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16-Year Old Russian-American Girl Murdered In Barbados: Russian Mob Revenge or Maniac?

Barbados Advocate - Monday November 17, 2008

Barbados Advocate - Monday November 17, 2008

The horrific death of 16-year old Russian-American Anna Druzhinina at Palmers Plantation House in St. John has people wondering what the real story is. The Royal Barbados Police Force has a person in custody but at the time of this writing no charges have been laid.

Any time a person with a Russian background is involved as a victim or perpetrator in Barbados thoughts of the Russian mob are bound to be on people’s minds. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s dirty Russian money flooded the world’s offshore banking centers as criminal organisations profited during the chaos that followed the breakup of the USSR. Barbados saw its fair share of the suspicious Russian transactions and nouveau riche during that time, but of late we have seen fewer of the heavy-set, quiet Russian men (always wearing dark glasses even at night) on the island.

One of our Deputy Prime Ministers was known to have many strange Russian friends and took an unusual number of trips to Europe during their time in power. Even now the Russian and Eastern European crime syndicates have their footholds in Caribbean prostitution.

Keltruth Blog has some thoughts on the recent murder of Anna Druzhinina, and one truth comes through: if the circumstances of the murder are anything but crystal clear in the public mind, Bajans will start to think about those rough men with Russian accents and dark glasses who were so new to our island fifteen years ago.

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