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Useless Barbados Environment Minister Should Be Sacked – Along With A Few Others

Some observers believe Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo, Minister of Family, Youth, Sports and Environment, may have too much on her plate and could well see her responsibilities reduced…

… from the Nation article New-Look Cabinet Coming

Can Anyone Name One Real Achievement In Eleven Months?

Oh yes, Minister Byer-Suckoo obviously has too much on her plate because other than a series of public speaking engagements she has accomplished nothing in eleven months. Nothing.

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah - Byer-Suckoo is All Talk, Zero Action

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah - Byer-Suckoo is All Talk, Zero Action

Let’s consider the Environment Ministry position, shall we?

New legislation to set handling and disposal standards for toxic chemicals like those that resulted in the closing of Louis Lynch school?


Petroleum pipeline standards that would require companies to measure transmission losses on a daily basis to detect pipeline leaks – to prevent another pipeline leak from going undetected for months as happened with Shell?


Targeting of the Top 10 polluters on Barbados to document, educate, notify and then charge?


New Environmental Legislation of any kind?


Major educational and enforcement efforts introduced to stop the island-wide littering that is destroying our value as a tourist destination?


Let’s Not Forget That David Thompson Didn’t Think The Environment Was Important Enough To Have A Dedicated Minister

The only real Environmental “accomplishment” of the DLP Barbados Government in the last 11 months has been HARMFUL to the environment. The DLP government passed a development plan that would allow commercial and residential construction on the Graeme Hall wetlands buffer zone.

That is the sum total of what your Barbados Government has accomplished in the last 11 months in respect of the environment!


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Qatar Police Use Whips On Asian Labourers “Because The Asians Do Not Understand”

“You will never see me accepting another contract in the Middle East. I don’t care how much money I’m offered next time, it is not worth the indignity of being looked at like I’m some sort of lower lifeform by people who don’t even wash their hands after doing the necessary.”

BFP’s Robert talking about working as an aircraft maintenance engineer under contract in Middle East countries.

Whipping Victims Chosen By Race

The Middle East if full of contract workers. Some, like BFP’s Robert, are well-paid professionals who put up with the nonsense as fair trade for the money. Younger workers are also attracted by the novelty and a sense of adventure which, according to Robert, soon fades.

But 90% of the foreign workers in the Middle East can rightly be described as low-end labourers and little more than slaves. Some really are slaves. There is a racial hierarchy enforced everywhere with Arabs at the top, followed by whites with blacks and asians at the bottom of the pile.

When Robert saw the following article online he said we must write about it, so here you go…

Souq Shock For Asian Bachelors

ASIAN bachelors were beaten with whips and even kicked during a heavy-handed police operation to prevent them from entering Doha’s popular souq areas yesterday.
Several encounters, witnessed by Gulf Times, saw Heritage Police Officers using stick-like instruments to herd labourers away from cordoned areas along Grand Hamad Avenue.

When one officer was asked why such force was being used he replied: “They are not allowed inside this family area.” He then explained that whips were being employed “because they do not understand”. 
Although policemen usually patrol the Grand Hamad area on Fridays, they tend to be plainclothes officers who do not carry weapons such as those on show yesterday.
 Shockingly, Gulf Times saw one officer using his whip on five separate occasions within a ten-minute period, even running to catch people before hitting them. 
Other appalled witnesses said they had seen labourers being kicked by the officers if they did not move quickly enough to exactly where they were told.

… continue reading this article at the Gulf Times (Link Here)


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