Over Eight Thousand People Visit Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary On Sunday: Lying Nation News Says “Hundreds” !!!

Cars were lined up to Top Rock on Sunday as over eight thousand people attended the Free Day at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. It was the biggest single day attendance ever seen by the nature sanctuary. Food and drinks ran out early in the day as families came from all over the island for what will probably be their last chance to experience Barbados’ premier eco-tourism attraction.

The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary will shut down on December 15, 2008 because the Government of Barbados can’t be bothered to protect the Graeme Hall wetlands – and the owner of the sanctuary is tired of spitting into the wind.

It is not only an issue of a failure to protect the Graeme Hall wetlands – last January the Barbados government passed a law that would allow commercial development on the surrounding Graeme Hall watershed.

So yesterday – Sunday, November 9, 2008, over eight thousand people came to the nature sanctuary to show their support for the creation of a National Park to preserve the sanctuary and the surrounding wetlands.

The Nation News said “hundreds” of people attended.

That is a lie.

Sanctuary staff counted over eight thousand visitors on Sunday.

Why did the Nation News lie about the attendance for this event?

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26 responses to “Over Eight Thousand People Visit Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary On Sunday: Lying Nation News Says “Hundreds” !!!

  1. deception and false promises

    someone picked up this DLP statement on Graeme
    Hall from July of last year


    How many active discussions has the government had with FOGH or the owner before or after the last election in respect of a National Park?

    Since coming to power the DLP has passed the amended Physical Plan now allowing development in the uplands or buffer zone just like the Water Park application.

    Why do you think the new government in power is using the Nation to not only divert the attention of 8,000 plus citizens in protecting green space but also deliberately lying about it?

    The fix is in.

    Land development is money and green space for future generations does not help those in power to feather their nests or reward campaign contributors.

    Every person who supports The National Park needs to phone or write their representative and demand that they be accountable to the citizens.

    Congratulations to John Da Silva and FOGH for taking on this movement!!

  2. To be fair, the Nation visited early in the day. From 2:00pm onwards, after Bajans digested their Sunday lunch, they came out in droves. I figured were doing 20 – 30 a minute for the last couple hours. Also, you must remember that people came and left throughout the day and the the Sanctuary is a big place and coped with the massive turnout very well.

  3. Hants

    How much is this going to cost the Government?

    Does Mr.Allard still want $24 million for the Sanctuary?

    Can Mr.Allard be persuaded to keep the Sanctuary open for 1 year with financial “operating “help from Government while a long term solution is found?

    These are tough times and Government will have to spend carefully but Graeme Hall Swamp is worth saving.

    Just leave some money to help the homeless.

  4. out of touch


    Did it ever occur to you that a government that truly appreciated private capital and someone who has fought through years of obstacles to build Graeme Hall for future generations, would be in regular contact with FOGH and the owner.

    Those appointed to the civil service under the previous administartion are still calling the shots.

    To have to ask the question by itself is a huge insult and symptomatic of a government in paralysis and out of contact with those that care and do.

  5. crossroads

    It is my opinion that GHNS should be handled the same as Harrisons Cave.

  6. Hants

    If we were not in a recession, I would want the GOB to pay Mr. Allard the $24 and lease the Sanctuary to a private company.

    I too want Graeme Hall Swamp saved because it is a critical part of the ecosystem of Barbados.

    We are in a recession and the issue is part of a myriad of problems facing the Government of Barbados.

  7. Chef

    Allard doesn’t want money which he has lots of.

    He wants the government to declare a National Park that will protect the RAMSAR wetlands which include the sanctuary. As it stands, the Thompson government approved a plan that will surround the RAMSAR wetlands and sanctuary with commercial development of adjoining agricultural land.

    Allard says that if the intent of the government of Barbados is to build around the wetlands (which will kill the wetlands) he’s finished with Barbados.

    Thompson and the greedy land developers can’t have it both ways. They must forget about commercial development of the agricultural lands around the wetlands.

    Will David Thompson favour his greedy developer friends or the people of Barbados? He can’t do both.

  8. permres

    In the Nation today (Monday) It is reported that Prime Minister David Thompson said yesterday that Barbados will not become a concrete jungle. These are encouraging words, but on a day when GHNS was in the news, he apparently made no mention of it. Queen’s Park is ear-marked, especially for outdoor events. Good, we would not want large public gatherings of this type in the National Park, perhaps, but what about a large space for the Agricultural Show, for instance? This would also take pressure off Queen’s Park.

    Is the Graham Hall National Park proposal such a political hot potato that the Prime Minister dare not issue an impromptu public comment on the day, at least to show that he is aware of what we are trying to do?

  9. Adrian Loveridge


    Great idea about the Agricultural Show!

  10. Paul Barnes

    Why is the statement that “hundreds” of people turned up interpreted as a lie? A thousand is ten hundred…eight thousand is eighty hundred. Saying that “hundreds” of people turned up is not factually incorrect when compared to your count of “eight thousand”. The Nation’s statement might not be precise, but neither is it a lie.

  11. Give Me A Break


    The reference to “hundreds” of people showing up at Graeme Hall is flat out deceptive. The word should have been “thousands.” To pass off the Nation’s statement as simply imprecise is wrong. It’s not just a math thing, using the word “hundreds” suggests a far lesser crowd to the average reader.

  12. Gilly

    Come on BFP. You have to ask what was the intent? Was the intent of the Nation to deceive? If so, what is their motive?

  13. reality check

    good jounalism requires a call back at the end of the day with the organizers to verify numbers. Its not complicated.

  14. motive?

    It was a grassroots event

    no politicians showed up and the local media can’t go to the bathroom without a permission slip from those in power.

    Maybe it was just sloppy journalism?

  15. LIES

    This is a LIE.

    There were no eight thousand people there.

    That place doesn’t even see eight thousand people in a whole MONTH.

    Stupid liars.

  16. LIES

    I live near that area and I saw the people coming and going.

    Why does BFP tell so many LIES?

    There will NEVER be any PHOTOS produced showing anything close to 8,000 people going to that place on Sunday.

    Maybe they were counting ants and other animals as “little people”?

    L I A R S ! ! !

  17. reality check


    those that were there plus all their friends know the truth

    to you and your BLP friends get ready to eat your hat.

    You can’t stop the misinformation and blatant lies but the truth will out.

  18. Sundowner

    Good descriptive name for you

  19. Lies:

    We estimated the number from the fact that we printed 10,000 information sheets which were given out when people arrived. Based on the number we had left, and the fact that young children did not receive one, we came up with the estimate of 8000.

    I am going to stick to the cause I believe in and not get caught up in the politics surrounding the impending closure. There are too many people in Barbados who would cut off their nose to spite their face.

  20. MANJAK

    A mighty and heartfelt thank you to John Da Silva/Adrian Loveridge and the nameless thousands of other Bajans who have demonstated their love for their little bit of paradise in the Caribbean. You have made me and I am sure many many, other Bajans at home and abroad proud. Much respect.
    Once we have moved beyond the shock, anger and outrage at the news, in this instance Graeme Hall/Slave Huts at Freedom Village, we must heed the words of one of our now sadly lost brilliant Caribbean minds that of Walter Rodney……..”don’t mourn , organise”.

    The campaign that have been initiated, the thousands who have registered membership, and came out to the Open Day informs us that many Bajans do care deeply about their environment and heritage. One hopes that we are witness to the genesis of activity against the barbarians in our midst, be they the foreign money men or Bajans who know neither their history nor care.
    It is not only the Graeme Halls that we engage in battle on behalf but Six Mens Bay, the south and west coasts and Lucifer forbid our wonderful East Coast (the legacy of the great Wynter Crawford).

    Professor Karl Watson’s contribution of recent indicates how much is to be done to reverse the vandalism and destruction of our heritage and to protect and safeguard it for our future generations.
    Our abiding motto must be to campaign and organise, organise, organise, agitate, agitate, agitate. It is only through collective action that Bajan peoples voices of protest will be recognised and heeded. The small axe can indeed fell the mighty boabab.

  21. Hants

    Member of Parliament for Christ Church West Central Stephen Lashley says in the Nationnews…

    “I believe that we (Government) have a vested interest in Graeme Hall. It is an area that is protected by international treaty as a wetland and it certainly will assist us in our eco-tourism drive. I believe certainly that we as a Government have to ensure that Graeme Hall remains a part of what we offer to our visitors,” he said to the standing-room only headquarters at Husbands, St James.
    My wish would be that the Graeme Hall Nature and its entire area can be retained as a nature sanctuary,” Lashley said

  22. permres

    Manjak, I am a retired school teacher, and I fully support your exortations. On the Open Day apparently some children behaved badly, and others spoke to them. In 25 years of teaching in the UK, I never hesitated to remonstrate with children and their parents.

    However, in this day and age apparently if we do this, we can open ourselves to verbal if not physical abuse. It will take a strong ground-swell of positive action to address this challenge, I think.

  23. Hants


    What about building on the coast?
    No structure should be sited closer than 30.5m (100ft) from the High Water Mark or in the case of a cliff frontage, 9.14 m (30ft) from the most landward undercut of the cliff.

    In addtion, no gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure shall be erected closer than thrity feet 9.14m (30ft.) from the High Water Mark or 3.0m (10ft.) from the most landward undercut of the cliff.

    De beach belong to we.

  24. Straight talk

    No building within 100ft of high water mark?

    Is that retrospective. or even enforced.

    Looks to me that all west and south coast properties are in contravention.

    Also as it only mentions structures, it doesn’t address land ownership, so possibly the beach doesn’t belong to we.

  25. Hants

    Look at page 3 of The Advocate today saturday nov. 22nd.

    The picture of those attending the symposium is interesting.

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