Tainted Ice Cream: Barbados Health Ministry Learns A Lesson (Hopefully)

For the last two weeks, Barbados Free Press and at least one other Bajan blog (Bajan Reporter – articles here and here) have been asking for the reason that our Health Ministry recalled / condemned Flavorite ice cream in Barbados. With all the talk about melamine contamination of milk products coming out of China, Bajan parents rightly were concerned about knowing the reason for the recall.

Was it bacterial contamination? Melamine? Metal shards from a broken blender? What was the reason? The notice from the Ministry of Health only stated that there was a recall – but not the reason.

Then a Flavorite representative wrote to Barbados Free Press and still didn’t provide the reason for the recall!

Now, the Ministry of Health has issued a new Flavorite ice cream recall that states the reason as “According to the Ministry, “testing of these eight flavours of icecream has confirmed bacterial contamination.”


That wasn’t so difficult, was it?

Why should transparency of government be such a difficult thing in our country? The initial secrecy by the Ministry of Health is representative of an elitist attitude that permeates our government.

Well, listen to this government workers – both elected and employed….YOU WORK FOR US

Not the other way around.

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10 responses to “Tainted Ice Cream: Barbados Health Ministry Learns A Lesson (Hopefully)

  1. Actually I ran two BGIS releases on Flavorite


    BFP says,

    Yes you did, Ian.

    And the second one that contained the reason was a long time coming from the BGIS. Perhaps now that we have kicked their behinds, they may provide reasons for all future recalls.


    Sorry to shout, but some of the folks reading about all this don’t yet realise how paternal the government workers are.

  2. PiedPiper

    This is a world wide problem. Recently, I sent an e-mail to one of the largest supermarket chains in Canada to ask where an ingredient in a powdered Hot Chocolate Mix, comes from. This ingredient is listed on the container as “modified milk ingredients” with no country of origin. I am still waiting for a response and will pursue this doggedly until I get an answer.

  3. Anon

    Folks you must know that Government’s PR arm BGIS has its own internal issues dealing with, has a new CIO been appointed yet?

  4. lol

    Anyone know?

  5. J

    Is Chefette’s ice cream from Flavorite?

  6. The scout

    Good question. I know they changed from Bico to a Trinidad ice cream. I may be wrong but I think it is Flavorite.

  7. lickateesplit

    was Bico tested?

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