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Twenty Major Canadian Newspapers Quote “Auntie Moses” of “Barbados Free Press”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper also visited Barbados last year, with Canadian media in tow. As one Bajan, “Auntie Moses,” said at the time on the Barbados Free Press website: “Keep smiling and get them cold tourists down here!”

… from the CanWest News – Ottawa Citizen syndicated newspaper story: Barbados: Take in an authentic Caribbean experience

Story Appears In Major Cities Across Canada

The travel sections of the Saturday newspapers in major Canadian cities like Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Windsor, Regina, Toronto and Montreal feature a quote from our own Auntie Moses and mention Barbados Free Press.

And, most surprisingly, the quote by Auntie Moses comes from a July 2007 Barbados Free Press story about whether we should tell the Canadian Prime Minister about corruption in the Barbados government.

The internet has truly empowered ordinary Bajans – who no longer have to rely upon the local Barbados news media who are still fearful and under the thumb of government. We can communicate with the rest of the world very effectively without the local gatekeepers, thank you very much.

Where the BFP quote was taken from: Canadian Prime Minister Visits Barbados July 18, 19 – With The Canadian News Media… What News Stories Do We Want To Tell Canadians?


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Poll: Only 25% Support Mia Mottley As BLP Leader

Click To Vote - Poll Still Open

Click To Vote - Poll Still Open

Will Santia Bradshaw Challenge Mottley’s Leadership Before Next Election?

Only 25% of first one hundred Barbados Free Press readers who voted in our leadership poll support Mia Mottley as BLP leader. Surprisingly, 26% support Santia Bradshaw!

With all this recent talk by the BLP and Mia Mottley about “reinventing” or “rebranding” the Barbados Labour Party, the obvious question becomes whether voters would view Mottley’s continued leadership as “old” or “new”.

While our poll is a very unscientific indication, we did watch the voting closely and confirm that the final results mirror the trends from the start. That, plus the limitation of one vote per reader (managed by cookies & IP restrictions) means that our poll reflects the opinions of hundreds of people and not just a few multiple voters.

So on the day of the BLP Annual Conference, here’s what our poll says…

Who Should Lead A New BLP?

Mia Mottley – 25%

Anyone But Mia Mottley – 40%

Santia Bradshaw -26%

Other – 9%

You can still vote in the poll and check the ongoing tally in our story A Party Leader With A Weak Mandate From The Membership Prepares For BLP Annual Conference


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TODAY! Environmental Education Day At Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – Saturday, October 25th

I think it is important to demonstrate how environmental awareness can be integrated with sound business and behavioral choices…”

Harry Roberts, General Manager of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

Free Admission To Age 17 & Free Nature Guidebook To First 1000 Visitors

On Saturday, October 25, 2008, Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary will host an Environmental Education Day.  The cost will be free to children age 17 and under, and admission for adults will be only one dollar.

Guided and self-guided tours will be available, and a free Nature Guidebook will be handed out to the first 1,000 visitors.

The Sanctuary has provided community-based environmental education programmes for students, teachers and the general public for over 10 years.

“We have been supporting year-round environmental workshops and educational programs at the Sanctuary and throughout Barbados,” said Harry Roberts, General Manager of the Sanctuary.   “Our main goal has been to provide a living outdoor classroom for teachers, and provide an enhanced eco-tourism facility that can support educational programming.”

According to Roberts, there are many professional educators, environmentalists and others who have a keen interest in the future of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary as a natural heritage site.

Existing, environmental and natural history education materials already in use in Barbadian schools, coupled with the natural setting of the Sanctuary, will help students and the public appreciate the “working” mangrove ecosystem at Graeme Hall.

“Our nature guidebook which will be handed out during our Education Day contains educational material for our teachers at all grade levels,” said Roberts.   “We did this in response to requests by many teachers who needed field science materials for their existing curriculum.   Evonda Hurley, a teacher at Westbury Primary, was one of the teachers who suggested we do this, and she has also encouraged us in the past to keep groups small to  maximize the bird watching experience.”

According to environmentalists, the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary illustrates the fragile balance of a native, natural Barbadian estuarine ecosystem and how human occupation has affected it over the course of 300 years. Continue reading


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Thank Barbados Newest Diplomat For “Bitches”, “Niggers” and “Hoes” – OH… Not To Forget More Gambling Coming Soon To Our Island

Destroyer Of Black Culture & Founder Of Black Entertainment Television

Robert L Johnson: Destroyer Of Black Culture & Founder Of Black Entertainment Television

(Pinned to top. Scroll down for newer content.)

UPDATED: June 12, 2011

It has been two and a half years since this article first appeared in the BFP and now the proliferation of these machines is actually here under the name Island Treasure. What a way to rob the citizens of Barbados of their money and worse yet breed ‘false hope’ for people who have to deal with an ‘extremely high cost of living’ and increase in ‘Tax’ on almost everything under the DLP government. Is this just not another indirect tax on the poor and middle class of this country? (Thanks to BFP reader “We Want to Know”)

UPDATED: March 7, 2010

We ran this story back on October 25, 2008 and were disgusted with how quickly the Thompson DLP government jumped right into bed with B.E.T.’s Robert L Johnson to continue the BLP program of increased gambling in Barbados.

Here we are a year and a half later. Still no answers as to how much money goes into the public accounts from this gambling. Still no answers as to what “commissions” are paid for “consulting” to offshore corporations owned by elected or appointed public officials.

If you were expecting the DLP to be any different than the BLP in that regard, you’re a fool. Millions of dollars are still flowing without accountability or transparency… but the hidden juice is flowing to the DLP instead of the BLP. That’s the only difference.

Let’s hear if any of our readers can share developments or insights into this story that the regular Bajan news media continues to ignore…

Original story as published October 25, 2008…

Robert L. Johnson Created B.E.T. – Black Enslavement Television

Only one day after proclaiming that Barbados television should be projecting Bajan images, values and culture if it wants to receive government funding, Prime Minister David Thompson appointed Robert L. Johnson as Barbados’ honorary consul to the Carolinas, United States.

Yes… that Robert Johnson of Black Entertainment Television. As one of our readers said about him back in June of 2007 when we learned that he was partnering with the Owen Arthur government to bring more gambling machines to Barbados…

“Robert Johnson has created the most destructive and insidious mechanism to perpetuate the oppression of Black people since slavery. BET glamourises violence misogyny, misanthropy, greed, gluttony and sloth. it is a pox and a virus, and the minister responsible for communications in Barbados should remove it from our cable roster if he cares about our young people. Little surprise that Johnson is now involved in enterprise that will further marginalise and deprive Caribbean people of all races.”

… BFP reader “bling” commenting on BFP’s Gambling King Robert Johnson “Gave” BET To Barbados And The World

Say It Isn’t So, David! Continue reading


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