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Adrian Loveridge: Closure of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary “Absolute Tragedy – We are in a defining moment in our tourism development”

Minister of Tourism
The Hon. Richard L. Sealy, M.P.

Dear Sir,

I believe it would be an absolute tragedy if we allow Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary to close with the loss of a quoted 85 jobs.

I also believe that we are in a defining moment in our tourism development.

We have witnessed the West Coast being turned into a seamless ribbon of concrete condominiums with only rare glimpses of our pristine coastline and sea.

The loss of 29 hotels over the last 15 years has already and will continue to have a profound detrimental effect and consequence on employment in the sector, and its long term sustainability.

As the going gets tougher (and it will) in a global financial meltdown, we as a largely tourism dependent country have to fiercely safeguard the areas of  destination attractiveness that are less likely to suffer in a highly price sensitive marketplace.

Eco tourism is one of those niche areas, where cost is not the paramount decision making factor in choosing (or returning) to a destination.

Once popular walks and hikes along the east coast have now become also impossible due to lack of any planned maintenance or frequent de-bushing.   Even the bridge over Joe’s River close to the Edgewater Hotel has been left unrepaired for months.

Barbados has demonstrated that it can compete globally in eco-tourism, becoming the second most popular destination for the world’s largest walking specialist tour operator, with only New Zealand attracting more clients.

I appeal to our new Government, to sit down with the founder of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and find some solution that will allow the facility to remain open.

Not just for the sake of overseas visitors, but for the generations of young Barbadians to come that Graeme Hall will inspire to adopt more a sustainable tourism development policy.

Adrian Loveridge

Written in my capacity as a private, concerned citizen!

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Ethically-Challenged Barbados Chief Justice To New Lawyers: “Don’t Steal From Your Clients”

THIS YEAR has been one of tragedy and embarrassment for the legal profession, the island’s top judge said yesterday.

However, Chief Justice Sir David Simmons feels the legal profession can recover its good name and has called upon 22 new admissions to the Bar to do their part.

At a full sitting in a packed Court of Appeal yesterday, Sir David told the new lawyers:

“This year has been one of tragedy and embarrassment for the Bar.

“Nevertheless, I think that the Bar has the capacity and resilience to rise above temporary setbacks and reassert itself to a position of eminence and respect among members of this society.”

Sir David, who is also President of the Court of Appeal, warned the lawyers that an “overweening desire” to “get rich quick” could see them breaching the Legal Profession (Accounts) Rules…

… from the Nation article CJ: Help Repair The Image

Acting Prime Minister & Career Politician One Day – Chief Justice The Next Day

Chief Justice SIR David Simmons just doesn’t get it. Here he is admonishing new lawyers to mind the reputation of the profession and their own reputations – when SIR David himself proved that he valued the prestige and position of Chief Justice more than he respected the independence and reputation of the Office of Chief Justice.

Chief Justice Simmons - Career Politician Is No Independent Judge!

Chief Justice Simmons - Career Politician Is No Independent Judge!

How on earth could David Simmons believe that it was ethical for himself – a career politician, Attorney General of the then BLP Barbados Government and Acting Prime Minister – to assume the position of Chief Justice?

As Attorney General and a senior member of Cabinet, Simmons was responsible for government policies and for defending lawsuits against the government. He was also mixed up in various land deals and political backroom antics as any senior politician is.

How was he therefore to appear to be independent to people bringing lawsuits against the government or members of the government? How was he to appear to be independent when political opponents had lawsuits or charges before his courts?

When David Simmons accepted the position of Chief Justice in an engineered resignation and “cooling off” period of only a few months, he disgraced the Office of the Chief Justice.

For David Simmons to be telling new lawyers about ethics is a joke.

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