“Wicked Bajan Blogs” Vex Racially-Prejudiced Citizen Who Is Happy With No Integrity Laws

NOTE FROM BFP’s ROBERT: Without going into the details, I am off the island on one of my trips. By the time I return I will have flown entirely around the world “the long way”.

“Oh,” you say “It is the same distance around the world one way as the other.”

You are wrong. To fly around the world in one direction is shorter, and it is a greater distance going in the other direction. (Think about it and see if you can fathom the answer and which direction is shorter.)

I hadn’t planned on posting any articles for the week but Marcus, Clive and the rest are trying to straighten out their homes so they asked me to look after things for the next few days. I’m dead tired so I’ve gone into the drafts folder and found this almost completed article that was somehow put aside.

I think it is topical again because of the recent discussion about that nature of racism in Barbados.

I’ll post it and try to update the links in the morning. I don’t even know who wrote it but it sounds like Cliverton. (?)

Here you go…

Original Article – From an unfinished draft…

“Who are these bloggers? Everyone wanted to know if these new “wretched of cyberspace” are really a gang of mercenaries being used by non-Barbadians to tear down our people and institutions telling the world that Barbados is poorly governed, poorly policed, violent, corrupt from top to bottom and without justice…”

“…And what action is being taken by the Government and the telecommunications agency to stop this rampant denigration and defamation of top black Barbadians? Are they going to be allowed to continue to lie and misrepresent our country in perpetuity on the Worldwide Web and scare away foreign investors?”

J. Randolph Robinson in a letter to The Nation News, August 20, 2008 (link here)


With the exception of Barbados Underground blog that Mr. Robinson says is “quite fair and balanced”, he calls anonymously-written Bajan blogs – especially two of them that he doesn’t name – some nasty terms like “Gang of Mercenaries, Quislings, Traitors” and “Unpatriotic”. (I confess I had to look up “Quislings” here)

Now let me see who he could be talking about? Hmmm… one must be us (BFP) because he seems to object to our cartoons of politicians. According to Mr. Robinson, one of his friends even keeps copies of the cartoons lampooning our “leading officials” as he puts it.

(Only one of Mr. Robinson’s friends has some of our cartoons? There’s probably a thousand of our lampoons stuck up on this island. At one time the Hercules Bar had a whole wall done with them before some BLP spoilsport threatened to send around the health inspectors!)

No need for Mr. Robinson to be vex about the cartoons, and don’t think that the politicians are upset too much about them either. When Owen was PM he talked about the new ones like they were a badge of honour. A few in his government were actually sore they didn’t rate a cartoon. (The Chief Justice might have a different view what with himself being cartooned wearing a dress and all that!)

As to the other anonymously-written but unnamed Bajan blog that Mr. Robinson talks about, well, I guess there are four or five that might qualify. Maybe he can clarify who he means. It is not like we’d sue him or anything!

Mr. Robinson Is Not Denying That Corruption & Injustices Exist On Barbados – He Is Merely Unhappy That Blogs Expose Such Activity!

We’re happy that the Nation News printed his letter because it gives citizens an opportunity to go over Mr. Robinson’s accusations one by one. The more that citizens consider the endemic corruption on this island, the harder they will work to stop it.

And as they say… for the blogs any publicity is good publicity. This time around Barbados Underground was mentioned by name and will no doubt benefit from increased the exposure in the print media.

It is plain that Mr. Robinson is not upset that injustices and corruption exist on Barbados, he is upset that the blogs expose the activities. Like the former BLP government, Mr. Robinson’s position is that to expose government corruption is “unpatriotic”.

Last Refuge Of The Bajan Ruling Elites… Watch Out For Those Bad White Folks!

It is also interesting that Mr. Robinson attempts to bring race into the issue, saying that the blogs are wicked because they are attacking our “top black Barbadians”. In context, he also says that Barbados blogs are probably working for white foreigners!

Ah yes… the old trick to divert attention from anything that the ruling elites don’t want folks to see: call “whitey”. Last election the BLP did the same old same old when they warned that the DLP was the party that most white Bajans would vote for. Horrors!!!

For too long we listened to the last Arthur/Mottley BLP government’s use of race and colour to divide our people. We saw how Owen Arthur, Liz Thompson and other members of that government did not hesitate to call out racial slurs against their opponents. If Liz Thompson couldn’t argue on the facts, even on national television she dismissed her opponent as being Caucasian. Former Prime Minister Arthur called blacks who disagreed with him negrocratsand oreos.

Calling “whitey”, was and remains, an evil practice – made more evil still when it was adopted as a BLP party strategy against then Leader of the Opposition, David Thompson. Mr. Thompson is of mixed black and white parentage, so he was called a “redman”, “white”, “englishman”, “great white hope” and even that favourite racial slur of Liz Thompson “Caucasian”. (BFP article here)

Mr. Robinson’s attempt to deflect the valid concerns of Bajan citizens through crying “whitey” is despicable – and all the moreso when we look at the issues that he wants Bajans to forget about.

Mr. Robinson’s Complaints…

“…the blogs in their irrepressible ignorance complain that they cover stories ignored by the responsible Press.”

Our Answer: Firstly, professional Bajan journalists have for years complained that they are not allowed to cover many legitimate news stories because of heavy government control of the the news media. You don’t have to take our word for it, you can hear what the journalists themselves say in the following articles…

Former Barbados Advocate Editor Says Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley “Evil As Hell The Lot Of Them”

Peter Wickham: “BLP and Owen Arthur…Created A Climate Of Oppression…”

Brass Tacks Radio Discussing Barbados Blogs – Carl Moore: “Barbados Journalism Has Been Floundering For Decades”

Secondly, there are many major stories the blogs covered but that the Barbados news media ignored for political purposes. Here’s a few to whet your whistle…

Journalist Peter Wickham Says Nation News Removed Section On China Human Rights Violations From His Article!

The Link Between Barbados Labour Party BLP And Threats To Murder

Corrupt Barbados Media Stand Charged With Unforgivable Deceit

Police Arrest Barbados Reporter

Police Arrest & Rough Up Barbados Reporter

The Barbados Police on many occasions interfere with news gathering by the professional news media – even illegally assaulting reporters, breaking cameras and erasing photos. The police are a law unto themselves and believe that they have the right and power to control the Barbados news media. Once again, you don’t have to believe us… here are the stories and the photos..

CBC Reporter Jimmy Gittens Roughed Up, Arrested By Barbados Police

Photographer’s Pictures Deleted

Barbados Police Seeking Help To Replace Important Evidence They Intentionally Destroyed – Police Superintendent “Poop-For-Brains” Broomes Was “In Way Over His Head” At The Scene

As to some of the real news stories that the news media has deliberately ignored for reasons of political control, but that the blogs published, here is another not covered to this day…

June 25, 2008: University Of The West Indies Construction: Caribbean Companies Squeezed Out By Chinese Government

“Barbados is poorly governed, poorly policed, violent, corrupt from top to bottom and without justice.”

Oh my! Mr. Robinson is leading with his chin and would last about three seconds in a knock ’em down and drag ’em out bar fight.

Where to start?

Perhaps our readers would like to comment!


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20 responses to ““Wicked Bajan Blogs” Vex Racially-Prejudiced Citizen Who Is Happy With No Integrity Laws

  1. reality check

    The last death throes of a group of people that can’t control the news and freedom of expression because it might not be nice to them or their perceptions.

    Somehow, they do not understand that respect is earned by actions on how one treats their fellow man and not the mere appointment or election to a position.

  2. PiedPiper

    BFP: It is quite obvious to me who J. Randolph Robinson really is. Robert, surely you have figured it out or are you hoping one of us will call he/she out? These are the same rantings of one BWWR almost word for word.

  3. on-wings-of-song

    The first thing you notice about someone you meet … is their color. Unfortunately for us in Bubadoes there are only two main ethnic groups altho (good news) recently there has been a component of Asians and Orientals scotching.

    We will never get away from noticing one’s “color.” But we can escape the peril of liking/disliking each other based on this superficial quality.

    A PROBLEM IS … no attempt is being made to deal with it; meaning: we don’t hear role model types – like politicians, professional people, business men/women, ministers of religion and so forth … making sustained comments designed to bury the issue.

    As a woman of “mixed race” who collects my granddaughter from St. Winifreds School… I have friends in both camps. While waiting, I may be chatting with some “blacks” — and guess what? the talk is about race and what the whites are doing. Then, next day, I will be chatting with some “whites” — and guess what? the talk will be about blacks and what they are doing….

    I think I said enough.

  4. Anon

    This article shows what an uphill task many of us have here in Barbados.

    J. Randolph Robinson is not saying that the things written about on the blogs are untrue, his problem is that they should not be published.

    We must continue the deception to Barbados and the World that everything here is honly-dory.

    And if you write about it then you are unpatriotic. This is the same line carried by the corrupt Barbados Labour Party. I keep telling people that I am not patriotic.

    “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

  5. Cliverton Not Signed In

    Robert: Yes, guilty. 75% me 20% Marcus and then 5% Robert. There are a few more useable almost complete articles starting on the third page.

  6. Just Waiting

    People who think they have power will always fear and seek to eliminate those that try to scrutinize their past and present actions.
    They live in constant fear that someone, other than God, could see them for what they really are and expose them to the world.
    Respectabilty is still pricelsess.

  7. lol, wicked the man say. cuhdear

  8. J

    Dear On-wings of a song:

    You wrote: “The first thing you notice about someone you meet … is their color. ”

    Speak for yourself. Maybe you regard colour as important and so you notice colour first.

    Me I notice first whether the person is an adult or a child and secondly whether they are male or female.

  9. Sargeant

    When the letter was first published in the Nation I wondered if BFP would respond but the only comments were by some posters at BU and this is what I wrote at the time but did not publish.
    Before some of the contributors of BU engage in an orgy of self congratulations over BU given the accolade as one of the good blogs I would issue this caution. “Do not trust the horse Trojans, Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks especially when thy bring gifts” (Virgil-Aeneid).

    Who is J Randall Robinson? What is his true motive? Why did he mention the court case in Canada? What about the many other issues which the blogs are addressing? Does the Nation check the bona fides of their letter writers before they publish? If bloggers think that a request to the authorities to close the “Wicked Bajan Blogs” would target BFP and not BU they should take their heads out of the sand post haste. Each site has had its share of provocative comments, many of them critical of politicians and others who would no doubt be chomping at the bit to remove those pesky irritants.

    While some may disagree with the tactics used by the blogs to address the ills facing Barbados, I know that they have an effect based on some remarks which I heard the present PM make. Does any one think that proposed Integrity legislation would be on the gov’t’s radar without the constant hectoring by BFP?

  10. PiedPiper

    Thank You Sargeant. I think there are many, including the folks at BU who have not yet realized how dangerous and manipulative that person is. She/he is playing a classic game of “wag the dog”.

  11. Somename

    Lord looka ma crosses! Patrick thanking Patrick and then he got the nerve to say everybody know that Randolph Robinson and BWWR is one and same person. This world full of con artists and tricksters, nuh?

  12. Curiously amused

    The author is correct and I remain steadfast in saying that until BFP lives by the same commitment to transparency and integrity, they should put up or shut up.

    Who really believes that if they reveal their identity, that physical harm would come to them? What it really is, I believe, is that they know that their conjecture and innuendo can’t stand up in a court case of libel and they have to hide behind anonymity to attack people behind IP cloaks, without the decency of allowing anyone to do the same to them using their name and reputation on the internet.

    It is not only cowardly but it is disgusting, and to defend it to the very end is indicative of backward thinking.

    I don’t care who agrees or disagrees or accuses me of being an ‘operative’ or whatever Owellian term you use to describe critics – you people are pathetic.


    BFP says,

    And thanks to the blogs, you are able to say that anonymously without fear.


  13. Curiously amused

    The difference is, BFP, that I am anonymous here because I’m quite sure if I said who I was, you would waste no time trying to find something on me to plaster my name in a headline. I’ve seen it happen here before. I’m not afraid of anybody, just you.


  14. Hants

    The words of Santia Bradshaw as printed in the Nation

    “Victimisation, she added, had too long been a part of the local landscape. “I’m not going to sit here and say the BLP has not victimised people, because you hear experiences, but whether it happened under a BLP or DLP administration, it is wrong! And we need to accept that there have been wrongs and . . . be able to move forward from experiences of the past.”

  15. Missing Home

    Hants: Blp want to move forward alright. Move anyplace long as it doesn’t involve an audit of what they did for 14 years!

  16. Missing Home

    And peoples asking “where is the money?”

  17. Politically Incorrect

    I thank God for the blogs.

    The MSM is totally sold out to the highest bidder.

    As for your comment, Curiously Amused………you apparently don’t nor never have lived in Bim. I would not use my name on these blogs because wisdom dictates against it. If you are so “brave” why don’t you use yours???

    I don’t live there anymore, born and bred, couldn’t take the prejudice against the color or my skin anymore and I am not of African extraction. Don’t talk about the corruption. It’s so thick you couldn’t even cut it with a knife.

    I am pleased to be able to spare someone or maybe more than someone the misery that I have endured by telling it like it is.

    I lost my business and livelihood due to the attitude and behaviour of not only Bajans but those in high places and it was after the current election, therefore embracing both sides of the fence, so let’s not get too trigger happy about party politics.

    Therefore, any one contemplating a move to Barbados should think carefully. Never judge a book by its cover.

  18. Curiously amused

    We agree to disagree mate. I think I’ve said all.

  19. crossroads

    Ever look at the bottom of a white man’s foot, its the same colour as the bottom of a black man’s foot and vis versa. Intresting.: )

  20. Livinginbarbados

    I missed this August (not august) offering, when I was on holiday, but it’s essentially the same rantings that appeared in an article in February, which I mentioned on my blog (http://livinginbarbados.blogspot.com/2008/02/what-is-argument-about-blogging-really.html).

    Things have moved on a little as I see one of the local newspapers is soon to launch its own blog. It wont be anonymous, but that does not guarantee that it will have anything worthwhile.