Obama Kisses White Women – What Would Happen To A Barbados Politician Doing The Same?

BFP’s Shona Upsets Husband, Makes Observation

I came into the kitchen last week to find the girls oogling a photo of Presidential candidate Barack Obama on the beach and making a joke that went something like “Ohhhhhhhhhhh – Baam – meee!” and maybe a few other little comments that I shall not (read “cannot”) repeat here.

Well, ok. It’s not like he’s Magnet Man or something, but Obama probably has more of that kind of appeal with the ladies than any other Presidential candidate since Jack Kennedy.

And who am I to criticise my woman for having a little fun with the girls?

I don’t exactly have horse blinkers on when I go to work every night, and as much as I assure Shona that I only have eyes for her, my wife is no fool. When I tell her how myoptic I am around other women she smiles and says “You lie. Just so you get yourself straight home every night and nowheres else.”

Yes, my love.

And then Shona came up with one of those observations that only race-sensitive folks would think of…

“Obama kisses white women. What would happen to a Barbados politican who did the same thing? We dare not even put a white or an indian on the cover of the phone book.”


Virulent Racism Still Encouraged By Mia Mottley’s Barbados Labour Party

Back in May, 2006, Barbados Free Press commented upon the fact that both the BLP and the DLP only showed one race of citizen on their websites and in their party literature. About the BLP website we said…

“The official website of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) – the party that has formed the Government of Barbados for 12 years as led by Prime Minister Owen Arthur – displays photos of Barbados citizens who are only of one specific race. Despite the fact that Barbados citizens hail from virtually every race and cultural heritage, only citizens of the majority race are shown on the BLP website.

And – it apparently is not even enough to be of african heritage – one must have a darker skin tone to be shown on the BLP website. No lighter-skinned persons of african heritage or mixed race persons are shown on the website. And certainly no mixed-race couples like some of the folks who bring you the Barbados Free Press.”

We also took the BLP to task for various anti-minority racism including a government minister using the term “Caucasian” as a racist slur during a TV debate and Prime Minister Arthur calling black political opponents indentured servants“, “negrocrats and oreos (black on the outside, white on the inside). The BLP again showed their racist politics when they warned during the election that “whites” would vote for the DLP (horrors!) and that Thompson was “white“.

Mia Mottley Condones BLP Racism

Mia Mottley Condones BLP Racism

The racism continued under new BLP leader Mia Mottley at the official party blog which for seven long months linked with another blog that threatened to murder a white foreign hotel owner, Adrian Loveridge, and to rape his wife. How could a legitimate Barbados political party in the year of our Lord 2008 continue to support people who called for the murder and rape of white foreign investors and business owners who were critical of the BLP government?

What could Mia Mottley possibly have to say for herself about the continuing racism of the BLP under her leadership?

Now we see Mia Mottley saying that a “new” BLP is on the way – but this is a superficial “re-branding and re-packaging” of the same basic product with the children of the political elites taking over the role of their fathers.

“Obama and Biden are now a movement and will be the next President and Vice President. Obama will get there because of the white vote not in spite of it.”

… BFP reader Reality Check

Obama’s Support Crosses Racial Lines – Obama Unites The Races. When Will We Be That Mature On Barbados?

When our own Rihanna told the world of being “cursed out” in school because her skin was not dark enough, thousands of Bajans immediately understood what she was talking about. Race and colour are always just below the surface in Barbados. We younger people like to think that we are making progress in living together and I know that we are – but there are still too many (including many young people) who have been raised by a bitter generation that maintains self-defeating attitudes about skin colour and ethnicity.

Barbados Political Leaders Have Nothing In Common With Barack Obama

Three generations of Bajan political leaders – including Mia Mottley – nurtured racial division and racist politics to serve a partisan agenda.

This political “leadership” has polluted our culture and much of the next generation. Racism raises its head in schools, when applying for a government job, when shopping for groceries. And especially in politics.

Racial division is encouraged by a Barbados political elite that regularly dismisses valid criticism on the basis that the opponent’s skin is not dark enough. Bajans with lighter skin colours are often given as a reason for failure – be it personal failure or failure of government projects – much like the Russian Communists would attribute production shortfalls to “wreckers”.

Oh yes, the “whites”, “indians”, “redmen” and “asians” are the cause of all trouble on this island of mongrels.

As much as our current crop of leaders support Barack Obama, they support him for the wrong reason. They don’t even understand his message.


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  1. .147

    Something tells me that you pounded the keyboard when writing this Marcus. What happened? Did something happen to you and Shona again? (for some who don’t know Marcus and Shona are a mixed marriage couple)

  2. Jason

    Every word of this article is soooooooooo true.

  3. passin thru

    Barack Obama will be President and he will unite all Americans including some of his most vicious Republican opponents. You watch!

  4. The scout

    The article is correct , to me, except the last paragraph in RED. To me the fact that Obama is black is secondary. His plans for a new USA administration is superior to McCain’s. McCain is not focused enough and as such wandering all over the place. Plus at 72 yrs, I don’t see him lasting the 4yrs with the economic situation as it is. The next 4 yrs will add 10 yrs of aging to the next president. Finally, for USA’s sake, if McCain get nominated, I hope he last because it would be the darkest day in USA history if a dumb woman like Sarah Palin would become president. I would rather Mia Mottley become P.M of Barbados than Sarah becoming president of USA.

  5. passin thru

    Scout: To you the fact that he is black is secondary, but that is not the case with most people in Barbados. It is natural that we would like to see a black president, but this post is right that Obama’s quest to unite the races is way above the heads of the current batch of politicians.

  6. crossroads

    Hope that guy VIC is reading this post

  7. Politically Incorrect

    Not only is it way above the heads of the current batch of politicians in Bim but it is way above the heads of most Barbadians.

    I come from a mixed marriage too. I’m the light one (lol). When we got married I believed that I would be accepted by both races. What a joke!!!

    We lived in Barbados until earlier this year when we decided to pull up stakes and move to the country where thankfully I had citizenship and where both of us are welcomed irrespective of our colour………..the great country of Canada.

    My very livelihood was threatened and I eventually saw no choice but to close a business which I had built from scratch and which I had dedicated my life to due to the inhuman prejudice I faced from the “civil” servants of my homeland. Note the “quote” “unquote”.

    Truth be told the most uncivil, slanderous and wicked set of people I hope never to even lay eyes upon again.

    Senator Barack Obama, I pray soon to be President of the United States, is the most inspiring man to grace the political arena, in my opinion, in my lifetime.

    Apart from Senator Obama’s obvious qualities his clear desire to address the issue of racism in a thoughtful, intelligent and non-combative manner places him heads above any man/politician to have graced the world scene that I am aware of.

    He is a very special human being and it is my hope that his leadership and example will cause many people to turn from the uneccessary and hateful behaviours of racism.

    The Word of God states in the Book of Acts that we are all ONE blood and again in Galatians “There is now no distinction neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is not male and female; for you are all ONE in Christ Jesus.

  8. J

    Dear BFP:

    Would you get over yourelf.

    Please stop seeing everything through racial glasses.

    I put it to you that Barbados politicians do NOT kiss anybody in public.

    I am almost a senior citizen and I have never been kissed in public. Still waiting patiently though.

    We Bajans, in case you have not noticed are not big on public displays of affection (or quasi affection)

    My parents lived happily together for more than 70 years and not once did I ever see them kiss, hold hands, or otherwise engage in any open display of affection.


    However in the unlikely event that a Bajan politician kissed anybody (black, white, or any other colour) in public nothing would happen.

    Get it.


    ’cause BFP it ain’t important.


    passin thru … October 14, 2008 at 6:44 pm …
    “Barack Obama will be President and he will unite all Americans including some of his most vicious Republican opponents. You watch!”

    Passin thru! You should write children’s books… you’d be famous.

    Bajans, as a rule, don’t have much interest in anything… but ONE THING that goes round and round is… color talk.

    It will be this way until Barbados becomes a mult-racial society.

  10. Tourism Monkey

    I understand the point being made here but maybe we have to ask the question…are they doing it because they want to or because they (feel they) have to?

    I remember a few years ago Cable & Wireless had some “high brown” (as my wife would call me) people on the cover of the directory. Over the coming weeks, I saw all types of letters in the press and heard all types of discussions about it.

    “Why dem ain’ put ‘real’ black people pun de phone book?”

    “Bajans ain’t black people?! So why duh got foreigners pun de phone book?”

    And even more malarky.

    I agree, there should be a show of the ethnic mix in Barbados when it comes to advertising and PR displays, however there is still that fear that others have that people will berate them for doing so.

    Sad, but true.

  11. J

    Dear BFP:

    Would you please stop repeating the Rihanna was cursed out in school story. Or if you do would you please state clearly each time that she was talking about the period when she was between 4 and 11 years old. Dear BFP: There is good reason why in Barbados we do not charge ANYONE under the age of 12 with and crime. 4 to 11 year olds are FOOLISH PEOPLE. Get it. FOOLSIH PEOPLE. They cannot and must not be held responsible for foolish thinking. The Scriptures put it right:


    Please do not continue to give credence to a story about what 4 to 11 year olds were supposed to have said a dozen or more years ago.

    When are YOU going to GROW UP?

    And yes BFP I have lived in Barbados and outside of Barbados and travelled to so many countries that I have lost count and you know what? People invaribly treat me decently because I treat others decently.

    Quit yer bellyaching.

  12. reality check

    Bajan males have been sleeping with white women for decades if not hundreds of years. White women have been coming from overseas for countless years to meet and sleep with men of color.

    It is only the politicians and a few biggots who play the race card time and time again.

    Obama would be villified in Barbados by many for being too white. I have heard all kinds of slurs against Thompson because he is too white.

    Sad but true.

    This is a very intolerant country sustained by jealousy, envy and resentment.

  13. Hants

    uh hearing Barbados flood way again and a wall fall cross Highway one down by the Lazaretto.

    River road flood way too.

  14. Just Waiting

    Barbados is already a multi-racial society.

    Bajans are not comfortable discussing matters of race. Racism still exist even if not openly.
    What is more evident is colour prejudice, where there is a preference for the lighter shade of black. Persons with darker skin tones are seldom seen on the frontline in establishments that service the public. Ads on television are dominated by persons of lighter complexions and this is not seen as strange in a country where the majority of persons are of the darker shade.
    Ask any very dark-skinned person if they were not taunted at school and called names too.

  15. Deng Xiaping

    Ms Mia Mottley’s brother and sister are married to white people. Her beloved nieces and nephews are mixed race children. What nonsense is BFP spouting?

    BFP says

    Perhaps you can tell us why Mia has always been content with the racist comments of her fellow bees? Perhaps you can tell us why she allowed the murder and rape threats against Mr. & Mrs. Loveridge to be promoted on the official BLP blog? (And, yes, we have the screen captures, thank you.)

    Perhaps you can tell us when the BLP will be changing their website to reflect more than the faces of the majority race? We’ve been asking for that for almost three years now, perhaps Mia is still thinking about including minorities in the BLP? Please let us know when she is finished considering the idea.


  16. Sundowner

    Reality Check, Bajan women have been sleeping with white men for years as well!! works both ways you know, I know three marriages of white husband/black wife. I’m the ‘light’ one in a mixed race marriage, our friends are every shade there is, can’t say we’ve ever had racist problems, unless you count for local men to asking my husband if he can ‘get one for we’………
    Back to Obama, everyone says he’s black, but he’s ‘half’ black and ‘half’ white like Thompson. What does it really doesn’t matter as long as people vote for his policies and not his skin color.

  17. Tell me Why

    uh hearing Barbados flood way again and a wall fall cross Highway one down by the Lazaretto.
    Since you ain’t in Barbados and you know what happen before me, can you tell me who will win the elections in Canada?

  18. Deng Xiaping

    Oh by the way in response to BFP’s assertion that “Racial division is encouraged by a Barbados political elite” I must ask: who is the present Barbados ambassador to the US and what incidently is his race? Who is the present NHC chairman and what is his race?

    Sorry BFP I don’t know where you want to go with this race thing but just remember your promotion of the US blogger called Fred!

    (The answers to the above questions are John Beale and he is White, Abdul Pandor and he is Indian.)


    BFP says,

    So why are there no minorities shown on the BLP website or the campaign literature? During the campaign, why did the BLP blog and newspaper columns warn that “whites” were voting for the DLP? Do you not see that as racial politics, or would you prefer not to discuss it?

    You are content to make generalisations, but refuse to specifically address the very real illustrations of BLP racism listed in the article. No wonder!

  19. Anonymiss

    The whole issue of race in Barbados is a paradox. Many of the well known political families in Barbados including Mia’s are mixed or contain mixed marriages. Any of you remember Freddie Miller, Billie’s father? He was mixed with distinct Caucasian features and light skin. His five children, including Billie, run the gamut of shade and hue. Two of Billie’s brothers are very light skinned with wavy hair and one is married to a white woman, while another is light skinned with typical negroid hair. If, in fact, the BLP practices a form of “colour rating” then I have to assume it is done strictly for political reasons to appeal to their voter base.
    A number of years ago I attended the birthday party of the matriarch of another well known family in Barbados. One hundred and seventy five family members attended this event, many from overseas and it was an eye opener for me to see every shade from the blackest black to the lightest white. I believe that racism in Barbados has more to do with the left-over, class consciousness of British rule, social standing and of course money than it does with skin colour.

  20. de gap

    “Pusillanimous Black Power?”
    First of all, Barbados is not a multiracial country. It is a black country, so the step and fetch it crowd is just going to have to get over it. The only racists in Bim are white people! If blacks were racist, white vermin would not be allowed to savage black school boys with impunity. Sir Cow would not be able to suck millions from black taxpayers in government contracts, but slam the door to his boardroom in their faces and relegate them to driving his trucks. Why are you negroes wasting time going to university? I’ve got trucks need driving…All of our leaders sold us out to the Anglo Saxons, but vengeance is mine; I will recompense.


    BFP says,


    1/ You say “The only racists in Bim are white people!”

    2/ You refer to “white vermin”


    Nope… no black racists ’bout hey!

  21. Rumplestilskin

    Anonymiss said ”I believe that racism in Barbados has more to do with the left-over, class consciousness of British rule, social standing and of course money than it does with skin colour.”

    Bingo. Also, lack of real world ‘education’ of a broader kind, ignorance as to self awareness and development and ignorance as to life.

    Small mindedness and lack of a broad understanding are a curse forever burdening the host with a yoke, to the detriment of that host.


  22. J

    “And then Shona came up with one of those observations that only race-sensitive folks would think of…”

    Dear BFP:

    Has it occoured to you that maybe Shona is too race sensitive. If she is ever going to become a Bajan she has to learn to drop some of the race sensitivity


    BFP says

    “become a bajan” lol

    And about dropping the race sensitivity… tell that to former Environment Minister Liz “how dare a Caucasian criticise me” Thompson!

  23. J

    Dear Tell me Why:

    I am just now messaging the Canadian posse and they tell me that Harper is going to get a minority government again.

    But my sources voted “Green”.

    What can I say.

  24. J

    But BFP:

    You know that our Lizzie is not the sharpest crayon in the box.

    So why you quoting she fa?

  25. Deng Xiaping

    BFP, you remind me of a dear old aunt in my family. She will tell anyone that cares to listen that the gentleman who lives two houses away not only regularly steals her dinner but is actually from outer space (and she has ‘proof’ too!). I don’t argue with her either.

  26. Homeboy

    It is noteworthy whenever BFP speaks to racism its always blacks discriminating against whites and the light skinned. Majority of posters follow BFP’s cue except the Gap who its patently clear is being sarcastic and condescending to blacks. The thoughts folks posts are great insights into their race, economic class and how they view people who are not like them.

    In the real world it is white racism that has been the scourge of Barbados since 1627. That is what the little issue of 400 years of black enslavement was all about? Hello..the white racism scourge is alive and well even as this discourse takes place in 2008.

  27. J

    Dear Deng:

    I would love to meet your auntie.

  28. Homeboy

    delete question mark(?)

  29. Deng Xiaping

    She can be quite a riot like the time we caught her trying to call the Defense Force so as to alert them that the space ship was about to launch. Her nemesis was actually doing some work on his car!

  30. Cow Balls

    It is a SICK RACIST BLOG that is offended when it sees black faces in power in a black majority country, even more sick when it sees black faces on the cover of the TELEPHONE DIRECTORY.

    We are the MAJORITY in Barbados and there is NOTHING you can do about it.



    BFP says,

    Hey, thanks for making our point.


    Cliverton (who is probably much darker than you.) 🙂

  31. West Side Davie

    BFP is right on the spot about the Barbadian politicians who would love to identify and be identified with Obama, but haven’t a clue about his ability to heal the racial divide.

    Jessie Jackson said he wanted to cut Obama’s ***s off and that was because Obama has put aside the politics and celebration of victimhood. Jessie Jackson is sooooooooo 1960s and so is Mia Mottley.

  32. reality check


    exactly my point

    It shouldn’t matter but apparently does.

  33. J

    At 11:59 p.m. the Toronto Star reported that “Stephen Harper’s Conservatives won a muscular minority mandate as Canadian voters entrusted the prime minister with the levers of government in tough economic times – but they did not hand him a blank cheque.”

  34. Rumplestilskin


    Your comment is very inaccurate. If you read all posts re the subject here, you will have a better understanding of some of the thoughts of posted re the general attitude in Barbados.


  35. Rumplestilskin

    And by ‘here’, I mean all the posts of the subject on the blog, not just this little piece.


    Cow Balls – October 15, 2008 at 2:51 am “We are the MAJORITY in Barbados (i.e. black) and there is NOTHING you can do about it. NOTHING.”

    So ~ what’s the problem?

  37. de gap

    “Mr PM, leave that white woman alone please”

    The idea that black bajans are racist is laughable, and suggests that a rudimentary understanding of the history of this country is lacking.


    BFP says,

    Comment removed – Advertising not allowed on this blog.

  39. jason

    de gap say “The idea that black bajans are racist is laughable, and suggests that a rudimentary understanding of the history of this country is lacking.”

    Are you born in Barbados? Do you live here?
    What planet are you from? Every single illustration of racism told about in this article is 100% true. In fact the article is gentle if anything. If I am alone walking sometimes I’m shouted at “curry boy” in the city.

    Where you get this idea that blacks are not and cannot be racist on this place?

  40. de gap

    “All blacks get on back; if you’re brown, hang around”


    What??? But wait, you threatening to call immigration? No I wasn’t born in Barbados; I was born in St. Peter, or at least that’s what de c’tificate say, so you can tell de PM to deport me when I touch down at Sir Grantley next month.

  41. on-wings-of-song

    Living in a goldfish bowl and myopia … to be untravelled is a curse.

  42. Homeboy


    What planet are you from? Every single illustration of racism told about in this article is 100% true.
    All the examples of racism on this blog are blacks discriminating against whites. This is a sick joke in an island where whites deliberately seperate themselves from blacks in every setting from board rooms to nightclubs to beach limes. Whites are regularly in front of courts accused of racial slurs against blacks. Blacks are not separatists. How can they be racists?

    This blog is a charade on a very serious race problem that persists here hundreds of years after it was created by European slave owners. We know now this is a caucasian blog with a white perspective.

  43. crossroads

    de gap needs to pull his head out of his ( 0 ) !!

  44. oldrooster


    I always find it amusing when my brothers profess that no black can be racist and then dismiss an idea as not worthy because it is (as you say) “caucasian”.

    The ideas expressed in this article are no more “Caucasian” than Obama’s ideas are. If you want to argue that the BLP hasn’t been practising racial politics and racism then address each allegation.

    You won’t and neither will others because the allegations are true.

  45. The scout

    The difference between bajan white and black is just one to two generations away. My grandfather was a bajan white man who married a black man. My mother who was “fair skin” married a black man. I’m black but my brother’s children are whiter than many bajan white people. He’s married to a white English woman. There are a number of bajan white men who had a black grandparent. That.s why I like the Obama message about race among other things. That’s what makes his message different to the other afro-american. i hope he succeeds and do a good job, this wood make white respect blacks more.

  46. Tell me Why

    My grandfather was a bajan white man who married a black man.
    Scout, was same sex marriage ok back then?

  47. J

    October 15th at 6:37 scout wrote “My grandfather was a bajan white man who married a black man.”

    Dear scout:

    Please tell me it ain’t so, otherwise we will have to endure the homosexual debate all over again.

  48. The scout

    Tell me why/ J
    Funny!!!!!!. My fault, my Grandfather would probably pull my bigtoe tonight. Gentlemen/ ladies my grandfather was a bajan white who married a bajan black woman. Please accept my correction and in absentia, I apologise to my dead grandparent and hope they too accept my apology and allow me to sleep comfortably tonight. I shall go and prepare for the BIG DEBATE tonight.

  49. Beer Rat.O. Mama

    B’ dos, to my mind is one of the most racist countries in the world . If you, yes I mean you, if you doubt me, try opening a business that white people operate in and see what happens. Try it and see,

  50. ObamaMama

    I forgot all about the race thing when I saw Obama body surf left in Hawaii. The guy really knows what he’s doing in a shore break. I’m going to vote for him because he is a really good body surfer.

  51. crossroads

    Tell us what happens, Beer rat o mama. Please share with us your experience.
    Homeboy says:
    “This is a sick joke in an island where whites deliberately seperate themselves from blacks in every setting from board rooms to nightclubs to beach limes. Whites are regularly in front of courts accused of racial slurs against blacks”.

    What a crock of SH–E! I go to quite a few clubs/bars all over this island, through out St Lawerence gap etc. and I see plenty of local whites socializing with blacks. Also, to say that whites are regularly in court for racial slurs. I say NONSENSE. If that was happening it would be all over the press. Our press would have a field day with a case like that. The problem is and always will be, Blacks pulling Blacks down. I see it happen daily and I smile to myself, thinking what a crazy world we live in.

  52. Homeboy

    B’ dos, to my mind is one of the most racist countries in the world . If you, yes I mean you, if you doubt me, try opening a business that white people operate in and see what happens. Try it and see,
    Thats the truth!

  53. crossroads

    Barbados is not one of the most racial countries in the world. I don’t know where you live but you need to get out the country more…(maybe you should stay out if its that bad)
    Still waiting for someone to explain what happens.

  54. Jack Bowman

    BFP Folks,

    A really good article from you. Well-written. Cogent. Thought-provoking. And also (self-evidently) comment-provoking. Sincere congrats.

    My two cents …

    Full disclosure: I live here; I am not Bajan; I am not married to a Bajan; I am very white (I got the Celtic skin from my dad, and this climate makes life a little harsh for my poor Celtic skin).

    So form an image in your mind … I’m a neo-colonialist incomer, a pale-skinned exploiter of the honest toil of majority Bajans, a rich-guy businessman with an eye to the main chance. And so on. Got that?

    Wrong. I was sent here because of my job. They could have sent me to any one of dozens of countries. And I’ll only be here for a few years. And after that they will send me to one of those other countries, almost none of which speak my mother tongue. So, I’m white and I’m here, and in a few years I’ll be somewhere else. I have no emotional investment in this country beyond the fact that I’d like my time here to be good.

    On race, in the relatively short time I’ve been in Barbados (a little more than a year), I’ve noticed a few things.

    First, resident Bajan whites seem to make up about 3 per cent of the population. I don’t know the full stats on the island’s racial composition, but it seems to me that only marginally is Barbados a “multi-racial society”. Doubtless it’s literally true that Barbados is that, but it’s a bit of a stretch to consider it truly “multi-racial”. So it’s also a bit of a stretch to expect that advertising here will suddenly fill up with pallid people like me, or Indians, or people whose grandfathers were born in Damascus.

    Second, in my daily interactions with Bajans for a year, I have never once had a sense that I was being treated disrespectfully because I am white. Perhaps it has happened and I haven’t noticed it. Perhaps the lady on the check-out counter in Supercentre makes me wait a little longer because I have Celtic skin. But I’ve never noticed it.

    Third, about 50 per cent of the economy depends on tourism, and the overwhelming majority of long-haul tourists are white. And Barbados gets an astonishing amount of repeat visits from tourists. I don’t think we’re getting many white racists among that very large number of return tourists. There can’t be too many neo-Nazis making repeated tourist visits to Israel. At least on the white side, I don’t see much racism there.

    Fourth, in my experience, black-black racism in this country is astounding. I don’t think I am a naïve person, but this is something that I had never, ever considered before. And to see it, as a white guy, is mind-bending.

    You know, many white people say they’re color blind and really they’re not. If I’m talking to a black guy here, it’s never irrelevant that I’m a white guy. But it only has the same relevance as when I’m talking to a short guy (I’m a tall guy) or an idiot (I’m not an idiot; or at least my mother thought so). Good for me. A typical woolly-minded liberal. I read the New York Times and the Guardian, and Obama is definitely my guy.

    But I’ve lived in many countries, and this is the first majority-black country in which I’ve ever lived. And one of the most illuminating experiences I’ve ever had is learning about black-black racism. As a white guy, if I’m talking to a black guy, he’s a black guy. That’s it. And to him, I’m a white guy. Just like he might be short or an idiot, or he might be taller than me (believe me, that’s happened in Barbados) or brighter than me (and believe me, that’s happened too). But this thing that you see, if you’re a black guy looking at other black guys, I don’t see it. On that, I’m literally color blind.

    And it’s all nonsense anyway. In a few weeks the 44th president of the United States will be inaugurated in what was, for a time, my home town. And it’s already obvious who that guy will be. He’s my guy. I don’t like the guy because of the melanin content of his epidermis. That would be ridiculous and infantile. I like the guy because he is the most inspiring political figure on the US political stage during my entire lifetime.

    So, to some of the other commentators here, could you knock off the black-black racism nonsense? Please? It’s beyond depressing.

    And to the guy who called me “white vermin” (he wasn’t talking to me directly, but apparently he thinks all people with Celtic skin are vermin), let me say this: I wish you the best of luck in your life, and I hope that you and your loved ones are always well.

  55. PiedPiper

    Jack: You too are inspirational!

  56. Sundowner


  57. crossroads

    I don’t like it any more than you do Jack, and yes it is depressing, but in a 97% black society its a reality.

  58. Deng Xiaping

    What is “black-black racism”?

    While many individuals may predicate their actions on the basis of peculiar, irrational characterisations or even odious prejudices, I am unaware of any systemic, legal, officially sanctioned or even popularly approved widespread basis of discrimination of persons in Barbados.

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  60. racist

    I hate seeing that White man kissing that Black woman on the Ivory CD years ago. I hate seeing that White man kissing that Black woman on the First Caribbean Advertising board in town. How many White Bajans men would like seeing a Black Bajan kissing a White girl on TV?

  61. Margaret Knight

    Racist, you poor, unfortnate sick thing. I think you would have had a heart attack if you had witnessed some kissing going on at St. John The Baptist church this morning. I am considered “white” (but am really half-caste) and I was kissed by several black Bajan politicians/ex-politicians (Keith Simmons, Donville Inniss, Austin Husbands – to name a few) at a funeral there. This mixed-race kissing thing must have been going on for a couple hundred years, or else how could I be mixed race??

    Get a life, racist.

  62. J

    Racist wrote:

    “I hate seeing that White man kissing that Black woman on the Ivory CD years ago. I hate seeing that White man kissing that Black woman on the First Caribbean Advertising board in town.”

    Dear Racist: To tell the truth I never noticed the Ivory CD. I pass by First Caribbean twice each day and I never noticed the mixed raced advertising board of which you speak.

    Life must be hard for someone like you who sees everything through RACIST glasses.

    I trust that you are not truly representative of the average white Bajan man.

    I hope that you are just a lone freak.

  63. J

    Dear Margaret Knight:

    I hope that you and a few BLP politicians had a nice kissing session as well.

  64. Sargeant


    Why do you think “Racist” is white?

  65. Lall

    If Obama kisses white women our politicians of mixed race could too . Don’t you agree? No one would criticise them for so doing.

  66. U

    The stench of hyprocrisy is frightening here in the USA. The republicans attack Obama about sharing the wealth of the of this country, which was achieved through ill-gotten and illegal gains. These same republicans just shared the peoples wealth to the tune of seven hundred billion dollars. Stop! Mccain like Bush is an idiot savant, and both of them are high functioning morons. This country has slipped globally because of its affinity to the buffoonery of the Bush gang, that bunch of criminals occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This election has pitted an infernal idiot like Mccain, who would never have been considered for the presidency of his nursing home geriatric association. Mccain is jurassic in his thinking and Palin is just tornado bait poor white trash. The irony of this election is that Barack Obama would have defeated the very man who voted against the Martin Luther King holiday in Arizona, what an irony. Jon Mccain is petrified about losing this election to a black man. Mccain’s racist father and grandfather are probably turning over in their graves at this prospect.

  67. Sir Bentwood Dick


    It is obvious that you stay away from nightclubs in Barbados, as you would see that which you fear most!

    Ho, ho….love is a sweet ting, n’est pas?

    Or in some cases it may be lust, but so what?

    As long as the wicket is protected, until that eventful time when a little one is to come and the wonderful mixture will come out as so perfect!

    The Creator knows how to do things right.

  68. ru4real

    Politicians will kiss anything in fact including ass to get what they want.

  69. Tudor

    Obama has a white mother & a black father, is he black, white or coloured? Seems to me that he is as much black as he is white.

  70. ru4real

    Or white as he is black.

    Surely its the colour of his politics thats important.

  71. The scout

    Many black bajans has got some white in them and vica versa. The same thing goes for many such persons in Britain and USA. What’s the big thing? When we get cut the same colour blood comes out. In this country, many white come here to get a tan I.E look black if only for a few days. The problem is that too many blacks feel themselves inferior to white. We need to have a greater self-esteem.

  72. Rumplestilskin

    News reports note that Senator McCain is suggesting that Ameica’s enemies will test Senator Obama as a leader, because of his policies, but that McCain has already been tested.

    This has numerous implications. The first being that McCain fails to acknowledge that America is losing any control whatsoever by current existing policies. In McCain’s claim that the ‘surge in Iraq; being successful, he is ignoring the fact that there is little improvement in the Iraq situation, by merely trumpeting a view that is neither realistic nor takes into account the Middle Eastern outlook.

    To compund the Iraq situation is the accepted view, even by a top British General, that the USA is losing control in Afghanistan.

    Secondly, by saying that he has ‘already been tested’, he is aligning himself with mainstream and especially Bush policies, if only by in sinuating that there will be little change, as ANY new approach could be looked at as a test.

    Thirdly, if Senator McCain does not see the next ten years of economic and diplomtic leadership as a real test of leadership for the world leaders, including the next US President, then he is surely underestimating the situation substantially.

    In addition,the next fivc years will take fresh thought, careful analysis and an impetus that at 80 years old, with recent years of working under mainly Republican administrations, it is unlikely he will have.

    McCain has already displayed his constant return to what he has done before, rather than what he can change. This alone should demonstrate that he has no new ideas to offer and any reference to change is merely election ‘management’.

    May commonsense prevail.


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