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Ben Freeman Rape Trial Exposes Corruption In Barbados Courts

As the world’s eyes turned upon a Barbados court for the “not guilty” verdict in the Ben Freeman rape trial, our Nation newspaper published what the editors obviously intended to be a glowing tribute to the Barbados justice system. Instead, their article highlights the corruption, hypocrisy and double standards practiced in our Barbados courts.

Stage managed so perfectly, the Nation newspaper reported that Ben Freeman’s lawyer, Anesta Weekes, praised the Barbados court – in particular because transcripts of the trial were delivered to her before her final summation to the jury.

Ms. Weekes fairly gushed with praise saying that not even the British courts manage to provide counsel with transcripts in the middle of a trial. How wonderful!

Everything Was Phony: Staged For The Ben Freeman Rape Trial – Barbados Courts Don’t Have Court Reporters To Make Transcripts!

How phony. How staged. How typically Bajan to make sure our court received a veneer of civilized justice for this one very public trial.

Chief Justice Simmons Staged Show Trial For International Press

Chief Justice Simmons Staged Show Trial For International Press

Chief Justice SIR David Simmons knew that the eyes of the world would be upon Barbados because a famous person was facing a criminal charge of rape on our island… so it was arranged to provide something for the Freeman defense that is normally denied to other accused and civil litigants: a court reporter making a verbatim transcript of the proceedings.

And not only was the court reporter provided – the transcript of the trial was presented to the defense counsel prior to her closing address to the court. How wonderful!

Yes… how wonderful: except that Barbados courts do not normally have court reporters. Many judges deny such requests even if the accused or civil party wants to pay for their own court reporter. Barbados judges like to keep their own notes so they can change them when they want – as was done by the Judge hearing the Ronja Juman trial. (link here)

What would Ben Freeman’s lawyer have reported to the international press had the courts treated her client in the same manner as they do Bajan citizens?

The Reality Of Barbados Courts: No Transcripts Made During Ten Years Of Trials!

Now let’s leave aside the Ben Freeman trial as staged for the international media and consider the plight of an old lady fighting in the Barbados courts for her stolen inheritance. An old lady who has been denied transcripts and court reporters for ten long years…

This morning, Monday, October 20, 2008, Margorie Knox is in a Barbados court fighting in her oppression case.

Will there be a court reporter making a transcript in Mrs. Knox’s oppression case on Monday, October 20, 2008? Will a Barbados citizen be given the same rights as a famous television actor?

Head over to Keltruth Blog to follow this disgusting story of corruption, hypocrisy and double standards in our Barbados courts…

Keltruth Blog: Ben Freeman Barbados Rape Trial – Why do Certain People Get Transcripts and Others Don’t?


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