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How Many Barbados Government Ministers Received New Vehicles As Election Rewards?

Friends, we received the following anonymous complaint. Like all things anonymous INCLUDING THIS BLOG it should be taken with a grain of salt and carefully considered before you go rushing off proclaiming it as the gospel.

We must also consider that the anonymous writer of the letter might be one of those government workers who think of the democratic process and the people’s elected representatives as “inconvenient”. Perhaps this anonymous government worker is a BLP fat cat who is trying to sabotage the DLP government. Or maybe they are a dedicated employee trying to do their best. Keep an open mind, friends!

That said, much good comes from our newly found ability to discuss important matters in public without having our families and our jobs targeted by political elites who consider themselves entitled and above the law. That is not to say that all or even most government officials fit into that category – but you know many who do!

So here is the letter. Let’s discuss it and also consider the question posed by the title of this article. Am I correct that every newly-elected DLP Government Minister received a shiny new vehicle as a reward?

What say the ordinary people about all this?

Here is the anonymous letter…

Transport Minister John Boyce

Transport Minister John Boyce

Good Morning, I am a government employee at the ministry of transport & works, since the induction of john boyce as commander in charge, he also takes the hats of head of departments and foot soldier.  I have worked in the ministry for 11 years under 5 ministers.  And during that time I have never seen any acted or done the things he does.

Firstly, the painting of the building, can u imagine they tested a colour (baby blue) on the entire back part of the administrative block, wastage of paint and time.

Up to now the building isn’t finish and this was been painted from january and this is now november.

He got rid of a parking spot located directly in front his spot so he can drive his gas guzzler (usa ford sports trac) straight into his spot so that he would have to drive around the cars parked in front of the delegated parking spaces for senior staff.

He has not allocated two reserved parking spaces for himself, one for his private vehicle and the other for the ministry issued vehicle.

Every month he orders two cases of bottle water the first minister to do such.

The previous ministers before him didn’t get a gov’t suv to drive around to play pretty with they drove their vehicles when going about the gov’t business.

How could the treasury be so broke and is happening.

He is acting like this is his home.

What a shame!!!


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