Secret Documents Show How The Barbados Government Used The Military To Destroy A Canadian Investor


“We have just taken a brief look at the documents. Whether or not we can figure them out remains to be seen. One thing is sure – many big shots’ feathers will be badly ruffled! There will be plenty of excitement when we publish. It will be a wild ride.

… from the Keltruth Blog article How the Barbados Government used the Military to Destroy a Canadian Investor, and in so Doing Destroyed the Entire Cotton Industry

Keltruth Blog Obtains “Access To Thousands Of Documents”

Last February just after the Thompson DLP government was elected, Keltruth Blog informed readers about the story of Nitin Amersey – a Canadian investor who had entered a joint venture in cotton with the Barbados Government. As Keltruth told the story…

Initially the Government was delighted that Mr. Amersey was investing millions in Barbados, but at some point the local cotton growers and politicians grew envious of Mr. Amersey. They accused him of wrongdoing, but a forensic audit revealed no evidence to support this. Despite this, the Government changed the locks on Amersey’s office without notifying him.

Canadian Investor’s Barbados Home Arsoned!

After the Barbados cabal seized Mr. Amersey’s company assets, he caught a man setting fire to his island home. Strange how those arsons start when foreign investors stand up to the Barbados government! (Just as happened recently to Adrian Loveridge – another foreign investor who was a thorn in the side of the past BLP Owen Arthur government. See here and here.)

Keltruth Blog continued…

This rough treatment did not scare off Mr. Amersey. He filed and won a court order in Barbados entitling him to $2 million worth of Carsicot equipment. The Chief Justice at this time was Sir Denys Williams. While Amersey was sorting his assets, three hundred gun-toting Barbados Defense Force soldiers seized the equipment! The BDF would not say where they were taking it.

Secret Documents Tell The Story

Not only were the soldiers acting without authority, they were in direct contravention of a Barbados court order! After reading the original Keltruth story, Barbados Free Press said “What we want to know is who ordered the BDF action, and will they ever be held to account for their crime?”

Now it looks like Bajans might have the opportunity to view the original court documents and see for themselves what happened to Canadian investor Nitin Amersey and which members of the Barbados cabal were involved. Keltruth Blog says they have access to thousands of documents in the Sea Island Cotton case and they are going to publish the juiciest ones on their blog.

Barbados Cabal Featured The Same Old Cast Of Characters!

Sir David Simmons

Involved: Sir David Simmons

In another little teaser, Keltruth Blog published one document (above) written by Clyde Turney and revealed “Strange coincidence! Many of these names appear in another lawsuit where fraud is alleged!”

Bingo! For years we’ve heard rumours that David Simmons, the current Barbados Chief Justice, had something to do with the Nitin Amersey debacle. Maybe now we’ll see written proof of his roll.

Like Keltruth Blog says…

“We have just taken a brief look at the documents. Whether or not we can figure them out remains to be seen. One thing is sure – many big shots’ feathers will be badly ruffled! There will be plenty of excitement when we publish. It will be a wild ride.

Yes, it may be a wild ride, indeed!


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20 responses to “Secret Documents Show How The Barbados Government Used The Military To Destroy A Canadian Investor

  1. akabozik

    I too am looking forward to knowing which of the “cabal” as you put it were involved in the sea cotton story. The last time the Keltruth published a “breaking news” story it was a fraudulent corporation document signed by Sir David Simmons that they published on line.

    This new one should be good!

  2. passin thru

    I read the story at Keltruth and the links from their story. I second p3’s “MY GOD!”

  3. dogbitemuh

    great story, you are getting warmer.

  4. Observing

    funny thing about this is that the Carsicott deal happened under a DLP government. It was quite a scandal in it’s day. It was under Sandiford I think.

  5. no suprise

    Whenever something underhanded, disgraceful and unethical goes on in Barbados, red ant, Clyde Turney is front and centre trampling on the rights of all Barbadians, particularly the weak and defenceless.

    This malevolent cancer on the legal profession is somehow tolerated by the power elite and his legal associates, as if his actions should be admired.

    Anywhere else in the world he would likely be suspended or disbarred and shunned by all that cross his path.

    The upcoming revelations will be interesting but not suprising.

    Mr Turney should be atoning for his sins before he goes to meet his maker on judgment day.

  6. Jason

    Interesting story in light of Prime Minister Thompson’s plan for increased philanthropy and investment from Canada.

  7. nevermind Kurt

    If the rumours I heard are truth, when David Simmons’ role is exposed he won’t be able to look anyone in the eye.

  8. Equilibrium

    the chief justice seesm to be a very popular guy on this site

  9. CJ#1fan

    Chief Justice is popular on this site because he disrespect the courts. Nobody should be a politician Attorney General and then think they can be accepted as “INDEPENDENT” highest Judge in the country. Silly boy he is!

  10. Equilibrium

    CJ#1fan, tis true that the argument of independence having considered the previous allegiance ia a touhg pill to swallow, but i meant every week we’re seeing something about him and a few peeps are beginning to wonder how well validated the claims just saying that when some look at the blog nowadays to see an article of the CJ, having knowledge of what it will say, its becoming similar to looking in the newspaper and expecting to see the classifieds at the back page

  11. CJ#1fan

    It is not about whether he will be caught doing anything wrong. It is about the appearance of justice. We should not have to wonder what goes on in the judge’s chambers but when Simmons became CJ peoples had to be concerned.

    It was not a “tough pill to swallow”, it was an act of corruption and power appointing him.

    It was unethical for David Simmons to accept the post. No good that he does while Chief Justice can undo the improper nature of his appointment.

  12. Inkwell

    “Canadian Investor’s Barbados Home Arsoned!”
    You can’t arson anything. “Arson” is an abstract noun.

    “Strange how those arsons start…”
    Strangely enough, it is also an abstract noun which has no plural.

    Please, BFP, desist from mangling the language. An abstract noun relevant here is “education”, which also has no plural.


    BFP says,

    Language is fluid – constantly changing and being changed. Every year, the dictionaries (and there are hundreds) are filled with new words and changes in colloquial and specialised uses. At the same time hundreds of “old” words are dropped from common usage or have their meanings altered.

    Please remember this: the dictionaries follow, they do not lead.

    I’m sure you’ll agree that the title of Fred Astair’s movie “The Gay Divorcee” means something quite different today than when it was made – but it took a decade of widespread colloquial use before Oxford dared to change its hallowed reference.

    The keepers of language (and there are many who fancy themselves as purists) rebel against these changes as being unpure. And so they should because they add stability to communication by slowing language changes.

    You are one of the self-appointed purists, and I do not say that in a derogatory manner at all. You are a valuable storm sail to keep the language ship from being overwhelmed in a confusing sea where every little wave wants to change course.

    But sometimes all the little waves agree on a direction and the ship must alter the track if ever so slightly.

    Research and consider the history of words such as “flammable” vs “inflammable”, “gay” vs. “happy” or (gasp!) “colour” vs. “color”.

    Now Google (there’s a noun that became a verb) the word “arsoned” and you will see a host of language police shouting “No! No! No!” against their rising horror at their realisation that, (gasp) “arson” is now a verb that is widely accepted in colloquial usage.

    “But it is not in the dictshunairy” you say… 🙂

    Don’t worry, child. It soon will be! 🙂

  13. Inkwell

    While you at it let we forget punctuations and use green verbs then we can all understand each other more easier and better yet sound cool sight?

    Don’t try to confuse poor language skills with innovation.

  14. Juris

    I agree with Inkwell. There are some rules of language and you can’t go inventing words under the silly pretext that rules change. You, BFP, are not by any means a leading authority to determine when rules are to be dispensed with. Why don’t you tell us where, in any reputable piece of English literature, is “arson” used as a verb?

  15. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    1. And will all this exposure stop these dishonest people from prospering. None of these people will suffer for their wrong doing.

    2. I also think it is wrong that all the wealth in this country is controlled by minority groups who have scant respect for blacks in Barbados.
    3. With very little accountability and integrity in Barbados, not forgetting to mention our laws of convenience how could anyone in their right mind even think about investing in Barbados.


    BFP says,

    The real wealth in this country is land, and the land usage is controlled by the government of the day with zero rules or accountability.

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