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Guyana Consul Norman Faria Expresses Admiration For Some Of The Greatest Mass Murderers In History

“Communists were, and continue to be, motivated to never accept injustice and racism and to act and speak out accordingly…”

Honorary Consul for Guyana, Norman Faria, writing his disgustingly warped Remembrance Day piece in the Nation Fighting Fascism

Will Somebody Please Buy Norman Faria A History Book?

Norman Faria simply obliterates history in his latest diarrhea published as an editorial in the Nation.

According to Faria, it was those courageous and morally righteous Russian Communists who stood up to those evil Nazi fascists. His article features Alexander “Sasha” Perchersky, a captured Russian political officer who was a Jew and led the famous Sobibor Concentration Camp rebellion. Yes, Perchersky did lead the revolt to escape Sobibor concentration camp, but in Faria’s mind that’s all it takes to say “Communists were, and continue to be, motivated to never accept injustice and racism and to act and speak out accordingly…”

(Interesting statement by Faria, that the Communists “continue to be motivated to never accept injustice…”)

Let’s have a little tour through history and see how Mr. Faria’s warped fairytale stacks up, shall we?

German-Russian Pact Divides Up Poland - August 24, 1939

German-Russian Pact Divides Up Poland – August 24, 1939

Who Invaded Poland and Started World War Two? Germany AND Russia…

Conveniently forgotten by Faria is the fact that Russian Communists invaded Poland at the same time as Hitler’s troops. You see, just a few weeks earlier in August 1939 the Russians signed this little “non-aggression pact” with Germany that split Poland between the Germany and Russia.

After invading eastern Poland the Russians (who “never accept injustice” according to Faria) murdered tens of thousands of military officers, teachers, priests, rabbis, politicians and Polish cultural leaders. Then they deported a million or two Poles to the Guglag camps as slave labour. This has been the standard Communist operational procedure right from the murder of the Czar and his children, through Lenin, Stalin, Mao and the capture of Hue City where the Communists went door to door with long prepared “please report for a meeting” lists. Those who reported were murdered.

Cambodian Children Murdered By Communists

Children Murdered By Communists In The Killing Fields Of Cambodia

Not to mention that stalwart of Communism, Pol Pot, who brought “year zero” to Cambodia. Piles of skulls and photographs of the victims of perfect communism can be found in the killing field museums throughout Cambodia.

And who can forget the religious persecution of Christians, Jews, Muslims and others by the Communists of Russia and around the world? Apparently, Norman Faria can.

Systematic Massacre Of Community Civilian Leaders By Communists - Hue City

Systematic Massacre Of Community Civilian Leaders By Communists - Hue City

Faria might also want to look up a few words from history as he praises his new Russian communist friends too much more. He should research the words Katyn Massacre, Gulag and Holodomor.

Cambodia - Killing Tree

Cambodia - Killing Tree

Is Norman Faria On The Russian Payroll… or Only One Who Stalin Called “Useful Idiots” ?

Now before you laugh derisively at that question and ignore it as tabloid hyperbole, please consider the following…

– Russia is entering the Caribbean in a big way as it contests with China for influence and control in the area.

– Russia is arming Venezuela and will base deep-water navy vessels there. The Russian President is currently touring South America and Russian Naval vessels are at this moment entering the Caribbean for a “joint exercise” with Venezuela.

– It is well documented that Russia has, throughout the last 90 years, always maintained networks of sympathizers and agents – especially in geographical areas where it desires more influence. “Friends” within the news media are well paid.

– Consul Norman Faria is an educated man. He is not ignorant of history and certainly not ignorant of the tens of millions murdered by communists throughout their short but bloody history. Yet, he wrote the pure lies that he did.

– An analysis of the Faria article will show that he has used the Rememberance Day event to simply write a positive article about Russians and communitists. In context, the article is strained and strange. It seems apparent that Faria’s main agenda was to write something positive about the Russians during the week that their President is touring the area.

Read some history friends, then tell us what you think about Farea’s claim about Communist morality and why you think that Faria wrote as he did.


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Barbados Solar Powered Auto Breaks World Record For Distance

Barbados Registered Vehicle In The Snow!

Barbados Registered Vehicle In The Snow!

Well… It Is REGISTERED In Barbados. That Makes It Ours, Right?

By a strange turn of international law, the world distance record for solar powered vehicles now belongs to Barbados.

Sort of.

A Canadian – an Air Canada flight attendant named Marcelo da Luz – set the world record for distance traveled in a sun-powered car. He broke the current record of 15,070 kilometers (9364 miles) on October 30, 2008 in Victoria on Canada’s Pacific coast.

To break the record, da Luz traveled for three months starting in Toronto, Ontario Canada and motoring (humming?) through New York State, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Montana, Manitoba Canada, Saskatchewan Canada, Alberta, Yukon Canada past the Arctic Circle to Inuvik NorthWest Territory, Yukon and Alaska.

Bajan Sun Powered Vehicle

Bajan Sun Powered Vehicle

How Does Barbados Come Into This?

Mr. da Luz is a Canadian. His solar-powered vehicle “Xof1” was built in Canada and his journey was conducted entirely in Canada and the United States.

But his vehicle is registered in Barbados.

The Ontario Province authorities would not register a solar-powered vehicle and allow it to travel on the public roads, so Mr. da Luz took advantage of a wee bit of international law that basically says if a vehicle is registered in one country, other countries must allow it on their roads even if it doesn’t meet their vehicle standards.

Back in April of 2007, Xof1 was shipped to Barbados where it was inspected and then licensed by our country. Thus, when Mr. da Luz broke the world record, he did it with a Bajan solar-powered vehicle…

Sort of!

At the time the vehicle was registered in Barbados, Mr. da Luz wrote the following on a Yahoo! solar car group

“Hello Solar car enthusiasts,

As you may already have learned from the project website “news update”. XOF1 is now licensed and registered as a regular vehicle in Barbados.

The past two years I tried to work with various Canadian governments (Ontario, Northwest Territories, Alberta, etc…) to get the proper permission to drive the solar car on public roads without any success.

The project (car and driver) moved to Barbados got licensed and registered, it can now be driven on public roads not only in Barbados but in most countries including Canada protected by the 1949 International Traffic Treaty that overrules local laws.

Interesting enough, regular vehicles are not inspected in Barbados. However, due to XOF1’s high profile it got inspected. In fact, the licensing chief officer demanded all inspectors to check the solar car before allowing it to be licensed. After some modifications done to the vehicle it got approved.

XOF1 have also raised it’s international profile, we had the car on display at NextFest in New York as well images of XOF1 along with half scale model will be in display for the opening of the first Science Center in the Philippines. It is being used to promote the First International Alternative Congress in Brazil…”

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