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Nevis Gets A Free Tirebaler Through Canadian Generosity – But Will They Change The Oil?

Tire Bales Are Only 5% Air - What Can We Build With Them?

Tire Bales Are Only 5% Air - What Can We Build With Them?

From the Barbados Sanitation Service Authority blog, we learn that the Canadian Government has assisted in providing a tire baler to Nevis. What’s a tire baler? Glad you asked. According to Touch the Earth Construction

“Tire-bales are “big rubber bricks”. They’re made in an hydraulic press, exerting extreme forces to compress approximately 100 tires into a “brick” 2-1/2′ x 5′ x 5′, weighing ~2,000#, wrapped with (5) .113 inch dia. steel wires pre-formed into square-knot ends which are hooked together when the press reaches it’s compression capacity.  The press is then released and the bale is completed.  The bale is now the density of most wood, weighing in at roughly 50 pounds per cubic foot and containing only 5% air.”

Tire bales are used for building retaining walls, housing and a dozen other uses. Even if the bales are not used for a purpose, they significantly reduce the amount of area necessary to store tires – and the tires do not act as mosquito breeding grounds because bales do not hold water.

So good for Nevis. I hope their tire baling programme works out. We learned about tire baling through the Barbados Sanitation Service Authority blog as written by (I think) Ian Bourne. Another source of information on tire balers is Encore Systems of Minnesota USA, who say they are the largest manufacturer of tire baling machines (website here).

But Will The Oil Be Changed?

You’ve met those people who never change their engine oil? Usually they don’t purchase the auto themselves, because if they did, they would look after it. They never change the oil and they wonder why their engines die after two years.

That pretty well sums up all these special projects where people and governments receive machinery for free. They don’t appreciate how much money it took to purchase the equipment and they don’t look after it.

Maybe it is the fact that so much of our government’s budget is “borrowed” and donated from the first world as government charity that we as Bajans have a cultural problem in that we don’t see that government equipment, buildings, infrastructure and charity programmes have to be paid for by someone.

Not to mention that the words “preventive maintenance” do not appear in the Bajan lexicon. Why do you think that Barbados public utility vehicles are in as rough shape as we see them in? Why do we have so many buses on the road in poor condition?


What Happened To The BLP Government’s 3 Million Dollars Of “Free” Weed-Wackers?

One last thought: Remember when the Mottley/Arthur Government decided that the way to save the young men hanging about was to get them into their own businesses by purchasing week-wackers and other landscaping equipment for them and giving (as opposed to loaning) equipment to them?

How many of those weed-wackers are still operating? Our guess… zero.

Does anyone know who these young men are and IF they are still “in business” with the equipment that was given to them?

How Many Weed-Wackers And Lawnmowers Can You Buy For Three Million Dollars?


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Barbadian Stranded In Nigeria For Past 45 Years !

gwendolyn-joseph-barbadosHer accent and physical appearance easily gives her away as a foreigner, but few people know the pathetic story behind the sojourn of 87-year-old Gwendolyn Joseph in Nigeria for the past 45 years…

Continue reading one of the strangest stories you have seen in a long time at Punch of Nigeria


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Mumbai Terror Murderers: Born In Britain Muslims Captured Taking Part in Attacks

Two British-born Pakistanis were among eight gunmen seized by Indian commandos who stormed buildings to free hostages, Vilasrao Deshmukh, the chief minister of Mumbai, reportedly said.

The Foreign Office earlier said it was investigating reports on NDTV, a local television news channel, that the terrorists – who swarmed luxury hotels and other tourist sites in the city – included “British citizens of Pakistani origin”.

The development came as Gordon Brown called for international co-ordination to combat terrorism in the wake of the attacks. He said: “We have got to look at how international action against terrorism can be improved.”

… from Telegraph UK (link here)

How Does One Tell Fundamentalist Muslim Murderers From Ordinary Everyday Citizens?

As with the Muslim terror bombings of the London and Spanish transit systems, and the “shoe-bomber” Richard Reid who wanted to murder an entire airplane full of families, some of the Mumbai murderers were born in the west.

If they are truly religiously motivated, then perhaps all killed muslim terrorists should be buried in pig guts. According to some, the hardcore Muslim terrorists believe they can’t get those virgins while buried in pig guts.

What do you think folks? IF it were shown that burying killed terrorists in pig guts would remove significant numbers of recruits from the ranks of those willing to go on suicide missions, should society take this measure?


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How Many Barbados Government Ministers Received New Vehicles As Election Rewards?

Friends, we received the following anonymous complaint. Like all things anonymous INCLUDING THIS BLOG it should be taken with a grain of salt and carefully considered before you go rushing off proclaiming it as the gospel.

We must also consider that the anonymous writer of the letter might be one of those government workers who think of the democratic process and the people’s elected representatives as “inconvenient”. Perhaps this anonymous government worker is a BLP fat cat who is trying to sabotage the DLP government. Or maybe they are a dedicated employee trying to do their best. Keep an open mind, friends!

That said, much good comes from our newly found ability to discuss important matters in public without having our families and our jobs targeted by political elites who consider themselves entitled and above the law. That is not to say that all or even most government officials fit into that category – but you know many who do!

So here is the letter. Let’s discuss it and also consider the question posed by the title of this article. Am I correct that every newly-elected DLP Government Minister received a shiny new vehicle as a reward?

What say the ordinary people about all this?

Here is the anonymous letter…

Transport Minister John Boyce

Transport Minister John Boyce

Good Morning, I am a government employee at the ministry of transport & works, since the induction of john boyce as commander in charge, he also takes the hats of head of departments and foot soldier.  I have worked in the ministry for 11 years under 5 ministers.  And during that time I have never seen any acted or done the things he does.

Firstly, the painting of the building, can u imagine they tested a colour (baby blue) on the entire back part of the administrative block, wastage of paint and time.

Up to now the building isn’t finish and this was been painted from january and this is now november.

He got rid of a parking spot located directly in front his spot so he can drive his gas guzzler (usa ford sports trac) straight into his spot so that he would have to drive around the cars parked in front of the delegated parking spaces for senior staff.

He has not allocated two reserved parking spaces for himself, one for his private vehicle and the other for the ministry issued vehicle.

Every month he orders two cases of bottle water the first minister to do such.

The previous ministers before him didn’t get a gov’t suv to drive around to play pretty with they drove their vehicles when going about the gov’t business.

How could the treasury be so broke and is happening.

He is acting like this is his home.

What a shame!!!


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Former Barbados Minister of Housing Gline Clarke Finished At Least One House On Schedule!

Government Minister Clarke Built This House For His Mistress - Using Laundered Money Upon Land His Government Expropriated!

Government Minister Clarke Built This House For His Mistress - Using Laundered Money Upon Land His Government Expropriated!

Gline Clarke, former Housing Minister under the BLP Arthur government, is in the paper today advising the current Thompson government on home building schedules.

Now there is something Clarke knows about!

For many months back in 2006, every Friday afternoon Minister Gline Clarke would appear like clockwork at the jobsite of a home he was building for his mistress on land that he had expropriated for “Public Housing”.

He would come straight from his ScotiaBank branch where he always withdrew his Friday wads of cash from his personal account after bypassing other lower customers who had to wait for service. If Clarke only knew what those customers and bank personnel were thinking at the time.

Bye the way, sometimes the money Clarke withdrew had originally been deposited as “campaign donations” to his personal bank account. Prime Minister Owen Arthur may have led the way in this practice of money laundering and converting political donations to personal use, but his friends soon followed the master!

So perhaps the Thompson DLP government should listen to Gline Clarke when he gives advice on scheduling house construction. After all, there was at least one home that the former Minister of Housing was able to complete on time!

Further Reading

Nation: Clarke Cautions On Housing Programme

BFP: Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke – House and Mercedes On Expropriated Land


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December 1st Last Chance To See Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary For Free

Sanctuary Admission is FREE on MONDAY, December 1st

Eight thousand people showed up on the previous Free Day at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary.

Yup… eight thousand folks who value the natural heritage of our country and want to preserve it for our children’s future took a walk on November 9th to see the mangroves, birds and wildlife that don’t exist in such a natural state anywhere else on Barbados.

Monday, December 1, 2008 is your last chance to see Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary for free because…

Graeme Hall Will Close December 15th As Canadian Philanthropist Driven From Barbados

Over the years thousands upon thousands of Bajans and tourists alike enjoyed the peace and learning experience of the last remaining mangrove wetlands on the island. Thousands of school children on learning tours encountered Graeme Hall in a way that their parents never could in the days when they were in school.

A generation ago, the last mangrove wetland at Graeme Hall was an abandoned, difficult-to-access, polluted garbage strewn mess. One man decided to rescue this precious piece of natural heritage for Bajans, Barbados and the world. One man and he wasn’t even a Barbadian!

Peter Allard, a philanthropist from Canada, poured some US$35 million into cleaning up the wetlands and creating the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. He asked for nothing in return, and in fact received less than nothing. Continue reading


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Safety First: Barbados Government Does The Right Thing

Cracks At Wilkie

CRACKS have been found at Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary School and the Ministry of Education has decided to relocate the students and teachers.

Minister of Education Ronald Jones said yesterday the ministry was taking no chances with the “superficial cracks” found in the eastern block, and will be relocating the students so that remedial work can be done on the building.

The minister said the building was 46 years old and its walls were constructed with “coral stone and reinforced block work” and the school was not built to accommodate its present roll of more than 600 students.

“What will be done will be a complete reinforcement of the entire structure where, based on the reports provided, steel girders and things of that ilk, would be used,” Jones said…

… continue reading this article at the Nation (link here)

No Nonsense – School Closed

It is good to see that our new government is capable of making an immediate decision when called for. Somebody obviously went to the school to inspect the cracks and said, “First priority – get the children out”.

That is an entirely different behaviour than we’ve seen over the years from government. There have been times in the last ten years when we thought there wasn’t a bureaucrat on the island with a brain in their head.

To the person who first made the decision to close the school and then sold it up the ladder: well done!

Too bad they weren’t one of the consultants who were engaged when cracks started appearing in the building that eventually fell into the cave-in and killed the Codrington family back in August of 2007.


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