Rihanna Collapses On Stage During Australia Concert


Rihanna Collapses After Clutching Stomach During “Umbrella” Performance

This is the second time that we have been concerned for our girl’s health.

(Remember girl – you can come home anytime. Don’t let them push you too far. You’ve already proven all you need to prove.)

Help Rihanna’s Home Island Save The Last Mangrove Forest In The Western Hemisphere…

For any of Rihanna’s fans who are interested in knowing about her home island of Barbados and the kind of natural, quiet and peaceful place that Bajans need once in a while, please visit the website of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and also the Graeme Hall National Park.

We’re in a battle here to save the last natural area on the south of our island. The Government and their land developer friends want to turn the Graeme Hall wetlands into a row of highrise condos, golf course and water park. Please help raise awareness around the world.

You can help by joining the Facebook Group: Save The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary.

Here are a few background stories here and here.

Thank you from the ordinary citizens of Barbados!

Rihanna Collapse Shocks Sydney Crowd

Singing sensation Rihanna shocked Sydney crowds when she doubled over and then collapsed on stage while performing last night.

A YouTube video revealing the collapse has sparked rumours about the star’s health and left a cloud hanging over the rest of her tour with Chris Brown.

The Barbados beauty was performing “Umbrella” with Brown when she began clutching her stomach…

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Video: Rihanna Collapse Shocks Crowd


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16 responses to “Rihanna Collapses On Stage During Australia Concert

  1. The Scout

    As a parent and a strong supporter of Rihanna, I would urge the handlers of this BAJAN GEM, to allow her to come home for a well deserved vacation and relaxation. Money and fame isn’t all, she’s a young lady with a GREAT future but burnouts can shorten her life span both physically and professionally. We can’t afford to lose her at this stage. In reality, she’s just a statistic to most of her handlers, if she goes, some-one else replaces her and the show goes on. To us here in Badbados, she is OURS and needs to be preserved.

  2. Me

    Wise words Scout. Hope she is okay. She is truly a Bajan gem.

  3. Cutie

    She is fine she performed the next day, apparently the arena was very hot and she had just perform the part of umbrella where she is up (swinging back and forth) :O) on a cable and also she had on a corsett type top …so they said she was out of breathe and needed water…but she is fine.

  4. Verdana

    Collapse? No she just run out of stage because she was not feeling well…this is it.
    Beyonce’ fell on stage more than once….so relax boys!

  5. Verdana

    By the way….why there is not a big picture of her saying “welcome to my Country/Home” at the airport or/and cruise terminal???
    She is an international and well appreciated star so this island should take opportunity to remind where she is from…….

  6. Observer

    Verdana simple yet powerful suggestion. Do tourism gurus Richard Sealey and Ralph Taylor read the blogs? Them heavy boys travel so much, first class if yuh please on taxpayer monies, you wonder if they can be bothered. Fact is I passed through Memphis Airport and saw the exact ‘welcome’ from a lifesized photo of Isaac Hayes the Black Moses. Memphis was home of Stax Records an icon of soul music where Hayes career was spawned.

  7. The Scout

    Excellent suggestion, in fact I think that that idea along with tracks from her CD’s and a special booth, should be set up at both sea and air ports. on second thoughts ALL bajan artists should be marketed but use Rihanna as the marketing ploy.

  8. 199

    Rihanna sugar, doan let d ******ds kill u!!

  9. bp

    Tags: Rihanna Austalia Tour…………………its Australia

  10. Anonymous

    baby i hope you get better , i love you lots ,

    your very fitt šŸ˜‰ .

  11. hope your ok even tho you got the man i want

  12. David Thompson

    Boo Hoo…sob…sob

  13. Hopefully the management team of Rihanna are now going to start looking after her physical and mental well being, as well as making money out of her!

    The Barbados Blog

  14. promise

    get well RI

  15. rihanna fan

    Rihanna is my idol, role model.