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Festival Of Barbados Travel Articles Continues Around The World

Chris Breedy Enchants The Lady Travel Journalists At Mount Gay. Good Work Chris!

Chris Breedy Enchants The Lady Travel Journalists At Mount Gay. Good Work Chris!

Look folks, there is something BIG happening with Barbados in the travel journalism business. The international press is publishing positive travel articles about Barbados at a rate that is four or five times above the norm that we’ve seen in the past few years.

We’ve been running Barbados Free Press for almost three years and we’ve had the same “Google alerts” in place to automatically tell us whenever articles are posted anywhere that mention Barbados. So we know how many articles about Barbados typically get published every week. We can see the trends in the international media when an election is coming or when some important treaty or world happening touches our country. Most of the larger Barbados blogs have the same alerts in place and can probably confirm our observations.

The past two months have seen a tsunami of Barbados travel articles in the international press. Although the stories primarily originate from North American and British papers, we’ve seen Barbados travel articles in the english-language press of Singapore, India, Japan, South Africa, Philippines and Indonesia. Who knows what we’re missing in the non-English language media.

To our tourism officials who organised these trips for travel journalists, WELL DONE!

This week we have a spate of articles all mentioning the John Moore bar, and it is obvious that the various writers were taken on the same tour – maybe at the same time as a group.

No matter, for they have produced another week’s worth of positive articles about Barbados – raving about the people, the beauty of our island and the variety of things to see and do.

Not one mention of an abandoned appliance or oil drum on the side of the road. Nothing said about the floods or the traffic – and that’s fair because a tourist operates outside of the rush to and from Bridgetown every morning and they look at our island with a tourist’s eyes, not as we do when we’re late for work.

Here’s a few of this week’s articles – one even claiming that Barbados can be done on a budget too. Articles like the following are worth a hundred advertisements (IMHO) and there are dozens that have been published in the last week…

Oct 26, 2008 – Chicago Tribune – J. Olivera – Barbados and Budget Travel Go Together

Oct 26, 2008 – Reading Eagle – Warmth, Pride Prevail On Island Where Rum Began

Oct 26, 2008 – New York Times – W. Curtis – The Sweet Essence of Barbados

Oct 26, 2008 – Chicago Tribune – If You Go To Barbados

Oct 25, 2008 – CanWest News Service – Barbados: Take in an authentic Caribbean experience (syndicated published in 27 Canadian media outlets)

Oct 24, 2008 – Fresno Bee – J. Kurash – If You’re A Rum Drinker, Barbados Is The Promised Land

Oct 24, 2008 – IMG – E. Barone – Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of…

Oct 23, 2008 – Taiwan News – Barbados Rum Punch

Oct 19, 2008 – Boston Globe – Measured By The Foot

Oct 18, 2008 – Sue Carroll – Sue Carroll Samples The Simple Pleasures Of Barbados

Oct 14, 2008 – The Telegraph – Barbados: Best of the West Indies


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