Tainted Milk Deaths – Chinese Government Thugs Threaten Victims’ Lawyers To Abandon Lawsuits

Melamine Poisoned Babies

Melamine Poisoned Babies Without Justice

Barbados Government’s Newest Best Friend Is A Brutal Dictatorship

Remember the tens of thousands of children who are seriously ill because they drank contaminated milk that Chinese Government officials knew was contaminated with melamine? Remember the deaths, the stories of urine, melamine and other chemicals deliberately mixed into China’s milk products? (BFP story here)

The Chinese government has now declared that just like the Tienanmen Square massacre – the tainted milk disaster never happened.

And if you’re a lawyer in Communist China, you’ll drop those lawsuits if you know what’s good for you, your family and the country…

At least 14 lawyers from Henan province were told by officials from the provincial government’s justice department to stop their activities, Chang told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

“They called me and my boss at my law firm and put pressure on me,” Chang said. “They said that this has become a political issue and that I ought to follow the arrangements set out by the government.”

“‘If this suggestion is disobeyed, the lawyer and the firm will be dealt with,'” Chang quoted the official as saying.

… from the Star article China Pressures Lawyers To Drop Tainted Milk Suits

Chief Justice David Simmons - Political Hack

Chief Justice SIR David Simmons

Ahhhh yes… and to think that only a few days ago the Chinese Justice system was given a hearty belch of support by our own Chief Justice, SIR David Simmons. (BFP story here)

I hope Chief Justice Simmons remembers this story the next time he slimes his way into the Chinese Embassy for a few drinks.

Then again, his own brother threatened a lawyer and a UWI professor to drop a lawsuit if they know what’s good for them. And let’s not forget that the Chief Justice himself threatened political action against the Graeme Hall National Park if the lawsuit against him wasn’t dropped.

So I guess the Chief Justice feels right at home with this latest move by the Chinese Government thugs he delights in partying with.


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3 responses to “Tainted Milk Deaths – Chinese Government Thugs Threaten Victims’ Lawyers To Abandon Lawsuits


    Xiang Ping (Chinee)
    Dese people wouldn’ leff you lone nah…

  2. Merv

    I can understand the prime minister cavorting with Chinese diplomats but I’m dumbfounded why your highest judge went there. It is a no-brainer that the Chinese tagged onto the Chief Justice to show their peoples that the western judges respect the chinese judges.

  3. .147

    The Chief Justice is what the commies were talking about when they coined the term “useful idiots”.