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Over Eight Thousand People Visit Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary On Sunday: Lying Nation News Says “Hundreds” !!!

Cars were lined up to Top Rock on Sunday as over eight thousand people attended the Free Day at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. It was the biggest single day attendance ever seen by the nature sanctuary. Food and drinks ran out early in the day as families came from all over the island for what will probably be their last chance to experience Barbados’ premier eco-tourism attraction.

The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary will shut down on December 15, 2008 because the Government of Barbados can’t be bothered to protect the Graeme Hall wetlands – and the owner of the sanctuary is tired of spitting into the wind.

It is not only an issue of a failure to protect the Graeme Hall wetlands – last January the Barbados government passed a law that would allow commercial development on the surrounding Graeme Hall watershed.

So yesterday – Sunday, November 9, 2008, over eight thousand people came to the nature sanctuary to show their support for the creation of a National Park to preserve the sanctuary and the surrounding wetlands.

The Nation News said “hundreds” of people attended.

That is a lie.

Sanctuary staff counted over eight thousand visitors on Sunday.

Why did the Nation News lie about the attendance for this event?

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Barbados Underground Reports Chief Justice David Simmons “Beaten Up” On The Witness Stand!

“Rumour has it that the Goat (a lawyer) examined Sir David Simmons for two days and Sir David beat he up BAD BAD BAD!!!”

… from Barbados Underground’s Cross-Examinations In Canadian Action Against Barbados – And – Who Is Peter Andrew Allard?~The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part XII

Chief Justice David Simmons On Witness Stand In Kingsland Matter

The author of the article at Barbados Underground is a person called “Black Woman Who Reads” (BWWR). She or he has written a series of articles about the ongoing Kingland land fraud case which speak about the old lady victim Mrs. Knox in the foulest of language.

BWWR is obviously someone with inside information who favours the defense, perhaps even one of the defendants themselves.

Whatever is happening in this lawsuit, the temperature getting hot when the Chief Justice of Barbados is forced to be crossexamed like a criminal.

But that is what we get for having a career politician like David Simmons for our “independent” Chief Justice!


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