President Barack Obama – Not A Bloodless Revolution


The Long Walk Of Dorothy Counts Comes To The White House

A black man named Barack Hussein Obama is now the President Elect of the United States of America and, unlike some previous elections, there is no doubt that he was truly elected by the majority of the people. At the time of this writing there is a six million vote spread between Obama and McCain. Yes, the numbers during the campaign were close, and the people of the United States were poorly served by a disgusting news establishment that has for the foreseeable future lost all credibility (more on that in a few days) – but the end result is no squeeker.

Barack Hussein Obama is truly the choice of the majority of citizens.

In all of our celebrations that a black man will be President, we should not forget that this historic moment did not start with Barack Obama. Neither did it start with Martin Luther King’s assassination nor even with the emancipations of the 19th and 20th centuries in various countries.

But there are road markers along this journey towards freedom and equality for all – and Dorothy Counts is as good a place as any in history to make a comparison with a black President Obama.

In September of 1957, a 15-year-old Dorothy Counts became one of four black students to be accepted at Henry Harding High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. She lasted only four days in that hell before her parents pulled her out.

As she walked into school on the first day, her back was soaked with spit and her legs were bruised from rocks thrown by white students. The “good ‘ol boys” also took care of any white students who dared to support and befriend Counts.

That was North Carolina in 1957. A short fifty-one years later in 2008, Barack Obama stood before the world to make his acceptance speech. Things change. Barack Obama is the evidence of that ongoing change- not the reason it happened.

Blacks Did Not Elect Barack Obama As President – The Citizens Of The United States Did

Barbados Free Press declared our support for Obama almost from the start, and in the middle of the Obama – Hillary! runoff for the Democratic nomination, we declared that Obama would be the next President of the United States. We’re hardly magical with our predictions because with Barack Obama a blind man on a fast horse couldn’t have failed to see the victory that was coming.

We felt that victory months ago, but we also said that all this excitment over a black President would soon give way to the fact that Barack Obama’s policies with offshore banking and taxation are distinctly hostile to the interests of Barbados. Black majority nations are going to be very surprised if they think that President Obama will place their interests over the interests of his country.

Still, the image of the United States has been changed overnight and that change may help on many worldwide fronts where the USA has assumed responsibilities or powers in situations it has no right sticking its nose into.

Reports of Election Troubles

For a moment today I thought they were going to steal the election from the people. Who are “They” ? I’m not sure who “they” are. I’m not even sure that they are republicans, but when the reports started coming in of voting machines “forgetting” the presidential candidates’ names, and riot police suiting up in anticipation of a McCain victory, I wondered how this day would end.

In the end, “they” were not able to sabotage or steal election. They will now turn their efforts into discrediting and disrupting the Obama Presidency, but that doesn’t matter now. The event has happened and cannot be put back into the bottle.

 Whether Obama will be a good President or the worst the world and America has ever seen is unknown. In the context of the change that has happened, Obama’s performance almost doesn’t matter. The next President may be white, SHE may even be of Mexican hertiage. There will be other black Presidents after Obama.

The important thing to understand is that a black President of the United States is just one more sign post of hope along the journey. Relations between the races are getting better every day. Obama is evidence of that.

Now, if we can just bring some of that progress to Barbados…


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35 responses to “President Barack Obama – Not A Bloodless Revolution

  1. crossroads

    Well written article BFP, I share your opinion and hope for a more peaceful world today and in the coming months ahead.

  2. Curiously amused

    Who cried last night???!!! I did! I felt so lucky to be alive to see this happen!!! Thank yoooooou for the lovely article!

  3. Batya

    Just goes to show that you don’t have to be pushing race and hatred all the time to get people to back you. Obama did not zero in on African-Americans. It was to ALL Americans regardless of colour or race for all races face some kind of hardship. Deal with the issues at hand right across the board. A lesson to those among us here in Barbados who always shout race and hatred and don’t seem to realise that it turns people off. There is more than one way to skin a cat. To truly emancipate yourself seek to reach the often perceived unattainable top , educate yourself, set goals, not keep talking about what the white man did or what he has or even envy and despise those blacks who have risen to a certain level.

    Did anyone refer to Obama as red man or caucasian?

  4. lisalight

    Martin Luther King had a dream, maybe President Barrack Obama could be the start of it coming true:)

  5. Just Wondering

    This is not to ‘take away’ anything from BO, just some information I need.

    What is a ‘black’ person? I’d like BFP bloggers to help me with this description.

    Just wondering… if a person is half Indian and half Chinese… what is this person? They are bi-racial. But what is their label?

    A person like BO and Thompy – who are half Negro and half Caucasian are bi-racial … but they are labled ‘black’? In this case a ‘black’ person is obviously not a Negro.

    So, then, what is a ‘black’ person. I really want to know and hope some of you here can explain it to me.


  6. Hants

    Just wondering… if a person is half Indian and half Chinese… what is this person? They are bi-racial. But what is their label?

    Bajans will label the person whatever he/she most looks like.

    If tuh look more Indian dah is wuh we gine call yuh.

  7. Just Wondering

    To Hants – November 5, 2008 at 4:57 pm

    You are just skirting around the Q and not answering it. Thompy looks more Caucasian than Negro, so should we call him ‘white’ then? A Trinidadian friend told me that in Trinidad, Thompy would be considered a ‘white man.’

    ? ? ?

    How many shades of ‘black’ and how many shades of ‘white’ are there?

  8. Isa

    I would like to say that Barack Obama is a man born to lead America. It has nothing to do with colour of skin, it is about ability, and the leadership of all races. I am glad that God has appointed such a man, because now the whole world will see a role model for non-Caucasians for coming generations, who will see him as a man of integrity who will push to do what is right for all.

    I hope that the black people of America do not become deluded that he is one of them. He is the President of the USA and that is the job he has to do. If they think they will get any special favours they need to think again. He may become the best, or he may be the worst president, but already he has made his mark. My congratulations to BO, but I fear for the safety of his family. I believe there are deep secret forces at work, away from the publicity of open politics, which are manipulating the world scene. The people of America have appointed him, they must protect his family.

  9. cynty

    I spoke to one of the ladies who went to Thompy’s reception for the Soroptomist (sorry spelling probably wrong) she said he was a charming man but hadn’t realized he was white!!!!!!!!!

  10. On-wings-of-song

    BFP ~ you said “Relations between the races are getting better every day. Obama is evidence of that.

    Now, if we can just bring some of that progress to Barbados…”

    DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH… this is small island, never forget it. There is a status quo attitude here which, not even the vaunted ‘education’ is going diminish inthe next 300 years.

    The simple facts Sirs – which you and others may not want to hear.

  11. On-wings-of-song

    Nice to read your comment Isa (November 5, 2008 at 5:27 pm.) “I would like to say that Barack Obama is a man born to lead America. It has nothing to do with colour of skin..”

    You are an optimist, Isa, and I applaud you for that… but let me tell you… had Obama lost … the ‘REASON’ amongst most of the people, especially among the ‘black’ people … would be “he lost because he was black.”

    Take heart.

  12. On-wings-of-song

    Hey cynty – (November 5, 2008 at 5:43 pm) that was sweet sweet sweet and made me chuckle. But let me ax you: What color is Thompy?

  13. I don’t see Barack Obama as black, white or of mixed blood.
    I see him as a man who was elected to be President.

  14. Equity

    DO you not think that if Obama were white, his margin of victory would have been even greater? Are race relations really getting any better?

  15. Straight talk


    Intimate race relations are on the up and up, hooray for all the recent coffee coloured children’s successes.

    Respect to Blue Mink ( and Marcus and Shona )

  16. Tony Hall

    Persons were determined to cast their votes yesterday. I left home at 5:30 am with the intention of voting and then go on to work. When I got to the polling station the lines were around the block. I made a decision to continue on to work and then leave early. I sat at home last night watching TV knowing that something special was going to happen. At 11:00 pm when California and some other polls closed tears came to my eyes. Every now and then God sends someone special. I believe Obama is special. Some of the pundits have been asking whether he will do well as President. I am sure he will. He is genuine, confident and intelligent and last but not least he will surround himself with good people. The event is good for the world.

  17. Sundowner


    We had some of these ladies in our shop, they too commented on the fact that our Prime Minister was not black! I told them he was ‘mixed race’ white mother black father, same as Obama!

  18. Chalan

    Isa above said, ”I believe there are deep secret forces at work, away from the publicity of open politics, which are manipulating the world scene”

    How else could the oil price move from 35 to 150 back to 70 in a few short months?

    Yes, economic changes and uncertainty have some effect, but the drastic changes in markets etc, indicate there are ‘forces’ at work.

    Ten years ago, USA was in surplus, diplomatic relations were at an all-time status of excellent.

    Now, the USA is in severe deficit, USA is in two wars, the Cold War is back and world economy in deep trouble.

    Happenstance, or intent?

    There are physical forces at work that act in a way greater than the imagination would seek to bear.

    Although, what such forces do not realise or alternately believe that they can abort, is that existence cannot of itself be controlled as some may wish, just as blowing into the wind is of little consequence.

  19. Sargeant

    On the night of Obama’s greatest political triumph while the rest of the world is lining up to offer congratulations and John McCain was delivering a gracious concession speech, Ralph Nader the consumer advocate and Independent candidate in the election said the following during an interview “ To put it simply he is our first African American President or he will be and we wish him well but his choice basically, is whether he will be Uncle Sam for the people of this country or Uncle Tom for the giant corporations”

    What an insulting comment at this time in history. I thought Nader had more class. I was wrong.

  20. missing home

    A wonderful article BFP. Who wrote it please?

  21. The Scout

    While many people were shouting the praises of President -Elect Obama, most were missing the important point. This man wasn’t advocating black, white indian, hispanic or any other race. Hewas advocating equality. He wan’t advocating Republican or Demeratic, he was advocating party unity. Therefore he is preaching a different language than anyother black person running for office in USA. That’s why he is so popular, while some of us may still have our dislikes for certain races, for there to be advancment in the world, the cleansing of the races has to begin and it syarts NOW. This is not to say that I will allow anyone to abuse me in the name of cleansing but wegot to accept each other. Mr Obama has a hard task if he wants to achieve this, maybe he will only be able to introduce it, it will take a few generations to start seeing a marked difference.

  22. Cliverton Not Signed In

    Marcus wrote this article.

  23. 199

    You may not regard this as important, or, at least, important enough (clearly, most Americans did n’t think so!!) but, he ‘talks too, slow’, for me!! When he speaks I feel like falling asleep!! Anyway, it’s what he actually, does, which is important so let’s wish him all the best!!

  24. 199

    Another brilliant, article guys!! Feel so sorry for girl in the pic!!

  25. Ex Bajan

    This is to Just Wondering who wrote on November 5, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    This is a complex question, because it’s no longer based on anything culturally concrete.

    It was a term originated to define a skin colour and there was a time, in the past, when it was simple – in theory, one drop of black blood made you black. and perhaps while this thinking may still shape the prevailing zeitgeist, it’s put to the test everyday as we witness the changing trends towards social and culturally dynamic shifts.

    True black identity is now so diverse and fragmented that it is – in my opinion – next to impossible to describe in linear terms.

    However, unfortunately, we live in a world of labels, of compartmentalization, of forms and questionnaires which demand than you identify yourself by race and social status. since i’ve been back in canada, i’ve had to fill out many applications where i had to identify myself my race and income. so through the eyes of the canadian government i am viewed as a black woman who is living in poverty.

    I am however, viewed through different lenses by family, friends and strangers.

    Maybe blackness is in the eye of the beholder – whether it’s an inward looking mirror imagine or or someone else’s opinion.

  26. SNAKE-in-the-grass

    Hey Sargeant, Ralph Nader was/is just saying it as it is. Let’s deal with actuality and not with opinion.

    If you want to deal with opinion … Obama already has a load on his plate… I see Fox (O’riely and dick morris) on the program already starting to criticize his choice for Chief of Staff…. WE ALL HAVE OUR OPINIONS OF COURSE. Bottom line, mark my prediction…. he going get lashes from the blacks after a while … they going say he aint doing enough to help them. We’ll see! Who’s going be Secretary of State… on the www I reading Kerry actively interested in the job. ? ? ? What’s in store for Hilary? I feel it could be a post on the Supreme Court… again: all speculation on my part…

  27. cynty

    on-wings- of- song
    I’ve always thought of Thompy as black, though thinking about he’s mixed race like many of us. Shouldn’t matter, we need a big melting pot and be done with it! We waste too much time on color issues.

  28. Isa

    In today’s Nation the photo of the Bussa Statue adorned with that banner is an insult to Barack Obama, I think. To link BO to slavery is an insult to his background, and does nothing to promote the healthy relationships between us all which he so firmly espouses

    On a quick search of the Internet, I find that George Washington Overall was his most recent ancestor connected with slavery, and it appears he was a white slave trader living and working in Kenya. I stand to be corrected.

    My point is, BO has a middle/upper middle class background going back many generations. He himself has no connections whatsoever with slavery, nor is he a descendent of slaves. I had slave ancestors, who are now dead and gone, and we all need to move on.

  29. Isa

    My apologies, it appears Overall was an ancestor of BO’s mother, white, living in America and owned two slaves.

  30. J

    Dear Isa:

    You wrote “the Bussa Statue adorned with that banner is an insult to Barack Obama, I think. To link BO to slavery is an insult to his background”

    I am not sure that you understand that statue commonly but incorrectly called Bussa is the Emancipation Statue. The Emancipation Statue celebrates FREEDOM. It is NOT symbolic of slavery. Take note that the chains on the statue are broken chains. The artist Karl Broodhagen deliberately created the statue this way and every time he spoke he noted that it is an Emancipation statue. Emancipation = Freedom.

  31. J

    Dear Isa:

    You wrote “BO has a middle/upper middle class background going back many generations”

    President-Elect Obama can properly be said to have come from families which are very, very bright and very, very, hard working. His family from both sides can properly be described as working class or as marginally middle class.

    His father was a Harvard Phd, his mother too earned her Phd.

    His father’s father was a bright, hard working cook and small farmer. His father’ s mother and step mother were housewives, small farmers and market vendors.

    His mother’s mother was a factory worker during World War 2, , and later worked in banking and rose to management level in at small branch. His mother’s father was a salesman.

    So no the President Elect’s family is not “upper middle class going back several generations.”

    Barack Obama’s biography resonates with so many Americans and Barbadians precisely because we percieve that he has risen to high office by MERIT and HARD WORK and NOT by virtue of social class. In that regard the rest of us have the “audacity to hope” for the same for our children and our grand children.

    You really should read Mr. Obama’s books which are readily available at local and online bookstores

    1. In His Own Words
    2. Dreams From My Father
    3. Change We Can Believe In.

  32. J

    For Just Wondering and everybody else:

    I take it that you were counted in the 2000 census. The census officer asks you to indicate your colour. Census takers are instructed to record whatever answer the informant provides. Just as census takers are not expected to expose your genitals to verify your gender, neither are they expected to to verify who copulated with your parent in order to verify your color.

    So the long and short of it is that you are whatever gender you say you are. And you are whatever color you say you are.

    Right here in this Barbados I have had cousins tell me that they are of mixed race (and I had spent decades thinking that they were black) and I’ve had people who appeared to be white tell me that they are of mixed race. In each case I recorded exactly what I was told.

    That’s how demographic statistics are collected.


  33. Isa

    Many thanks J for corrections, and info re BO. I had already decided to get at least one of his books, but this blogging, done in the right spirit, is also very useful!

  34. Avatar Gurl

    Yes, everyone should be RED! 😀

  35. Sargeant

    Change has come to America: The Republicans elect Michael Steele to head the RNC. If anyone believes they would have elected Steele if Barack Obama was not elected President I have some prime beach front land in Florida to sell to them.