Former Barbados PM Owen Arthur – Money-Laundered “Campaign Donations” Through Personal Bank Account – Now Heads “Clean Election” Monitoring Group!

Money Laundering By Former Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur

UPDATED: Some of the major blogs and websites watching the Maldives elections are…

Mohammed Nasheed’s Blog

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Global Voices

– Global Voices Editor Rezwan at Global Voices

– There is a list of political parties of the Maldives with some links at Wikipedia here.

– The Maldives Elections Commission is here, but they only have the names and addresses of the parties – not websites if any.

Original Story…

Owen Arthur To Ensure Legal Election In Maldives (Huh? !!!)

Remember the day that Opposition Leader David Thompson confronted then Prime Minister Owen Arthur about why Arthur deposited a cheque for $75,000 in “campaign donations” into his personal bank account at First Caribbean International Bank, Speightstown? Remember a caught Arthur stammering and sputtering like we’d never seen before as he mumbled something about “making mistakes”?

Remember when Owen Arthur gave US$150,000 in after-tax income to a cricket charity? As we said at the time, just think about the kind of resources and income you have to have to give away that kind of money on a politicians salary while supporting three women and only the Lord knows how many childrens!

Remember how, under Prime Minister Owen Arthur, the Barbados Labour Party promoted a website that was calling for arson, rape and murder of a political opponent of the government? Let me refresh your memory here and here.

Remember when Owen Arthur refused to even acknowledge a letter from the victim of death threats by his supporters? Remember when the police wouldn’t even look into the case because some of the death threats were coming from a computer used by a BLP Member of Parliament?

Remember journalists saying that Prime Minister Owen Arthur created a climate of fear and oppression for the news media? Remember Owen Arthur taking the Nation newspaper to task for daring to print an opposition advertisement? Remember the Barbados police assaulting and arresting journalists and erasing their photos and Prime Minister Arthur thought that was just fine?

Remember how the former editor of the Barbados Advocate said about the government of Prime Minister Owen Arthur…

“The full story of how I was treated by the Barbados Labour Party has not been told but I will do so one day and Barbadians will see what an authoritarian government we had. How we were on the brink of dictatorship because when the press is attacked and bullied into submission, freedom is always in danger.” … former newspaper editor Reudon Eversley writing at Barbados Underground Evil As Hell The Lot Of Them.

Remember how the BLP under Owen Arthur distributed “cash for votes” on election day?

Remember THAT Owen Arthur? The One Who Deposited “Campaign Contributions” To His Own Bank Account?

Wonder of wonders… THAT Owen Arthur is head of a Commonwealth team in the Maldives that is tasked with ensuring that the elections are conducted legally!

What does this really mean?

It means that Prime Minister David Thompson has no intention of fully investigating Owen Arthur or any of the BLP’s millionaire politicians for corruption.

That is Barbados’ loss, and proof enough that the old boys’ network is still alive on this rock.

CBC News: Former Barbados PM arrives in Maldives to head Commonwealth observer group


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37 responses to “Former Barbados PM Owen Arthur – Money-Laundered “Campaign Donations” Through Personal Bank Account – Now Heads “Clean Election” Monitoring Group!

  1. Tell me Why

    Hi BFP. This story has been vented prior to the election. You have not incorporated anything in your story that the public don’t know already. To me, its seems that response to these blogs are surely loosing their hype, thus the re-inventing of dead story. This is synonymous with the McCain story relating to a 40 year story about Obama. Instead, why can’t you come up with a synopsis of the effect of the cost of living OR The school children who are abusing the free bus rides and spending time with males during school time using the big blue and yellow chauffeur driven vehicles OR the foreclosure on homes OR the division in the ruling party due to the inclusion of Hamilton Lashley over party candidates and supporters. And don’t tell me nonsense about opening my own blog.

  2. Red Lake Lassie

    I get the points of the story.

    1/ The irony that a proven corrupt former PM is representing Barbados on a committee to oversee a clean election in another country.

    2/ If an investigation was in progress or charges were contemplated, Arthur would never have been approved by the government to represent Barbados. Therefore, there is no investigation and Thompson has no intention of charging Arthur or anyone else remotely close to him.

    Excellent story, BFP. Makes me want to give up and cry for this country. “They know not what they do.”

  3. Tell me Why

    2/ If an investigation was in progress or charges were contemplated, Arthur would never have been approved by the government to represent Barbados.
    You respond and came up with my same point. Too much talking and no charges.

  4. Tell me Why

    Secondly RLL, the Government is not responsible for his going to the Maldives as a Commonwealth Observer Group? This was agreed by the 53 member states.


    BFP says,

    You silly disinformation spinner! There is NO WAY the Commenwealth group would have chosen Owen Arthur without vetting his appointment with the government. That’s diplomacy and it is a normal procedure.

    Silly, silly spinner.

  5. reality check

    Red Lake Lassie

    dead on

    All the posturing at election time about forensic auditors and chasing the taxpayers money by Thompson and the DLP was a complete and utter lie.

    Thompson cannot afford and does not want this cesspool of corruption revealed to the world. He will be smeared with the same brush because he has been in the political game too long.

    oink, oink

    putting Arthur on a committee in respect of honest and or legal elections is such an incredible farce. Its like trying to put lipstick on a pig and hoping that no one will recognise him for what he is.

    I guess its back to the drawing board for the electorate to find new people who mean what they say.

    Its really quite disgusting!

  6. reality check

    “And don’t tell me nonsense about opening my own blog.”

    because no one would go to it

    and why don’t you expose some of the great stories that you say exist instead of defending the same old tired bunch of corrupt “tiefs”

    Its exposure that may help change things not defense of the indefensible.

  7. Juris

    Where exactly is the money laundering by Arthur, BFP. And how could you surmise from Arthur heading a COMMONWEALTH mission that the LOCAL administration has no intention of fully investigating him? Your slip is showing, BFP!

  8. 187

    Wait, dey got rum in duh Maldives??

  9. Anon

    Two things:-

    BFP can you publish the email addresses of the political parties in the Maldives so that we might email them and let them know that they are dealing with a dirty man?

    I blame the DLP for this. If they had taken action against dirty BLP politicians, Owen Arthur would never be on this monitoring group, he would be in Dodds prison cooling his heels.

  10. crossroads

    Bang on BFP, old story or not, don’t ever let them forget abour Mr Arthur. He makes me think of scum, however scum floats and I belive he is lower than scum so that makes him sediment (at the bottom). Unfortunately he is not the only one, there’s a lot more sinking like him in both parties.


    BFP says,

    Hello Crossroads,

    Thanks for your support. We don’t see it as an “old” story though. Until we get the millions back for Barbados, we see it as a “continuing” story!

  11. dogbitemuh

    Both parties prop each other up and if we don’t realize that by now we will never get it. Why be so surprised that Arthur is taking up such a post? We need to think outside the box, think outside of this 2 party system which essentially is the case for all so called democracies all over the world. It is just an illusion. My friends, democracy isn’t really democracy or freedom as we would like to think. We are given two options and we are supposed to chose from those two that are provided to us. If you look behind the curtain you may be surprised at what you find.

  12. watcher

    PM Gives Cricket Legends Of Barbados US$150,000 In After-Tax Dollars
    I always saw this as shocking news story. Incredibly it was never reported in the mainstream press. Did Arthur ever comment on this BBC story? Did any reporter and I’m thinking about BLP lapdog Albert Brandford ever ask Owen about it?

  13. Fair Play

    Tell me why:
    You once said that you do not support any political party but your posts does not support that.BFP gives both political parties hell but you get very upset when it is about the BLP.When the articles are anti DLP you posts are very supportive of BFP.Relax and enjoy the blog.

  14. Adrian Hinds

    This is indeed laughable, but unfortunately very common place. Just look at the UN, the haven for the worlds dictators to play “great leader” of men. Did we not see this institution nominate Cuba to lead a human rights commitee? ….and Fidel is one of Owen’s heroes.

  15. Eye95

    Pure Hogwash!

    The first speech Prime Minister Thompson made to CARICOM, he said that the regional body should recognise the outstanding contribution made by Mr. Arthur. Why?

    Page 16 of today’s Nation newspaper reports PM Thompson as calling for opposition party’s to have a say within CARICOM. Owen Arthur’s idea!

    Did Prime Minister Arthur not take then Barbados Opposition Leader to a CARICOM function: Re: the opening ceremony of the CCJ. Unheard of in partisan “cut throat politics!!”

    What role did Arthur play in Shiprider, the fight with the OECD on behalf of Barbados and the Commonwealth; and 14 years of economic stability and growth?

    The election is over. Barbadians have made their decision. The DLP is the government and all eyes are on them.

    David Thompson would call this, “warm over cold soup.”

  16. 345

    It is very noteable that mottley aka eye95 has not commented on this subject matter.

    It is like the USA send observers to third world countries to observe elections to see if they are held freely and fairly, the USA of all countries one that had an election decide before the Supreme of the USA with people that Bush put there.

    Owing could not oversee a fair election if he tried as he will be quick to show them how to share out white plastic bags of money with candidates on election day.

  17. Tell me Why

    You once said that you do not support any political party but your posts does not support that.
    Is Owen Arthur attending elections in the Maldives is more important than what’s happening now in Barbados?

    It is just sickening with the constant replay of corruption and the failure of bringing these culprits to justice. Remember, the opposition is now the Government, thus, documentation and verbatim is easier for prosecution. I mentioned serious social issues that is confronting our people but alas, the knives are drawn, but I ain’t afraid. Be fair ‘Fairplay’ and answer my submissions.


    BFP says,

    Tell me Why, it is our position that the story about the Thompson DLP government sending Owen Arthur on such a mission fully illustrates what is happening now in Barbados with the continuation of the corruption in government.

    It is a very important story to the Bajan people because it proves that Thompson has no intention of any cleanup or recovery of stolen monies.

    For that reason alone, it is THE most important story breaking this week.

  18. Adrian Hinds

    @Tell me why
    Is Owen Arthur attending elections in the Maldives is more important than what’s happening now in Barbados?

    Good question. Could you ask David over at BU the samething too? I had to run over to BFP to find why going on in Bimshire, because BU is partisanly focus on the USA, with a lot of weak and emotional arguments on the US elections. 🙂

  19. Tell me Why

    It is a very important story to the Bajan people because it proves that Thompson has no intention of any cleanup or recovery of stolen monies.
    The person(s) ignoring “Corruption’ is just as corrupt as the ones who are actually involved in corruption. I cannot understand after the grand standing about a simple Hardwood case and how documentation will be turned over to the PPP, that nine after, we ain’t hear nuttin’ about ‘lock-up’ in our newest state-of-the-art prison. If you keep saying I am a tief and you refuse to do something, it means that you are condoning my tiefing or you might be assessing the tiefing process to partake at a later date.


    BFP says,

    Concur. 100%

  20. Hants

    I think you all need to take a 1 hour break and look at what is happening on the North American and European stock markets.
    Down and sinking

    If the trend continues we will be entrenched in a worldwide recession.

    We can continue to share political licks but prepare to cook your own food.

    Thankfully I is a Bajan and can mek bakes, fish cakes,cornbeef cakes,coucou and all de regula bajan food if hard times hit me.

    The elite Bajans on this blog can ignore the above.

  21. Recession

    Nobody wants to admit it, but the US has been in recession for two years. The shortest recession on record for the US is 44 months, but this one may last 10 years. Factor defacto inflation and dumb policies and procedures by the Fed. Worldwide corrections to follow continuously, Barbados will be especially hard hit.

  22. Tell me Why

    Thankfully I is a Bajan and can mek bakes, fish cakes,cornbeef cakes,coucou and all de regula bajan food if hard times hit me.
    I ain’t hear you talk about one pot cook-up or stew food.

  23. Hants

    @ Tell me Why

    getting old. can’t remember everything but more importantly, did you check the world economic news?

    Recession coming for real.

  24. Hants

    @ Recession

    I agree with you. We should also note what is happening in Europe.

    This financial meltdown is not only made in the USA. The greedy expletives are in Europe as well.

  25. Tell me Why

    Have you heard the news of the chopping up of a man in Tweedside Road?

    Hants, could CSME mean Corruption Start Moving Everywhere. Just a laugh.

  26. Hants

    @ Tell me Why

    I raised the issue to suggest that Barbados has to be careful or become like T&T.

  27. Lady Anon

    Well, if you want to shore up your IT network protection and improve security, hire a hacker…they know what to look for.

  28. Hants

    BFP we must only say sweet nothins about the opposition Leader or else.

    At a press conference called yesterday, Mottley’s attorney, Sir Richard Cheltenham, QC, said she was extremely satisfied with the judgement and apology, and has decided the matter would end there.

    But he also advised the member of Parliament, herself an attorney-at-law, QC, not to take any further acts of defamation lightly. He added that he has encouraged Mottley to take further legal action against others who wish to continue the vilification of her character


    BFP says,

    See! All this time Wishing In Vain under many names kept posting that foulness rumour here and we would delete it and then he would return and do it again and again and we deleted it each time.

    That is why we banned him amongst other bad behaviours.

    NOW…. Mottley has proven that she can and will go after people and entities that defame her. Good for her.

    Will we soon expect to see her sue the Prime Minister about his claims that the BLP government members socked away millions offshore?

    I think an innocent person like Miss Mottley is defamed by the PM’s statements and I expect she will sue him very soon!

    …. or maybe not! 🙂

  29. The scout

    I think our P.M owes an apology to the Barbadian public for those damaging remarks made in Canada.

  30. 190

    Yet another destructive action for mottley and her 10 month group of rascals.

    After instructing Clyde Griffith to write more vicious anti DLP articles in his Nation Newspaper contributions and his refusal to do so because as he said the gov’t has not been deserving of the terror attacks perscribed by mottley and Vivian Ann Gittens and the Nation and blp teams, his articles have now been discontinued from the Nation.

    Wonder how the blp works?

    This is just another classic example of their mind set and their willingness to get nasty and play dirty.

    Actions such as these fully explain the depths to which mottley will stoop to create unrest and division.

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