Barbados Seeks Closer Ties With Nigeria – How Much Will It Cost Bajan Taxpayers?

Nigeria’s High Commissioner to Barbados, H.E. Musa John Jen, is calling for direct airline flights between Barbados and Nigeria as well as business and cultural exchange. And what could be more natural for two countries that share common historical and family ties?

It all sounds so mutually beneficial and again, “natural” for Bajans to want to fill in this part of our missing heritage. Especially if we are unable to trace our roots back any further than a mis-named ancestor in the Barbados slave registries, there is a hole that needs to be filled on both a personal and a national level. That is why so many of us turn our hearts towards Africa and why some even consciously reject the parts of our history and culture associated with names like Horatio Nelson.

Nigerian Aviation - Exciting & Unprofitable

Nigerian Aviation - Exciting & Unprofitable

Time For A Reality Check

The Nigerian High Commissioner to Barbados recently spoke at the inaugural Nigerian Tourism Expo 2008 held at Hilton Barbados and his words made sense on the surface, but each of us should ask “How much will these plans cost me personally?”

How much are YOU willing to pay from YOUR tax money to support a direct air link with Nigeria?

How do we know it will cost you money? Simple… if a Nigeria – Barbados direct flight was economically viable, market forces would already have it in place. For those with short memories, may we suggest that the recent Ghana-Barbados direct air link debacle should be enough to make one pause before committing good money after bad to another tenuous Africa link.

In the case of the failed Ghana flight, Barbados is still stuck paying the entire cost while those who organised the scam whistled all the way to bank.

Our view: No more Barbados government money should be spent trying to push air links to Africa. The arguments of the Nigerian High Commissioner are emotional, and not based in fiscal reality.

You want a snapshot of the next five years? Try British Midland Airways ending Barbados service.

A Barbados to Africa direct flight in this economy? That duck will never fly on it’s own.


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14 responses to “Barbados Seeks Closer Ties With Nigeria – How Much Will It Cost Bajan Taxpayers?

  1. The Scout

    While I would be grateful to see some ofmy blavk people here from Africa, thelast episcode has clouded things. What the Government would have to do is to make sure the airline post the money for a return journey and ask imigration to do a proper job and not the botched job done last time.By the way. are the Ghanians still at Dodds? If so how long would this situation remain?

  2. ru4real

    Heck let the Nigerians come in fact I am always getting emails from friendly Nigerians offering to give me thousands of dollars all I have to do is give them my bank details…………………

  3. 199

    November 10, 2008 at 1:30 pm
    Heck let the Nigerians come in fact I am always getting emails from friendly Nigerians offering to give me thousands of dollars all I have to do is give them my bank details…………………


    You seem to understand those people, guys!! i.e. have absolutely, anything to do with them, AT YOUR OWN PERIL!! Don’t be fooled!!

  4. Fed Up With David T. Even Though He's Family

    The DLP is trying every effective to close the door and kick out our own Caricom people from these shores, namely, Guyanese, who work hard and have great work ethics. So you’ll open the door to let in another set of work refugees? Is this government truly insane? Guyanese are more like us than we care to admit, despite the difference in colour, but we are not like Nigerians despite being the same colour.

  5. Sundowner


    Underneath is a copy of an email I received today, have taken my name out of it obviously, yet another scam, as I married into a very large family and therefore my name changed to theirs!!

    Mobile :+447035935885

    Dear ….. ……,

    I am Barrister William Jones.

    I hereby attempt to reach you via your email,wish to notify you that my Late Client Mr Aviv …….. from Barbados has passed away and thus made you a Beneficiary to his Will valued at about US$10Million Dollars as his only surviving relative.

    I Contacted you to assist in repatriating my late client’s Fund that is willed to you before they are declared Unserviced,or Transferred to the Central Bank as Unclaimed Fund.

    Please we have less than seven working days.Kindly forward to me Your Full Names,Current Telephone and Fax including your Current mailing address.

    I hope to hear from you in no distant time.Please note that you will pay me my Lawyers/Legal Fees at the Conclusion of this Transaction, that is immediately the money gets into your Account.

    Please get back to me through my email address: ( or Telephone below to enable us discuss further.

    Best regards,
    Barrister WILLIAM JONES
    Mobile :+447035935885…

  6. David Thompson

    What nonsense propaganda, typical of this site. If it’s not white, it’s shite… right?

  7. 199

    Hi Sundowner, thanks for the above and sorry only just seen it. Most of us will have heard of these letters by now but, unfortunately, they’re like that in every aspect of their lives!! Trust one of them? From that continent?!! You must be joking!!

  8. I future of Barbados wont be a good one if you start letting in the Nigerians, they are biggest scam artists and crooks you will ever find, just take a look at the problems caused by the thousands that are ilegally living in the UK. I know there are probably many good hard working people from Nigeria but it seems that it is only the rotten apples that can get the money together to escape to a better place.

    The Barbados Blog

  9. maria

    Well, well, I have read it all. The treatment of the Nigerian nurses living in Bim, expressions like – “they are different from us”, “their unscrupulousness”, “the need to keep them out” – and the list goes on. I was born in Barbados and have lived in the U.K for over 30 years. I am married to a Nigerian and have also visited Nigeria on several occasions. I really don’t blame some of you who are still living in Bim for writing such crap about YOURSELVES. You need to know your history which will help you to reconstruct your mind – i.e. the mindset that massah so brutally enforced upon you. Are you aware that the population of Bim is about 93% African? Have you all ever visited the Barbados museum to see some of the African artifacts of your heritage? Do you realise that you were brought unto that island from distant shores by a race of people who don’t look like you and who are still there kickin’ you in your a….e, psychologically, spiritually, socially and economically! When the programmes you have on your tv reinforces your indoctrination of your inferiority, coupled with the fact that the ‘divide and rule’ strategy is played out wherever these people go (if you doubt me look at Gaza) I have to say – I don’t blame you. I have to forgive your irritating and infantile comments which is due to lack of information. Bim is like a large plantation with the same players still in place – doubt me! Take a good, long, hard look at your so-called West Coast. A place where most of you Bajans dare not tread. Do you think those folks behind those high walls have your interest at heart or are all upright – far from it! Think again my dear brothers and sisters and to the Bajan living in the U.K and maligning the character of Nigerians – let me say this. They have the guts and tenacity to beat the white man at his own game. If Nigerians are able to rob a bank without using a gun, then they have done better the slave masters you pander to since you left the shores of Africa. You all need to check out the real basis of the so-called scams – Nigerians participating in such have. They are smart enough to be able to EXPLOIT OTHER PEOPLE’S GREED. People wanting something for nothing. I say this, they are one hell of bunch of very bright black people. – So lay off!!

  10. Samuel


  11. Paparazi

    It is so awfull, barbaric and irrelivant considering the way Africans and Nigerian particularly are treated in a country like Barbados. Looking at their heritage and colour, it is so obvious that they both share the same African root. The hostile and denial attitude of Barbados to Nigerians is so abnormal. I am a Nigerian. My brother went to Barbados for visitation. The Barbadian government have unlawfully held him for over a year now. I learnt that they kept them in an institution feeding them day and night and thus restricting their movement for no reason. This is a serious violation of human right. If the Barbadian government persists in this illegal practice, i will be forced to take legal action against them. I would appreciate any advice and offer of help from concerned people all over the world( Lets join hands in discouraging and condemning this.

  12. PiedPiper

    Paparazi: Your brother has no legal status in Barbados. He overstayed his visit and apparently has no return ticket to Nigeria, otherwise, I am quite certain the Barbados government would be very happy to give him a lift to the airport. If you are so concerned about your brother why do you not simply send him the return airfare back to Nigeria? Be thankful he has a roof over his head and food to eat.

  13. 9jababe

    I’m so glad to see your comment, I’m also a barbadian married to a nigerian, though i will not deny some of these “scams” that nigerians run, at the same time is it fair to make such generalized conclusions. Likewise, i do believe that its not your (barbadians) fault, but simply the fault of ignorance, lack of exposure and brainwashing. If people around the world were to generalize about all barbadians then surely this would be the modern Sodom and Gomorrah. I truly feel for my people, I just hope that one day you will be able to emancipate yourself from mental slavery. I am not saying don’t look before you leap (as you should in any situation). All I’m saying is at least have the wisdom to get a clear view and not one that is so obviously prejudice.

  14. Adetunji opeyemi ezekiel