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Good Idea, Ethically Done: Barbados Tourism Authority Paying Journalists To Write About Our Island

Government Sponsoring Journalists’ Visits To Barbados

In the last few months we’ve noticed a big increase in the number of tourism articles being published about Barbados worldwide. Through the magic of Google news alerts, these travel pieces arrive in our inbox every morning, and if we wanted to tell you about every one we’ve seen lately we’d be writing about nothing else.

In short, we and the world’s newspaper readers are being deluged with positive articles about our little island – talking about everything from making rum, to the history of slavery, to our beaches and the Concorde museum. The vast majority of the articles are well written, 90% positive about Barbados with a 10% “what I didn’t like” factor to try and keep them from reading like an advertisement.

Yet, they are advertisements of the best type. And many – perhaps most – publish a little notice like that shown above on a Star News article from Toronto Canada that alerted us to the fact that this flood of articles isn’t a coincidence. Along with the Star article, today we received a piece from the Gazette of Montreal Canada that said “Source: Barbados Tourism Authority”. These are only two of the dozen or so we’ve seen in the last week that mention the involvement of the BTA.

We wanted to say “Well done” to the folks at the Barbados Tourism Authority because we sense a new energy coming from that organisation of which this deluge of vacation articles is only the latest proof.

We think that the Barbados Tourism Authority is doing something right to get results like this and we have no problem with our government paying or subsidizing journalists to visit Barbados – especially where the journalists and publishers are ethical enough to alert their readers to the fact that Barbados contributed to the expenses.

(Where we do have a problem is when journalists write on a particular subject and fail to declare that they’ve had a paid junket from an interested party or country. You know – much like our Barbados journalists who write about China and fail to declare to readers that they received a $20,000 dollar little vacation to Beijing.)

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Horrible Tourist Murder In Tobago Has Barbados Connection

Reader: Victim Was Father-In-Law Of Kite Singer JJ Poulter

From an anonymous reader…

The Swedish couple that was hacked to death in Tobago has a strong connection with Barbados.  The man’s daughter, Melanie, is married to JJ Poulter, the lead singer of the band Kite.  They were to come to Barbados to celebrate the Barbados leg of Melanie’s and JJ’s wedding (They were married in Sweden with a second party in Cornwall for his family).

This tragic event rings all too familiar with the recent events in Antigua.  Barbados authorities must ensure that crime in Barbados is kept low to differentiate itself from the deteriorating situation in the rest of the Caribbean.

Editor’s Note: Our condolences to the family and friends of the victims.

Swedish Couple Hacked To Death On Tobago

A Swedish couple was hacked to death in their holiday home in the Caribbean island of Tobago, police said today. Robbery appeared to be the motive in the attack, which remains under investigation, Trinidad and Tobago police superintendent Nadir Khan said.

Anna Sundsval, 62, and Oke Olsoon, 73, were found with multiple slash wounds yesterday. Ms Sundsval died at the scene and Mr Olsoon at a hospital later.

A Trinidadian man was detained as a suspect but has not been charged, a police official in Tobago said. The couple, who had visited the island for extended periods for years, arrived in Tobago on Sunday.

… from Breaking News – Swedish Couple Hacked To Death On Tobago

… also see – i95.5fm: Robbery Suspected In Murder Of Couple


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