merely showing that when a society is pushed to the limits anything can happen.
    So do you believe that society has a right to step in amd protect itself-??? (careful how you answer—this is a trap)

  41. J

    Dear Hants:

    Now that you have successfully arranged a snowstorm for Adrian, can you please arrange for me to win the lottery. Thanks.

  42. Hants

    J try some of these numbers everytime you play.

    Choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49.

    Hope you win.

  43. Lybron

    BFP, had a minister in the previous Government done same thing that Boyce did he would have taken to task by this blog but all is well because it is a member of the DLP who has committed the sin.

    That a minister, who is part of a Government that consistently accused the last BLP administration of mismanaging the economy and wasting money to come now and behave in the same manner is politically dishonest.

    What is worst is the fact that unemployment is rising every day, businesses are under financial pressure, our standard of living is deteriorating by the minute. Yet this Government of “change” has not taken note.


  44. Equilibrium

    It might be noteable to state that Minister Boyce has held a children’s fair at the St. Christopher’s Primary School on Sunday. Additionally noteable is the fact that the cleanup after the fair was horrendous and one of the janitors namely a Mrs. H…..ood was left to be appalled at the number of used condoms on the premises that were not discarded of by the cleanupcrew.

    In addition various portions of the cat-wire to the south of the school has been disfigured as a result of a failure of the security at the fair (if any) from preventing the scores of children and grown men who climbed the fence to enter.

    in addition, one should recall that in 2007 the Hon. Dr. Dennis Lowe held a similar event to the result that the door locks at the upper level of the schol had to be ALL replaced as a result of them being broken off and the room being used for undertakings inconceivable to one mind.

    Minister Boyce should really be more sensitve about his engagements.

  45. J

    Dear Equilibrium:

    Do you seriously believe that Cabinet Ministers are responsible for the bad behaviour of their constituents?

    The people who enjoyed the s*x should have wrapped up their condom before placing it in a bin.

    Failing that the “clean-up crew” )including the Minister?) using gloves should have done the same.

    Failing that the janitor should have done the same.

    But the issue should never have to come to public attention.

  46. S ‘ So do you believe that society has a right to step in amd protect itself-??? (careful how you answer—this is a trap):’

    In reply, short question, long answer.

    At its shortest, the answer is that when a breakpoint is reached, any moral question as to right and wrong will ultimately by irrelevant.

    As when an elastic band breaks, it is broken because it can go no more.

    Thus, I have not said that I support or not, merely that such may take place.

    A version of the longer answer would refer to the natural equilibrium of society, if such exists.

    If equilibrium is disturbed, surely a counterbalance must be sought, as a basic rule of physics, no?

    Many would argue as to the nature of intervention, if sch takes place.

    The ‘classic’ democratic approach is for petitioning or strike action, followed by discussion to resolution, alternately as necessity dictates, or indeed politics may dictate, legislation to address perceived wrongs.

    Personally, I cannot support action other than this, such as possible violent action.

    I personally believe that for peaceful ends, we must seek peaceful means.

    Having said that, can we actually moralise in such a situation, as to right and wrong?

    On the one hand, we have a business, ‘legally’ exercising it’s right to reduce costs and become, supposedly, more efficient.

    On the other, we have hundreds of workers, their families, their communities, on the breadline, while the company increases profits.

    For the good of society as a whole, surely one would wish to see the hundreds kept in employment, to maintain economic viability, if not increased profits for the company.

    This too, at a time of possible serious economic crisis, such layoffs only being a further catalyst.

    So, increased profits for the few, or jobs and sustenance for the many?

    Can we moralise? In terms of society’s ‘norms’ and what is regarded as supposedly ‘civilised’ in today’s world, certainly, it is legal course or nothing.

    From a viewpoint of the natural equilibrium of society, I think we have a problem.

    The fair leader would wish some negotiated compromise, maybe an ugly word to some, in which case both parties come away with something worthwhile.

    My point is that if such compromise is not negotiated nor grievances addressed, in the long term the society as a whole will be seriously affected, negatively.

  47. To clarify this ‘Personally, I cannot support action other than this, such as possible violent action’

    Better phrased ‘ Personally, I support such peaceful action rather than any other, such as possible violent action’

  48. Benjamin John

    My mind too small to exercise it on bottled water and blue paint.

    What I really want to know is how Minister Boyce intends to solve the traffic problem on the ABC Highway by rushing the traffic along four lanes to noticeably smaller roundabouts.

    Thing is, I have heard the Minister on more than one occasion make the point that the problem with the traffic flows occurs when traffic moving in different (not opposite) directions intersects at various points along the highway.

    Now is this not the very thing that the flyovers (overpass bridges) were supposed to solve. I know I am only a simpleton, but if I could leave the airport in the morning, at say 7 o’clock, and drive to Warrens without having to stop once, does it not stand to reason that the journey in length of time would be shorter.

    If I did not have to compete with the hundreds of drivers coming down Upton or Mapp Hill or Hothersal trying to get to town and if they did not have to compete with me for precious passage around the skinny roundabouts I know both our morning commutes would be so much more pleasant.

    We Bajans could be real foolish when we ready. Let a lot of politicians talk us into believing that the flyovers was a bad idea. The same said politicians who cuss Tom Adams into an early grave when he was building the Highway. Where you think we would be without it now!

    Why we can’t think for ourselves. The project might not have been well run, but you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

    A responsible Minister would have said, “Look this project has had problems, we are going to review it and look for the most cost effective way to complete it.” But wait then the Prime Minister might not have been able to play the big shot and fire the contractors on TV.

    We don’t need anymore grandstanding we need solutions. I wish the Minister would hold a public consultation on traffic. I would bet a month’s salary (while I still got a job) that ordinary Bajans would come up with better solutions than the big up experts at the Pine.

    Lord help my people to pick sense from nonsense perpetrated on us by politicians who was only looking to catch a vote.

  49. Avatar Girl


    I’D like to get a gas-guzzling SUV!

    Jeez, even a little Picanto would work for me!

    Beats the heck out of taking ZR’s ‘pun a morning!