Graeme Hall National Park Flyer In Circulation – Display One Now!


Corrie Scott created two simple and effective flyers to promote awareness of the need to develop the Graeme Hall National Park as the way to save the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary.  These image files can be printed easily from any image programme and are designed to fit nicely onto a Letter or an A4 Landscape sheet of paper.

Print one out and stick to the inside glass of your rear windshield, and then print out more and give to your friends.  Also, stick them on your notice boards at work and in any other visible locations.

Wherever you are – support Graeme Hall National Park and be a true friend of the environment and a true friend of the people of Barbados.

There are two flyers that can be downloaded here…

Graeme Hall National Park…graeme-hall-national-park-flyer

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary…save-graeme-hall-flyer


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3 responses to “Graeme Hall National Park Flyer In Circulation – Display One Now!

  1. Suzie

    Mine is in my back window.

  2. Sundowner

    Great, going in the back window of the car this morning!