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Secret Documents Show How The Barbados Government Used The Military To Destroy A Canadian Investor


“We have just taken a brief look at the documents. Whether or not we can figure them out remains to be seen. One thing is sure – many big shots’ feathers will be badly ruffled! There will be plenty of excitement when we publish. It will be a wild ride.

… from the Keltruth Blog article How the Barbados Government used the Military to Destroy a Canadian Investor, and in so Doing Destroyed the Entire Cotton Industry

Keltruth Blog Obtains “Access To Thousands Of Documents”

Last February just after the Thompson DLP government was elected, Keltruth Blog informed readers about the story of Nitin Amersey – a Canadian investor who had entered a joint venture in cotton with the Barbados Government. As Keltruth told the story…

Initially the Government was delighted that Mr. Amersey was investing millions in Barbados, but at some point the local cotton growers and politicians grew envious of Mr. Amersey. They accused him of wrongdoing, but a forensic audit revealed no evidence to support this. Despite this, the Government changed the locks on Amersey’s office without notifying him.

Canadian Investor’s Barbados Home Arsoned!

After the Barbados cabal seized Mr. Amersey’s company assets, he caught a man setting fire to his island home. Strange how those arsons start when foreign investors stand up to the Barbados government! (Just as happened recently to Adrian Loveridge – another foreign investor who was a thorn in the side of the past BLP Owen Arthur government. See here and here.)

Keltruth Blog continued…

This rough treatment did not scare off Mr. Amersey. He filed and won a court order in Barbados entitling him to $2 million worth of Carsicot equipment. The Chief Justice at this time was Sir Denys Williams. While Amersey was sorting his assets, three hundred gun-toting Barbados Defense Force soldiers seized the equipment! The BDF would not say where they were taking it.

Secret Documents Tell The Story

Not only were the soldiers acting without authority, they were in direct contravention of a Barbados court order! After reading the original Keltruth story, Barbados Free Press said “What we want to know is who ordered the BDF action, and will they ever be held to account for their crime?”

Now it looks like Bajans might have the opportunity to view the original court documents and see for themselves what happened to Canadian investor Nitin Amersey and which members of the Barbados cabal were involved. Keltruth Blog says they have access to thousands of documents in the Sea Island Cotton case and they are going to publish the juiciest ones on their blog.

Barbados Cabal Featured The Same Old Cast Of Characters!

Sir David Simmons

Involved: Sir David Simmons

In another little teaser, Keltruth Blog published one document (above) written by Clyde Turney and revealed “Strange coincidence! Many of these names appear in another lawsuit where fraud is alleged!”

Bingo! For years we’ve heard rumours that David Simmons, the current Barbados Chief Justice, had something to do with the Nitin Amersey debacle. Maybe now we’ll see written proof of his roll.

Like Keltruth Blog says…

“We have just taken a brief look at the documents. Whether or not we can figure them out remains to be seen. One thing is sure – many big shots’ feathers will be badly ruffled! There will be plenty of excitement when we publish. It will be a wild ride.

Yes, it may be a wild ride, indeed!


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Vexed Bermoothe Added To Our Blogroll

“Are you getting value for the extra HALF BILLION DOLLARS a year that they are spending?  This is not a wealth transfer from the rich to the poor.  It’s a transfer from future Bermudians to this generation.”

… from Vexed Bermoothe Blog’s article 10 Years

Another Good Read: Vexed Bermoothe Blog

Vexed Bermoothe makes for an interesting and quick read. The articles are concise little cruise missiles aimed right at the heart of big fat slothful corrupt government.

We like VB and we’re sure you will too.

Here’s what VB says about the reason for their existence…

“The website is entitled after Shakespeare’s “still-vexed Bermoothes” in his play The Tempest which was written soon after the wreck of the Sea Venture on these shores.

Well, I am a still-vexed Bermudian. Vexed because our current leaders feel that the community exists to serve their ambitions. Vexed because the public institutions that have made Bermuda the envy of the world are being undermined in the name of obsolete militant ideology and greed. Vexed at the gross waste of national resources. And vexed at the blatant dishonesty of our political dialogue.

I count myself tremendously lucky to be Bermudian; I worry that I may be the last generation to feel that way.”

Vexed Bermoothe blog


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Does Barbados Really Need To Take Cuban Eye Surgery Charity?

barbados-cuba-eye-surgeryCuban Eye Care – Unanswered Questions

Well it finally official. The Ministry of health has finally started to screen patients for cataract operations in Cuba. This is so despite the unanimous rejection of the plan by local Ophthalmologists. This is a path that various governments in the region have traveled before, with not so good results.

Cataract surgery is a complex procedure with several serious complications, including blindness. There is no guarantee of standard of care or agreement on follow-up. I would like the Barbados government to answer a few questions

1. Who is going to follow the patients post cataract surgery?
2. Who is going to deal with any complications or additional operations?
3. Will patients travel back to Cuba for additional surgery?
4. Will consultants or juniors be performing these operations?
5. Can you show the Barbadian public the qualifications of these surgeons?

I admit that the wait for cataract surgery is long, but this is no fault of the hospital doctors. They have had chronic shortages of equipment and personnel thereby, making it impossible to reduce these waiting lists.
In addition the Lions Eye Care Centre stands Idle with its two state of the art operating theatres idle and raped of their contents.

There has also been a chronic shortage of nurses for many years. all of the above undermine the ability to reduce the cataract waiting list.

Sending patients to Cuba for a surgery that we can perform here is totally ridiculous. This practice also undermines the local ophthalmologist and sets a dangerous precedence for patient care. It also highlights the incompetence of our Ministry of health in managing our health affairs.

… submitted by BFP reader “S”


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FREE ADMISSION THIS SUNDAY – Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

Click On The Photo To See The New Graeme Hall Video

Click On The Photo To See The New Graeme Hall Video

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – Free Admission This Sunday

Place:  Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary
When:  SUNDAY, November 9, 2008
Time:  8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Cost:  Free to all

On SUNDAY, November 9, 2008, Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary will be open to the public.

Admission is free

“Sunday will be an opportunity for everyone to come and see the Sanctuary,”
said Harry Roberts, General Manager. “We are saddened that we are closing the Sanctuary on December 15, but this is a chance for all Bajans to come and see a pristine example of their national heritage, and the beauty of the wetland before the gates close.”

The Sanctuary is part of the proposed 240-acre Graeme Hall National Park (www.graemehallnationalpark.org), of which 81 acres have been designated as a RAMSAR wetland approved under the international Convention on Wetlands. The Sanctuary is located entirely within the RAMSAR site.

A video of the Sanctuary and the proposed Graeme Hall National Park can be viewed at www.superu.ca/content/425.

In 2007, over 6,000 Barbadians signed a petition in favor of preserving the entire green area at Graeme Hall, since it is the last and largest green space on the South Coast between the Airport and Bridgetown.


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Reader Calls For More Professionalism From Barbados Nation Newspaper

Over the years, the level of accuracy coming out of the Nation Newspaper as it relates to major and minor stories has been diminishing.  Most recently was the report that the Giant African Snail was breeding with local snails, with a photograph to prove this.

My disappointment comes with the obvious lack of basic investigation before this story was published. There have been large snails in Barbados for a very long time. The shells of these snails are actually pink in colour with a little tinge of yellow.  The body is approximately 3/4″ wide and about 3 inches long. I have been seeing these snails long before the African snail was first seen in Barbados.

Secondly, it seems that a simple call to the Ministry of Agriculture to find out whether inter-breeding is possible was never done.  The Ministry has trained, qualified persons who would have been able to indicate whether this could be a possibility.  Even if a call to the Ministry did not net the results, a simple internet search would have been able to determine whether the basis for the story was correct or not.

Leave the speculation to the blogs.  Barbadians are already extremely anxious with the proliferation of the African Snail and it shows a level of irresponsibility for the Nation to publish such a story without the proper evidence to support the claim.

Jo-ann Jordan
Bush Hall
St Michael


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