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The FBI VECO Documents That Mottley and Thompson Don’t Want Bajans To See

FBI Seized VECO Financial Records Show Bribes Paid To Corrupt US Senator Ted Stevens

FBI Seized VECO Financial Records Show Bribes Paid To Corrupt US Senator Ted Stevens

Bookkeeper Told “Leave No Paper Trail” For Corrupt Politician – But It Remained Anyway!

VECO’s financial records would show monies transferred to corrupt Barbados politicians, but neither Prime Minister Thompson nor the previous Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley want Bajans to see these records.

Barbados Prime Minister David Thompon has not asked the American FBI for access to VECO’s financial records… nor will he. Thompson will call names and huff and puff, but he doesn’t want to have to start a real investigation into corrupt VECO’s activities with Mia Mottley, Dale Marshall and Owen Arthur.

VECO, the corrupt company that built our new and infamously dry Barbados prison used to bribe politicians as a standard operating practice. After a three year investigation that included wiretaps and search warrants, the FBI laid numerous charges against corrupt American politicians and business people. The latest to come to trial is Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens who was convicted of receiving over a quarter million dollars in home renovations and other gifts from VECO.

Stevens didn’t report the gifts and so now stands convicted. The page of VECO financial records at the top of this article has been introduced as evidence at Steven’s trial. It shows expenses incurred by VECO when it renovated Steven’s home as a “gift”.

HERE IS THE POINT: VECO’s Financial Records Would Show Payments & “Gifts” To Barbados Officials

VECO is a multi-billion dollar company and even though the bookkeepers were told to hide various payments to corrupt politicians – those payments had to be marked down as something so they are all in the corporation’s financial records.

Just like payments to corrupt Barbados politicians would still be in the company’s financial records even if they attempted to disguise them.

Since he gained power ten months ago, Prime Minister David Thompson has not requested to see the FBI VECO financial records – nor will he.

Because, in the end, the DLP and the BLP are a club dedicated to grabbing all they can for themselves… and neither party will put that at risk by ratting out the other. Expect name calling and smear allegations – but real investigations that result in real charges would start a war that neither corrupt political party wants.

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Looking For Doorly and Carrington Relatives…

We received the following letter from Kathy Joyce in Omaha Nebraska. Sure… why not help out…

My great great grandmother is Katherine Carrington Doorly.  My daughter and I are both named after her.  We are going to be in Barbados from 12.7-12.12.  I haven’t been back to Barbados for 40 years, since I was 13 years and visited with my grandmother, who was also named Katherine Carrington Doorly.  If there are any Carringtons or Doorlys in Barbados, we would love to meet you while we are there.

Kathy Joyce
Omaha, Nebraska


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