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Barbados Labour Party Declares Support For Graeme Hall National Park

Eight Thousand Visited Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Last Sunday

Eight Thousand Visited Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Last Sunday

New BLP Leadership Praises Nature Sanctuary and Owner Peter Allard

“…we are faced with saving our own wetlands at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and developing a national park at Graeme Hall.

Barbadians owe a debt of gratitude to the developer for his commitment to preserving this important ecosystem on our island’s South Coast, and we join the call for the present Thompson administration to acquire the sanctuary on behalf of all Barbadians.”

It appears that eight thousand Bajans visiting the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary last Sunday was enough of a parade that the politicians of the BLP now want to get in front and lead.

Well and good. We’ll risk some mixed metaphors to point out that the winds of environmental and tourism priorities have been blowing for some time and we are pleased to see that the BLP under the new leadership of Mia Mottley has apparently taken note.

The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and the associated wetlands will not physically survive if surrounded by condos and development. That is why we need a national park to protect the entire area and to preserve it for our children.

Under new leadership, the BLP now appears to be progressing and is willing to put national interests ahead of profits.

Good for you Mia.

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