BMI British Midland Airways Ending Barbados Service


Economic Downturn Hits Manchester-Barbados Flights

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Last week we were celebrating the commencement of WestJet service from Canada to Barbados, and today we learn that BMI will cancel all Barbados flights after next Easter.

From now on, I’m going to be very friendly – extra friendly – to any tourist I meet. Tough times aren’t just coming, children… they are here.

Times On Line: BMI Ends Manchester Long-Haul Routes


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34 responses to “BMI British Midland Airways Ending Barbados Service

  1. Waterboy

    Tough times and challemges can make us stronger.

    “A kite flies highest against the wind.”

    Winston Churchill

  2. Pied Piper

    BFP: It is difficult to be extra friendly to tourists if they simply aren’t there. I do not want to be the purveyor of doom and gloom but the simple fact of the matter is that with the world wide economic downturn, the middle class are tightening their belts. The British, still determined to have a vacation in the sun, will look for charters going to Spain, Portugal and even parts of North Africa as it will be a much cheaper alternative.

  3. Hants

    My fellow Barbadians at home and abroad, let us all promote Barbados in the best possible way we can.

    BFP I accept that you must publish anti-corruption articles for us to discuss and keep the Government honest but please step up with some good bajan stories.

    check this website.

    Also let everybody know that West Jet offering fares to Barbados for less than $500 canadian on some days.

    The recession is now and it is serious.

    Be nice to Tourists.

  4. Equilibrium

    here here Hants

  5. Hants

    If the BTA is sucessful, you should see some “ethnic” Tourist out of Toronto and Montreal soon.

    Toronto is a multicultural city with lots of Chinese,Koreans, South Asians and people of other races.

    Montreal is also multicural.

    Be nise.

  6. Peltdownman

    Sorry to tell you this, but a friend of mine just had a family event where a number of guests came from the UK, Eurpoe and the USA. They all loved Barbados – the beaches, the climate, the friendliness of the people EXCEPT when it came to service. The general concensus was that, in the hotels in particular, staff were unmannerly, inattentive and sometimes rude. Some, staying at a newly refurbished hotel, returned to their rooms from the beach at 5.30 pm to find that their rooms had not been serviced. It appears to me that we really don’t get this tourism thing at all. Barbados is a long way to come from these tourism markets, and those destinations offering the best overall experience are going to win out. When a guest asks for more chicken to be supplied at a buffet, does he deserve a steupse?

  7. sarahpalin

    “Budget airline Ryanair is planning to offer transatlantic flights between New York and London or Dublin as cheaply as £16 return before taxes, the company’s chief executive said Sunday.”

    Flight mileage London to New – 3471 miles or 5586 km

    Flight mileage London to Barbados – 4207 miles or 6771 km

    Today’s cheapest fares from London to Barbados –

    Virgin – £530.20

    British Airways – £538.70

  8. Curiously amused

    This is clearly a joke. The same BFP who uses hyperbole to the max to compare Barbados to Zimbabwe, a corrupt, crime-ridden Banana Republic, talking about being nice to tourists and attracting them here? BFP if you’ve turned one foreigner’s mind from Barbados, you’ve turned too many – and my estimation is it’s significantly more than that.

    You, or your merry band of fools may not realize that, but anyone with half a brain does.

    BTW, please excuse my ecstatic post on your Obama commentary yesterday. I was caught up in the euphoria but I am still your staunchest critic and not a fan of you in the least.

    Thanks. :).

  9. Adrian Loveridge

    Loosing BMI from Manchester, even with only one flight weekly represents loss of over 17,000 seats a year. This after the failure of XL and the reduced seating capacity when BA took on Caribean Airlines services.

    t is rumoured that Virgin Atlantic are stopping their Manchester/St. Lucia in March next year
    and one wonders about their Manchester/Barbados once weekly service.

    Its a lot of seats to loose out of you main market.

  10. Hants

    @ Adrian Loveridge

    Don,t be surprised if Air Canada reduce the frequency of their flights to Barbados.

    The next 2 years are going to be very difficult for the hotel industry in Barbados. Bajans please be NISE.

    Very good information about the canadian economy can be found at

  11. Pat

    Curiously Amused:

    I am gald that you at least have seen it. I stopped marketing Barbados to people for fear that they would google it and land on this site. This site has probably done more harm to the tourism industry in Bim, than any failed airline.

    Wait until the foreign currency crunch comes. I am not sending any of mine down there to bail the island out.

  12. Curiously amused

    Yes Pat. I’m sure their exaggerated posts on racism, (nay, Bajans’ “HATRED” of white people) would encourage such tourists to come.

    They are a complete joke and yet, feel merited that they are doing Barbados some great service by running the type of Enquirer type stories they publish.

    Pleading with ‘us’ to smile at a tourist is paltry next to what they should tell themselves, but alas – they get four million visitors and they like being in the spotlight on Google, etc. Self interest. Gotta love it.

  13. CJ#1fan

    Without Barbados Free Press, Thompson would probably not be Prime Minister. You might disagree with that statement but think carefully about what you know in your heart. We are in the process of a Bajan reformation and it would never have started without the blogs hammering the corruption and racism.

  14. Curiously amused

    November 8, 2008 at 3:37 am

    Without Barbados Free Press, Thompson would probably not be Prime Minister.

    So you’ve convinced yourself of that, have you?

    It couldn’t be that no government has ever come to a fourth term in the West Indies, and that the BLP had it coming based on precedent alone, could it? Do you think Bajans would have voted en masse for a total of nearly 20 years under Owen Arthur on Jan. 15? No.

    Why do you think it couldn’t be that Bajans would have wanted change anyway, and the DLP (at last) had a political message worth listening to?

    David Thompson was being seen as a formidable challenge since the budget reply of 2007 (at which time, Barbados Free Press ridiculed another blog for endorsing him as a welcome alternative to OSA). At one point, I even asked BFP *WHAT* they wished the electorate to do, since they maintained that B and D were equally corrupt and more of the same… so your claim that they had anything to do with a DLP victory (with a last minute endorsement) counts for nought.

    Any twit with half a brain knows that corruption and transparency are big election topics. The BLP had transparency in its earliest manifesto long before this blog hit the scene. With all the capital works projects the last administration had and well known instances of misappropriation, even people who never HEARD of BFP were clamouring for accountability and an end to corruption. It is human intelligence.. no one needs a blog to be told what the issues for a government should be, do they?

    You are giving BFP way too much credit and worse, they may start to believe it. This website is not the messiah you believe it to be, its authors are not the Jesus Christs of “Grape Hall” and it is not giving Barbados any net benefit – especially when inquisitive tourists may want to learn more.

    Imagine.. with all the negative publicity of Zimbabwe, these fools had the temerity to say that Barbados!!! is the Zimbabwe of the West. Stunning.

  15. reluctant nonbeliever

    Check this link above from todays Daily Telegraph.

    It makes for pretty sombre reading:

    “Think twice about Barbados. Rates at top hotels on the island’s west coast can be higher than at comparable hotels on less flashy islands. The villas specialist CV Travel says you can pay less than half as much for a quality villa on Tobago or Grenada in the peak winter season than you would on Barbados.

    Also, eating out on Barbados can be very expensive.”

  16. Red Lake Lassie

    Curiously Amused says “The BLP had transparency in its earliest manifesto long before this blog hit the scene.”


    The BLP had transparency and integrity in its manifesto since the mid 1970’s!

    WTF are you talking about that the BLP was somehow driving the issue? The DLP was the same. We never heard the f*ing words seriously used in the media before BFP and BU.

    You are a real joker. Since the mid 1970’s !!!!


  17. PiedPiper

    Pat: You take hypocrisy to new heights. BWWR, your dear good friend, has stated for the record that she will do everything in her power to destroy BFP and I have no doubt that, as she tosses you the occassional dog biscuit, you will do her bidding. Do you really think that posters who have been coming to both BFP and BU since their inceptions, have not by now, formed their own opinions about the staff of each and how they conduct themselves?
    Barbados Underground is a hot bed of racist diatribe. One only has to look at the current item on Graeme Hall Sanctuary over there with 210 posts expressing overt hatred towards not only Peter Allard but anyone who is white, anyone who “looks” white and white tourists in general. BU allowed this item and it’s racist content to go on and on even though several posters asked the BU staff to close the item. What does this say to me about BU and it’s staff other than they will prostitute their own beliefs in order to increase their “hits” on the internet. Interestingly, there was a potential tourist from Michigan, U.S.A. who stumbled across this rant in BU and he expressed very clearly that as a result of what he read he would NEVER consider vacationing in Barbados and would tell everyone he knew to not even consider Barbados.
    You have the nerve to say BFP has done more harm to the tourism industry than any failed airline? Pat, please do, copy and paste your post over to BU where it would make more sense. You are an outrageous liar and hypocrit. You only favour BU because BWWR favours BU and BWWR favours BU because she can manipulate the proprietor of BU and he will allow himself to be manipulated (prostituted) in order for “post” numbers to be up on his blog. 210 posts of the most ridiculous, appalling, racist shite I have ever encountered.

  18. Curiously amused

    Red Lake Lassie:

    Were you a beneficiary of free education in Barbados? I had to read your comment three times to understand what you were saying.

    Are you seriously trying to convince intelligent people that transparency and accountability came about in the media only because of BFP/BU? Why is it so difficult to believe that these issues came into the mainstream out of sheer necessity, and common sense observation by average Barbadians – regardless of what ‘blogs’ had to say?

    Also, are you one of those binary twits who believes that you’re either for BFP or with the BLP? Because I would have you know, as I’ve said over and over again, I am married to a Barbadian and I am a Texan, American. Just for the hell of it I’m also white and still not seeing the racism that BFP talks about in Barbados, but c’est la vie.

  19. Hants

    Ok people. Please stop the “infighting”.

    If you were born and educated in Barbados for free,
    it is time to pay back our country.

    Can we all play nise for a few months while we dicuss what we can do “survive” this recession.

    We already getting licks from UK newspapers and in Canada tour operators focused on the Dominican republic and Cuba (that changes from today because a cat 3 hurricane is hitting Cuba.)

    Take it easy people.

  20. @Piedpiper

    Read your thesis and was hesitant to respond but for the record we are not racist. What we are is a blog that believe in free speech. It’s the only way as a people we can get to the next stage. People like you criticized us when we were strident about the impact of illegal immigration on little Barbados. We have lived to see the day when the government has announced that it is formulating policy to implement a managed immigration plan. We have also listened to VOB this week in amazement to illegal immigration matters being discussed, only a short time ago the station held a zero tolerance policy on the issue.

    Look, you are entitled to your view, the day we feel that we are doing a disservice to our country we will stop doing what we are doing.

  21. PiedPiper

    For the record, David, I did not criticize your position or that of many posters on illegal immigration, quite the contrary. I too believe that the influx of illegal workers from Chinese to Guyanese must stop.

  22. Looking on....

    You know…..

    There are alot of posters on here that every time under the BLP that an airline terminated services for WHATEVER reason they lambasted Noel Lynch and the BTA.

    Now not a whimper.

    What effort was made by our brand new Minister of Tourism to avert this? What are their plans for replacing the lost seats? Has any effort been undertaken to see if any other airlines are thinking about pulling out and might be forestalled?

    By the way…. have you heard ANY plan by the BTA to deal with the coming cancellations because of the financial crisis? (other than throwing money at the problem) Or are we just going to sit around and moan about it after it happens to us?

    The hypocrisy of some people astounds me

  23. Hants

    @ Looking on….

    Give us your solutions so we can pass them on to the minister of tourism, the BTA and the Airlines.

  24. Sargeant

    @Looking on….

    Perhaps bloggers have a little more common sense than you give them credit for, if you want to compare the world wide economic circumstances in which the present Minister is operating with the circumstances which existed when Noel Lynch was Minister then go ahead.

    Here is some news for you everybody tightening their belts whether they are in Europe, North America or Asia. If the citizens of those countries can afford a vacation they will look for bargains and Barbados aint no bargain. Whenever I speak with someone about vacationing in Barbados the most common retort is “Barbados is nice but it is so expensive”. You can also lay that issue at the feet of the previous Gov’t and its policies since the tourism development model was to market and promote the Island as an up market destination. It’s nice to have the rich and famous on our shores but there are only so many of them and they have lots of options.

    If the Airlines don’t have any passengers what are they going to do? Fly empty planes in the hope that things will improve? They will make decisions that will have a positive impact on their bottom line and speaking of throwing money at the problem there is good money and there is bad money and I see the major gov’ts in the world are throwing money into the financial industry in an effort to stop their economies from cratering. And BTW if the scuttlebutt is to be believed that’s what the BTA under the auspices of the former Gov’t did to lure West Jet to these shores.

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  26. PiedPiper

    David: Why, in your reply to my post, are you discussing illegal immigration anyways? This has nothing to do with the 210 comments on The Graeme Hall Sanctuary. Are you simply trying to cloud the issue and therefore, my objection to how you allowed it to become a platform for racist rantings? You have ALREADY done a great disservice to Barbados and I can only hope that BU does not receive too much traffic over the next little while as those who can afford to, start planning their vacations. Why would any tourist give Barbados even a moments thought after seeing the hatred expressed towards them as tourists and as members of the white race??
    Too late Daved, damage done.

  27. wondering

    illegal immigration is wrong. But it has provided a fodder for racist rants and other shortcomings that has nothing to do with it.When you have comics on BU talking about “doing a Mugabe” and believe for one moment that no one is paying attention. Think again.I agree with Hants that the Canadian market is a good one to go after. But guess what about Toronto: whites are actually a minority in the GTA and the coloured folks don’t and won’t take kindly to all the racist garbage that spews from some blogs here in BIM.
    We need to wisen up and accept our own shortcomings. e.g. on the ABC highway, just pass Norman Niles roundabout, an old mattress has been laying there for over a week.We have become blinded but don’t we realise that the average tourist see this foolishness.

  28. Curiously amused

    How dare PiedPiper skewer BU’s David when just last week Barbados Free Press ran a drivel headline of “Obama Kisses White Women”, what would happen if a politician did that in [racist] Barbados! Fools. Damn fools. No doubt they also worded it for its attractiveness to Google.

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: blogs which are allowed to be run anonymously have no transparency and no duty to be accountable, and will write things they know are hyperbole, blatant mis-truths or pure conjecture because no one can hold them to task on it.

    It is sheer stupidity for anyone to buy “we must remain anonymous or else The Man will kill us” when very critical blogs such as Bajan Reporter and the “less Google visible” ones all have their editors’ and writers’ names big and bold for The Man and the world to see.

  29. PiedPiper

    How dare I?….it was easy and guilt-free.

  30. Curiously amused

    Well in future lambaste all who need lambasting. BFP runs racist stories that stretch the realm of reality as if they are the only mixed race people in Barbados and as if there is a racist vehemence among locals who attack people of their “kind” as well as whites, which is simply NOT true.

  31. We answered you Piedpiper, we wrote that we support free speech.

    Lastly we shudder at the notion by some here that commenters on BU who may represent a fringe view would be that of the majority.

  32. Pat


    On the radio today CFRA, I heard an ad for Barbados. The first in a very long time. Air Canada says if you travel to Barbados on one of their vacations – your companion get to fly freeeeeeee! The planes should be full, full, full, this winter. Pity, I already booked for Jamaica.

  33. Hants

    @ Pat

    That is great. Barbados needs all the Tourists it can get.

    I think the GM of Air Canada Vacations is a Bajan.
    Rob McCleary?

    My next trip will be on West Jet and it is costing less than $4oo cdn.

    Jamaica has really great ads on TV.

    Enjoy your vacation.

  34. Sundowner

    I thought I read somewhere that Virgin were picking up the BMI flights.